PART-TIME JOBS: Meaning, Remote &  Jobs With No Experience.

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A part-time job is one where the worker works fewer hours than what the business considers full-time. It eases the stress of workers and gives them time for themselves. This article talks about remote or home part-time jobs with no experience.

How Does a Part-Time Job Work?

Part-time workers are often students, stay-at-home parents, retirees, and other people who can’t or don’t want to work full-time for an employer. Some people may split their time between two or more employers instead of working full-time for one company. Depending on how the business is run, part-time jobs may lead to full-time jobs in the future. 

It can be hard to find full-time work, but a part-time job can help you build up your resume and get your foot in the door. It’s a great chance to show how much you care about the company and get the experience you need to get a full-time job. A full-time worker works more than 30 hours per week, while a part-time worker works less than 30 hours per week.

No law says whether a worker is considered full-time or part-time. The Fair Labor Standards Act, which is the law that controls pay, hours, and overtime in the US, doesn’t say what “full-time” work is. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) counts people who work an average of 35 hours per week as full-time for statistical purposes only.

Part-Time Jobs Remote

Part-time remote work is when an employee does his or her job outside of a traditional office. A remote worksite could be anywhere other than a typical corporate office building or campus. This could be an employee’s home, a co-working space or other shared space, a private office, or another place. Here are some available remote part-time jobs:

#1. Virtual Assistant

An assistant’s job is to do office work and clerical work. These tasks can be done online, and they include setting up meetings and phone calls, booking and planning trips, answering emails and instant messages, and keeping a virtual office clean and running well.

#2. Tutor

Teachers can teach individuals or small groups of students using video-based communication tools. This is a good way to teach your native language to students from other countries, but it can also be used with people from your own country.

#3. Copywriter

The main thing a copywriter does, for themselves or for their business, is write content. You need a computer, some creativity, and a lot of hard work to become a writer. You can become a published author, a content writer for a company’s website or blog, or a content creator for an agency.

Part-Time Jobs Near Me No Experience

There are no requirements for this job, which is what companies mean when they say “no experience necessary” or “no prior experience required” in their job ads.

Part-time jobs that don’t require previous work experience can be found in many different fields, such as data entry, administrative support, building and construction, general labor, service industries (hotels, restaurants, etc.), and retail. When looking for entry-level jobs that don’t require a lot of experience, look for ads that match your degree and skills.

Choose something that interests you and look into entry-level jobs that can help you get experience and schooling in that area. Find part-time jobs in my area for people who have never worked before in the table below.

#1. Merchandiser

A merchandiser’s salary can be quite high, and they usually don’t need a lot of work experience to get the job. For this job, you need either a GED or a diploma from a four-year college. You could make at least $17 an hour, and maybe even more than $35 an hour. A merchandiser’s job is to do a lot of different things, like stock the shelves and put products on display in eye-catching ways to make more sales.

#2. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help their clients market and sell their homes, but they also often help them negotiate the price of the home and get a mortgage. Most real estate agents get paid on a commission basis and set their own hours. In the business world, it’s very helpful to have skills like negotiating, marketing, communicating, and being ambitious. 

Before they can get a license, most agents have to finish high school and pass a real estate licensing exam given by the state. To get your feet wet in the world of brokering, you’ll need to learn the ropes by following a pro.

#3. Web Developer

Web developers are in charge of making, putting online, and taking care of digital properties. For these jobs, you will need a high school diploma or an associate’s degree, as well as some knowledge of computer programming and design. If you’ve worked as a freelance developer and have a portfolio, you can get a job as a junior developer. As your skills and knowledge grow, you may get a chance to become a senior developer.

Work Home Part-Time Jobs

Part-time work from home can be helpful for a wide range of people. When you work part-time from home, you have more freedom than when you work full-time in an office.

Also, because these jobs are becoming more popular, there are more opportunities for part-time work that can be done from home. Here is a list of legal remote part-time jobs that you can work from home;

#1. Transcriptionist

Consider becoming a transcriptionist if you want to work from home but need some flexibility. In your job as a transcriptionist, you will use your own computer to type up audio files. Medical offices frequently hire transcriptionists, but they are not the only ones who need this service. Transcription is a good career choice because you can set your own hours and it’s easy to get started.

#2. Writer or Editor for the Web

Because the pay is good, more and more people are choosing to work as writers or editors from home. As a writer or editor, it will be your job to do research on topics, check facts, write drafts, edit drafts, and keep content up to date. Some online editing and writing jobs don’t require a degree or years of experience, although some do demand tests in writing and editing. Most jobs in writing and editing pay by the word.

#3. Sales Associate

Retail, banking, and healthcare companies, among others, are always looking for highly motivated, experienced, and, in some cases, licensed salespeople to sell their products from a distance. Even though the hourly wage is low, there is a chance to make more money through commissions, especially when transporting expensive items like cars, electronics, and other home furnishings. Some higher-level (and higher-paying) jobs may even let workers manage a sales team from home.

#4. Administrative Assistant

You don’t have to be at the office all the time to make sure everything runs smoothly. Virtual assistants can work from the comfort of their own homes, but they still help their employers with administrative tasks. Even though your exact tasks may change from job to job, you can usually count on helping with everything from planning events and social media strategies to managing your client’s schedule. In addition to the organizations we’ve already talked about, you can find clients through freelance job boards like FreeUp and Upwork.

#5. Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you can work as a freelancer if you know how to edit photos and images and design websites. Graphic designers make and edit a wide range of promotional materials, both online and off, such as company websites and print magazines. Most freelance designers can choose their own work hours.

Varieties of Part-Time Jobs

The following are the types of part-time jobs below;

  • Part-time jobs are available in a wide range of businesses and fields. Part-time jobs are most common in the retail and hospitality industries, but they are used in almost every field to help out full-time workers.
  • For example, part-time jobs in the food service industry can be very stressful and pay very little. Some make enough money to take care of themselves while they focus on other things.
  • Some people would rather work part-time so they have more time to do other things, like raise a family, start a business, or go to school. By working less, you can have less stress and a better balance between work and life.
  • If the economy stays the same, people who would be happier working full-time may have to settle for half-time work. The BLS says that these people are “involuntary part-time workers.”

The Benefits of a Part-Time Job

Now that you know how part-time work works, let’s talk about the good things about it.

#1. Flexibility

There are a lot of flexible jobs, and one of them is part-time work. Part-time work gives you more freedom than full-time work, but it usually involves fewer hours per week than full-time work. Also, part-time workers usually don’t work from Monday to Friday. This makes them a good choice for people who can only be productive in the evenings and on weekends. Part-time jobs also tend to have regular hours, so you can plan your life around your work.

#2. Additional Money

A part-time job is a great way to increase your income and save money for both short-term and long-term needs. The way most part-time jobs pay is by the hour. And if you do the math, you might find that your hourly rate is higher than it would be if you were paid a salary. You can also make more money by working more hours and getting paid for them.

#3. Get To Know Things

Several employees could learn a lot from the skills they get from working part-time jobs. Professionals with a lot of experience can build their professional networks by taking on a part-time jobs. People who can’t work full-time but want to keep their professions alive can do so with a part-time job.

#4. More Balance Between Work and Life

Part-time jobs often make it easier to find the balance between work and life that you want and need. This is because they give you more freedom. When you work fewer hours or days per week, your job doesn’t get in the way of your personal life as much. You can do things like:

  • In general, you should spend more time with the people you care about.
  • Spend time on hobbies and things you like to do.
  • Help out your community by giving your time as a volunteer.
  • Take classes to improve yourself or to move up in your career.

What Is the Best Job to Work Part-Time?

The following are;

  • Animal Caretaker, or Sitter.
  • Retail.
  • Driver for a service where people share rides.
  • Social media helper.
  • Babysitter.
  • Cashier.
  • Be a lab assistant and work in a lab.
  • Vendor for Newspapers.
  • Tutor.
  • Professional who works as a camp counselor.

What Are the Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students?

The following are;

  • Bartending.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Getting your product or service out there.
  • Inputting data.
  • Electronic job advertisements.
  • Getting mail to people.

What Is the Best Online Part-Time Job?

The following are;

  • Someone in charge of social media.
  • Using the Internet for research.
  • Writer.
  • Virtual Assistant.
  • Transcriptionist.
  • Using computers to teach.
  • Proofreader.
  • Internet-based personnel seeker.

What Should I Do in My Part-Time?

Service, retail, and hospitality are often good places for new workers to start. Grocery stores, movie theaters, pizza joints, and fast food restaurants are some of the most typical places for teenagers to find work. Find out what jobs are available and who is hiring in your area.

How Can I Make Money Part-Time?

The following are;

  • Chauffeur/delivery person.
  • Personal assistant or caretaker in the home.
  • Caregiver.
  • Dog walker, pet sitter, or sniff spot host.
  • Customer service department employee.
  • Get a freelance gig.

What Is the Easiest Job for a Student?

The following are;

  • Nanny.
  • Call center representative.
  • Virtual assistant.
  • Jobs in staffing on demand.
  • Work in a warehouse.
  • Dog walker/pet sitter.
  • A worker who serves food.
  • Helper in the home.
  • Student brand ambassador.
  • Personal tutor.
  • Resident assistant.
  • Doing work for your school.
  • Working as an extra in a movie or on tv.
  • Temp work.


Whether a job is full-time or part-time will depend on how the employer defines full-time workers and the minimum number of hours that must be worked each week. If you’re thinking about getting a part-time job, it’s important to know the hours, benefits, and types of jobs that are out there. However, choosing the right part-time job can give you the benefit you deserve.

Part-Time Jobs FAQs

How much does a part-time job in the United States pay?

The average part-time pay in the USA is $31,100 per year or $16 per hour. Entry-level occupations start at $25,905 annually while most experienced workers get up to $48,520 annually.

What is another name for working part time?

However, when calculating averages, part-time jobs are typically defined as needing less than 35 or 30 hours each week. One of the most common types of non-standard jobs is part-time work.

What are the downsides of a part-time job?

Working part-time might have drawbacks, such as fewer paid vacation days and other benefits. It’s also not always easy to accomplish everything in a short time frame. Part-time workers often feel they are given too much to do because of their limited availability.

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