US Virtual Credit Card: Best 2023 Options and All You Need

US Virtual Credit Card

The US virtual credit cards allow you to shop, order and buy anything online without using your physical card.

Like your physical card, the virtual credit card is encrypted, connected to your account, and has a CCV that protects your online transactions.

In case you are wondering how to get a virtual credit card or you want to know what banks issue a virtual card. I have no doubts you’d find this piece interesting.

We’d take you through everything you need about the US virtual credit card in this article. 

How do I get an American Virtual Card?

Following the increasing rate many Americans perform online transactions, the need for a virtual card at this point is necessary.

Besides, not all merchants and e-commerce websites accept physical cards, many have resorted to wanting a virtual card.

Getting an American virtual card requires you to demand from your financial institution a card.

However, if your bank don’t issue virtual card, you are issued a physical card from which you request a digital card from the third-party company providing your bank with the card.

Alternatively, you may check out credit card companies online that offer a virtual card which you will request for. 

After installing this Company’s app and setting up your account, there is a menu you will need to access to request your digital card.

Most credit card companies waste no time disbursing your virtual credit card at almost no cost.

Furthermore, you can also instantly use this credit card to make payments and purchase goods and services online.

Finally, some American credit cards only work for those with a bank account in the US and will not work if your details aren’t linked with the United same.

Which Bank in the USA has a virtual Card?

Very few traditional banks in the US have her digital cards, and even the physical card is from a third party.

Reasons why only a few traditional banks do not have a virtual card could include costs, security, etc.

However, this is not to say that no traditional banks offer credit cards.

Only three banks in the US have an indigenous virtual Credit card along with a physical card; they are:

  • Citibank
  • Bank of America
  • Capital one.


With a random and temporary virtual account number, Citibank offers extra security for online shopping for their customers.

This one-time digital credit number links with your credit card and is assigned to a merchant.

As a result, this once-generated virtual card will not be recognized in the event of fraud by an unknown merchant.

Bank of America

Another traditional financial institution with options for a virtual credit card is the Bank of America.

Their safe shop program ensures that their digital card is only used once and connects to your original Credit account.

Transactions and purchases made are added to your statement in the event of knowing your account balance.

By providing an alternative credit card option, your online transactions become seamless.

Capital One

Their AI assistant Eno help their customer generate a virtual number that can be used for making purchases.

Like the method discussed with the cards above, the capital one credit card makes it easy to make transactions without revealing details of your main credit card.

Nevertheless, while most digital Credit cards are used for online purchases,so there is a drawback.

The drawback is that these cards are used in making in-house purchases or clearing physical delivery.

With the increasing demands for making orders online, this challenge does not prove a pain point.

Can I get a virtual credit card online?

You can get a virtual credit card online, although you must meet specific criteria.

In addition, online credit card companies require you to have an account with them to use their credit card.

Depending on the company and your preference, you could request a one-time virtual card or one locked to a particular merchant.

More so, like its name, a one-time virtual card allows you to utilize the credit card once when ordering online.

The merchant credit card is tied to a merchant or limited e-pue-purchaser purchase.

Finally, it is advisable to use only trusted online credit card vendors to avoid any issues.

Best US Virtual Credit Card

The need to have a virtual credit card from a reliable source adds to the layer of security in making online transactions.

A reliable credit card company provides a digital alternative for their card to ensure an efficient transaction at an affordable rate.

The list below are the top virtual credit card in the US, and why their services are most sought after, they are:


After passing rigorous internal and third-party audits, issues you a virtual credit card. As a result, the virtual cards obtained from are extremely secure and safe to use. If you intend to use a bank account as the source of funding, the cards issued are also free of charge. On websites that require recurring payments, we recommend using’s virtual cards. exemplifies safe and secure transactions through virtual debit and credit cards with a slew of useful features. However, if you are a US citizen, you can only apply for a virtual card through The application process is quick, and your virtual card will be issued within 24 hours to 7 days.

#2. DivvyPay

Divvy makes it simple to create a virtual card. You can use the platform to create a unique subscription card for each vendor with whom your company has a relationship. Then you can set a limit on the amount of money available on the card. The card’s fund limit is automatically reset every month, ensuring that all vendors are paid on time without you being charged extra.

Furthermore, you get a real-time view of all transactions made with the virtual card. The best feature of these cards is the protection they offer users against potential fraud. The card safeguards you against situations such as vendor overcharges and compromised accounts. If you detect suspicious activity, you can instantly freeze a card.

Divvy’s Virtual cards are extremely useful for avoiding fraud issues or keeping track of expenses during a project. We recommend using Divvy to create virtual cards to manage vendor payments or one-time online purchases.

#3. Wise

Wise provides you with a virtual credit card that allows you to easily manage and control your expenses while traveling abroad. The virtual card you receive allows you to spend money online at real-time exchange rates.

Because the card can be frozen after each use, it is ideal for preventing fraud. You can be confident that Wise’s virtual card is fully authorized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

The card can hold more than 50 currencies at the same time. The Wise app can convert these currencies in real time. Furthermore, these converted currencies can be spent online, in-store, or abroad without difficulty. However, in order to receive the virtual card from Wise, you must first order a physical card.

Wise’s virtual card is designed for frequent travelers who want an extra layer of security when shopping abroad. You get your virtual card in three simple steps, and it stays online in your Wise account, where you can access it whenever you want.

#4. Emburse Spend

You can issue single-use and recurring virtual cards to your team using Emburse Spend. You gain complete real-time visibility into your employees’ spend-related activity with these cards. To control your company’s spending, you can configure the card by setting a maximum budget and pre-set approval processes.

At the point of sale, each transaction made with this card can be validated. These cards make automatic reconciliation easier by capturing receipts and expense details at the point of sale.

You can issue both physical and virtual cards with Emburse Spend, giving you complete visibility and control over your team’s spending. To gain control over your company’s expenses, you can set spending limits and policies that are automatically enforced.

#5. Unlocked

This virtual prepaid card is perhaps best known for allowing users to shop from a wide range of US retailers from anywhere in the world. It only took signing up for their service, loading the card with $50, and paying a small fee to use the card for one-time purchases from a variety of US merchants.

The virtual card includes a US billing/shipping address, making transactions with US retailers simple. You can get immediate access to US-specific services such as Netflix US, Hulu, and HBO Max.

US Unlocked offers two types of cards. The first card is only valid for one transaction and cannot be used again. The other type of card is a merchant-specific card, which locks to a specific merchant after engaging in a transaction with them.

US Unlocked provides you with a useful virtual card that allows you to easily access any of the US-specific websites you want. It only requires a simple sign-up and a small subscription fee based on the amount loaded onto your card. With the cards you receive from US Unlocked, you can easily shop online.

#6. Payoneer

Payoneer’s virtual card enables you to make online purchases at merchants that accept MasterCard payments. Paying with Payoneer’s virtual card is similar to paying with a physical card. You simply enter your credit card information on a payment page.

If you already have a Payoneer account, getting a virtual card is a breeze. You must fill out the information on Payoneer’s website. The company then reviews the information before issuing you a virtual credit or debit card.

If you have a Payoneer account, you will greatly benefit from its virtual card service. It is simple to apply for and allows for quick online purchases. These cards are ideal for making a one-time purchase of an online service.

#7. Netspend

Netspend is an excellent online financial management tool. It accomplishes this by providing users with a virtual prepaid card that can be personalized with a photo or symbol of their choice. When creating a temporary card number, which you can use to access sites that do not accept debit cards, the service is extremely useful.

The card is widely accepted throughout the country and offers strong protection for both your physical debit and credit card information. You can also easily check your balance from any location at any time. It is also extremely convenient to receive transaction alerts as text messages when using Netspend’s virtual credit cards.

When attempting to access a site that does not accept traditional debit cards, Netspend’s virtual card should come in handy. It enables users from all over the world to receive real-time updates on transactions and account balances.

#8. American Express

You are aware of how difficult it is for a freelancer to obtain a credit card. American Express recognizes this, which is why it offers its customers a virtual credit card service that is simple to use and manage.

This virtual card can be used to make online purchases by self-employed professionals such as freelancers, digital marketers, and writers. This VCC makes it very simple to keep track of all your transactions. You can also set spending limits on the card, which helps you determine how much you will be charged.

American Express offers a virtual credit card service designed specifically for independent contractors. It is simple to use, extremely useful for tracking transactions, and allows for smooth payments with preset spend limits.

#9. Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart MoneyCard is a full-service virtual financial system that handles all of your banking needs through a strong digital ecosystem. Any bank in the country can instantly add money to your Walmart MoneyCard. This money can be used to make online transactions a breeze.

You can also use the MoneyCard app to deposit cash for free at any Walmart location across the country. You can also add four more virtual debit card accounts to the MoneyCard app, as long as they are all over the age of 13.

Walmart MoneyCard is a powerful virtual payment system/app that simplifies financial management for you. You can use your phone to add money, earn a higher interest rate on your savings, make purchases, and do a variety of other things.

#10. LeoPay

LeoPay is a global financial management tool that enables users to create an account in minutes and obtain multiple IBANs (International Banking Account Numbers) in multiple currencies. It is extremely simple to set up and can be accessed through the web or a mobile app.

The service provides users with two virtual cards at no cost. The card can be used to pay or withdraw money from any location in the world. You are also immediately notified of transaction alerts for payments you make and receive.

LeoPay is designed for frequent travelers and businesses with operations in multiple countries around the world. With the virtual Leo visa card, you can pay and withdraw money from anywhere in the world.

#11. EcoPayz

This platform offers users an all-in-one virtual payment system that allows them to send and receive money globally from a single powerful online platform. EcoPayz does not require a bank account or a credit check to open an account. Once set up, your funds are available to you via this platform to be used in any way you see fit.

The tool is also equipped with cutting-edge fraud protection technology, ensuring that your money is safe while making online purchases. Using EcoPayz’s virtual card to conduct transactions with merchants, partners, or online shops is safe, secure, and efficient.

EcoPayz serves as a secure platform for managing your funds and engages in financial transactions worldwide for both personal and business purposes. When opening an account with EcoPayz, there is no need for a bank account or a credit check, earning it a coveted spot on this list.

#12. Blur

Blur’s virtual credit card services are popular due to the added security they provide to bank transactions or online payments. It syncs with all types of devices, allowing payments and checkout from a phone, tablet, or browser.

For each purchase, you can generate a new credit card number. Its security is perhaps its most appealing feature. The platform can encrypt your password, making it impossible for hackers to obtain sensitive information or bank account information.

Blur should be on your radar if you’re looking for a VCC that allows you to conduct secure online transactions. To avoid phishing and other unsavoury practices, you can instantly generate new credit card numbers.

#13. EzzoCard

If you’re looking for a virtual card that allows you to shop online anonymously, EzzoCard is a good place to start. EzzoCard’s virtual credit and debit card can be used online anywhere in the world on any site that accepts Visa and MasterCard payments.

When selecting an EzzoCard card, you have a number of different options to consider. Depending on the features and validity period you prefer, you can select the Blue Card, Green Card, Brown Card, or Black Card.

EzzoCard is designed for those who prefer to remain anonymous when shopping or making payments online. It is very simple to obtain a preferred virtual card from this site. You can apply for the cards under any name and address and use them to conduct transactions all over the world.

#14. is a great place to start if you want to create a virtual credit card to go on an online shopping spree. The platform does not require credit checks and has no hidden fees. You can also add images and photos to your card for a more personalized look.

You can select a card design from their extensive gallery of options, or you can specify your own preferences to have a card designed to your exact specifications. Users can also get paid up to two days early with the virtual card service’s early direct deposit feature.

If you value aesthetics, you will be delighted to receive a personalized virtual card from You can use your virtual card right away, with no fees or credit checks. You can begin enjoying a hassle-free online shopping experience as soon as this ingenious service issues you a virtual prepaid card.

#15. Open Money

Another excellent platform for obtaining a virtual credit or debit card is Open. The virtual card allows you to easily manage, control, and track your company’s online spending in real time. You can set spending limits to avoid going over your budget. You can also set up instant alerts to be notified of any virtual card transactions.

To obtain an Open Money virtual card, you must first register and open an account with the platform. After you’ve registered, go to the ‘Cards & Expense => Virtual Cards section’ to get your virtual credit or debit card.

With Open’s virtual card, you can manage all of your online subscriptions in one place. The cards help you stick to your monthly budget by letting you set spending limits and track your expenses in real time.

#16. Bank Freedom

Bank Freedom offers an all-in-one online banking system that allows you to conduct all of your banking transactions from a single secure platform. By registering with Bank Freedom, you can easily manage your personal or business account. You gain access to a virtual Visa card that allows you to conduct transactions. The virtual card is valid on all websites that accept Visa cards.

#17. Neteller

The Virtual Card service from Neteller allows you to manage your funds digitally while doing online shopping and other bank transactions. You can use Neteller’s virtual card services to make payments, receive money, and even sell cryptocurrencies. You can use Neteller’s services with a simple, free registration system and begin your online transactions right away.

What is a CashApp Virtual Card?

A Cash Card, as it is commonly known, is a virtual visa card issued by a cash app to allow payment online.

The virtual card is linked to your cash app details and draws cash from your account when making a payment.

In other words, the card issued only draws in from your account and is more a debit than a credit card.

Is the cash app a virtual Visa card?

That the card bears the Visa logo does not mean that the cash card is a virtual card.

The cash card solely belongs to the cash app and can’t be substituted for other cards bearing the Visa logo.

Unlike the physical card, when customers wait 3-10 days before receiving their card, a virtual cash card is delivered instantly.

Once you’ve requested a Virtual card, you can transact and receive funds. 

Nevertheless, remember that your transaction and transfers are limited if your account isn’t verified.

Can you send $5000 through the Cash App?

To fully enjoy an increased transfer limit on your transactions, it is advised to upgrade and verify your cash app details.

This includes providing valid proof of residence, utility bills, and identity to prove you own the account.

For an unverified account, the limit to the transaction you can carry out is $250 per week.

To the question of if you can send $5000 through the Cash app? You can only do so if your verification is complete.

The cash app allows up to $7500 transfer in a week for a validated account. Therefore it is expedient to have your details verified.


The ease and comfort of subscribing to your favorite Netflix movies, ordering that game console you saw online, or even the thrill of having a US virtual card is incomparable if you live outside this country.

Furthermore, the various options it provides for making online payments and the security on your card make having a virtual credit card one to have.

In conclusion, if these points sound appealing, then waste no time in getting your own US virtual credit card.


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