Stray Kids Logo: Evolution, Meaning, History

Stray kids logo

The Stray Kids’ logo is based on the group’s name, which is derived from the name of the reality show that inspired the pop band. The group, which consists of eight males, was created in 2017 and released its first album in 2018.

In 2017, stakeholders also debuted the band’s visual identity, which helped the group develop a large following before the release of an official album.

Let’s take a look at the Stray Kids’ logo’s history…


Stray Kids arose from a satirical reality show of the same name. JYP Entertainment and Mnet came up with the idea for this survival show. It broadcasted from October 17 to December 19, 2017, finally forming and introducing a group of young musicians with distinct talents to the public.

Stray Kids was formed after a 96% live vote favoring a nine-member group over a seven-member set. On March 25, 2018, this nine-piece band made its official debut. The song was immediately accepted by fans all over the world. It catapulted them into the spotlight in a flash.

On September 21, 2017, stakeholders released the band’s graphic identity. It’s a monochromatic wordmark with a unique appearance. It’s tidy, appealing, welcoming, and self-assured. With these authentic characteristics, the Stray Kids logo can be used in various advertising networks.

Today, the band of eight members is well-known for famous songs such as Go Live, Grow Up, I Am You, One Day, and Booster. These songs have received numerous nominations and awards, as expected. They have won 28 of 59 nominations in total.

Who Exactly are Stray Kids?

Stray Kids is a South Korean vocal group of eight young males that sing and do choreographed dances. THE GROUP WAS CREATED when JYP Entertainment launched a new reality program with a pre-selected squad in 2017. The band debuted in 2018 with the album “I am NOT.” They later rose to prominence due to their powerful hip-hop tracks and aggressive dances.

Stray Kids’ Symbol: SKZ

The scribbled wordmark is only one part of the Stray Kids logo. Because of the band’s reasonably lengthy name, the group adopted a more compact logo. This symbol is suited for contexts where the complete brand wordmark is inappropriate.

The circular logo incorporates a truncated version of the band’s popularized fan name, “SKZ.” Though there is no “Z” in “Stray Kids,” the “Z” is used to represent the “S” in “Kids” and give the image a more youthful feel.

Depending on the placement, the “K” in Stray Kids’ sign, like in the wordmark, frequently incorporates a contrasting hue, red or yellow.

The combined wordmark and symbol create a holistic identity for the Stray Kids brand, capable of spanning many kinds of media. The wordmark is distinctive and eye-catching, comparable to many previous handwritten logos.

The design elements are simple to memorize but powerful. These logos are intended to appeal directly to the group’s target audience by representing the band’s distinct, youthful, and playful personality.

The strong angles and curves, paired with the circle sign (indicating inclusivity), attract a big population seeking belonging and understanding.

The most recent form of the “SKZ” logo matches the aesthetic of the primary Stray Kids logo. To match, the “K” is now green.

Why Does the Stray Kids Logo Function?

The Logo Is Simple:

People receive and respond to a large amount of information in short bursts. As a result, the net effort is a short attention span. Unfortunately, this has become one of the most significant ordeals for all firms. To address this issue, brands use basic logos. The same may be said about the Stray Kids logo. It’s neat and appealing!

The Logo Is Distinctive:

All of the reigning logos have distinct personalities that set them unique. This is always apparent in their design aspects. We can place the Stray Kids emblem in the same hall of fame. It features one of the most distinctive and appealing typefaces. The wordmark soars with this particular charisma.

The Logo Is Memorable:

The logo of the band is memorable. This is because it is distinct and uncomplicated. With these two characteristics at work, fans can always memorize and recall the wordmark. All logo designs must meet this condition. It aids in the retention of the brand in people’s minds.

The Logo Can Be Scaled:

Some logos must be more adaptable to be used in all visible marketing channels. The Stray Kids wordmark, on the other hand, is entirely different. Because of its simple design, it can sing and dance on numerous platforms without tiring. This is the advantage of employing fewer design elements.

The Logo Is Timeless:

Creative artists aspire to create timeless logos. However, this is only sometimes straightforward. A logo should eliminate fashionable elements to be timeless. If you follow these guidelines, your logo will last long. Despite the fact that the Stray Kids logo is just four years old, it has the personality to last a lifetime.

Elements of the Stray Kids Logo Design

To communicate their tales, most brands use two or more visual components. On the other hand, the mind behind the Stray Kids logo had different ideas. The designer used a wordmark with a monochrome attitude to represent the brand’s essence. So, without further ado, let’s look at these eye-catching characteristics.

Stray Kids Symbols And Logo Shape

A Circle:

The brand’s abbreviated name—SKZ—was framed by a circle. The circular shape is a revolutionary symbol, representing unity, wholeness, and inclusiveness. These are strong emotions that reflect the group’s essential character. A circle is also used to describe timelessness.

The color black:

It’s worth noting that the first eight letters of Stray Kids’ trademark are black. The use of black throughout the design conveys authority, strength, and mystery. However, this dark tone can have an imposing presence. It can, for example, be associated with fear, death, and evil.

The color red:

The color red is used to paint a single letter in the logo: the letter K. Red is an action-inducing hue that evokes vigor. It represents love, passion, and desire. It’s also used to denote danger, caution, and violence. However, This intense hue also produces willpower, joy, and strength.

The color yellow:

This brilliant color in the Stray Kids symbol is easy to overlook. You may be wondering why. This is because it is so rare. The letter—K takes on a golden color depending on the medium. Yellow, the hue of the sun, represents hope, happiness, and honor.

What Font is Stray Kids Using?

The Stray Kids font exudes a childish charm. The designer’s choice of typography emphasized this mood. The dancing wordmark typeface is similar to Xtreem. Mns Grebäck created this eye-catching script typeface. It highlights the band members’ self-assurance.

Everyone possesses the ability to be creative. This assertion is valid when looking at the Stray Kids logo. The Stray Kids logo was created by the band’s leader, Bang Chan. It appears little, but it is powerful and remarkable. Graphic design critics would most certainly applaud him for having a strong brand identification.

The meaning of the logo is visible to admirers. It’s in the band’s name: Stray Kids. In layperson’s terms, stray is to deviate from the straight route. As a result, the logo represents orphaned children. Or, even better, youngsters who are not at home. It’s perfect for the Korean group!

What Do Stray Kids’ Fans Call Each Other?

Like most performers worldwide, the band has a moniker for its fans. But, once again, the answer is closer than you believe. Let me give you a hint. What word remains after the letter—r is removed from the brand’s name? You guessed correctly! Stay is a beautiful name for Stray Kids followers.

What Is the Stray Kids Genre?

Talented musicians are adaptable. They never decided on a particular musical genre. They primarily combine two or more genres to cater to a larger audience with diverse musical interests. This is also true for South Korean youth. K-Pop, Pop Rap, and Electro Pop influence their music.

What caused Woojin to leave the band?

It isn’t easy to maintain a static group indefinitely. Because there are numerous unforeseeable factors: personal objectives, hobbies, beliefs, death, and even business actions, you’ll never find out! Woojin’s departure was devastating for both members and fans. According to JYPE’s brief statement, Woojin quit for personal reasons. However, some fans believe his departure is more complicated than the label’s explanation.

How Did Stray Kids Begin?

Stray Kids is a band from South Korea. The new eight-person crew began as a nine-person crew. Bang, Changbin, Han, Lee, and Seungmin are among the outstanding teens. I.N., Hyunjin, Felix, and Woojin are the others. Woojin, sadly, left this tight-knit group of friends in 2019.

The adventure of the children began in 2017. JYP Entertainment debuted a new reality show called Stray Kids in August 2017. It was a male-dominated survival show. The label published a music video titled Hellevator to offer fans a taste of the concert. Other teasers were also released.

The song was later released as a digital single. JYP then released the band’s pre-debut, Mixtape, with all nine members present. The teenagers wrote and recorded seven songs for this E.P. In addition, it includes songs from the survival show. JYPE released it on January 8, 2018, to the delight of fans.

On March 25, 2018, the label released the group’s E.P., I Am Not, at Jangchung Area. It was released alongside music and performance videos such as District 9, Grow Up, and Mirror. “I Am Not” peaked at four on the Gaon Album Chart. It sold over 54,000 copies in March.

Stray Kids had its first overseas adventure on April 14, 2018. The band first played at KCON in Japan. It was an exciting performance. The label announced the band’s second E.P., I Am Who, on July 12. JYP released it to the market in under 24 hours.

Three months later, the Stray Kids released their third E.P. The song was “I Am You.” The announcement was placed at Olympic Hall. The album was later published on October 21. Stray Kids toured Asia in the first quarter of 2019. They specifically visited Bangkok and Korea.

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JYP released its fourth EP, Clé 1: Miroh, on March 25, 2019. It’s the first anniversary of the Stray Kids’ debut. On April 4, the album received the band’s first music win on M Countdown. Yellow Wood became Stray Kids’ first original record over two months later.

It was launched on June 19, 2019. JYPE released—Double Knot as a digital single four months later. Clé: Levanter was finally found on December 9, following a few delays. Stray Kids’ English version was released on January 24, 2020. This included the Double Knot and the Levanter.

On June 3, the band released their debut Japanese single album, Top. Later, Korean and English versions were released. These versions came out ten and seventeen days apart. Fortunately, Top was the theme song for the anime Tower of God.

“Go Live” became the band’s debut album on June 1, 2020. Aside from music, the teens serve as corporate representatives. The Korea Ministry of Culture appointed them honorary ambassadors on June 18, 2019. They were also models for the Japanese clothing line Wego.

What Is the Age of the Oldest Stray Kid?

Eight brilliant musicians power Stray Kids. Interestingly, except for Lee Felix, born in Australia, the rest were born in South Korea. The lead vocalist, Bang Chan, is the oldest member, while Yang Jeongin (I.N.) is the youngest.

Who Is the Leader of the Stray Kid?

The band’s leader is Christopher Bang (Bang Chang). He was born in Seoul, South Korea, on October 3, 1997. He is a composer, songwriter, and producer. Bang Chan is also a good rapper and dancer. Chang has a family connection to Australia, which you may need to be aware of.


JYP Entertainment, a South Korean record label, discovered these budding musicians in 2017 through the reality show Stray Kinds. They were initially made up of nine boys before Woojin dropped out. Only stakeholders are aware of the reason for his leaving. It was a heartbreaking moment!

Chang, Lee, Changbin, and Hyunjin are among the eight members. Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. are the others. Critics regard this band as one of the most promising to emerge from South Korea. Since 2018, this outstanding group has accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time.

They have two studio albums, eight extended plays (E.P.s), and seventeen singles to their credit. They also have a video album, fifty-four music videos, and twenty-eight accolades. These demonstrate the group’s desire to go above and beyond in their careers. It’s worth the effort!

Some elements contribute to the group’s appeal. You can discuss the reality program, tours, genre, and their distinct stage appearance. However, you will be biased to ignore their visual signage. It has contributed significantly to the band’s global fame. It serves as a lead generator for the group’s success.


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