7+ BEST APPS FOR HOTEL DEALS in 2023 (Updated)

Best Apps for hotel deals

We’d all love to take our time finding and booking the ideal hotel and get the best deals while at it. But sometimes that’s just not possible.

When you’re constantly on the go, it might be difficult to find the time to do research and make reservations for a hotel. Hotel booking applications are a lifesaver when unexpected travel plans arise or when you need a place at the last minute. You may also be eligible for expedited check-out and a folio review in addition to any discounts, deals, or privileges that the hotel may offer.

So, download one of these hotel booking apps before you even start thinking about your next trip so you can look them up, make reservations, take advantage of the deals available and manage them all from the palm of your hand.

The Best Apps for Hotel Deals

#1. Hotels.com

This app allows users to make reservations as well as view and amend existing reservations. You may also use the app to check the status of your prizes and your activity (you get one night free for every 10 reservations booked and completed).

Buying reward nights on the website incurs a $5 cost, but this fee does not appear when booking using the app.

The app also has a number of money-saving options, such as “Deals for Tonight,” which provides exceptional discounts for last-minute reservations in the location you’re looking for. Likewise, keep an eye out for secret pricing, which is displayed as “Your Secret Price” on some hotel listings within the app. These “specially negotiated” rates can save you up to 40% off regular rates. Sign up for Hotels.com Rewards or subscribe to the company’s emails if you use the app.

#2. Marriott Bonvoy

The Marriott Bonvoy app is simple to use and makes it simple to book a last-minute Marriott stay using cash or points. Simply launch the app, select “Book,” and begin searching. If you already have a Marriott Bonvoy account, all of your information, including stored payment methods, will be waiting to help you complete your booking.

It’s also simple to amend reservations, check balances, see elite qualifying nights, and look for free night certificates on the app. When you click on an already reserved vacation, you’ll discover a list of all the facilities the facility has to offer, as well as suggested activities and excursions.

The app clearly displays current deals and point expiration dates. If any of your reservations are missing, you can use the “Find a Reservation” function to locate them. Users can use mobile check-in to alert the hotel of their arrival time and receive a notification when their room is available. Keyless access is offered with the mobile key option (where available).

Travelers may also use the app to speak with the front desk and request services such as late checkout, extra towels, or a dentistry kit at many hotels.

#3. HotelTonight

Because of its simplicity of use on spontaneous travels, the HotelTonight app has long been a TPG staff favorite. HotelTonight enables you to book fantastic bargains at a variety of hotels on the same day (or up to 100 days out in some markets). Last-minute bookings, where hotels are attempting to fill unsold rooms, frequently offer the best bargains. If you need to book a hotel at the last minute, certain hotels on this app allow you to reserve until 2 a.m.

Available hotel rooms are divided into categories such as basic, luxury, hip, sturdy, lovely, and high-roller so you can get a sense of the property’s aesthetic. The app works hard to provide you with the best last-minute pricing, and choosing a hotel is simple thanks to the app’s conveniently accessible reviews and photographs. Use the Daily Drop function to find a personalized offer with a special price that is only valid for 15 minutes once it is unlocked.

The app’s tiered loyalty program is called HT Perks. You can advance through the levels in a video game-like fashion by meeting particular spending requirements on the app. You’ll also progress toward reaching various “achievement” goals (such as booking in five different states), which will allow you to access lower prices and credits for future bookings. Furthermore, your status never expires, so you can only move up, never down.

#4. Hilton Honors

The “select your room” function on Hilton’s app distinguishes it from many other hotel booking apps. When checking into some properties via the app, you can view a map of the hotel layout and select the room you want. This is especially useful if you want a high-floor room, wish to be near the elevator, or prefer a specific view of the ocean. You may also use the app to preorder your favorite pillow type or request food and beverages (at an additional cost) before arriving. Checking out with a single tap also makes your travel home less stressful. Aside from these bonuses, the app allows you to schedule and manage your trips, as well as monitor your points balance and elite status.

TPG’s favorite feature is the app’s digital key, which allows guests to bypass the front desk and go straight to their room (which they should have chosen!). Guests may also call Lyfts directly to the hotel or connect to the room to control the TV, lighting, and temperature through the app.

#5. Booking.com

Booking.com is a popular website for booking hotels and vacation rentals, and its app is as handy. You’ll have offline access to all past, current, and future visits, in addition to its portfolio of 28 million homes globally. (In addition, the app displays hotel addresses in the local language, which can be quite useful when showing a taxi driver your destination in a foreign country.) With so many places available, the app is great for reserving hotels in more remote locations. The design makes it simple to understand what’s included in your reservation (which is useful for avoiding unpleasant resort fees) and whether you can cancel without penalty. Prepayment usually results in lower rates.

Most properties have many reviews on the app, making it simple to examine the benefits and drawbacks of each property. The Genius loyalty program provides members with savings at many locations throughout the world, as well as amenities like welcome drinks, complimentary airport transfer, and late checkout. Your Genius level and rewards are available in the app’s profile area.

#6. IHG One Rewards

After completely revamping its rewards program, IHG updated its app to reflect the program’s improvements for the 11 million customers who signed up following its launch.

Travelers may use the updated app to swiftly look for and book rooms at IHG brands such as Kimpton, Holiday Inn, InterContinental, and Six Senses. Customers can utilize the Quick Book function to book a room at a favorite property or look for hotels they’ve never stayed at before.

Members can also view their account status to see how many points they’ve accumulated (and then use those points to book). Users will also be able to see how far they have gone through the program’s various tiers and how close they are to receiving a Milestone Prize. The app also has modern features such as digital check-in and checkout, the ability to sign up for special deals, and the ability to view how many points you earned for previous visits.

#7. World of Hyatt

The World of Hyatt app allows travelers to book more than 900 Hyatt hotels and manage current journeys. The software also allows travelers to make requests directly to their rooms. On two previous stays, TPG reporter Zach Griff utilized his Hyatt app to seek more services. “Both were completed soon after I submitted them,” he explained. “The app allows you to track the status of your request, so you don’t have to assume whether a phone representative heard you correctly.”

The app also includes Hyatt Mobile Access, the hotel’s version of keyless access to a room (offered at select properties only); you’ll also be able to check in via the app and bypass the lobby line. Guests can use the app to connect to Chromecast in select hotels, or they can meditate after a long day of travel using the integrated Headspace section of the app.

On the app, you can quickly track your point advancement and elite status, as well as evaluate the perks of your status. You can use the app to specify your accommodation preferences, such as a high-floor or accessible room, or to upgrade your room. The app makes contacting Hyatt straightforward, with options to phone the member line, check regional numbers, and tweet or Facebook message the Hyatt Concierge.

#8. Expedia

People searching for big discounts on hotel reservations should utilize the Expedia app. It offers exclusive deals that are not available when booking through its website. This includes up to 40% off offers as well as the Expedia Rewards app-only rate of 2 points per dollar.

The app’s account area displays your rewards activities as well as how close you are to achieving elite status. When making a reservation, you may apply your Expedia Rewards points with the click of a button.

Besides from booking over 500,000 properties, you may also book flights, car rentals, tours, and holiday packages from your phone. When booking hotels, the app displays the payment terms (whether you can book now and pay later or cancel until a particular date). It also shows a map of the hotel’s location as well as other crucial information such as hotel amenities and images.

#9. Airbnb

Airbnb has become a mainstay in many people’s vacation plans, particularly because it provides a number of discounts and benefits that conventional hotel chains do not provide. It is one of the most renowned hotel booking apps available today. It enables users to locate and book hotels, apartments, and other sorts of accommodations worldwide.
Airbnb gives a simple method to compare costs and alternatives across numerous places, allowing you to book rooms via their website or app without having to deal with any middlemen fees.

Which app offers the best hotel deals?

The HotelTonight app, which lets you book fantastic deals at a variety of hotels on the same day, has long been a TPG staff favorite because of how simple it is to use when going on impromptu trips (or up to 100 days out in some markets).

Which websites provide the best hotel deals?

Hotels.com now offers a wide selection of inexpensive hotels and lodging options throughout the globe at the best rates.

Which app offers the most affordable hotels?

You may also use apps like Booking.com, Expedia, and Airbnb to compare costs, find the best deals and locate the cheapest hotel options. Hotels.com is one of the most economical motel booking websites. It provides amazing discounts on hotel and motel stays, including last-minute deals.

Is a hotel cheaper than an Airbnb?

In general, hotels are more costly than Airbnb, however, this might vary by location and season.

When can I gеt the best apps dеаls on a hоtеl rооm?

Thе “ѕhоuldеr ѕеаѕоn,” or thе реrіоd bеtwееn thе high аnd lоw (аlѕо known as thе реаk and off-peak ѕеаѕоnѕ), іѕ оftеn thе best tіmе tо bооk a hоtеl. Tурісаllу, wе fіnd thаt hоtеl рrісеѕ are most affordable in еаrlу January аnd February аftеr thе peak hоlіdау trаvеl ѕеаѕоn hаѕ еndеd.

Best Apps for Hotel Deals: Cоnсluѕіоn

Thеѕе аррѕ аrе the absolute bеѕt solutions for your needs! Trust us, we wеnt tо the еndѕ of the еаrth to fіnd thеѕе gems. Don’t hеѕіtаtе for аnоthеr second аnd download оnе today!

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