Where to Buy Cheap Office Supplies in 2023 (Detailed Guide)

Where to buy cheap office supplies

Whether stocking up for a new business or running low on essentials, you want to pay as little as possible for the items you need. The good news is that low-cost office supplies can be found at a variety of reputable brick-and-mortar stores and online marketplaces. Read on if you want to know where to buy cheap office supplies!

How to Find & Buy Cheap Office Supplies

Suppose your strategy for finding cheap office supplies for your small business consists of visiting a single website and ordering whatever you need. In that case, you will likely be disappointed when you don’t save money. Instead, employ a strategy that includes the following tips for finding low-cost office supplies:

#1. Diversify

Avoid purchasing all of your office supplies from the same store or website. Instead, shop for the best supplies at the best prices from various retailers and wholesalers, depending on who has the best deals.

#2. Plan

If you just start browsing the selection of office supplies and adding whatever looks appealing to your shopping cart, you’ll end up spending too much money on items you may not require. Instead, assess your requirements before you begin shopping.

#3. Research

To save money on office supplies, you must shop strategically. Examine the prices at which different sellers offer various supply items, then choose the best prices for the highest quality from various sources. Don’t forget to look into shipping costs because finding a slightly lower price at a retailer is pointless if you have to pay even more for shipping.

#4. Adapt

If you cannot meet your office supply needs within your budget, remain flexible and look for cheaper alternatives. For example, you may need to reduce breakroom supplies or choose a more cost-effective solution for storing necessary paperwork.

How to Pick the Best Cheap Office Supplies for Your Company

Do you need office supplies such as sticky notes, pens, and notebooks? Perhaps you’re looking for office storage solutions such as filing cabinets and desk organizers or more substantial office furniture such as desks, chairs, and printers. In either case, you’ll want to make sure you choose your purchases wisely to save money.

Consider the following before deciding to buy the best cheap office supplies for your small business:

#1. Office Location

How much space do you have in your office for various items, such as furniture and equipment? When selecting office supplies such as desks and tables, keep your office space in mind.

Also, when choosing organizational and storage solutions, keep your available space in mind because you’ll need enough space for storage items and enough storage items to organize your other supplies. Finally, when selecting decorative supplies, keep in mind the overall style of your office.

#2. Budget

What is your office supply budget, and what are the prices of the supplies you are considering purchasing? Before placing an office supply order, ensure that you can afford the supplies and that you are getting the best available deals. Rushing to buy the first thing that fits your needs is a sure way to overspend and blow your budget.

If your office supply budget does not cover everything you need to keep your business running, you may want to consider a different store or supplier, or you may want to buy supplies from a company other than the top brands. Purchasing office supplies in bulk is another excellent way to save money.

#3. Quality

Small business owners can also save money on office supplies by buying high-quality products. After all, while cheaper supplies may initially save you money if the quality is poor, you’ll end up spending more because you’ll have to replace them more frequently.

Even simple supplies like pens and pencils can end up costing more if you buy low-quality items because they are used every day, and the costs can quickly add up if they break or run out of ink. When purchasing essential but expensive office supplies such as printers, quality can make an even bigger difference because replacing inferior products costs even more.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Office Supplies?

#1. Amazon – Ideal for Office Supplies

It’s no secret that Amazon is one of the world’s most popular online retailers, and customers can order almost anything from the e-commerce behemoth, including a plethora of low-cost office supplies. Amazon even has a deals section in its office supplies and electronics sections. In addition, Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping on most purchases.

#2. FedEx Office – Best Place to Buy Cheap Mailing Supplies.

Customers can find far more office supplies at FedEx Office than shipping and printing services. Small business owners can use FedEx’s easy-to-use online and in-store tools to design, edit, and order custom business cards, stamps, posters, brochures, canvas prints, and other office supplies. FedEx Office also offers copying, printing, document shredding, faxing, scanning, and even computer rentals.

#3. Office Depot Office Max

Office Depot Office Max is a well-known and dependable source of low-cost office supplies. While many business owners still prefer to visit their local retail store to stock up on essential supplies such as file folders, pens, paper, and planners, they can now find everything they need at a glance on the Office Depot Office Max website, which even has a dedicated deals section and coupons for exclusive savings. Customers can also get free shipping on qualifying orders.

#4. Staples

Staples has great deals on office supplies in its retail stores, and its online shopping site also has a “Shop Deals” option with daily deals, coupons, and clearance items. Customers can frequently save between 30% and 50% when stocking up on popular office supplies such as calendars, tape, envelopes, sticky notes, and markers. Staples is also well-known for its large selection of office essentials such as chairs, binders, and laptop computers.

#5. eBay

Small business owners can save money on a wide range of office supplies by shopping on eBay. Calendars, desk accessories, binding options, labels, paper products, bulk blank media, and writing utensils are among the supply options available from hundreds of independent eBay sellers, including many top brands. Customers purchasing office equipment and supplies on eBay benefit from free shipping on many items for sale and a safe online shopping experience.

#6. Target

The well-known retailer offers great deals on office supplies and some of the best back-to-school selections. Customers also appreciate that Target collaborates with brands such as Brit + Co to create unique planners and calendars. Customers can shop for essential stationery and office supplies, including packing and mailing supplies, at a local Target store or on the brand’s website, and they can also buy a cool outfit to wear to work. Target customers have the option of same-day delivery, drive-up, order pickup, and free shipping.

#7. Office Furniture 2Go

To create a functional workplace, every organization requires the proper office furniture. Office Furniture 2Go is a popular online retailer of low-cost desks, tables, chairs, and creative storage solutions for any office space. This vendor also sells everything required to set up a productive home office. Office Furniture 2Go even guarantees the lowest price on its discount office furniture. Customers who purchase office furniture from the site receive free shipping and a lifetime warranty.

#8. Best Buy

Customers have long regarded Best Buy as a reliable source for electronic office equipment such as computers, printers, and ink. Many people prefer to shop at a local Best Buy store to browse the selection when selecting the right supplies physically. Still, others prefer to shop on the company’s website for features such as the deal of the day and the Best Buy Outlet, where they can save even more money. In addition to shipping, Best Buy offers in-store pickup and curbside pickup from its stores—furthermore, Best Buy rewards members who earn points toward a 5% discount on future purchases.

#9. OfficeSupply.com

OfficeSupply.com provides customers with office supplies at ridiculously low prices. For small business owners stocking up on supplies, the online merchant offers everything from paper to K-cups. In addition to its low prices, OfficeSupply.com offers an additional $10 to $30 off orders, depending on the purchase amount. Sale items, coupons, clearance deals, and even weekly deals are available on the website. Free shipping is available on orders of $45 or more.

#10. Quill

Quill may not be the most popular source of office supplies, but it provides its customers with numerous ways to save and excellent customer service. Aside from a coupon center and quantity discounts, the website offers a rewards program and products from the Quill Family of Brands, which are less expensive than national brands and come with a lifetime warranty. While shipping isn’t always free, Quill occasionally runs promotions with no minimum purchase requirement.

#11. Mead

Do you need binders or notebooks? Mead is a top brand and one of the best websites to stock up on these and other office supplies. Mead has options to suit any personal style, whether you’re looking for calendars, dry-erase boards, the classic Trapper Keeper, or the even more helpful Trapper Keeper planners. Shoppers can also keep an eye out for special discounts, such as sales on holiday office supply bundles.

#12. Gorilla Office Supplies

Regarding prices, many shoppers prefer Gorilla Office Supplies, which claims to outperform the competition with deals on its massive selection of name-brand and value-brand office products.

When customers shop on its website, Gorilla Office Supplies takes pride in its customer service and easy returns, and its products range from basic office supplies like folders and paper to furniture, ink, and technology. Furthermore, Gorilla Office Supplies offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Home Office Supplies?

#1. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is the best place to buy cheap home office supplies because they have almost anything you can think of for only $1.25 per item. They have an entire section dedicated to office and school supplies, with everything from notebooks to paper, binders, and folders.

Dollar Tree has sticky pads in various sizes, colors, and shapes if you like sticky notes. They also have sheet protectors, divider inserts, and a large selection of mailing supplies. Not to mention the numerous pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, notebooks, and notepads available. If you need something — anything! — office-related, Dollar Tree almost certainly has it.

#2. Five Below

This company has so many cute finds, and the best part is that everything is between $1 and $5. Five Below caters to teenagers, but you can still get packs of colorful pens and highlighters for less than $5. Other desk supplies, such as tape and pencil erasers, are only a buck, and they also sell dry-erase boards and markers, staplers, tape dispensers, and desk organizers.

If you like to decorate your desk with fun trinkets, Five Below is a great place to get small toys and action figures, and if you like to dress up your desk or office for the holidays, they have cheap decor, too! They’re currently fully stocked with Halloween finds, but keep an eye out for holiday decor coming soon.

#3. Micheals

Michael’s has a great selection of lined and dotted journals for all year to-do lists, notes, and DIY calendars. These journals are slightly thicker than regular notebooks, are not spiral bound, and have small ribbons attached that can be used as placeholders.

Check out the craft store’s coupons before you go shopping, whether in-store or online. Sign up for their email list to receive a 25% off coupon, which can come in handy if you’re stocking up or purchasing a larger ticket item from their office supply section, such as a laminator or paper trimmer. Since Michaels is a craft store, you should also look through their selection of colored pens, markers, and highlighters, especially if you’re looking for a highlighter that isn’t yellow.

#4. Amazon

Amazon is constantly running daily deals, and a simple search for office supplies reveals a plethora of items on sale, such as packs of scissors, desk organizers, and mouse pads. If you buy packs of writing notepads or fine-point pens, you’ll get the most bang for your buck, as each item is usually around a dollar.

Amazon Basics is also worth a look — pens, highlighters, notepads, and tape dispensers are all available for a meager price, just a little less than name brands. It’s also worth noting that numerous desk organizers have finishes ranging from black office organizers to rose gold. If you have a specific design aesthetic in mind for your office, Amazon will almost certainly have plenty of options that will complement your taste.

#5. Target

Now is the time to stock up on school supplies at your neighborhood Target. While Target always has a school and office supply section, there may be some lingering, now discounted, back-to-school items on the shelf that haven’t yet been phased out, such as pencil cases, binders, and folders.

Even if there aren’t any remaining back-to-school items, check out Target’s brand Up & Up, which offers many office essentials for less than a dollar. A two-pocket plastic folder with prongs costs 59 cents, a box of 24 pencils costs 99 cents, a pencil sharpener costs 65 cents, and index cards cost 75 cents.


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