HOT STOCKS: 15 Stocks To Buy Right Now & What You Should Know

Hot Stocks to Buy Now
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In light of this unpredictability, picking the hot stocks to buy now for 2023 is challenging. The majority of investors should proceed cautiously right now. Typically, this entails favoring larger, more established businesses over younger, more nimble investments. It might also entail accepting a growth potential that is less. Your financial portfolio must include growth and hot stocks due to their steady upward trends and promising prospects. 

The established business that is positioned for growth in 2023 might be the sweet spot. A renewed emphasis on efficiency, strong pricing, positive trends, new product introductions, or a combination of these factors may contribute to that growth. Discover which model hot stocks we recommend in more detail below.

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Hot Stocks to Buy 

#1. Inc. (AMZN

Following a disastrous 2022 in which shares lost half their value, dominant online retailer Amazon was also named one of the top ten stocks to buy for 2023. Cost increases, a tight labor market, issues with the supply chain, and a decline in consumer confidence were the main offenders.

Amazon Web Services, the company’s large, quickly expanding, and wildly successful cloud services division, is its crown jewel. AWS has an annual revenue run rate of more than $85 billion.

Amazon has a bigger market share than Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, which are both owned by Alphabet. Amazon sells warehousing and fulfillment services to independent sellers on and receives commissions for doing so.

Kindle Unlimited, Prime, and other subscription services are additional sources of income for Amazon. Additionally, Amazon repurchased a significant amount of common stock in 2022 for the first time since 2012. The company’s authorized share repurchase amount is still $6 billion. The future support for higher earnings per share would come from continuing share repurchases.

In addition to these elements, the current stock price of Amazon appears low in comparison to previous prices. As of right now, the stock is trading below $90, and the consensus price target for Amazon is around $140. 

#2. Walt Disney Co. (DIS)

The management team of a company is among the most crucial factors to take into account when choosing stocks to buy and hold for the long term. Disney has that in abundance thanks to the recent return of its longtime CEO Bob Iger.

Before handing over the reins to Bob Chapek in February 2020, Iger—who is regarded as one of the best CEOs this side of the millennium—presided over a string of enormously profitable acquisitions, including Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, and Lucasfilm. Disney recently released its first earnings report since Iger’s return, for the fiscal first quarter, in which Disney beat revenue and earnings expectations by a wide margin. 

Disney+’s subscriber losses following a price increase were less severe than anticipated, and the company’s theme park revenue increased by 21% in the quarter. The results of Iger’s magic touch are visible in 2023, as Disney shares have increased 27% through February 9.

The company’s streaming business has experienced impressive subscriber growth. In its previous fiscal year, the company increased its subscriber base by 57 million. The 235 million subscriber base now exceeds Netflix’s. Disney recently unveiled Disney+ Basic, a cheaper subscription service supported by advertisements.

Following the Covid-19 closure, theme park revenue is increasing, which benefits the bottom line.

Expect Disney to continue increasing its streaming revenue in the upcoming quarters, but with a stronger emphasis on profitability. Disney’s low stock price, improving theme park attendance, a stronghold in streaming, and a reputable CEO all combine to make 2023 a good year to buy.

#3. EOG Resources Inc. (EOG)

A successful 2022 for EOG, a producer of oil and gas in the United States, saw the company’s stock post a 56.3% total return. However, shares are still valued as a value stock, trading at around 10 times earnings and around 9 times projected earnings.

The hot energy market is unlikely to soar as it did in the year 2022, which was plagued by inflation and war, so growth will undoubtedly slow down in 2023. Investors shouldn’t undervalue the value of including an inflation hedge in their portfolios, though. EOG also has some credibility with income investors thanks to its 2.6% dividend yield and an impressively low payout ratio of under 24%. 

Hot Stocks to Buy Now 

#1. Wells Fargo (WFC)

Consumers and businesses can use the banking and investment services that Wells Fargo offers. In addition to cutting costs, increasing product offerings, and bolstering technology platforms, the bank is working to improve its internal operations. These actions should aid Wells Fargo in navigating the upcoming, uncertain economic year. 

#2. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK-A)

Although it may seem illogical for the most expensive stock in the world to represent a good value, consider this: A holding company for companies that represent dozens of brands across a variety of markets, including insurance, is called Berkshire Hathaway. Along with utilities, furniture, confections, batteries, and recreational vehicles, to name a few, it also deals in a variety of other products and is run by one of the most renowned value investors in the world. Good management and diversified earnings are encouraging for long-term investors.

#3. Shopify (SHOP)

Even with the state of the economy this year, Shopify has consistently ranked among the top growth stocks for some investors. The e-commerce industry is still growing and offers Shopify and its sellers a ton of chances to succeed. Shopify regularly introduces new products and provides its customers with cutting-edge shopping options. For each of these reasons, the market will see further growth.

#4. T-Mobile US (TMUS, $146.10)

According to market share in the United States, this is the second-largest wireless carrier. In addition, the carrier has a five-year plan to double its share of the large business and government markets from under 10% to almost 20%. Revenue growth is anticipated to continue following T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger. The company has a ton of upcoming launches, which classifies it as a profitable growth stock.

#5. Tesla (TSLA)

Over time, it has become clear that Tesla is a dynamic innovator of technology who has transformed the market for electric vehicles. This is one of the best hot and growth stocks that every investor should have in his portfolio.

#6. PayPal Holdings (PYPL

One of the most popular payment processors in the world is PayPal, but its stock has fallen by about 60%. The company’s most recent report showed that earnings were higher even though revenue has been declining.

#7. Apple (AAPL)

Apple, which is by far the largest company in the US and occasionally the most valuable company in the world, will probably dominate the market if it recovers. These levels, which are down 27% for the year, may prove to be an appealing entry point because Apple has typically shown to be a good buy when it is down.

#8. Microsoft (MSFT

Microsoft, one of the 30 stocks that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average, is without a doubt the market leader in software worldwide, including the cloud. However, the stock has decreased by 28%. But in 2023, it might soar much higher thanks to its dominant market share and the “strong buy” consensus rating that analysts have given the stock.

#9. Alphabet (GOOGL

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has experienced a YTD decline of about 40%. Alphabet, however, also owns several other products, including YouTube, Android, Gmail, Android, Maps, Photos, and more, each of which has a staggering one billion users.

Additionally, the company’s balance sheet contains more than $100 billion, giving it flexibility during downturns in the economy. Alphabet Inc. is one of the best choices for growth stocks because, according to Bank of America, it is expected to continue to grow its revenue by about 15% until 2024. 

Hot Stocks to Buy 2023

#1. Meta Platforms Inc. (FB)

Instagram and Facebook are both under the ownership of Meta Platforms Inc. Even though Meta Platforms started 2022 on a downward trend, analysts predict that given Meta’s position and historical and projected future metrics, there will eventually be a turnaround in positive trends. 

What Are All the Best Stocks to Buy Right Now?

Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, Walt Disney, and other companies are among the best hot and growth stocks to buy at the moment.

What Are the Hottest Investments Right Now?

The top investment opportunities for 2023 include 

  • High-Yield Savings Accounts
  • Short-Term Certificates of Deposits 
  • Short-Term Government Bonds Funds
  • S&P 500 Index Funds
  • Dividend Stock Funds
  • Real Estate & REITS
  • Cryptocurrency 

What Stock Is Good for Fast Money?

Growth stocks are shares of companies whose revenue tends to increase more quickly and consistently than that of rival businesses in the same sector. Stocks like Shopify, alphabet, Amazon, meta platforms inc, Tesla, etc

How Can I Earn 500 a Day From Stocks?

Making $500 per day through day trading is very simple. Trade modest sums of money for high returns if your day trading goal is to earn $500 per day. Consider trading highly volatile securities for this to occur. You can also make significant investments in each trade. 

Can I Make $100 a Day by Trading Stocks?

If you want to consistently earn $100 per day, you’ll probably need more than 4,000 or $5,000. Eventually, you’ll have to make a few trades each week totaling $500, which will mean that it will take a little bit more work. 

Can I Earn 10K Per Day in the Stock Market?

You would need to invest a sizeable sum of money—enough to last you through retirement—to earn $1,000 per day. Alternately, start with modest investments in individual stock options and trade your stocks more frequently and quickly. It could be divided into stock and cash investments for ease of understanding. 


Investors are unsure of which hot stocks to buy now as the possibility of a recession continues to loom over the current bear market. The community of analysts anticipates volatility to persist in the near future as a result of inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical unrest. Investors must closely monitor the stock market’s frequent ups and downs because it is constantly changing. Do your homework and consider what will be best for you over the long term when looking to diversify your portfolio and invest in new stocks. 

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