EMPLOYEE ATTENDANCE TRACKING: 2023 Best Attendance Tracking Software

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Tracking employee attendance is crucial for various reasons, and compliance is undoubtedly one of them. Hence, by implementing attendance tracking software, businesses can effectively reduce instances of time theft, streamline remote work processes, and seamlessly integrate with their payroll systems. Contemporary attendance tracking systems typically do not incorporate a traditional punch clock. Meanwhile, a considerable number of these products continue to be highly intuitive and reasonably priced for users. In addition, a multitude of complimentary employee attendance tracking tools is available to assist you in efficiently handling payroll and demonstrating flawless legal adherence. In this article, we will be reviewing the top employee attendance tracking software and app. So, let’s delve right in!

Employee Attendance Tracking Software

The employee attendance tracking software include the following:

#1. Deel

This employee attendance tracking software is suitable for companies with remote workers or independent contractors to handle their staff on a global scale. It has everything a company needs to grow internationally and manage a large workforce in a global market. It’s a safe and convenient hub for handling HR, payroll, and new hires on a worldwide scale.

#2. Geofencing

Using this employee attendance tracking software, you can set up an area around a building or other location where workers must be before they can enter. A radius of 400 feet from your workplace would be a good illustration. A geofence can prevent employees from clocking in if they are not within its boundaries.

#3. MobileHR 

Mobile workers or teams out in the field can use this employee attendance tracking software. You can manage requests for time off, receive notifications when someone requests time off, and view reports that detail vacation and sick time. MobileHR is the only product on this list that does not demand recurring payments; instead, you pay just once to get access to all of its features.

#4. Zoho People

This employee attendance tracker developed by the Zoho People is revolutionary. Office workers may quickly and easily utilize the app or website to clock in and out, while remote workers who may not have access to an approved device can use facial recognition instead. Zoho People’s seamless integration with biometric hardware makes attendance monitoring a breeze. Regularization can be requested with a few clicks whenever an employee’s attendance isn’t recorded or is marked inaccurately. In a straightforward calendar format, both supervisors and workers may access important information including arrival and departure times, work schedules, vacation days, and more.

#5. Factorial 

Factorial’s attendance monitoring software seeks to streamline team management by being intuitive and easy to use. Through its use of artificial intelligence (AI) in areas such as translators, shift trades, and vacation surveillance. It also helps firms keep tabs on staff attendance, requests for time off, and calendar management.

#6. Time Off Cloud

This software provides standard attendance tracking features, including management of time off requests, multiple PTO access modes, and a team calendar. Companies with simple and rigid enrollment policies should opt for Time Off Cloud, as the software exclusively facilitates full-day leave management, distinguishing it from other solutions.To clarify, it is not possible to take a temporary absence from the software and have your leave balances automatically updated in such situations.

Student Attendance Tracker 

The top student attendance tracker include the following:

#1. Connecteam

This app helps track employee attendance and time for scheduling. Developers create mobile-accessible software for remote workers. Connecteam is a highly effective attendance-tracking software that offers a built-in chat feature, making it an ideal solution for businesses that require frequent communication with team members. The utilization of the in-app chat feature can facilitate communication with team members who may be tardy or not present in their chosen work areas as anticipated.

#2. PARiM

The attendance tracker for students offers flexibility in terms of leave tracking, enabling the tracking of absences by hours, days, and accrued percentages. In addition, it is possible to generate personalized types of absences and monitor them through a digital team calendar. Mobile applications possess sufficient capability to enable users to manage their leaves while on the move. It is important to note that certain key features of PARiM may incur additional costs.

#3. DeskTime

The DeskTime tool integrates time tracking, handling projects, and work and participation organizing, making it a comprehensive management solution for teams. The software enables employees to log their work hours, access their designated shifts, and submit requests for shift availability, which will be subject to approval by the administrator.

Hence, by providing advance notice, you can inform the manager of your availability for a specific number of hours. The administrators can then review, modify, or decline your request based on their requirements. This facilitates employees in scheduling their work hours. Simultaneously, it provides managers with a more precise understanding of the number of employees who will be present on a given day, allowing them to allocate work accordingly.

#4. Monday.com

Monday.com is a highly adaptable employees operating system that offers a diverse range of configurable dashboards and templates. It enables users to efficiently track attendance, establish divulged team calendars, monitor staff working hours, oversee projects and tasks, and perform other related functions.

#5. Calamari

The student attendance tracker showcases employee attendance on a unified team calendar. It allows for the review of leaves, telecommuting status, and other customized leaves or statuses that cater to the specific requirements of your organization. The software provides the capability to automate attendance-related procedures through the specification of regulations rules, vacation balance computation rules, complex approval processes, and additional features. Hence, to ensure precise attendance records, it is recommended that your team utilize Calamari as a clock-in and out tool. This can be achieved through the use of Bluetooth technology iBeacons, QR codes, an online app, mobile programs, or Slack.

Employee Attendance Tracking App

The employee attendance tracking app include the following:

#1. TimeCamp

This employee attendance tracking app offers a complimentary employee attendance tracking system that accommodates an unlimited number of users and projects.This tool is highly versatile and can be utilized by businesses of all types. TimeCamp provides a range of time tracking tools including a web timer, a Chrome plugin, a desktop application for Linux, macOS, and Windows, as well as a native mobile application for Android and iOS devices. This solution can be utilized in any location and in any manner that is suitable for you and your staff.

Additionally, this employee attendance tracking app now provides a time clock kiosk module that facilitates the process of clocking in and out. Merely an internet connection is necessary. You may place a basic laptop or tablet in a visible location within your workplace and allow your employees to clock in and out using their 4-digit PIN code. This feature renders the tool highly compatible with organizations that employ field workers, including those in the manufacturing sector, as well as establishments such as restaurants and hotels. 

#2. ActiPLANS

This system is designed to facilitate absence tracking and work planning in a user-friendly manner. This software optimizes the approval process for leave requests and accurately calculates time-off balances. Additionally, it simplifies resource planning and facilitates the creation of flexible and convenient work schedules. This employee attendance tracking app allows for the addition of customized leave types and work activities, which can then be scheduled on user-friendly visual timelines. Subsequently, actiPLANS will automatically notify your team of any recent schedule modifications via email, thereby relieving you of the burden of performing this task.

The actiPLANS software is accessible through a web application that operates on a cloud server and can be conveniently accessed via any preferred browser. In addition, the company offers a mobile application that is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. This application enables employees to conveniently request leave time, monitor their colleagues’ attendance, and receive timely updates regarding any last-minute schedule changes while on the move. Finally, actiPLANS features a reporting component that offers managers and employees conveniently organized data on past and future absenteeism accrued leave figures, and leave time taken during a specific time range in a timetable view. Furthermore, it incorporates effortlessly actiTIME, a versatile work management system, thereby enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of employee time tracking.

#3. Timenotes 

The application facilitates the tracking of employee attendance through the use of online sheets in a conventional format. Also, the software facilitates the reporting of working hours for numerous employees and projects. The application features a basic start/stop timer, facilitates billable hours tracking, budget monitoring, and cloud-based storage of essential information about projects, clients, and colleagues.

Furthermore, Timenotes provides the capability to monitor employee attendance and track absences through an accessible online attendance sheet. It is possible to efficiently sort users, absence types, and status updates to enhance clarity. This attendance tracker is appropriate for any company seeking to ditch paper timesheets and reduce laborious paperwork.

#4. Clock Punch

This Android application is designed to facilitate employee attendance tracking by providing a straightforward means of recording work hours. The application features a simple screen gadget that streamlines the process of recording start and stop times, while also displaying the duration of work completed for the current day. The application’s complimentary version includes automatic time clock features and a time log history for the preceding five days. The premium version automates reminders and tracks breaks, sick leave, and vacations.

#5.  Imonit

If you are seeking a simple employee time and attendance app without additional, more extensive features, Imonit may be a tool that is worth considering. The time clock system enables employees to record their attendance by either manual entry or through the use of location tracking or proximity signals. Imonit can reduce buddy punching, which can hurt employee productivity and efficacy. Additionally, this tool provides real-time data on employee time and absence. Accessing time logs can aid in enhancing productivity control and facilitate better preparation for the pay period.

#6.  WiFi  Attendance

This is an attendance tracker that utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity. The system utilizes office Wi-Fi router devices to ensure that employees remain connected to the network. By implementing this method, employees are restricted from clocking in unless their gadgets are within the Wi-Fi interaction range of the office. This measure serves to prevent instances of time fraudulent use of cards, such as the practice of buddy punch-in.

The system is equipped with applications designed for management teams and HR personnel, enabling them to oversee the attendance and location of their team members. The system includes a web application that offers managers comprehensive insights into the attendance and absence records of employees.

#7. Wrike

Time tracking and workload distribution are simplified using this software’s intuitive interface. Users can delegate responsibilities, schedule tasks, and track progress in real-time. Employers can gain valuable insight into staff productivity and morale by reviewing attendance statistics at the team level using the attendance tracker template. Users have access to flexible rule-based setups that allow for the role- or team-specific customization of tracking rules like shift start and end times and break durations. The graphic user interface of Wrike is straightforward to use. Meanwhile, reporting features make it easy for users to quickly compile meaningful highlights from the attendance tracking data.

Time monitoring helps supervisors track staff attendance and productivity. The linked calendar lets customers examine future conferences and add notes on staff performance and attendance.

How Do You Track Employee Absences? 

To calculate the rate of unexcused absences among employees during a specific period, divide the total number of unexcused absences by the product of the total number of workers and the total number of hours worked during that period. The resulting figure should then be multiplied by 100.

How Do I Keep Track of Employee Attendance in Excel?

Download an Excel attendance template to keep track of who has been present and when. Take advantage of the format and features of the template to record and organize attendance information. You can also change the names of sections and columns, and add new ones for things like ID numbers and addresses.

Does HR Track Attendance?

Time and attendance tracking is extremely important to an organization’s human resources department. This is done to guarantee that all employees are doing their jobs and the company is meeting its many obligations.


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