Four Phases of Successful Construction Project Management

Four Phases of Successful Construction Project Management

Efficient project management is very important for the successful accomplishment of a construction project. It is not an easy-to-do job to carry out a construction project that will qualify for the requirements of your clients along with making a profit for you and your subordinates. You must go through extensive planning, real-time monitoring of the project, proper communication process, and working as a team.

Nowadays, tools such as construction job costing software can help you design the budget and cost planning of your construction project. There are certain phases of successful construction project management.

#1. Project Initiation

Project initiation is the first and foremost phase of every project. This phase is also known as the planning or conception phase. Meetings are conducted with owners to discuss the scope of the project, their requirements and desires, how you and your subordinates will carry out the project, and how and when they will be reaching the target goal.

This phase also includes testing of project feasibility to know if this construction is doable or not. Factors such as the nature of the ground, available resources, construction rules and regulations of the area, and the budget of the client are included in this test. Construction job costing software can help you sort out budgeting estimates and other aspects of the project.

#2. The Pre-Construction

Once the bidding process is completed and you have won the construction project, now is the time to enter the next phase of the construction project management, which is pre-construction. This phase includes meetings with teams to discuss the complete construction plan and its execution.

Usually, the meeting is done with some of the main construction team members.

  • Contract manager
  • Health and security manager
  • Supervisor
  • Project manager
  • Ground engineer

The site is prepared for construction in this phase. This includes handling environmental problems, climate issues, soil testing, and ensuring the availability of supplies such as electricity and water. Once the place is ready for construction and all the plans are completed, now they will be reviewed and approved by city authorities. If the construction plan is approved, it is time to enter the next phase.

#3. Project Execution and Construction

After planning everything and making the site ready for construction, now is the time to jump into the real game. This phase includes all the practical work and project plans being executed in it. In simple words, this is the time to convert blueprints of construction into standing buildings.

The success of this project execution phase depends upon communication and collaboration. If you are not good in these aspects during the execution phase, you might end up with issues such as delayed completion or getting out of budget. Lack of proper communication and teamwork leads to the failure of projects. Every member of the construction team should work honestly and put their full potential in the work to meet the targeted goal within time and budget.

#4. Project Closing

The smoothness and success of project closing are as important as the accomplishment of the very first phase of construction. Once the construction is completed, it is time to perform a complete inspection of all the floors, installed utilities, and other aspects of the building. Everything is tested and inspected by professionals to make sure that nothing is wrong with the construction.

Once all the inspection is done and the whole construction is completed, your obligation to the client is fulfilled. But this doesn’t mean that the construction project is finished for you. You must call a post-construction meeting with all the team members. This meeting will discuss both the good and bad things about the construction project you just finished. Plans are made to improve the things in upcoming projects that went wrong in this one. In this way, a construction project is closed.

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