VIRTUAL NUMBER: Meaning, Free Tips for Whatsapp & Credit Card

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Every business needs a secure, reliable business phone system so that they can talk to clients, team members, potential clients, and suppliers. Full-featured business phone systems, however, can be pricey and difficult to setup for small organizations. A virtual phone number, sometimes referred to as “direct inward dialing,” is an affordable and feature-rich solution that will increase the communication options available to your company. Well, read on to learn about the free credit card virtual number app for WhatsApp, including their SMS.


A virtual phone number is a number that doesn’t go with a specific device or place. People can make secure phone calls using virtual phone numbers and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology from any location with a reliable internet connection. Hence, you don’t need any extra hardware to set up virtual phone lines. Long-distance calls won’t cost you anything, and you’ll get crisp, clear audio from anywhere in the world.

In addition, several internet service providers (ISPs) offer virtual phone services with multiple lines. This is because virtual phone numbers use VoIP, which requires a broadband internet connection. An entire team may communicate with clients around the world without utilizing conventional telephone networks thanks to these technologies, which frequently have lower total costs of ownership (TCO) than a landline.

How Do Virtual Phone Numbers Work?

Anyone with a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device can use a virtual phone number. A virtual line transforms the audio from a phone line into a digital file before sending the call to another device through the internet. Thus, with these virtual lines, which are set up and used in the cloud, calls are sent to existing lines or to the devices of team members.

Free Virtual Number App 

Using your private phone number to manage professional calls can be incredibly inconvenient and invade your privacy. Also, this free virtual number app doesn’t scale when you add more employees. Hence, to obtain a unique phone number for their company, many new and existing business owners use virtual business phone number apps.

Furthermore, you can use the same number on laptops, mobile devices, desktop handsets, and other devices with a virtual business phone number app. Employees can use the same free virtual phone number app to answer, forward, and leave voicemails for calls. In other words, without any technological expertise, you can quickly and simply set up a virtual business phone number. To get started, simply download the free virtual number app to your phone or computer. Also see some examples of a free virtual number app:

#1. Nextiva

The leading supplier of virtual business phone numbers is Nextiva. By using this free virtual number app on your desktop or laptop computer, mobile phone, tablet, or desk phone, they make it incredibly simple to maintain your virtual phone number. Even better, you may utilize Nextiva with your local phone number to obtain VoIP HD voice calling. You can obtain virtual company phone numbers from them for various regions as well.

You can receive all incoming business calls on your personal mobile device because their virtual phone system app is compatible with both Android and iPhone (iOS) devices. Moreover, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and other apps have interfaces with Nextiva.

#2. Ooma

Another well-known corporate VoIP phone operator, Ooma, offers inexpensive 1-800 toll-free lines. Any Ooma Office subscription can have a toll-free virtual phone number added. You can choose a new free business phone number, but by default, they will pre-select a toll-free number for you. Hence, with the Ooma office platform, you get a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, music-on-hold, smart mobile phone apps, and other great features.

#3. The Grasshopper

Grasshopper provides virtual phone numbers for startups and small businesses. It contains a smartphone app for remote phone system control. They have virtual corporate numbers, vanity numbers, local numbers for different areas, and toll-free 800 and 833 numbers. Never miss a call while keeping professional and personal calls separate on the same device. Grasshopper features call forwarding, call transfer, voice mail, business messaging, VoIP and WiFi calling, an automatic greeting, and more.


Another excellent choice for purchasing a virtual company phone system is For new firms, sole proprietors, and small enterprises, they provide reasonably priced business phone services. Also, they provide lower call rates to Canada and a few European nations by classifying such minutes as local call minutes. You receive mobile apps, call forwarding/routing, a virtual assistant, IVR menus, text messaging, fax, and more in terms of functionality.

They have pay-per-minute programs that let you pay less dependent on how often you use the service. Yet, when your company’s needs expand, it might rapidly become very pricey.

#5. eVoice

eVoice, a popular VoIP provider and business phone service, has a global presence, particularly in the United Kingdom. They offer local numbers for different places, virtual phone lines, toll-free numbers, and phone systems for businesses. In addition, their subscriptions include conference calling, outbound calling, a virtual receptionist, call management tools, and more. For the UK, EU, Canada, USA, and a number of other nations, you can order personalized phone numbers.

You can pick from a variety of plans. Each has a different set of call minutes and the number of people you can add. Based on your location and the number you are sending to, call forwarding costs vary.

Credit Card Virtual Number 

Making online credit card purchases with virtual credit card numbers is practical. These enable you to shop online without providing retailers with your actual card number; therefore, you may hear them referred to as “virtual credit cards” or “virtual card numbers.” You can shop online more quickly now that virtual card numbers are available, and you don’t even need to take out your wallet. Read more about virtual card numbers, how they function, and how they can assist you in protecting your account information.

How Are Virtual Credit Card Numbers Different From Regular Credit Card Numbers?

Virtual card numbers can be viewed as substitutes for your actual credit card number. The identical credit card account is still connected to virtual card numbers. But you can use virtual credit card numbers rather than your actual credit card number when you shop online. This adds an extra layer of security because it keeps shopping sites from getting your real credit card information. Some credit card providers will issue you a virtual card number that is particular to a given retailer and can only be used there.

How Do Virtual Card Numbers Work?

Just shop online, initiate the checkout procedure, and use the virtual card number to complete your transaction. Use a virtual credit card number exactly like you would your real credit card number.

How Do I Get a Virtual Card Number?

A credit card account is connected to a virtual card number. Also, some virtual card numbers could require a tool, such as a browser plugin or app. Once everything is set up, you can usually conduct regular online shopping.

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Card Numbers?

Simply explained, virtual card numbers can improve the convenience and security of online purchases.

If a website that stores your credit card number is ever compromised, they add an extra layer of security to your credit card account. Also, if you’re buying something from a website you’ve never used before, they may provide you with more assurance. You may rest assured that your actual card number is secure in case something should go wrong. You can also use virtual card numbers to fill out payment information so that you don’t have to type in your actual card number every time you check out. This will save you time.

Virtual Card Numbers: Do They Have Any Drawbacks?

Virtual cards are great, but they have certain drawbacks. Since virtual card numbers differ from real card numbers, they may not be ideal for online purchases you’ll pick up in person. If you have to swipe or show your card to establish your identity, the virtual number won’t match. Hotel reservations, pickup orders, and will-call tickets are examples. Store returns have comparable issues. If one of these applies to your purchase, contact the business before buying.

Also, because virtual card numbers may be part of a browser plugin, they may only work on a desktop computer or laptop. Hence, some virtual card numbers might not function on portable devices.

Virtual Number Free for Whatsapp 

WhatsApp accepts phone numbers from legitimate suppliers of a free virtual phone number, despite its claim that it only takes numbers from mobile phone carriers. You can get a free virtual phone number for WhatsApp from a number of cloud phone number providers in different countries. Here is a list of some of the best platforms, ranked based on user reviews, pricing, customer service, features, and other factors. Thus, they include:

#1. KrispCall

This is the top free virtual number for WhatsApp. It provides virtual phone numbers for more than 100 nations. To communicate with clients, businesses can quickly activate their WhatsApp accounts. It is simpler to manage all the phone calls and text messages thanks to its call center software.

#2. MightyCall

Small businesses looking for a virtual phone number for WhatsApp may find the MightyCall phone service to be perfect. Users may manage phone conversations, send and receive messages, customize company numbers, and do other things. Also, a lot of businesses are using MightyCall services to run their contact centers from remote locations.

#3. Grasshopper

Being the fourth virtual phone number service on our list, Grasshopper is a great choice for small and midsized businesses because it is straightforward yet effective. It simply offers mobile and landline numbers that customers can utilize for WhatsApp.

#4. VirtualPBX

The next is that VirtualPBX is a top-notch supplier of virtual numbers for call centers and contact centers. It provides call monitoring and manages duties linked to department traffic. Moreover, contact centers will be able to customize caller IDs and company phone numbers.

#5. Exotel

Exotel, one of the best-known systems for virtual phone numbers, is next on our list. For startups and small businesses, Exotel’s virtual phone number for WhatsApp is perfect. Exotel systems also offer standard phone features like call forwarding, call recording, and ACD.

#6. Bitrix24

The last item on our list has been selected. In this case, a great virtual phone number for WhatsApp is Bitrix24. It makes call forwarding and call recording simple. ACD, IVR, and automatic dialers are some of the primary features of Bitrix24 products.

Selecting a Virtual Phone Number Service for Whatsapp Business: Points to Think About

Providing virtual phone numbers and cloud phone services is the aim of every provider of virtual phone numbers. Although these platforms share the same fundamental goal of facilitating phone calls over the internet, they differ in the services they offer.

You should consider the following important factors while selecting a platform for yourself.

  • Essential characteristics and services
  • Virtual numbers from more than 50 nation
  • A fair subscription rate
  • An appealing user interface
  • Excellent help for customers
  • Robust security and procedures

Virtual Number SMS

With a virtual SMS phone number, you can send and receive SMS text messages online through the internet even if you don’t have a real phone. Your online virtual phone number is specific to you, just like a regular phone number. No matter where you are in the world, you can use a virtual number SMS to contact, reply to, and communicate with customers.

How You Can Use Your Virtual SMS Number

  • Enhance your customer service
  • Facilitate appointments and reservations
  • Improve Order Tracking
  • Send promotional and marketing texts
  • Boost the retention of customers

Virtual Phone Number SMS vs. Traditional Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers for Virtual SMS

  • Accessible from almost any device
  • There is no need to use your own mobile number.
  • Get all messages on a single platform from anywhere
  • Automate virtual phone number SMS workflows using campaigns and autoresponses.
  • Sync with other programs and tools

Traditional SMS Phone Numbers

  • This virtual number SMS is connected to a certain phone and location
  • Separating personal and commercial activities on the same device is impossible
  • A new phone number corresponds to a new piece of equipment.
  • unable to keep an eye on team members’ use of work phones

How to Choose a Mobile SMS Number Online

The experts can assist you in choosing the best number, whether you need to interact with clients one-on-one or send text marketing campaigns.

#1. Telephone Number

With a toll-free number, you can send group texts and have one-on-one discussions. To prevent carrier traffic interruptions, don’t forget to have your toll-free number validated.

#2. Connect Your Existing Number

Your current landline or VoIP number can be text-enabled! Calls can still be made to you. For 1-on-1 messaging and text-based customer care, an existing number is best.

A 5- or 6-digit number called a dedicated short code is frequently used to send large numbers of messages. Through the Common Short Code Administration, we can assist you with renting a short code.

Can I Have Whatsapp on Virtual Number?

You can set up WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same phone if you have a virtual number.

It is understandable that questions regarding the validity of these numbers arise when you hear the term “virtual phone number.” Consequently, we must confirm that the “virtual phone number” is legitimate and licensed rather than a false number.

How can I get WhatsApp Free virtual number? 

Follow these steps to obtain a free virtual phone number that will always be free:

  • Choose a number.
  • Take part. Create a free account.
  • Your website should provide free chat.

What App Gives You a Number?

You receive a phone number from Google Voice that may be used for calls, texts, and voicemail. You may use the app at work, at home, or while you’re on the go because it functions on both desktops and smartphones and syncs across them.


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