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Paydex Score
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You, as the owner of a company, need to make it a priority to work on improving the credit score of your company, which should include the PayDex score compiled by Dun & Bradstreet. If you want to work with vendors and service providers or get money from a bank, you need to have a Paydex score. It’s a good indicator of your reliability and financial stability. Your business’s record of timely payments is measured by your PayDex score, which is similar to a personal credit score. Continue reading to gain a better understanding of what the 80 Paydex score lookup is, how they are utilized, and how you can improve your own score.

What is PayDex lookup score?  

A Paydex score is like your personal credit score for your company. This rating from Dun & Bradstreet shows how likely it is that the company will pay its vendors and suppliers on time. Your PayDex score can be anywhere from 0 to 100, whereas your credit score can be anywhere from 0 to 850. A higher Paydex score is indicative of prompt or early bill payment behavior. To be deemed low risk, your credit payday score must be 80 or higher.

How Can I Get My Paydex Score?

To get your PayDex lookup score, you will be required to purchase a report through D&B in order for PayDex to check your PayDex score. You are able to review all of your Dun & Bradstreet ratings and submit trade references if you have a subscription to CreditBuilder Plus, which costs $149 per month and gives you access to these features.

How Do You Get a Lookup Score of 100 Paydex?

Regular and on-time payments are the single most important factor in raising a credit score. You can save time and effort by negotiating longer payment terms with your vendors and suppliers. For instance, if you only have ten days to pay a bill and money gets tight, you may run into problems and get a black mark on your credit report.

What Is an 80 Paydex Score?

A PAYDEX score of 80 is good because it means that all of your company’s payments will be on time. When others review your lookup score, an 80 PayDex is not the best possible score, but it indicates that you have a creditworthy business.

What Is the Highest Dun and Bradstreet Score?

Dun & Bradstreet assigns PAYDEX scores on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest possible. But PayDex scores are divided into three risk categories, with a score of 0 to 49 indicating a high risk of late payment, a score of 50 to 79 indicating a moderate risk, and a score of 80 to 100 indicating a low risk.

Are Dun and Bradstreet Worth it?

Yes, they are worth it. However, those seeking financing or credit will find the report useful. Your creditworthiness is based on this profile and your score. Dun and Bradstreet can help you enhance your company’s credit score.

Does Home Depot Report to Dun and Bradstreet?

Yes, your account activity reports to all three major business credit bureaus: Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax.

Do I Have to Pay Dun and Bradstreet?

It’s completely free for procurement managers! assuring that the vendor’s information is current, up-to-date, and correct. However, read and verify information on alternative supply sources. Also, having a strong, well-known, and trustworthy third-party and unbiased source ensures proper due diligence. If you want to get a better rate on your business insurance, improve your credit score. Possible tenant screening factors include credit history. Naturally, vendors and suppliers will consider your score before working with you. Given these considerations, it is in your company’s best interest to maintain a high Paydex score of 80 to 100. If your score is low, you may find it difficult to do business and experience slowed growth.

How Does One Make Use of Their PayDex Score?

The Paydex score consults a wide range of individuals and organizations in order to assist them in determining whether or not they want to do business with your company. Your credit score will be one of the primary factors determining whether or not financial institutions will lend you money and under what conditions.

Where Can I Find Out My PayDex Rating?

A DUNS number from Dun & Bradstreet needs to obtain a PayDex rating. You will generate a PayDex score once your company has a DUNS number.

To What Extent Can I Examine My Company’s Paydex Rating?

Your Dun & Bradstreet business credit report will include your PayDex score. It also includes PayPal in a number of D&B subscription options. CreditSignal’s free plan gives you a high-level overview of what’s happening in your company’s credit file. Also, it sends you alerts whenever your scores change.

How Is a PayDex Score Calculated?

A company’s PAYDEX score is a rolling average of its payments to its suppliers and vendors. In order for a buyer’s PAYDEX score to take into account transactions with any given supplier or vendor, that supplier or vendor must first provide Dun & Bradstreet with information about the transaction in question (also known as a “trade reference”). However, not all types of payments are “trade experiences,” such as those made with a credit card.

D&B’s PAYDEX score formula requires three trade experiences from two trade references. In order to establish a PAYDEX score, a company must ensure that it meets all minimum reporting requirements. However, not all suppliers automatically report trade experiences to D&B.

Tips on How to Improve Your Overall PayDex Score

You can help improve your company’s credit score in a few different ways, including the following:

#1. Make Sure That Your Bills Are Paid on Time, or Even Early

Your score will increase if you pay your bills early, as long as the trade experiences are reported to D&B and approved by them. Additionally, but to a lesser extent, on-time payments will be of assistance.

#2. Request That Your Vendors Send In Their Information to Dun & Bradstreet

It is possible that not all vendors will report to D&B automatically; however, you can ask those vendors if they will report their business experiences to the company. Your PAYDEX score will improve if you increase the number of payments that are reported to D&B as being made on time or ahead of schedule.

#3. Open Tradeline Accounts:

Every reported vendor relationship is a tradeline, and opening additional tradelines can help you build a stronger PAYDEX score as long as payments are made on time. However, this only applies if payments have been made on time in the past.

#4. Avoid Combining Your Personal Credit With That of Your Company

Maintaining a wall of separation between your personal and business credit is essential if you want to establish a strong credit history for your company. Ensure that all of your commercial dealings are conducted through business bank accounts and credit lines so that they can be included in the calculation of your PAYDEX score.

Paydex Score Ranges

A higher Dun and Bradstreet score is the result of having positive trade experiences, which can range from one to one hundred. If the Paydex Score for your company is greater than 80, potential vendors, suppliers, and other interested parties will most likely consider your company to be low risk. The following provides a more in-depth examination of the score range:

1 to 49: This range of scores is considered a high-risk range because businesses with scores in this range have made payments that were late by at least 90 days. Businesses with a score in this range made payments up to 30 days late, which is considered to be a medium risk. Businesses with a score between 50 and 79 were considered high risk. A score between 80 and 100 indicates a low risk for the lender because the company has a history of making payments on time or even ahead of schedule.


Successful business owners know the importance of monitoring their Paydex ratings. It affects the cost of everything from insurance to supplies to loans. The good news is that you can take action to improve your business’s credit score if it is lower than you would like. Making on-time or early payments is a great way to improve your credit score, and that’s especially true for your company’s credit card.


How do I get my PAYDEX business score?

To get a PayDex business score you need to generate a DUNS number. A business identification number serves the same purpose as a personal SSN. 

How long does it take to get PAYDEX score?

it takes three months after the issuing of the DUNS number to the company. But this schedule is contingent on at least two parties reporting three Trade Experiences.

What is the highest business credit score?

the highest credit score ranges from 700 or higher. A lower score indicates a higher risk of delinquency for businesses on a scale from 101 to 992.


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