BUSINESS CHAT: Definition, Tips & the Best Business Messaging Apps

Business Chat

It is not an option to ignore your customers. Customers will move their business elsewhere if the only way to contact you is by phone. It’s the same with changing corporate demands. You don’t take credit cards? You’ve effectively eliminated 84% of possible purchasers. Fortunately, improving your company chat isn’t that difficult (or costly). Below, we’ll walk you through what business chat is, the benefits, and examples of business chat channels, including Google, Facebook, or even Apple. We will also list business chat app you can use.

What Is a Business Chat?

Business chat refers to how brands begin and respond to customer interactions via various messaging channels. It enables customers to contact brands and brands to contact customers—the channels enable back-and-forth, two-way interactions rather than communications blasts like commercials or bulk email sends.

Here are some examples of business chat channels:

  • Webchat
  • Facebook Messenger business chat
  • WhatsApp
  • Social media direct messages (DMs)
  • Google Business Messages

Business chat meets your clients where they are most at ease. It does not require customers to download new applications to communicate with your company; instead, it allows them to use the native messaging tools they are likely already familiar with.

Consumers today are unwilling to call for assistance. They want to message a website’s built-in chatbox about a product they’re looking at, or they want to respond to a business text message campaign with queries.

Benefits of Business Chat

It’s a win-win situation for you and your customers when it comes to business messaging. Here are just a handful of the advantages of making this investment.

  • Engage more customers: Companies that provide numerous channels do not alienate clients that have specific communications requirements.
  • Provide real-time conversations: Customers don’t want to wait days for a response; they frequently require assistance right away. Use instant messaging to communicate with them more quickly and deliver a more enjoyable experience. Sometimes they merely have a question about sizing or the color of a product—answer fast to seal the purchase before they go to another site.
  • Handle additional conversations: Businesses can only successfully speak with one person on the phone at a time. You can hold many discussions at the same time with messaging without affecting client engagement or experience.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Customers will be pleased if they can use the channels they want and obtain a faster resolution.
  • Use video and photos: Unlike a phone conversation, business messaging allows you to send Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) texts that include images, emoticons, GIFs, and videos. Send relevant product images to your consumers or provide a short walk-through with a video demonstration. Customers can also add their own screenshots and images via file sharing.

What is Apple Business Chat?

Apple Business Interact is a service that allows your company to directly interact with customers via the Messages app. Customers can utilize this service to address problems, schedule appointments, place orders, and make Apple Pay payments.

Customers can start a discussion by using the message button on your website, app, emails, or other touchpoints such as Siri, Search, and Apple Maps.

Why should your business care about Apple Business Chat? 

Regardless of company size, the Apple Business Chat app is a Swiss army knife for organizations that want to give outstanding customer service through texting.

The Apple Business Chat app may help consumers find your store near their location, book appointments/tickets, assist you in creating a full-fledged e-commerce store, and even give 24-7 customer service using bots.

Whether your firm is in finance, IT, e-commerce, hotel, or healthcare, the Apple Business Chat app may help you build an easy communication channel with your consumers and provide a wonderful customer experience.

How Safe is the Apple Business Chat App?

Apple is well-known for its strict privacy regulations, and Business Chat is no exception. Only the customer can initiate a conversation in Business Chat, and after the conversation thread is terminated, businesses cannot contact the consumer unless the customer re-initiates the chat.

Furthermore, when a consumer contacts a company, companies do not automatically see personal information such as their name or phone number unless the person decides to provide it.

What is Google Business Chat?

Business chat is a mobile conversational channel that enables Android users to contact businesses via multiple Google entry points, such as Google Search and Google Maps. The platform’s extensive capabilities and ease of use enable organizations to provide rapid, efficient, and personalized customer support experiences.

Google’s Business Messages, like other rich chat channels, has advanced capabilities such as high-quality videos and photos, carousels, suggested replies, and location sharing. Customers can use the platform to ask inquiries, obtain support, make purchases, and more.

How Does Google business messaging Work?

Google corporate chat works in the same way that other chat solutions do. Sign up for the Google Business Chat website or app, gather a one-of-a-kind snippet of code, and paste it into your website. Then you can access administrative tools and chat data by logging into the portal. You may configure agents, personalize the chat window, implement proactive chat rules, enable chatbots, and more. Once the account is created, the Google business chat window appears on your website. The sole distinction between a standard chat tool and a Google Business chat is that the latter is visible on your Google Business profile.

Best Business Chat Apps

There are numerous corporate chat apps available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Consider your needs and budget while selecting the finest equipment for your business. Here are the top corporate chat tools to think about.

#1. Slack

Slack is a powerful, all-in-one chat application for small enterprises. This Slack includes one-on-one and group chat, as well as individual and team voice calls and video conferencing.

Slack facilitates collaboration more than most chat systems. Users can use hashtags to organize various projects, teams, and other items, and share files by dragging and dropping them onto the platform or via Google Drive, Dropbox, and other secure file-sharing services.

For future reference, all files and discussions are synced, stored, and searchable. You can even modify it on the screens of others.

#2. Chatwork

Chatwork is a solution for business social networking. If you operate with multiple clients and teams all around the world, Chatwork allows you to connect with them in private and public group conversations. It also includes task management software, video chat, and contact management software.

The personal edition of Chatwork costs $4 per user each month, while the enterprise version costs $20 for 10 users.

#3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a SaaS (software as a service) application that is integrated with Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription. It creates a chat-based workspace focused on real-time collaboration, with features such as chat, meetings, notes, Office, Planner, Power BI, extensions, and apps.

Teams appear and function similarly to Slack, with threaded persistent chats that can be open or private. Teams integrate with Microsoft’s Skype video service, and guests can join chats.

#4. CA Flowdock

Flowdock is a chat and email platform that allows teams to connect and communicate in a centralized area. It provides private one-on-one chat with individual team members, group chat, and threaded conversations. Its Team Inbox function saves and organizes emails and messages from sources such as project management, customer service, and others.

Flowdock is available 24/7/365 via the web, Windows and macOS apps, and iOS and Android mobile apps. Push alerts are available across platforms and devices, ensuring that no critical chat request, email, or message is missed.

#5. Chanty

Chanty’s claim to fame is that it combines a slew of useful corporate communication tools with an easy-to-use UI. This program offers an excellent messaging system that enables you to efficiently manage workplace interactions based on context. Additionally, Chanty features a useful video conferencing function for communicating with the complete team while on the go.

Chanty’s free tier allows for up to ten users, while its Business package costs $3 per user each month.

#6. Workplace from Meta

Workplace from Meta, formerly known as Facebook Workplace, is a workplace communication platform that uses a company’s intranet to deliver chat, video, and group collaboration options. The workplace is simple to use on PCs and mobile devices, thanks to the familiar Facebook layout.

Workplace also connects with existing business technologies such as Google Drive, Office 365, DocuSign, and Azure Active Directory.

#7. Amazon Chime

One-to-one voice calling, screen sharing, and access to Amazon’s chat function with 30 days of message history are among the free Chime Basic features. When a meeting begins, Chime automatically calls all attendees, eliminating the need to enter meeting IDs and passwords and presenting a visible list of everyone on the call. It also allows everyone to see who is speaking, and you can mute a participant if there is excessive background noise on their line.

#8. Twist

Twist is a conversation feature developed by Todoist, a prominent to-do list software. It differs from other chat applications in that all chats and communication on the app are organized into threads. It offers separate group rooms, but to comment, you must either start a new topic or comment on an existing one.

#9. Flock

Flock is a chat program with channels. For the convenience of organization and simplified project planning, you can segregate communications into distinct channels. Flock is a wonderful solution for firms that want to preserve employee transparency while communicating more efficiently.

#10. Discord

Discord is a free corporate voice chat program. This Discord allows workers to connect using voice rather than typing in a chat room, forum, or thread. It offers always-on voice channels, allowing you to easily communicate with your team. Standard chat windows are provided for basic communication.

Examples of Business Chat

Now that you’ve seen the advantages of business communications, let’s put it to use. Here are a few examples of how business communications can be used:

#1. Welcome

Send a welcome message to new clients or subscribers. This sets the tone for future messaging, rolls out the red carpet, and provides opt-out information.

#2. Promotional

Give your consumers discount vouchers and exclusive deals. Make these offerings interesting in order to entice your consumers to check their messaging apps or text messages.

#3. Confirmation

Inform your consumers when you get their order or confirm an appointment.

#4. Reminder

Send a message to your customers to remind them of impending appointments.

#5. Customer service

To solve their difficulties, use messaging apps to communicate with them. This allows you to more easily access screenshots, videos, images, and links.

#6. Shipping notification

Notify your consumers when an order has shipped and keep them updated until it arrives.

#7. Security alert

If there is any questionable account behavior or an emergency, notify your consumers promptly.

#8. Verification

Send one-time passwords via messaging for user verification.

#9. Conversations

Talk to your customers. This might be a sales representative guiding customers through pricing options or a customer service representative resolving sizing questions. It might be two agents conversing with a single consumer, or one agent conversing with two customers.

How Do I Get Business Chat?

Apple Business Interact is a service that allows your company to directly interact with customers via the Messages app.

What Is Ios Business Chat?

Customers can communicate with a business via the Messages app using Apple Business Chat, also known as Business Chat. To manage client inquiries via Business Chat, businesses work with a Messaging Service Provider (MSP). Learn more about Business Chat and iOS.

How Do I Set up Apple Business Chat?

Customers can initiate a Business Chat chat by touching the Business Chat button on any contact point where it has been placed by the company, such as websites, mobile sites, emails, flyers with a QR code, or in an iOS app.

IIs Apple Business Chat Free?

So far, Apple has integrated with over 20 MSPs. Contact your preferred MSP to discuss the first steps. Then, go to Apple Register and create your free Business Chat account with Apple.

What Is the Difference Between Apple Business Chat and Google Business Chat?

Apple Messages for Business features are accessible via Apple tools such as Apple Maps and Spotlight, but Google Business Messages features are accessible via Google resources such as Google Maps and Search.

How Do You Make a Business Group Chat on iMessage?

Check that both iMessage and MMS are enabled in Settings > Messages.

  • Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the Compose button in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Begin entering the names of the people you want to include in the group chat
  • Type out your message, then tap the Send icon.

Which Companies Use Apple Business Chat?

Apple’s Business Chat Partners include:

  • Home Depot.
  • Four Seasons.
  • AXA.
  • Vodafone.
  • Lowe’s.
  • Hilton.
  • Credit Suisse.
  • Sprint.


Minor misconceptions can frequently lead to more serious issues inside a firm. While email and phone calls can resolve issues, they can be time-consuming for minor improvements. Chat apps provide a forum for brief but informative dialogue. This keeps everyone involved with the company and in contact with the entire team.


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