Top Reasons And Ways To Support Small Businesses

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Any hometown’s heart is its small businesses. Successful small businesses create local jobs, support local charities, and offer a diverse range of goods and services.
Small businesses had to react rapidly to the COVID-19 outbreak, and many are still rebuilding. It’s always vital to support local businesses, but it’s much more so now.
So where to begin?

Let’s face it: sometimes supporting a local business is just an excuse to buy something you truly want. There’s nothing wrong with that! Yet emptying your cash isn’t the only way to express your support for the small businesses you care about. We’re presenting inventive methods to support local businesses.

Why Support Small Businesses?

Chain store competition, soaring retail rents, and difficulties securing capital or managing cash flow all contribute to well-known small business failure rates. Even for those who do survive, a coming recession is a source of concern.
Nonetheless, small business entrepreneurs are critical to our society’s economic and social fabric. Here’s why you should support them.

#1. They have a favorable effect on the local economy.

Expanding businesses, some of which began in garages or coffee shops, establish eco-systems that allow other small businesses to thrive in their wake. Entrepreneurship stimulates and promotes more entrepreneurship—consider internet curators, who amplify even more small firms by introducing their items to new audiences.

When you buy locally, your money stays in the community and supports local growth. This is known as the multiplier effect. For example, a restaurant may purchase products from local suppliers, use a local insurance broker, and hire a local design firm, resulting in symbiotic partnerships that benefit the entire business community.

#2. They support communities and the generation of jobs.

Small businesses, particularly retail outlets, are frequently significant contributions to a local community’s heart. “Main Street” becomes a center of activity, where stores, business associations, and local governments collaborate to develop and preserve the character of their town or neighborhood. This contributes to the town’s attractiveness, luring tourism dollars. The effect benefits nearby hotels, attractions, and tours.

Local jobs are also produced by small businesses. A robust presence of small businesses in communities also helps people develop on-the-job business skills, empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

#3. These are frequently environmentally friendly shopping options.

While this is not always the case, small businesses (such as DTC brands) may have a shorter manufacturer-to-consumer journey, which means there is more transparency in the ingredients, materials, and origin of the products you buy. Small businesses are frequently local producers of items. Or they are resellers of things created by small-batch businesses.

Because of lesser quantities, smaller businesses frequently have the ability to manufacture and source locally and ethically. You may spend more for these items than you would for comparable items at chain retailers, but you are paying for the peace of mind that comes with ethical manufacture.

#4. They prioritize the consumer experience.

While large corporations have recognized that immersive retail is a promising approach, the intimacy of individualized shopping experiences seen in small businesses is difficult to replicate.

Many new business owners start out on their own and perform every function in the company, including customer service. The good ones will go above and above for each customer because when you’re small, every customer counts.

Buying with small businesses can also lead to the discovery of new or local brands. Small businesses excel in diversity, individuality, and a personal touch, but department or chain stores win in volume and price.

#5. They cater to a wide and specialized customer base.

“When the mainstream media ignores you, you have to become a problem solver,” explains Yelitsa Jean-Charles, founder of Healthy Roots Dolls. “We must address our own problems.” Underrepresented founders frequently cater to the specific requirements of their community. Entrepreneurship becomes a way to bypass systems that often come with discrimination or bias—allowing them to build products or offer services on their own terms.

Helping small businesses allows underrepresented founders to prosper and develop community strength, paving the way for future generations.

How to Support Small Businesses

Now that you understand why it is critical to support small businesses, here is how you may do so. There are various ways to support small brands with your money, from moving to an independent grocer for your monthly food purchases to sharing some love on social media.

#1. Actively seek out new brands

While out wandering in your area, take a look around. Is there a small lifestyle store you’ve never noticed? You’ve never been to an independent bookstore? Talk with your neighbors and review sites to find local establishments that could become your new favorite small business.

You can also download the Shop App. It not only monitors all of your online orders in one place, but it’s also a terrific way to find local and curated businesses and get notified when your favorite shops have new products in stock.

#2. Purchase gift cards

Gift cards are an excellent way to support a small business now by purchasing something for yourself or someone else in the future. This is a fantastic gift for your neighborhood boutiques, favorite eateries, and pet supply stores. Furthermore, many small businesses now allow you to purchase gift cards online, saving you the trip to the store.

Of course, gift cards can make excellent presents. You can distribute them to friends to introduce them to your favorite small businesses, so increasing your effect.

#3. Buy locally, whether online or in person.

Several of your favorite local small businesses now offer online shopping! Consider doing the majority of your holiday shopping in small increments, or getting an early start on any other future holidays, birthdays, or “just because” gifts. Consider it this way: you’ll be able to cross that task off your to-do list while simultaneously assisting a small business during a difficult time. It’s a win-win situation!

Do you have a favorite store that hasn’t previously allowed you to make purchases online? Check again. As a result of the coronavirus, many businesses are shifting to internet retailers this holiday season, and you might be shocked to learn that the things you love are suddenly available online. You can support small businesses from the comfort of your own couch?! I’m in.

Most stores have also reopened their actual facilities for in-person shopping, possibly with a few added measures such as masks or reduced store capacity. Hence, if you feel more at ease, consider buying at a small, local store rather than a large, national chain. You’ll still be providing for your family and friends, but you’ll also be helping the owners of these businesses put food on their own tables.

#4. Request delivery or takeaway.

Restaurants were some of the hardest-hit businesses in recent years, as they were constrained in how they could conduct business securely. Fortunately, many were able to pivot to offer new or expanded online ordering and takeout choices, providing a better platform for a later reopening.

Most restaurants have done exactly that, reopening to in-house dining, albeit in a restricted capacity, and often with decreased personnel and/or an altered menu. Regardless of how you choose to dine at your neighborhood restaurants, being aware of the changes that have occurred in recent years can go a long way.
This brings me to my next point (pun intended)…

#5. Tip slightly more than you normally would.

Financially, service and hourly workers have had a very difficult couple of years. Without the consistent flow of tips that they would normally experience on a busy Friday night, these employees found themselves short on cash. Once businesses reopened, several struggled with staffing, putting further strain on these workers.

Tipping more generously can go a long way for service employees if you are in a position to do so. If local businesses are offering discounts or free delivery, take the money you’re saving and add it to your usual tip. The delivery or kitchen staff will appreciate your assistance, and you will be helping to ensure that you may continue to enjoy your favorite restaurants and small businesses.

#6. Post a favorable internet review

This one is absolutely free, just takes a few minutes, and can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, it is relevant and meaningful regardless of the time of year or what is going on in the marketplace as a whole.

Reviews are crucial for small businesses. Consider this: if you’re looking for a new restaurant in your neighborhood and find it has only two ratings on Google, you’re less inclined to stop there than one with five stars.

If you operate a business, now is a good time to make sure you’ve claimed your listing on review sites and that you’re responding to reviews with a friendly remark.

#7. Contribute to a neighborhood non-profit.

Nonprofits are not immune to the effects of recent years, or to the importance of the holiday season on shoppers and donors.

Demand for the services provided by nonprofit organizations is a year-round concern, so while volunteering and participating in giving-centric days like Giving Tuesday can be a huge boon for your local nonprofit, there are additional ways to support these local organizations that can reach far beyond the holiday season.

#8. Join their email list (or another method of outreach)

Email marketing newsletters are one of the finest methods to remain in touch with your favorite small businesses, albeit we may be biased here. By joining up for your favorite business’ email list, you’re telling them, “I want to hear more from you!” Remember that each of your favorite small businesses is run by a real person, so every new signup shows them that their efforts are appreciated and that they have supporters. Plus, signing up for email lists means you’ll be the first to know about their upcoming announcements, such as product drops or new offerings.

Are you less likely to reply to emails and more likely to respond to text messages? Keep a look out for your favorite small businesses that interact via SMS text messaging and brighten their day by enrolling in their messaging program.

#9. Find innovative ways to interact with small businesses.

In recent years, many businesses have moved into new areas, such as virtual classes. In many situations, these possibilities actually helped them to expand their business and reach people in new ways, so check if you can take advantage of these new options to support them.

Numerous gyms, from big chains to small operations, have expanded into online video sessions in recent years to provide continuity to their members, and these virtual services have continued to grow and prosper as an additional, value-added option to traditional in-person workouts. As winter sets in over the majority of the United States, these virtual services offer an excellent option to get your workout in while avoiding cabin fever.

#10. Express gratitude

Small businesses have a lot to be grateful for. Every year, they create thousands of new jobs, offer individualized support, and give back to the community. Have you ever worked with a small business directly? Drop off a music gift card so the barista you speak music with every morning can download those new tracks. Purchase coffee to thank your dry cleaners for removing so many coffee stains from your clothes. Rather, simply say “thank you” to let local businesses know how much you appreciate the time and effort they put into making your life better.

How To Supporting Local Businesses

To support small businesses, you may not need to modify many of your purchasing habits. Any support you can provide to local businesses would be greatly appreciated. Try implementing only one modification at a time. Start with something simple. Before you know it, more of your time and money will be spent at local businesses.
Here are some of the best methods to support small businesses:

  • Visit your neighborhood farmer’s market.
  • Purchase and give local artwork
  • Attend a class or tune in to a live stream.
  • Order delivery and takeaway.
  • On social media, tag local businesses.
  • Post a favorable review on social media.
  • Promote local businesses to friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Social media posts should be commented on, liked, and engaged with.
  • Purchase gift cards
  • Purchase shop merchandise
  • Sign up for newsletters
  • Look up “support local businesses around me.”
  • Modify your internet purchasing habits.
  • Pay attention to what local businesses are saying.
  • Employ small businesses
  • Do your holiday shopping early.
  • Show respect to local business employees.

How to Provide Free Support for Small Businesses

  • Share their social media posts: Keep an eye out for updates and inspiring posts from a business. Keep in touch with small business owners on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. And please share – it will help them gain visibility.
  • Post a review: A review of great customer service or fantastic products is more important than ever. Assist them in establishing yourself as a 5-star business online in order to attract new clients.
  • Inform a family member or a friend about a small business that you admire: Utilize word-of-mouth to support your favorite small businesses. If information is shared directly, your family members or friends are more inclined to trust and remember you.
  • Sign up for newsletters: Showing support for the newsletter of your favorite small businesses lets them know you’re a fan. It can also alert you to any virtual events or special promotions.
  • Leave a positive comment: Just commenting on their post is an easy way to support small businesses. It could be words of encouragement, a response to their goods, or even a friendly greeting.
  • Tag a friend: In order to get more consumers, several small businesses are offering special promotions on postings. When you see these kinds of posts – tag a friend, you never know who may be in the shopping mood.
  • Upload a photo and provide credit: You can support small businesses by tagging them and sharing a snapshot of their establishment. And if you do decide to buy something, please post a quick photo. The more they publicize their name, the better.
  • Check-in with small business owners and employees: Check in and ask how they are doing if you are picking up meals, ordering online, or browsing their social media. There is no better way to support small businesses than to check in verbally.
  • Show your appreciation: Thank them. You can readily provide genuine support by expressing your gratitude and complimenting them for doing their best amid difficult situations.


Let us get together to support small businesses. Without them, our communities would not be the same. Business owners will be able to hold on till we overcome this current problem with our sustained support.


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