UNITED AIRLINES LOGO: Meaning, History, and Why the Logo Was Changed

United Airlines Logo
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The Boeing Air Transport of today is United Airlines, which got its start in the aviation industry in 1926. The position of stewardess was created by this corporation, making it the first of its kind. Not all flights were successful for the airline. At times, it came close to filing for bankruptcy or having to reorganize. However, it was able to recover from this dire situation, in part, by making a number of strategic purchases. Subsequently, the business expanded into a global powerhouse in the transportation industry. The name of the firm, United Airlines, has always been the focal point of the logo since its history in the 1930s. So, in this article, we will be discussing the old united airlines logo, careers, its meaning, and its baggage fees.

United Airlines Logo Overview

United Airlines has one of the most famous logos in the aviation industry. It has been redesigned more than any other logo in the industry. When other airlines, including Varney Airlines, which had been around since 1926, joined forces, it became the biggest airline. Its official debut on the commercial market took place in the early 1930s of the previous century. The Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois, is home to the headquarters of this once-modest aviation company that has grown into a global powerhouse.

United Airlines, like its logo, has evolved over time. This logo, which dates back to 1934, takes the form of a tricolor shield colored white, blue, and red with black lettering at the bottom. The United Airlines logo has gone through several iterations over its many years in business. She’s created fifteen different logos over her career. In addition,  constant mergers and expansions by the carrier have resulted in such variety.

  • Originating on April 6th, 1926
  • Located in Chicago, Illinois (USA).

What is United Airlines?

United Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the United States and the world, was founded in 1926, and now operates a fleet of more than 800 aircraft, servicing about 350 locations across the globe. This airline is affiliated with Star Alliance.

United Airlines Logo Meaning and History

After more than a dozen redesigns, United Airlines settled on a logo that is simple in design while still being instantly identifiable. Not many people actually used it though. However, it was left utterly unattended. The original logo was replaced in 1974. Sol Bass, a prominent designer of the era, penned it. Known as the “Tulip,” his design features the union of the letters U and S. As late as 1993, this logo had not changed much in appearance. There were only a few fonts in common use back in 1979.

The airline’s name was repainted and re-lettered in a different color and typeface in 1993. Normal Times New Roman in the white font was used. As the “Tulip” had become an easily recognizable part of the brand’s identity, it was decided to preserve it.

United Airlines Evolution 1930-1940

In 1930, United Airlines debuted its initial logo, a dark blue rectangular logo with a white circle in the center and two white banners extending out to the sides. A blue American flag silhouette filled the interior of the circle bearing a pair of white arrows. Furthermore,  United Airlines” was written in blue letters on each banner. The wordmark was designed using a bold sans-serif typeface set in italics for a contemporary and chic look.

Furthermore, the United Airlines logo maintained its conventional appearance thanks to the predominance of its rectangular shape until the end of this era. The designers went with a lighter shade of blue and emphasized the first word (“United”) in the company name while downsizing the second section (“Air Lines”).

In 1935, the United Airlines logo was updated by switching to a color scheme of sky blue and white, a move that brought a sense of sophistication to the logo. The lettering’s typography was lauded, as was the decision to use a sans-serif font with rounded and constricted outlines for the inscription and to write “Air Lines” at the bottom in thin lines with plenty of space between the letters.

United Airlines’ rectangular banner was replaced by a more refined tricolor crest in 1939 according to a new logo strategy. The upper half of the crest was red with white “United” text, and the lower half was white with blue “Air Lines” lettering. However, the phrase, “Coast to Coast,” is arched beneath a blue section of the logo, and a light blue silhouette of the United States is superimposed on the blurred and white sections.

The Brands Evolution Continues from 1940- 1974

In 1940, the tricolor emblem was perfected. The pictures disappeared from the symbol, and the colors became more strong and dark. The crest was updated to feature a white five-pointed star on a red background, a black, bold “United” on white, and “Air Lines” in white capital letters at the bottom, a blue section of the crest. However, United Airlines used this logo for almost a decade.

In 1954, the crest’s profile was slanted to the right, and its color scheme was brightened. The essential idea and basic structure have not changed at all. The United Airlines logo became more cheerful and approachable once the crest slat was added.  There is a rightward slant to the United Airlines logo, and it is rendered in pastel colors. As part of a rebranding effort in 1960, just the word “United” was given a typeface of its own. Now, it was blown up and put in black sans-serif characters above a white section of a small, attractive tricolor crest with the white star at its center.

Furthermore, behind the black underlined “United” word sits a red and blue spiked, which replaced the crest in 1961. While the new logo’s upper half was sharp and red, the lower half was broader and blue, both of which spoke to the Airline’s commitment to dependability and integrity.

The logo’s writing was updated to a more chic style in 1971 when it was redesigned. It is now set in the title case using a sophisticated italicized serif font with clean, well-defined edges. In addition, the United Airlines logo in this iteration appeared clean and simple, which is fitting given the company’s focus.

Brand Evolution Still Continued from 1974- Till Date

Sail Bass updated United Airlines’ logo in 1974. The new United Airlines logo incorporated a blue and red stylized letter “U” that was put over a white background and a black, all-caps, modern sans-serif wordmark. Furthermore, the black typography was bold and dependable, while the bright, slanted emblem brought a sense of warmth and friendliness to the design.

In 1993, the emblem, which was given the moniker “Tulip,” was moved to the left of the wordmark. The font for the inscription shifts from a contemporary, wide sans-serif to a powerful, elegant serif with heavy lines and clear, pointed serifs. The CKS Partners design firm is responsible for this update.

Furthermore, the prestigious Pentagram firm updated United Airlines’ logo and brand in 1998. The logo was left alone; its colors were just brightened, and the wording was reduced to only “United” in a sans-serif font with extra-thick lines and a diagonal cut of the horizontal bar of the “T.” to make it look more modern.

In 2010, following the United Airlines merger with Continental Airlines, a new logo was introduced. The new design included a blue and white color scheme, with the two-tiered “United Airlines” text positioned to the left of the blue square insignia, which featured the white globe shape. The inscription’s typeface, a bold and sophisticated serif, exuded an air of sophistication and professionalism.

Even though the company had just been using the old United Airlines logo for three months, a new, updated version was introduced in August 2010. There was a shift from a bright, lively blue to a deeper, more subdued shade, and the serif typeface was swapped out for a big, broad sans-serif “United” written in all capital letters. Additionally, the current logo features fewer panes on the world map and a more saturated color scheme.

The Brand’s Font type and Colour

The United Airlines’ logo features a rectangle, shield, thorn, tulip monogram, and globe fragment spanning four time periods.

However, the logo for an airline uses numerous different typefaces. Bookman Jf Pro Italic was the font of choice from 1971 to 1974. As close as possible to Gill Sans Bold, a sans-serif typeface has been used since 2010. The work was written by Eric Gill.

In conclusion, multiple tones of red, white, and blue, the colors of the American flag, make up the company’s color scheme. United Blue is the name of the monochrome variant that has just entered circulation.

United Airlines rolled out its new livery and logo color, “United Blue,” in April 2019, and cut down on the number of windows around the world at the same time.

United Airlines debuted its old logo in 1930, a dark blue rectangle with a white circle in the middle and two white banners extending from the circle to the right and left. A blue American flag silhouette filled the center of the circle featuring a pair of white arrows.

Facts About the United Airlines

United Airlines, one of the original members of the Star Alliance, requires no introduction. Even yet, from its inception to the present day, United Airlines’ history is replete with fascinating happenings. Here are some of the interesting facts.

#1. The Longest Flight Time Offered by United Airlines Is 17 Hours

United Airlines has the longest domestic nonstop route in the United States. A 787 Dreamliner will take you from Los Angeles to Singapore; the flight time might be as long as 17 hours and 40 minutes. From Newark Liberty International Airport to Singapore, Singapore Airlines will operate this route beginning in October 2018. An Airbus A350 Super Long Range will once again perform this trip, making it the longest flight in the world.

The United Airlines flights from Houston to Sydney, Australia, and San Francisco to Singapore also rank among the top 10 longest flights in the world.

#2. Both United Airlines and Boeing Were Owned by the Same Corporation

United and Boeing were formally merged into a single corporation. At the tail end of the 1920s, William Boeing established Boeing Airplane & Transport Corporation as a manufacturing and aviation company. In 1931, United Air Lines, Inc. came into being.

#3. For the First Time Ever, United Was the First Customer of the Boeing 777

United Airlines was the original customer for the 767 and 777 from Boeing and the DC-10 from McDonnell Douglas. United introduced the 777 to the airline industry in 1995. Furthermore, the plane made its maiden voyage on a journey from London to Washington Dulles Airport. Regarding the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, United was the first domestic airline to operate the plane.

#4. The First Female Flight Attendant Was Ellen Church

United Airlines piloted the first commercial flight with a female flight attendant, Ellen Church, in 1930 from Oakland to Chicago. However, all flight attendants before 1930 were men. Church and her early female flying companions had to be nurses to care for the frequently ill passengers.

#5. Initiator of the Star Alliance Alliance

The Star Alliance was established in 1997 by United, Lufthansa, Air Canada, SAS, and Thai International. Star Alliance is the biggest airline alliance in the world with 28 members. Because of the convenient availability of awards, I enjoy booking flights with any Star Alliance member.

#6. United Airlines and Continental Airlines Merged in 2010

Following the merger of Delta and Northwest in the fall of 2010, United and Continental decided to form a domestic partnership. Until 2012, when operations were merged, the two airlines continued to operate independently of one another notwithstanding the merger.

The airline is operated by United Airlines. The logo was produced in one color—blue—and is entirely monochromatic. United is written in a basic font next to a globe emblem.

United Airlines Baggage Fees

Typically, passengers are permitted to bring on board one personal item and one carry-on bag of any size. Customers with Basic Economy tickets, however, are an exemption from this rule. In addition, United codeshare flights and flights operated by our airline partners may have varying carry-on policies.

Furthermore,  United Airlines check the dimensions of all objects you plan to carry on board to ensure a quick and easy boarding process and also process the baggage fees. That way, you may stow them away in the overhead compartment or under your seat.

What Is United Airlines (UA) Baggage Fees Policy?

United Airlines (UA) includes the following in its baggage fees policy for standard Economy Class fares:

  • In-hand luggage.
  • There will be no additional charges for one (1) personal item.
  • One personal item in the cabin is always free of charge.
  • Hold luggage / checked bags – normal fees apply
  • Overweight and Oversize bags – Applicable to the united airlines’ baggage fees per bag depending on weight and size categories
  • Applicable  United Airlines baggage fees apply to sports gear

What Is United Airlines (UA) Carry-on Baggage Fees Policy?

United Airlines (UA) waives the check-in fees for one carry-on bag and one personal item per passenger. Personal items include purses, briefcases, and laptop bags. The following are the size and weight regulations that carry-on bags should not exceed:

  • 115 linear inches (56 x 36 x 23 cm), including handles and wheels; 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) linear inches
  • It must be able to fit in the overhead compartment or beneath the seat in front of you.

The following size and weight restrictions apply to personal items, and they should not be exceeded at any time:

  • 36 inches (16 x 11 x 8 inches) of linear space or 89 centimeters (41 x 28 x 20 cm)
  • It must be able to fit in the overhead compartment or beneath the seat in front of you.
  • Your jacket, umbrella, diaper bag, things purchased from duty-free shops, assistance devices (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, strollers, child restraint seats, and so on), and other similar items do not count toward your carry-on baggage limit.

Are There Fees for Baggage on United Airlines (UA)?

Yes, there may be fees involved. However,  they are determined by the type of fare that you purchased, your destination, whether or not you are an active member of the United States military and/or a dependent, whether or not you have status with United Airlines (UA) frequent flyer program, whether or not you have status with an affiliated carrier, or whether or not you have a credit or charge card that is sponsored by United Airlines (UA).

United Airlines (UA) regular checked baggage / hold luggage fees for flights inside the United States are as follows:

  • The first bag costs $35.00 US Dollars
  • Foreign Currency Exchange Rate of $45.00 USD for Second Bag
  • Third and subsequent bags: $150.00 USD each

When traveling internationally to or from the United States, United Airlines (UA) typically charges no additional fees for the first piece of checked baggage and $100.00 USD for each additional piece of checked luggage. 

Moreover, the cost to check a bag when flying internationally in Basic Economy is $60 USD for the first item and $100 USD for the second. There are several airlines that enable two baggage to be checked for free. The precise quantity will be calculated by United Airlines (UA) “Baggage Calculator” on United.com.

Why Did the United Get Rid of the Tulip?

Following the united airlines’ 2010 merger with Continental, the merged airline abandoned Tulip in favor of Continental’s “Globe” logo. As the former head of the new airline’s marketing department, Mark Bergsrud argued that the Globe logo better represented the company’s global reach and would appeal to corporate clients.

North Central Airlines was a small airline that served the midwestern and central regions of the United States. However, after beginning operations in 1944 as Wisconsin Central Airlines in Clintonville, Wisconsin, the firm relocated its headquarters to Madison, Wisconsin, in 1947. This is also the year when the “Herman the duck” logo made its debut on Wisconsin Central’s very first Lockheed Electra 10A, which bore the registration number NC14262.

United Airlines Careers

United Airlines is a multinational airline that is publicly listed and operates over 4,500 flights each day to a total of more than 335 airports across all five continents. In the past, United Airlines has encouraged careers with flexible work schedules by offering employment opportunities such as part-time, temporary, and fully or partially remote work.

Furthermore, United Airlines maintains a sizable workforce across the world and provides employment opportunities and careers for students, recent graduates, and seasoned professionals in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to, those pertaining to customer service, travel and hospitality, translation, business operations, and administrative work. 

However, The Human Rights Campaign has named United Airlines one of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality in recognition of the company’s efforts to create careers that are welcoming to people of all backgrounds and perspectives. Additionally, employees who meet the requirements are eligible to get a wide range of benefits, including those pertaining to their health, finances, social lives, professional lives, and even travel perks.

United Airlines, which began operations in 1926, is now one of the world’s major airlines, with its own fleet of more than 700 mainline aircraft and a network of United Express partners operating more than 480 regional aircraft.  However, United Airlines, which boasts “the world’s most extensive route network,” operates big hubs in numerous major cities across the United States mainland, including Chicago, New York City, Denver, Denver International Airport, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. Since its founding, United Airlines has garnered various awards and recognitions, such as being named one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies and getting a Candidate’s Choice Award from the careers review website, Glassdoor.

How to Get a Job at the United Airlines

  1. Obtain an interview: The application procedure at United Airlines is straightforward. Candidates can submit their applications and research available positions through this online site. Managers will get in touch with those who are further considered for an interview.
  2. Requirements Can Vary: A more involved hiring procedure may be necessary for some positions. Potential employees might, for instance, have to take a written test or undergo a drug screening. In addition, training should also include hands-on activities like role-playing in customer service and demonstrating how to perform jobs.

United Airlines Interview Process

  1. Several Stages: Current United Airlines staff members have detailed a multi-step interview process. The average length of a phone conversation is between 15 and 30 minutes. However, those that advance to the next phase of the process have an in-person meeting with a supervisor or supervisors. In addition, prerecorded videos are also required for some positions.
  2. Typical Questions: United Airlines typically asks job-related, interpersonal, and technical questions throughout the interview process. Expect the following sorts of questions and prepare accordingly:
  • What do you know about us?
  • Tell me about your interest in working with United Airlines
  • Give us an idea of how you’d handle issues raised by visitors
  • Share a story about a challenge you overcame.

However, United Airlines provides applicants with interview preparation materials in advance because they may have to travel a significant distance to attend. Use this time to your advantage by researching United Airlines, the required Careers skills, and the interview questions. 

The hiring process might take anything from two weeks to six months, depending on location and position. Avoid hesitating to send an email or make quick phone contact with management. In addition, candidates that show appreciation for the interviewers’ time and attention and who emphasize their talents stand out from the crowd.

The current logo for American Airlines features the head of an eagle, the American symbol. The color blue is used on one wing, while red is used on the other. The bird’s form has changed drastically, taking on the appearance of a plane’s tail with its triangular protrusion and a three-color diagonal stripe.

What Is the Only 1-Star Airline?

It’s Air Koryo, the only “one-star” airline in the world. North Korea’s main airline, Air Koryo, flies to and from Beijing, Vladivostok, Shenyang, and Shanghai almost every day.

Is United a Good Airline?

In recognition of the high standard, it has set for both its ground operations and its in-flight service, United Airlines has been awarded the Three Star Airline Certification. The cabin and ground crew are both included in the service rating, while the product rating covers things like the comfort of the seats and the quality of the food and entertainment. In addition, United Airlines is a good airline.

What Is Better United or Delta?

No, not really Delta offers better service, allows for more trip changes at no extra cost, and is an overall better airline. If you’re not too picky about amenities, United Airlines is the cheaper alternative. Both companies are massive, offering thousands of flights each week all over the globe.

Is It Better to Fly United or American?

Trying to choose between United Airlines and American Airlines for your upcoming journey but can’t make up your mind? To answer your question in a nutshell, the difference between America Airlines and United Airlines lies in the fact that America airline provides a higher level of service in Economy Class while simultaneously charging less for such tickets. Additionally, when flying within the United States, flying with American Airlines is the way to go if you want to keep costs to a minimum and save money. Also, read HOW TO BECOME AN AIRLINE PILOT: US Career Practices (Steps & Requirements)

Does United Airlines Require a COVID Test?

The covid test needs to be completed no later than three days before the departure time. If the return flight is scheduled for more than 72 hours after the initial test was administered, then both the outgoing and return flights will be required to undergo their own individual tests before boarding.

Do You Have to Pay for a Carry-on Bag With United?

For no additional cost, most airlines allow passengers to bring on board one carry-on bag of any size and one personal item. There are, however, crucial exclusions, such as those for clients who are traveling on tickets categorized as Basic Economy. Additionally, the carry-on regulations for flights operated by our airline partners, including United codeshare flights, may differ from those of United.

What Is the Best Airline in THE US?

The best airline in the United States is Delta. The Points Guy rated Delta at 70.43 out of a possible 100 points, with the airline receiving its greatest marks for customer satisfaction, lounges, and unscheduled boarding delays.


United Airlines core values of providing a safe, secure, and high-quality experience are reflected in the logo’s simple, yet eye-catching, blue and white color scheme. Because of the striking contrast between the two colors, the United Airlines logo will always stand out and serve as a reminder of the best qualities of the company.

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