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It is common practice for the original payee to give their signature on a check to a new payee. They serve as an alternate method of payment to cash or wire transfers. The original payee must sign the reverse of a check and write “Pay to the order of” and the name of the secondary payee for the check to be considered genuine. Financial institutions such as banks and credit unions are the best options for cashing third-party checks. There are alternatives to using a bank account when cashing cheques written by someone else. For example, you can cash a third-party check online. However, you’ll still need to carry your identification with you in order to cash a third-party check online. This article will cover everything you need to know about third-party checks.

What is a Third-Party Check?

A third-party check begins with the two parties providing their personal information. This is similar to how a regular two-party check would begin. To compensate another party, one party makes a payment to it. The payee may select an alternate recipient by endorsing the check for that individual. This is now a third-party verification process.

Reasons to Use a Third-Party Check

There are a number of scenarios in which third-party verification would be useful. Common reasons for employing a third-party verification service include the following:

  • Paying off debts
  • Transactions are processed via an intermediary.
  • Swap out for cold, hard cash.

How Does a Third-Party Check Work?

There is little difference between a standard two-party check and a third-party check. One additional simple motion is needed. A check must first be exchanged between the parties. The second requirement for a second payee to cash a check is an endorsement from the original payee.

The cheque can then be cashed by the second payee. Individuals, corporations, or other legal entities can all make up one of the three groups.

How to Endorse a Check for a Third Party

It takes very little effort to authorize someone else to cash your check. Make sure the check is properly written before proceeding. Then, before sending the cheque, be sure the recipient’s bank will accept it.

To endorse a check to another party, the original payee simply writes “Pay to the order of” followed by the new recipient’s name on the endorsement line and signs the check. A third party can cash a check sent to them once the original payee has signed and written their name on the reverse of the check.

How Long Does It Take for a Third-Party Check to Clear?

The clearing time of a three-party check is the same as that of a two-party check after the third party cashes the check. Occasionally, a check will clear your bank account within two business days. But there are exceptions to this rule. Assume the same amount of time for the appearance of a bounced check. Remember this if you want to cash a cheque before it has cleared the bank.

What Is the Cutoff Date for Third-Party Checks?

Checks must be honored for a period of six months after their issue date, as stipulated by law. Any check written to a third party must be cashed within six months of its original issue date, regardless of when it was signed over to the second payee.

However, if you discover that your third-party check has passed its expiration date, you can contact the issuing bank or credit union to find out if the check can be cashed. If you get a check from a third party, it is in your best interest to deposit the funds as fast as possible.

Types of Third-Party Checks

There are a few different types of third-party verification. The three most popular forms of third-party verification are as follows:

#1. Personal Checks

Most people still rely on personal checks as their primary method of payment. A check is an instrument that, when signed by the account holder, permits the bank to withdraw money from the account of the payer and deposit it into the account of the payee. You can receive blank personal checks, called “counter checks,” from your bank and use them right away. You can still use a check that has an old address as long as the routing number and account number are up-to-date.

#2. Cashier’s Checks.

You can trust a cashier’s check because it is backed by the full faith and credit of the issuing financial institution. Instead of being backed by the issuer’s checking account, these funds are backed by the bank or credit union that issued them. The bank, not the issuer, is the legal owner of the funds.

#3. Certified Checks 

The money for a certified check comes from the same bank account as any other check. Certified checks are different from regular checks in that the issuing bank guarantees that the recipient has enough money in their checking account to cover the amount of the check.

Cash a Third Party Check Online Instantly

If you want to cash a third-party check online, you can use the app on your phone’s list below to rapidly cash checks using the camera. Alternatively, these could be providers of prepaid cards or virtual checking accounts.

#1. Brink’s Money Prepaid

Brink’s is well known for its work in the industry of armored transportation, moving money to ATMs and banks. Talk about a secure environment. Brink also offers a prepaid debit card and a check cashing service via their mobile app.

#2. Ingo Money

For a good reason, Ingo is the most downloaded program in the category. By linking your bank account, prepaid card, credit card, debit card, or PayPal account, you can make deposits with Ingo. It’s also possible to divide a check between accounts.

#3. Venmo

You might be surprised to learn that Venmo is more than just a person-to-person payment service. If you sign up for a Venmo Debit Card or direct deposit, you can cash checks on the app.

#4. Lodefast

On their website, they state that only Florida residents can currently access Lodefast (with California following soon). Using the Lodefast app by Lodestar Financial, you may cash checks online to deposit into your linked bank account, debit card, any prepaid debit card, or Akimbo Card. There is a free alternative if you’re ready to wait 10 days for your deposit, and a small fee for a speedy deposit, similar to the bulk of other check-cashing firms.

#5. Netspend

Netspend, which is provided by Ingo, offers a usually uniform pricing structure. On the other hand, customers can use the Pharmacy Savings Card to earn substantial discounts on prescription purchases of FDA-approved medications.

#6. Waleteros

If you have relatives in Central America, Waleteros is your best option. They offer one-time $0.99 transfers at the beginning of each month to a number of locations in Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

However, you can send money for very little money, receive paychecks, and receive direct deposits with this software. There are more than 20,000 fee-free ATM facilities available to customers nationwide, and there are no overdraft fees or minimum account balance requirements.

Is It Possible to Cash a Check Immediately?

Yep! You may access money from many of the apps on this list, including Ingo, Venmo, and PayPal, right after submitting your request. Sadly, a lot of companies are aware of the expanding demand for quick deposits. They might not charge for 10-day check clearing, but they almost always charge for accelerated deposits.

Be advised that if your check doesn’t clear, your deposit will be reversed and you may be charged steep overdraft or returned check fees. Make sure the individual who issued the check is someone you can trust before using the speedy deposit service.

Cash Third Party Check

The cashing of third-party checks will incur fees. For instance, whereas currency exchanges sometimes do, banks frequently don’t charge a fee for their services. For more information about the many venues where you can cash third-party checks, see the list below.

#1. Cash Third-party Checks into Your Bank Account. 

Most banks and financial institutions will cash a third-party cheque. However, before attempting to cash a third-party check, you should check your bank’s policy because some institutions do not accept them. Some of the following banks may accept payments for third-party checks:

  • Chase
  • Sun Trust Bank
  • Bank A TD
  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank of America
  • Citibank
  • HSBC
  • M&T

When using bank services to cash a third-party check, you must be an account holder. Typically, non-customers are not permitted to withdraw funds from a certain bank or cash checks.

#2. Using an ATM to Cash a Check From a Third Party

Consider using an ATM’s check-cashing service to cash your third-party check. However, keep in mind that in order to cash third-party checks through an ATM, you would need a bank or checking account. Cashing a check using an ATM is essentially the same as cashing a check with a bank, with the distinction of using an automated machine rather than a teller.

#3. Cash a Third-party Check at a Credit Union

You might be able to pay your third-party checks with the aid of your nearby branch credit union. There are credit unions both within and outside of many grocery and convenience businesses. Even though the credit union is inside a grocery store, if you intend to cash a third-party check there, you will still need a bank account, even though you might not need one.

How to Cash a Third-Party Check 

The steps required to pay a standard check and cash a third-party check are slightly different from one another.

  • Before cashing any third-party checks, make sure the intended recipient is willing to take the check.
  • Next, confirm that the neighborhood bank or financial establishment where you wish to cash a third-party check does so.
  • The original payee must endorse the check at the back of the “memo” part of the check. Certain banks need the precise phrase “pay to the order of” to appear before the recipient’s name.
  • initial payment After signing the check, the payee should deliver the real check to the new owner.

Do Banks Still Accept Third-Party Checks?

Although it is not recommended, it is possible to engage in this behavior. Due to the possibility of fraud, some banks won’t take third-party checks, and most check cashing facilities won’t either.

Can I Cash a Third-Party Check Online?

You can cash a third party’s check using a mobile device. Some banks and credit unions accept checks from other parties through their online banking platforms.

How Can I Cash a Check That Is Not in My Name?

Banks let you deposit or cash a personal check made out to another individual. People without bank accounts will notably benefit from this because it allows a friend or family member to cash a personal cheque on your behalf.

Can I Deposit a Third Party Check into My Cash App?

This requires that you must write the cheque solely in your name.

Where Can I Mobile Deposit a 3rd Party Check?

Best Apps for Cashing Checks from Third Parties

  • Brink’s Prepaid Cash
  • Ingo Cash
  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • Lodefast
  • ACE Flare
  • NetSpend

Third-Party Check FAQs

How Do I Cash a 3rd Party Check?

A bank or credit union may be able to cash a third-party cheque for you. currency conversion ATM.

What Is an Example of a Third Party Check?

Third-party checks, such as those drawn on a 401(k), brokerage account, or mutual fund, as well as share drafts from a credit union, tax refunds, or traveler’s checks, are examples.

Should you accept third party checks as payment?

In general, yes. Due to the fact that neither you nor the check’s maker are its payee, this check is regarded as a third-party check.


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