WHAT IS CYBER MONDAY: What You Should Know

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It’s safe to say that everyone enjoys a nice deal. Hence, it’s always wise to keep an eye out for any possible chances to save money, whether you’re purchasing a new laptop for work, a gaming console for leisure, or a cloud PBX system for your company. Yet there is one day that may stand out from the others for shoppers. Yeah, sure, that’s exactly Cyber Monday. Did you know, though, that Cyber Monday was originally conceived as a day for people to shop after they’d overindulged on Black Friday? Cyber Monday only came into being in 2005, when Shop.org declared it a commercial holiday due to the increase in online shopping the Monday after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday now rivals Black Friday as one of the busiest shopping days of the year. But how do Cyber Monday deals work and what stores are doing Cyber Monday? Well, let’s find out.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a marketing term referring to the first Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the United States. 

Cyber Monday is a 24-hour online shopping event that began as an initiative by retailers to increase online purchases and is now widely seen as an extension of the Black Friday deals.

On Cyber Monday, online businesses typically run special promotions, deals, and discounts similar to what we experience with brick-and-mortar stores every Black Friday. Traditional shops, meanwhile, are now also providing unique, online-only specials. The outcome shows that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have converged into one massive shopping event that spans both brick-and-mortar stores and the Internet.

How Do Cyber Monday Work

Cyber Monday usually comes up four days after the famous Thanksgiving holiday. Basically, it was established to let online shopping be in full swing allowing individuals to do their shopping online. Even though the day following Thanksgiving (Black Friday) is still the busiest shopping day of the year, the advent of COVID-19, along with other reasons, caused online led to $9 billion in online spending on Black Friday and $10.8 billion on Cyber Monday.

Conventional brick-and-mortar stores invest more time and resources into internet sales to battle with one another and with contemporary online rivals. The National Retail Federation anticipated that during the holiday season of 2021, internet spending would range from $218.3 billion to $226.2 billion. This reflects up to 27% of the $843.4 billion in retail sales expected to be spent by shoppers in November and December.

For a number of reasons, consumers enjoy Cyber Monday. Some are unwilling to stand in the enormous queues that arise on Black Friday, and many individuals dislike having to waste hours away from their families over the Christmas season in order to score a deal. Customers have an easy, simple method to purchase on Cyber Monday and take advantage of some fantastic discounts. Shopping online has become even more alluring as the majority of companies now provide free shipping as a perk for doing so on Cyber Monday.

Although having its roots in the US, Cyber Monday has become a global phenomenon. The phrase is used frequently by e-commerce businesses worldwide to sell promotions that will increase their sales during that season.

Is Cyber Monday the Same as Black Friday?

Although Cyber Monday has grown in significance, some shoppers still mistake it for Black Friday. This is due to the proximity between the two. Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday is always the following Monday.

Cyber Monday was created after it was realized that many people continued to shop online in the days after Black Friday. Suddenly, businesses understood that by making the following Monday into a special occasion, they might increase sales even higher than they already had. Cyber Monday has surpassed Black Friday as the more important shopping holiday for online stores.

Because of how close the two events are, they provide a significant double whammy for stores. Given our discussion, it’s clear that they’ve become an integral part of the holiday buying season. Many shoppers hold off on buying holiday presents until they see what discounts will be available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Why Is Cyber Monday a Big Deal?

Cyber Monday has generally become increasingly well-liked due to the abundance of deals and discounts offered by online stores on that day. Hanukkah, Christmas, and other holiday shoppers can also benefit from Cyber Monday’s convenient schedule.

During the season, most consumers would rather purchase online. Moreover, time-crunched consumers often prefer online shopping because it can be done at any time of day or night from a mobile device as well as a desktop.

A growing number of consumers are making purchases online using their mobile devices. Almost half of all Americans (45%) have basically used their smartphones in a physical store to research internet prices and discover a better deal. While 12% more have made a purchase with their mobile device in a retail store.

Is It Better to Buy on Cyber Monday?

The quick response is an unequivocal yes! Some Cyber Mondays have offered better discounts than Black Friday in the past, and even when they fall just short, these early-week sales are still well worth checking out. 

What Are Cyber Monday Deals

Although Cyber Monday deals officially kick off at midnight, the vast majority of purchases are made during the evening. The “Golden Hours,” as Adobe dubs them, accounted for over $2.8 billion in sales on Cyber Monday, 2021. As of 5 p.m. Pacific, that’s over half of what buyers would spend on a typical August day.

With the economic downturn of 2008, discounts on online purchases gained even more prominence.

The number of available shopping days after Thanksgiving was also reduced. Pent-up demand contributed to Cyber Monday’s record-breaking sales success. Comscore data gathered by BlackFriday.com4 shows that Cyber Monday sales have surged eightfold between 2010 and 2020.

Despite falling short of expectations, Cyber Monday sales in 2020 reached a record $10.84 billion. Nevertheless, in 2021, sales slipped slightly to $10.7 billion. According to Adobe’s Christmas shopping report, the rise in illness during the holidays is to blame for this decline. Despite this, it was still the most lucrative shopping day for merchants throughout the five days leading up to Thanksgiving in 2021.

Are Black Friday’s deals better than those on Cyber Monday?

In a nutshell, no. Black Friday and Cyber Monday typically provide comparable deals. The scope of categories covered by both events is comparable.

Several efforts have been made in recent years to differentiate between the two, with experts offering their perspectives on the key points of differentiation. Black Friday is when people shop for big-ticket things like new TVs and iPads, whereas Cyber Monday deals have more of a “Christmas gift” atmosphere, where people buy smaller, more unique items.

It’s generally a smart idea to start shopping sooner if you’re looking for anything in demand because the Cyber Monday deals are sometimes a continuation of those provided in the Black Friday specials. Besides, be mindful that several Apple products, including TVs, laptops, and gaming consoles, sold out well in advance of Cyber Monday last year.

Is It Too Late to Snag a Decent Deal on Cyber Monday?

Although it hasn’t happened frequently, in a few instances in recent years, we’ve seen some of the finest sales on items like inexpensive computers, Apple gadgets, as well as console games sell out within hours of being advertised. It’s usually a good idea to attempt and buy a popular item as soon as possible if you anticipate doing some shopping for it.

Despite this, there will nevertheless be a ton of Cyber Monday deals available in 2023, some of which might even be comparatively better options than those that are given on Black Friday.

What Store Offers the Best Cyber Monday Deals?

The best location to begin your online shopping experience is at Amazon, the largest online-only company. Department stores like Kohl’s and Macy’s are worth checking out if you’re interested in clothes sales. While electronics retailers like Best Buy and Newegg are sure to provide some excellent Cyber Monday deals.

How To Get the Best Cyber Monday Deals

On Thanksgiving Day itself, popular retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target frequently launch their Cyber Week promotions. Signing up for their email newsletters is the easiest method to take advantage of their promotions.

One can also follow their favorite brands on social media to see promotions for Cyber Monday bargains.

While Cyber Monday focuses on online shopping, deals frequently include free shipping, but companies have also provided a range of price reductions. Free gifts with purchases are one example of another offer.

Look for discounts on clothing, furniture, and electronic items like TVs, headphones, as well as appliances.

Another option is to go shopping with a pal. If a retailer or website has a two-for-one offer, you can each purchase an item for half off.

What Stores Are Doing Cyber Monday

These days, some of the top Cyber Monday deals compete well with Black Friday sales. Every year, Cyber Monday grows in popularity as more and more people purchase online. So, don’t stop looking for deals on Black Friday because you don’t want to miss the offers on Cyber Monday.

Online Cyber Monday deals similar to those on Black Friday are to be expected from big stores including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, and many others.

#1. Amazon

Given that Amazon is still predominantly an online retailer, the fact that Cyber Monday is a significant holiday for the company shouldn’t come as a surprise. Last year, Amazon posted about 700 discounts during Cyber Week alone.

The Amazon Cyber Monday sale from the previous year was essentially a continuation of their Black Friday offers. The occasion began on the Saturday following Black Friday and lasted until the conclusion of Cyber Monday. Toys were heavily discounted, and Amazon devices were also heavily discounted.

#2. Walmart

One of the most eagerly awaited online shopping is Walmart Cyber Monday. Barbie offers start at $5 at Walmart, and there are large savings on small household appliances, vacuums, and more. Walmart has also offered up to $400 off LED Smart TVs. As soon as Walmart releases its Cyber Monday bargains, we advise you to start purchasing. This is basically because the beginning of Walmart’s Cyber Monday sale will feature the best savings, with lower prices being offered all throughout Cyber Week. Walmart gave up to 40% off toys, top electronics, and home and food items in 2022.

#3. Target

Target shopping can be difficult if you don’t stick to your original list of purchases. And Cyber Monday will undoubtedly put your discipline to the test! The bull’s-eye shop provided numerous excellent offers during Cyber Week last year. 

You can always find the finest savings on the newest digital gadgets, furniture, bedding, beauty products, and clothing at Target.

#4. Best Buy 

Although laptops, gaming consoles, and TVs may be what Best Buy is best known for, the company actually has much more than that to offer. Excellent bargains are nothing new in this regard as well. 

The normal two-day Best Buy Cyber Monday Sale generally begins one day prior to Cyber Monday. You’ll find bargains like 50% off kitchenette equipment, steep discounts on vacuums, and special offers on smart home gadgets in addition to the finest prices on the newest tech items and laptops.

#5. Kohl’s

The Kohl’s Cyber Monday Sale normally lasts five days, from the Saturday following Black Friday to the Wednesday of Cyber Week. Kohl’s Cash is typically the best feature of the retailer’s Cyber Monday deal. On Monday, November 28, you’ll get $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you purchase. During this year’s sale, keep an eye out for the biggest Kohl’s discounts on jewelry, bedding, clothing, and small kitchen equipment. See all of the offers here.

#6. Macy’s 

You can cross a lot of items off your shopping list thanks to Macy’s Cyber Monday bargains because they cover such a wide range of products. But, it could be advisable to purchase apparel, footwear, and beauty products on the actual holiday and throughout the rest of Cyber Week.

How Much Do Prices Drop on Cyber Monday?

Pandya said that early Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales typically provide discounts of between 5% and 15% when they go live in the middle of October or November. Nevertheless, as Thanksgiving weekend approaches, discounts become more substantial. Pandya predicted that the week following Thanksgiving will provide the best sales, with items perhaps being discounted by 30% to 50%.

Are Laptops Cheaper on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

The ideal day to purchase a laptop is Black Friday. Deals generally have a certain amount of stock reserved and are available for a very short period of time. Waiting until Cyber Monday doesn’t guarantee that perhaps the price will drop, and you risk missing the offer entirely.


Cyber Monday is a day set aside every year for online shopping during the Christmas season. Online stores are renowned for their daily bargains and discounts.

Cyber Monday might be a fantastic time to shop a lot rather than just buy one or two things because companies use the occasion to offer sitewide coupons. Additionally, because coupons frequently stack, the degree of savings occasionally exceeds that of Black Friday.


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