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The Demand for Business Consultants is on the rise; leading to the establishment of Business Consultant Companies across the Globe.

This high demand rises from the strong desire for growth by Business Owners and CEOs.

As a matter of fact, statistics show that, in the United States alone, just Business Consultants receive over $2 billion for their services.

Though that amount is not a pretty large sum given the kind of services they render. These services ranging from effective diagnosis and in-depth analysis to permanently improving the business’ effectiveness.

But a problem arises with questions like:

“Which Business Consultant Companies should I hire?”

“How do I know this Business Consultant Company is reliable?”

Take a deep breath; because you are about to get answers to these indecisive questions.

This post covers the top 10 Business Consultant Companies to hire if you were ever confused.

Also, I ranked these companies with the following criteria:

  • Revenue
  • Prestige
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Compensation
  • Benefits

However, you can click here to see the details of the statistics.

  1. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is an American-based Business Consultant company founded in 1926 by James O McKinsey and Marvin Bower. Its headquarters is located in the City of New York, with more than 27000 employees in its network and over 127 offices across the globe.

McKinsey & Company is ranked #1 in terms of employee satisfaction and prestige, making it the most valued company in the world of Consultancy. This Company generated a total of $10 billion in 2017, with annual revenue of $8.8 billion.

So this would be a great place to start when lost in confusion.

2. The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.

Boston Consulting Group is a private-owned Business consulting company founded by Bruce Henderson in the year 1963. It has over 90 offices across the globe, with more than 16000 employees worldwide.

BCG generates revenue of $6.3 billion annually and ranked 4th on the Fortune list in 2018.

More also, it ranks as #2 in prestige and employee Satisfaction.

3. Bain & Company

Bain & Company ranks #3 worldwide in Business Consultancy. William W. Bain and Patrick F. founded it in the year 1973 with its headquarters located in Boston.

Its growth has been rapid since the ’80s, generating a revenue of $3.7-$4.5 billion in 2017 and annual revenue of $3.87 billion.

Furthermore, the Company is equipped with a workforce of 8000 Employees in over 59 locations around the world.

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4. Deloitte Consulting

This Business Consultant Company has always retained its position as the 4th most prestigious Consultant Company.

Deloitte majors in Audit, Financial Advisory, Legal, Tax, Management Consulting, and Risk Advisory with the largest operational locations.

William Welch Deloitte founded the company in the year 1845.

In addition, the Company generates annual revenue of $13.4 billion, making it the #1 in market shares.

5. PWC Consulting

Price Waterhouse Coopers is the second-largest business professional services company. It provides services in financial advisory, management consulting, data and analytics, strategy consulting, tax advisory, tax controversy, and legal.

This Business Consultant Company generates revenue of $12.3 billion annually, ranking as #5 most prestigious Consultant Company.

Furthermore, PWC has a network of companies in 158 countries with 250,930 Employees in 743 locations.

6. Booz Allen Hamilton

Edwin G. Booz, James L. Allen, and Carl L. Hamilton founded the company in 1914. This Company is an American-based company located in Virginia, Greater Washington.

Hamilton majors in Management and Information Technology Consulting, generating a revenue of $6.1 billion annually.

Also, It ranks as #6 most prestigious Business Consultant Company.

7. Ernest & Young Consulting

EY is a Business Consultant company that focuses majorly on Performance Improvement, Risk, IT Risk, and Assurance. It ranks #7 in the world of Consultancy and generates annual revenue of roughly $11.6 billion.

Ernest & Young was founded in the year 1989. Its headquarters is located in London, the United Kingdom, with a workforce of 260,000 at 150 countries in 700 locations.

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8. Accenture

Accenture is a Business Consultant Company that majors in providing professional services like strategy, technology, and operations. It was founded in the year 1989 and was formally called Anderson Consulting.

Accenture generates revenue of $17.3 billion annually with a working staff of 459,000 Employees in 200 locations around the world.

More also, It ranks as #8 most prestigious Consulting company.


Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler was founded in the year 1987. It offers professional services like Tax, Audit, and Advisory. Its headquarters is located in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, with a network of 188,982 staff across the globe.

In addition, KPMG ranks as #9 in terms of prestige, with a whooping revenue generation of roughly $10.2 billion yearly.

10. T. Kearney

A.T. Kearney ranks as #10 most prestigious Business Consultant Company. Andrew Thomas Kearney founded it in the year 1926 with its headquarters in Franklin Center, Chicago.

It has a workforce of 3500 Employees in 60 locations across the globe. This U.S-based company major in strategy and operational issues in businesses with an annual revenue generation of $1.4 billion.

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