5 Employee Recognition Ideas for Remote Teams

Employee Recognition Ideas for Remote Teams

It’s effortless to show gratitude, yet it’s frequently ignored and underused in today’s world. As an employee or worker, you might know how a small act of kindness or compliment can affect your working morale and mental strength. The importance of acknowledgment becomes much more pressing, particularly among remote workers. It explains why you should have online employee recognition programs for team members to show appreciation and encouragement for their efforts and hard work.

Working remotely is quite different from other types of employment; every activity takes place virtually, and team members do not get to connect physically. Employee engagement is impossible for remote workers since they miss opportunities like peer-to-peer recognition, supervisor appreciation, business culture exposure, or even socializing.

Here are five employee recognition ideas for employers to appreciate their remote workers;

#1. Surprise Day Off

It’s a seriously underutilized concept that many businesses need to pay more attention to today. Some higher-ups never considered trying this notion since they don’t understand how crucial days off are to their staff.

Employees can refresh their minds and relax their bodies on days off before the week ahead. It’s a time for them to unwind and engage in hobbies completely unrelated to work. They can spend much time with their loved ones, friends, and themselves during this period.

Therefore, if you’re considering rewarding top performers in your company, this kind of acknowledgment is something they will value significantly.

#2. Virtual Shoutouts

Public recognition is also a great way to show appreciation to your remote workers for their efforts. If there’s an employee you wish to thank, give them a virtual shoutout or other public appreciation. Create recognition content and share it on your social media profiles to give people a virtual shoutout that goes above and beyond the norm. It’s one method to showcase your team’s dedication in front of thousands of people.

Although receiving praise in private is fine, the top workers occasionally prefer having their efforts observed by others. They seek some form of approval from others as well as their peers. They feel proud of what they’ve accomplished as a result.

#3. Send Care Packages

Although this has been advocated a hundred times, very few businesses include it in their employee recognition programs. It’s a worthwhile acknowledgment endeavor to reward your diligent employees.

Typically, a box with a selection of products is used for care packages. These items can either be pre-made or modified. Such rewards become more valuable for your employees when tailored to their tastes or needs.

You have plenty of options, from Snacks, beverages, and clothing to the latest technology. You can ask another employee to inquire about the awardees’ preferences. The things in the box can then be customized to their preferences.

#4. Send a Thank You card to your Employee.

Sure, you could acknowledge your staff with a simple email. However, a handwritten note still has the edge in today’s increasingly computerized world.

Making an effort to purchase the card, write your message, and mail it demonstrates to your staff that you value their welfare. It shows that you value them highly enough to spend time interacting with them.

#5. Virtual class

Learning and development are the critical components of what a person wants from their work. However, employees no longer have as many possibilities to upskill due to the work-from-home lifestyle.

By removing the mentioned barrier and offering to pay for their online learning pursuits, you can show your remote workforce that you appreciate their labor. Giving your staff access to company-wide e-Learning opportunities is an excellent approach to showing them that you value their professional development.

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