GUMMY BEAR BRANDS: 15 Best Picks in 2023, Ranked!!!

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  1. Gummy Bear Brands
    1. #1. The Black Forest Gummi Bears
    2. #2. SmartSweets Gummy Bears
    3. #3. Happy Yummies
    4. #4. YumEarth Gummy Bears
    5. #5. Ferrara Candy Company’s Mini Gummy Bears
    6. #6. Haribo’s Goldbears and Gummi Bears
    7. #7. Albanese World’s Best 12 Flavor Gummi Bears
    8. How to Select a Gummy Bear Brands
  2. What Brand Makes Gummy Bears?
  3. What is The Most Liked Gummy Bear?
  4. Best Gummy Bear Brands
    1. #1. Haribo Goldbears Gummi Candy
    2. #2. SmartSweets Sour Gummy Bears
    3. #3. Albanese 12 Flavor Gummi Bears
    4. #4. Dylan’s Candy Bar Gummy Bears Cupcake
    5. #5. Sugarfina Bubble Bears
    6. #6. YumEarth Gummy Bears
    7. #7. Muddy Bear Chocolate-Covered Gummy Bears
    8. #8. Lovely Candy Co. Honey Gummy Bears
    9. #9. Project 7 Gummy Bears
    10. #10. Jelly Belly Cinnamon Gummy Bears
  5. Which Brand Gummies is Best?
  6. What is America’s #1 Gummy Brand?
  7. What Are The Different Types of Gummy Bears?
  8. Old Gummy Bear Brands
    1. #1. Albanese
    2. #2. Black Forest II
    3. #3. Haribo
    4. #4. Trolli
    5. #5. Smart Sweets
    6. #6. Surf Sweets
    7. #7. Brach’s
    8. #8. Yum earth
    9. #9. Red Juju
  9. What is The Oldest Gummy Company?
  10. German Gummy Bear Brands
    1. #1. Haribo Balla Stixx Wassermelone – Watermelon
    2. #2. Haribo Fruitmania Yoghurt – Fruit Gums (160g)
    3. #3. Haribo Kirsch Cola – Cherry Cola Fruit Gums (200g)
    4. #4. “Haribo Super Mario – Fruit Gums 175g”
    5. #5. “Haribo Konfekt – Licorice Candy 500g”
    6. #6. “Haribo Surf Trip Sauer – Sour Fruit Gums (200g)”
    7. #7. “Haribo Spaghetti F!ZZ – Blue Raspberry Flavoured Sour Cords 200g”
    8. #8. “Haribo Osterlis – Fruit Gum with Marshmallow (250g)”
    9. #9. “Haribo Buddy Crew – Foam Sugar Fruit Gums (160g)”
    10. #10. “Haribo Chamallows Twirlies – Marshmallows 200g”
    11. #11. “Haribo Gruene Krokodile – Green Crocodiles Vegan Sour Fruit Gums 200g”
  11. What Gummies Do The Kardashians Use?
  12. What is The Rarest Gummy?
  13. Which Gummies Are The Most Potent?
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Gummy candies have delighted candy enthusiasts ever since Fryers of Lancashire first introduced Unclaimed Babies in 1864. Gummy candy fans of all ages admire them for their mouthwatering fruit flavors, distinctive textures, and eye-catching hues. Though we often associate gummies with bears, they actually come in a range of sizes and shapes. Gummies now come in flavors like sour and tropical as well as the more traditional fruit flavors. Gummy bears are used in some of the world’s most popular candies. In this article, we will be looking into the different varieties of the best, old, and german Gummy bear brands.

Gummy Bear Brands

Even though Haribo is an international phenomenon and social media favorite, these gummy bear brands are sure to satisfy your sweet need. Here is a selection of our favorite and greatest gummy bear brands, ranging from vegan alternatives manufactured with just natural ingredients to bears built with superfood nutrients.

We’ve compiled a list of many companies to make it easier for you to find gummy bears and other candy brands made with premium ingredients like real fruit juice and sugar derived from natural sources like beets. Follow me as I go deep into these gummy bear brands you can get for your enjoyment.

#1. The Black Forest Gummi Bears

There are large packs of these Black Forest Gummy Bears, measuring six pounds each, as well as sixteen pounds. They are created with natural fruits and vegetables, including sweet potatoes for color, and are packed with delectable and extraordinarily juicy candies. These gummy bears are great for a variety of consumers because they don’t contain gluten or fat, which is another thing we appreciate about them. It should be noted that these candies may still include traces of wheat and pine nuts because they are produced at a facility that also processes those foods. This blend is also not organic. A six-pound bag of gummy bears might not be the ideal gift for a gamer, but they will always accept it.

#2. SmartSweets Gummy Bears

This multipack of SmartSweets Gummy Bears has 90 calories in each bag and is made with organic chicory root, tapioca, and vegetable juice. All of the ingredients in this product are promised to be GMO-free while still tasting fantastic. These gummy bears are really sweet, however, this pack only comes in four flavors, compared to our top pick’s 12. This 12-bag multipack only weighs around 1.5 pounds total, with each bag weighing roughly 1.8 ounces on average.

#3. Happy Yummies

These Happy Yummies World’s Best Tasting Gourmet Gummy Bears, which are available in 14 mouthwatering flavors, offer the most diversity on our list. These flavors include champagne, sugared banana, cherry chili pepper, and others that are quite unique. These candies are packaged in an easy-to-use resealable bag that makes it simple to keep them fresh. The absence of fat and gluten makes the dish ideal for a wide spectrum of customers.

Given the variety of flavors it offers, the 14-ounce weight of the pack is on the lighter side. Because this product was made in a facility that handles nuts, parents should use caution.

#4. YumEarth Gummy Bears

Thanks to their recipe, which is 100% organic and includes premium, all-natural ingredients like saffron and carrot concentrate for color, these YumEarth Gummy Bears are a very cost-effective option with a lot to offer. The gummy mixture tastes fantastic and is free of the majority of common allergens, such as nuts and GMOs.

Even though you can purchase up to 10 at once, this pack is compact and lightweight, weighing only 1.5 ounces. There are four tastes in total in each bag, although we found that they varied from bag to bag during our testing.

#5. Ferrara Candy Company’s Mini Gummy Bears

The Mini Gummy Bears from The Ferrara Candy Company were so much fun to chew, especially right out of the bag. They are about half the size of standard gummies and have an incredibly delicate texture. We also learned that they go well with ice cream and other desserts due to their size and flavor. These arrived in a great five-pound package that satisfies all of our needs.

Before making a purchase, be aware that this product is neither vegetarian nor organic. Due to the fact that they were produced in a facility that also handles nuts, these candies may contain minute amounts of wheat or nuts. If you want to give something a little more extraordinary, have a look at these Star Trek gifts.

#6. Haribo’s Goldbears and Gummi Bears

These storied Haribo Goldbears Gummi Bears are sweet and satisfying in texture, and they have been made for more than 90 years. The fact that each candy is produced in a facility free of nuts makes this product, like our top pick, the best choice for children who have nut allergies. It comes in a massive five-pound bag. Large families can utilize the five-pound bag, but there are only five types available, compared to 12 for our top pick. This product is neither vegetarian nor organic since it contains substances that come from animals. If you’re trying to find the best present for the space lover in your family, have a look at one of these Star Wars items instead.

#7. Albanese World’s Best 12 Flavor Gummi Bears

Albanese World’s Best 12 Flavor Gummi Bears, which come in a massive five-pound bag and have twelve different flavors like pineapple, mango, strawberry, and more, are the best gummy treat we’ve ever consumed. This recipe produces some of the best gummy bears we’ve ever tasted since it uses natural ingredients in moderation, including sugar made from beets and fruit pectin. Despite having a large list of ingredients, vegetarians shouldn’t eat these delectable treats since the gelatin used to make them comes from pork. Also not organic is this item. Choose the best peanut brittle if you enjoy peanut butter.

How to Select a Gummy Bear Brands

When choosing different gummy bear snack brands, there are a few factors to consider.

  1. Flavor: On a bag’s label, the flavor options are often listed. Examine them to see if you like them (or if there are any that are off-limits that you would prefer not to choose). If one flavor isn’t your favorite, though, you don’t have to throw away the entire bag—we’re certain a ravenous friend or coworker will purchase them! In order for the flavor to remain potent throughout the chewing process, look for products that have citric acid added.
  2. Restrictive eating: If a gummy bear has no animal byproducts, it is deemed vegan-friendly (as is all candy, for that matter). If you exclusively follow a plant-based diet, stay away from several varieties of gummy bears since they contain gelatin, a byproduct of pig collagen. Additionally, gummy bears usually contain a lot of sugar. Before indulging in gummy bears, talk to your doctor if you have any medical conditions that could make it dangerous for you to consume sugar or experience insulin spikes, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or migraines (you can also opt for a sugar-free version). No matter if you follow a ketogenic, paleo, or allergen-free diet, there are a number of gummy bears available on the market that are suited for people with various dietary preferences and constraints.
  3. Packaging: Did you know that most people start eating with their eyes? Even if it may appear unimportant, there is much to be said about a stunning bag that is adorned with brilliant colors and designs. When selecting the ideal bag, let your sight lead your taste perceptions. It actually makes it more fun!

What Brand Makes Gummy Bears?

Goldbears Gummi Candy by Haribo. Haribo’s gummi candy, known as the “original gummy bear,” has been titillating our taste senses for almost 100 years!

What is The Most Liked Gummy Bear?

The most popular flavors are typically orange and cherry, but we like to think that every flavor has some appeal, including pineapple and, gasp, even grape.

Best Gummy Bear Brands

At any age, a gummy bear is a perfect pick-me-up. It may come as a surprise, but the high carbohydrate content and almost too-cute-to-eat teddy bear shapes of these chewy candies make them an excellent method to increase your energy and improve your mood. We researched the top gummy bear brands based on a variety of criteria, including flavor, ingredients, and packaging, to help you expand your pick of snacks.

#1. Haribo Goldbears Gummi Candy

The “original gummy bear,” or gummi candy from Haribo, has been luring our taste buds for more than a century. These chocolates, which come in a box with 12 bags, have a stunning color. In order to trick your palate, some flavors, like strawberry and pineapple, have odd color combinations (strawberry is green and pineapple is white, for example). They receive a dose of citric acid to keep them fresher for longer. It has an emotional appeal because of its gold packaging, which is reminiscent of the pricey Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka’s well-known Wonka Bars.

#2. SmartSweets Sour Gummy Bears

The bright SmartSweets gummy bears have just 4 grams of sugar per bag and are overflowing with raspberry, apple, lemon, and peach flavors. As natural sugar substitutes, they mostly use allulose, monk fruit, and natural fruit juices. I enjoy thoroughly going through the bag. These single-serve bags are wonderfully filling to consume because, in addition to providing 9 grams of prebiotic fiber to support good digestive health, they also include energy-boosting carbs. You feel joyful and hungry when the tart, sugar-free coating delivers a pleasant flavor.

#3. Albanese 12 Flavor Gummi Bears

You never know what you’re going to get in life, just like in a bag of gummy bears! This is demonstrated by the five-pack of Albanese gummy bears, which each have 12 distinct flavors in a sweet, chewy, and soft bite. The customary cherry and lemon flavors are not present in these varieties. This is similar to a full dessert table in a bag because it also includes fruit, such as mango, pink grapefruit, and blue raspberry, to mention a few. They also contain citric acid and carnauba leaf wax to avoid sticking.

#4. Dylan’s Candy Bar Gummy Bears Cupcake

Even if giving a few gummy bears is considerate, you’ll truly impress your recipient if you give them this lovely Dylan’s Candy Bar gummy bear memory box. Your loved ones will treasure it for years to come. You may choose from 12 of Dylan’s Candy Bar’s well-known gummy bear varieties, including lemon, mango, and pineapple—yum! Along with the attractive display case, which may be used as storage following the most recent meal,

#5. Sugarfina Bubble Bears

Vintage Dom Pérignon champagne was used to create the refined Brut and Rose flavors of these Sugarfina gummy bears. Additionally, they are available in stackable cubes, which look fantastic on a tablescape (and even better on your dessert plate). These gummy bears are actually alcohol-free despite their appealing packaging since the alcohol has been cooked out of them. They are therefore the best way to start the party in your mouth without having to worry about driving. The addition of carrot and black currant naturally gives the gummies a wonderful, fruity flavor.

#6. YumEarth Gummy Bears

These organic YumEarth gummy bears are safe for people with allergies, especially those who are sensitive to soy, eggs, or dairy, as they are made in a facility free of peanuts. Pomegranate Pucker and Perfectly Peach are two delectable flavors that are both delicious and entertaining to say aloud. These single-serve gummy bears are made entirely of organic materials, and their natural hues come from concentrated pumpkin, apple, and lemon juice. You can toss them inside your work bag without giving it a second thought.

#7. Muddy Bear Chocolate-Covered Gummy Bears

Consider giving a chocolate-covered gummy bear, like these ones from Muddy Bears, if you’re searching for something extra-special. It goes amazingly well with the sweet delicacy that has a fruit flavor (chocolate fondue, anyone?). It’s not necessary for you to choose between your two preferred foods. You can have your chocolate and eat it too with Muddy Bears. You will feel satiated for longer than you would if you merely ate gummy bears since these bears are wrapped in rich milk chocolate.

#8. Lovely Candy Co. Honey Gummy Bears

Due to a cane sugar and honey mixture with delicious apple and orange flavors, this dish is incredibly sweet. This mouthwatering, homemade snack is gelatin-free, making it a fantastic option for anyone following a plant-based diet. However, the brand’s alternative honey might not be good for vegans because it is created by bees. These gummy bears’ entire color was created organically utilizing spirulina, fruit and vegetable juices, and other substances.

#9. Project 7 Gummy Bears

You’d be wise to consider these vegan Project 7 candies, which have only 3 grams of sugar and 6 grams of carbs per serving, if animal byproducts, sugar, and carbs are four things that don’t go well with your diet (we’re looking at you, keto fam). These candies are not only vegan but also keto-friendly because they don’t need gelatin to make them sticky and are naturally colored with spices like turmeric to give them their distinctive flavors (think Front Porch Lemonade and Blackberry Kiss). Even better, the business collaborates with seven various organizations (hence the name).

#10. Jelly Belly Cinnamon Gummy Bears

Jelly Belly’s jelly beans are arguably its best-known product, but it also makes exceptionally sturdy bears, especially when they have hot flavors like cinnamon spice. These Jelly Belly gummy bears will stay secure and retain their chewy, soft texture since they are enclosed in a sealed bag. Your breath will continue to scent like cinnamon because they are dusted with a fine sugar powder.

Which Brand Gummies is Best?

  • Elm & Rye collagen gummies. 
  • Penguin full spectrum gummies. 
  • Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair Skin & Nails Supplement Gummies. 
  • Mielle Organics Healthy Hair Adult Vitamin Gummies with Biotin. 
  • Olly Heavenly Hair Gummy Supplement

What is America’s #1 Gummy Brand?

The only gummy vitamin brand featuring a blend of natural fruit tastes and ChefsBest® award-winning taste for some items is vitafusionTM, America’s #1 Adult Gummy Vitamin Brand.

What Are The Different Types of Gummy Bears?

Cherry, pink grapefruit, watermelon, strawberries, oranges, blue raspberries, limes, grapes, green apples, mangoes, pineapples, and lemon are some of the flavors available.

Old Gummy Bear Brands

Nobody will ever forget having some of those gummy bears as a child. Perhaps it’s time to bring back some of the foods from our childhood now that we have more money. Here is the list of those old-time gummy bear brands we enjoyed when we were still kids.

#1. Albanese

This is how the company Albanese Gummy Bears, which produces soft jelly sweets in a variety of unusual fruit tastes, became well-known. Blueberry and raspberry lovers will devour these delicious bears in no time.

#2. Black Forest II

Consumers of gummy bears nowadays who have tried black forest likely believe it to be the greatest. The black forest gummy bear was made by fusing contemporary sweets with an old classic. They have actual fruit juice in them, which is said to be “healthier.” The manufacturers mixed jelly sweets with the ideal texture. Despite not sticking to your teeth, it is enjoyable to chew.

#3. Haribo

The original version is this. The impact is also noticeable in the economy. You do wonder if they are still in business given their former success. till you purchase a pack at the counter of the convenience store and pop a few in your mouth. The gold bears will make you fall in love with the bears all over again. I’m glad to see they’re still going strong.

#4. Trolli

Gummy bears from Trolli are softer than those from Haribo. In this approach, I’ve been able to placate those who want their bears to be kinder. If you enjoy these treats, you must try the apple taste.

#5. Smart Sweets

Given the health craze, it made perfect sense for a business to bring the movement to our most cherished cadies. And for the greatest bears, these people have developed a formula that uses less sugar. They are said to have greater protein and fiber.

#6. Surf Sweets

Gummy bears prepared with organic fruit juice are called Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears. As close to a superfood as these things can get is this.

#7. Brach’s

These are available in a luxurious range of tastes prepared with actual fruit juice. The lime and orange are delicious.

#8. Yum earth

The makers of these gummy bears have tried to keep the chewy texture and fantastic flavor of their bears while minimizing the use of chemicals and unusual ingredients. Additionally, the box’s vitamin C content was increased. Since the bear first entered our life, a great deal has changed in the world.

#9. Red Juju

There were only these cinnamon bears left. If you enjoy cinnamon and want to combine it with your preferred sweet, you must try it.

What is The Oldest Gummy Company?

It started in Germany’s Kessenich, near Bonn. The word “Haribo” is an acronym created from the name Hans Riegel Bonn. In 1960, the business produced the first gummy candy in the form of Gummibärchen, little gummy bears.

German Gummy Bear Brands

German gummy bear brands are different from American products. Though there are other American gummy bear brands that taste good too. Let us look at some German gummy bear brands to enjoy for yourself.

#1. Haribo Balla Stixx Wassermelone – Watermelon

These are brand new, vegetarian, and colorfully striped. The summer season is prolonged with the help of “Haribo Balla Stixx Watermelon” candy sticks. Appropriate for vegetarian diets. Keep in a cool, dry place. Net. Wt. 175g (7oz) (7oz) Shipping Wt. 210g

#2. Haribo Fruitmania Yoghurt – Fruit Gums (160g)

This vegetarian treat is a yogurt parfait with a fruity topping and a layer of fresh yogurt. “Haribo Fruit Mania Yoghurt” is a soft yogurt-flavored snack that comes in cherry, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, apricot, and peach-passion fruit tastes. Thus, this is one of the greatest yummy German gummy bear brands to consume

#3. Haribo Kirsch Cola – Cherry Cola Fruit Gums (200g)

Indulge your sweet tooth with the enticing flavor combination of original cola and luscious cherry flavor in “Haribo Kirsch Cola—Cherry Cola,” a two-tone fruit gum bottle with a distinctive pink and red color scheme. The perfect sweet for every Coca-Cola enthusiast! is intended for vegetarian consumption.

#4. “Haribo Super Mario – Fruit Gums 175g”

Fruit gums have never been better than with the special “Haribo Super Mario Edition.” Fans go crazy about celebrities, fire flowers, and other cultural icons. They could revolutionize the food industry in the categories of strawberry, apple, raspberry, cherry, and lemon (often in a marshmallow-based form). Amp up the Mario!

#5. “Haribo Konfekt – Licorice Candy 500g”

One of HARIBO’s all-time best sellers, “Haribo Konfekt – Licorice” comes in a variety of fruity tastes like the cherry, juicy orange, lemon, coconut, caramel, and cocoa, and centers out on a delightfully fiery licorice center. Haribo Konfekt is thus one of the best tasty German gummy bear brands to take.

#6. “Haribo Surf Trip Sauer – Sour Fruit Gums (200g)”

Surfing in the summer sun on one of the vibrant, fruity boards from “Haribo Surf Trip Sauer” is like riding a wave of perfection. Not only do these sour candies in flavors like pineapple-cherry, mango-lemon, and passion fruit-pineapple-coconut put you in a good mood, but they also remind you of the beach.

#7. “Haribo Spaghetti F!ZZ – Blue Raspberry Flavoured Sour Cords 200g”

Like the finest of the finest? Then you could try some “Haribo Spaghetti F!ZZ Blue Raspberry.” These blue raspberry-flavored fruit gum spaghetti strings are simply begging to be wrapped around your finger.

#8. “Haribo Osterlis – Fruit Gum with Marshmallow (250g)”

Inspired by the vibrant colors of Easter eggs, “Haribo Osterlis – Fruit Gum with Marshmallow” comes in four delectable flavors: apricot, cherry, passion fruit, and a wonderful vanilla cream flavor. It’s a show-stopper and a treat unlike anything else in the Easter basket.

#9. “Haribo Buddy Crew – Foam Sugar Fruit Gums (160g)”

The “Haribo Buddy Crew” consists of three bears who are way cool. The incredibly soft foam band with that extra fruit gum includes Buddy Cool, also known as vanilla raspberry, Lucky Larry, also known as cherry, and Lina Lauscher, also known as passion fruit mango.

#10. “Haribo Chamallows Twirlies – Marshmallows 200g”

For those who enjoy marshmallow treats, “Haribo Chamallows Twirlies” offers a novel take. They are a breath of fresh air for anyone with a sweet craving; they come in three colors, are twisted all over the place, and are incredibly soft. The swirl is on!

#11. “Haribo Gruene Krokodile – Green Crocodiles Vegan Sour Fruit Gums 200g”

Where do you find vegan crocodiles? Here! The newly hatched “Haribo Green Crocodiles” is tangy, refreshing, and completely vegan candies that come in cherry-apple, passion-fruit-apple, and orange-apple taste combinations. And also, one of the greatest yummy German gummy bear brands to consume. Get it!

What Gummies Do The Kardashians Use?

Today marked the official debut of Kardashian Barker’s vitamin and supplement line, Lemme. Three different gummy supplements make up Lemme’s initial product line: Lemme Matcha, which increases energy; Lemme Focus, which tastes like strawberries; and Lemme Chill, which reduces stress.

What is The Rarest Gummy?

The Venus de Milo was created by Gummy Artists, who exclusively work in Gummy. The most unusual Gummy of them all is that.

Which Gummies Are The Most Potent?

Delta 8 THC Gummies from Everest. Everest’s Delta 8 THC Gummies are not only incredibly strong and delicious, but the hemp they utilize is ethically harvested, organically cultivated, and produced in the US. These candies are the strongest on the list and contain the most caffeine (20 mg) per serving.


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