6 Tools To Streamline Blue-Collar Recruiting

6 Tools To Streamline Blue-Collar Recruiting
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As education has gotten more accessible in recent decades, so more people can get an associate’s or bachelor’s degree that allows them to land a corporate job. This has sparked a shortage of blue-collar workers, widely in demand in today’s economy. Many employees are far less willing to perform manual labor even if they get paid well.

Due to this, companies need to make more effort when hiring blue-collar workers. The past and outdated recruitment strategies are no longer cutting it as more companies compete to acquire the best candidates fit for their blue-collar position. Fortunately, there are now invaluable technological tools and solutions to streamline recruitment processes.

Having said that, it’s practical to utilize the following tools that will help streamline your blue-collar recruitment:

#1. Blue-Collar Recruiting App Or Software 

A company’s most important task is to hire new employees. After all, these people are the ones that carry out your company’s mission to ensure your business goals are met. If your company relies heavily on blue-collar workers, it’s time to up your game with your recruiting strategies. Since there is currently a shortage of blue-collar applicants, it’s imperative to make use of an effective blue-collar recruiting app or software to support your hiring. 

You may find it challenging to attract candidates who both possess the skills to perform the job and have the attitude to fit into your company’s culture. The hiring manager can focus on the other much more essential tasks in hiring when the menial elements are already automated. Such recruitment apps and tools can be beneficial in many ways.   

For one, with this app, HR employees can post job advertisements automatically on different platforms and sites. They don’t have to manually input data and information about what you’re looking for in blue-collar applicants. All these data and postings can be uniform and posted on different online sites. 

Since the software can do more postings, the right candidate can fill the position in no time. You can encourage candidates to apply when you have automated software that is easy to use and shows your business is organized. In turn, this feature attracts more applicants indeed.   

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#2. Communication Software For HR And Candidates 

Communication is vital for the company and candidates to settle into an agreement together. Nowadays, blue-collar recruiters and applicants need to use conversational tools to improve communication between them. And the most common form of communication is chat, direct messages, and video chats. Microsoft Teams employee monitoring app comes with such features.

Whether your human resource department prefers to use messages or voice calls, this communication software can sustain all needs and preferences. In addition to increasing productivity and efficiency, chatting has other valuable benefits. For one, calling candidates is much faster and easier than emailing them. Using mobile-friendly chat software also makes it convenient and easy for your blue-collar applicants to communicate and respond to your messages.

A recruiter can learn about the applicant’s level of interest in the blue-collar position without sending so many messages. Both parties can form trust through chats and seek verification about the job and the worker’s qualifications. Questions and concerns can be mitigated and answered right away. This leads to applicants creating faster decisions if they want to pursue their application to your company. 

#3. Job Description Management Tools 

Creating job descriptions and postings is no easy task; it requires time and effort in editing and drafting. However, thanks to job description management tools, you can now easily create job descriptions on several job posting sites without spending much time. The power of job descriptions is influential in attracting the best blue-collar workers.  

By using job description management tools, you can create appealing descriptions that follow the right formatting and style. You don’t have to constantly make a job post from scratch since there are templates that can work in your favor. Without much effort, your job listings for blue-collar work will be made aesthetically appealing to the applicants. 

#4. Onboarding Software 

Onboarding is crucial for hiring managers, but some companies often overlook it. This is critical in enhancing the employee experience of your newly hired blue-collar worker. By having excellent and smooth onboarding, the employee can decide to work longer in the company, which is to your company’s advantage, considering how challenging it is to attract blue-collar workers today.

Ensure to utilize an effective onboarding software that ensures proper training and discussion of company culture. Furthermore, excellent new starters will be less likely to leave during the critical first few months since they have been supported very well during their onboarding. New employees can download the necessary software to their smartphones and complete training, which also takes the pressure off management. This software is helpful for both new blue-collar workers and the company itself.

#5. Referral Programs 

This tool is not tech-related but is rather an old but gold hiring strategy continuously applied by all kinds of companies today. Employee referrals are among the most effective hiring methods. Create a referral program in your company so your hired blue-collar worker can refer more competent people whom they directly know. 

The referral program works in a way where you should provide rewards to the worker who has successfully recommended and recruited another employee for your company. Rewards can come in monetary or bonus forms or some freebies like merchandise and coupons. The referral program can be added to your recruitment app or software so workers can easily refer anyone they think is an excellent match to the company culture. 

#6. Interviewing Software 

Use interviewing software if you have a large volume of blue-collar applicants or are hiring for a different branch. Candidate answers can be recorded and submitted online. And HR doesn’t have to meet the applicant face-to-face. Prescreening interviews can be conducted through high-quality video, audio, or text. The key here is to ensure you carry on with the interview and hiring process smoothly and inform the blue-collar applicant of the procedure. 


With the significant demand for blue-collar workers worldwide, many corporations continue to compete notoriously to acquire the best talents. You can outperform them and hire the best blue-worker applicants when you up your game. With the different tools discussed in this article, you can attract more candidates and make the hiring process more optimal and effective. 

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