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snowboard brands
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The market is flooded with snowboard brands, making it difficult for even those who are familiar with the sport to choose the best snowboard. The good news is that we have spent hours researching, testing, and analyzing a wide variety of snowboard brands to discover the best brands on the market. To learn more about the different logos of snowboard brands, this post is for you. Sit and enjoy your reading!!!

Snowboard Brands

Snowboarding entails descending a snowy slope while standing on a board with a boot attached to a binding. Skateboarding, sledding, surfing, and skiing influenced snowboarding. It was also developed in the 1960s and 1970s and became an Olympic sport in 1998. Snowboarding has been around since the 1920s when youngsters and men used clotheslines and horse reins to steer themselves down hills. Sherman Poppen, an engineer in Muskegon, Michigan, invented snowboarding in 1965 as a toy for his daughter by tying two skis together and attaching a rope to one end.

Types of Snowboards

Below is the list of kinds of snowboards to look out for:

#1. Freeriding

Freeriding is riding freely in any terrain, limited only by the mountain. This sort of riding also involves riding enormous peaks, but it’s not limited to that. Freestyle riding’s natural features are widespread. This riding technique is limited by access to mountains and threatened by the dangers that occur (avalanches, crevasses) when wanting to ride in faraway locations.

#2. Freestyle

This general word covers all trick riding, whether it takes place in terrain parks, the backcountry, or urban settings. Freestyle riding is, and continues to be a popular form of riding, especially with the ongoing growth of features and tricks. Its future is only restricted to one’s ingenuity on a snowboard.

#3. Urban

This riding style thus uses urban and human-made features. Handrails, ledges, walls, etc. These features offer outside-resort riding. In recent years, street riding has risen as riders adapt to urban environments. It’s the easiest style of cycling for younger riders and is growing.

#4. Half-Pipe

This type of snowboarding involves completing tricks while riding through a U-shaped snow feature at high speeds. Adapted from skateboard vert riding, snowboard halfpipe has evolved from natural gullies to large pipe productions with sophisticated snow machines and careful shaping. Larger pipes let riders go faster, and bigger, and invent new stunts. The high expense of installing and maintaining pipes, as well as their limited accessibility, threaten its growth.

#5. Boardercross/Race

Slalom, giant slalom, and boardercross are included. Four riders race along a course of jumps, berms, etc. in boardercross. Slalom races are timed through gates. This fringe sport also remains mostly in ski races. The future of Olympic sports depends on attracting younger riders.

List of Snowboard Brands

This is the list of some snowboard brands you can find in the market. These snowboard brands have their separate branding and qualities depending on what your are looking for in a snowboard. Though the list below does not contain the whole snowboard brands;

  • Arbor
  • Bataleon
  • Burton
  • DC
  • Gentemstick
  • GNU
  • Jones
  • K2
  • Kemper
  • Korua Shapes
  • Libtech
  • Lobster
  • Marhar
  • Never Summer

Now let us look at the above list of snowboards brands above to understand their brands. 

#1. Arbor

Our number one brand on the list of snowboard brands is Arbor. The Brand offers patterns for wood laminate lop sheets together with gorgeous original artwork and a retro look. Since they are more interested in the freeride aspect of the sport, they create some oddly shaped boards for carving and floating through the snow. They also make some amazing cruiser skateboards that will help you keep your balance while skating in the off-season.

#2. Bataleon

When Bataleon first started making snowboards, they abandoned the rules that already existed and started from scratch. The idea of replacing the customary single-plane base with three distinct planes at the tip and tail resulted in the invention of triple-base technology. By doing this, the contact points on the bar are raised at each end, and the bar has a loose, playful feel that is perfect for freestyle riding.

#3. Burton

Burton is the most popular and well-known snowboarding brand. Since the legendary Jake Burton formed them in 1977, they have ruled the sport. They have contributed significantly to the development of the sport, leading to several equipment advancements. They offer a large range of gear under the Anon sub-brand, including boards, bindings, and boots as well as clothes, accessories, goggles, and helmets, effectively covering everything a snowboarder could possibly need.

#4. DC

DC started making skate shoes in 1994. It had entered the snowboard market by the middle of the 2000s. Given their heritage in skateboarding, it should not be surprising that their boards are made with a strong freestyle influence and a genuine pop-culture sense of fun. They also make outstanding snowboard boots and were the first to employ the well-known boa lacing technique.

#5. Gentemstick

A specialist business with a big customer base is called Gentemstick. In line with a true soul-surfer ethos, the Japanese brand only creates hand-crafted powder boards that are meant to float above the unending Japanese powder. They are involved for more reasons than just financial gain; they are passionate about it.

#6. GNU

This list includes Gnu, a unit of Mervin Manufacturing, which also makes skateboards and surfboards. Since 1977, when snowboarders Mike Olson and Pete Saari founded Mervin and Gnu, they have been dedicated to producing the most environmentally friendly snowboards. Additionally, they included a number of upgrades, including the wavey Magna Traction edges that boost effective edge contact and boost traction.

#7. Jones

Jones was created by well-known freeride artist Jeremy Jones. They also have a separate business, that regularly publishes sustainability reports and emphasizes the impact that their boards have on the environment. With splitboard technology, they have been at the forefront of expanding your backcountry access. On average, their boards lean heavily toward the freeride end of the spectrum. Thus, they are one of several little businesses that make up the Nidecker Snowboards brand, which is based in Switzerland.

#8. K2

K2 was one of the first ski companies to enter the snowboarding market in the 1980s. I’ve always liked them because they were the first boards I got for free as part of my old little shop rider agreement. Thanks to their vast ski technology and solid brand support, they are able to offer a wide range of products, with something for every style of rider and everything you need from boots to boards and bindings.

#9. Kemper

David Kemper established the Kemper brand in Ontario in 1987, which was one of the earliest pioneering companies. It wasn’t unusual to see their fluorescent base designs blowing up off halfpipes because they were one of the most well-known snowboarding businesses in the 1990s. The business had almost completely vanished by the 2000s when it suddenly returned in 2018. Their most current boards have cutting-edge patterns and board technology, but the nostalgic, vibrant colors they utilize continue to evoke the 1990s.

#10. Korua Shapes

Even though I’ve never owned one, Korua Shapes is one of my favorite companies. These boards are particularly made for ripping turns, whether it’s rail-to-rail carves on the groomers or set-out arcs in the powder. A business founded in 2014 by a group of friends with the aim of bringing attention to the turn, a fading craft. They are a somewhat adventurous company that frequently develops unique forms to work with and has also produced a wide range of split boards to meet different aesthetic preferences.

#11. Lobster

Eiki and Haldor Helgason, two extraordinarily talented Icelandic brothers, created the lobster. As a former sponsor of Eiki, Bataleon, who helped build the brand, uses many of the same features on their boards, most notably Triple Base Technology. They have continued to back some of the most creative snowboarders, like “the Fridge,” who frequently rides parks while carrying a backpack. In the sport, they continue to receive unequal treatment.

#12. Never Summer

Never Summer was established in 1983, but because of their lack of participation in the industry game of having well-known riders and winning competitions, they have mostly gone unrecognized. But because of their reputation for making snowboards of exceptional quality and endurance that can withstand frequent usage on the slopes until the spring, they have a devoted following. I must admit that even though I’ve never owned one of their boards, I appreciate the company and would dearly love to do so.

Best Snowboard Brands

A list of the top snowboarding companies is shown below. Even though they are not listed in any particular order, you can probably infer from what we have stated why some snowboard brands are more well-known than others. Below are the list of the best snowboard brands you can opt for.

#1. Burton

From its humble roots in Vermont to its current position as a major force in the snowboarding industry, Burton has always been inventive. They were successful in their endeavors in this way! Jake Burton Carpenter is one of the numerous people who are credited with inventing the snowboard. However, the effort to improve winter sports didn’t end there. The introduction of the limitless system, thus, coincided with the 2007 debut of the Jeremy Jones board, the first snowboard with a channel mounting system, and it substantially advanced snowboard technology.

If you had to pick one thing to represent Burton, it would be the Burton Good Company Camber Board. Let’s start with its most visible feature, the outstanding image at the bottom of the board. With this plus the well-known channel mounting method I was just gushing about, you can set up any stance, and the outcome is a snowboard that looks terrific as well. The snowboard market as a whole would benefit greatly if other businesses created high-quality products at Burton’s rate.

#2. Nitro

Nitro, one of the snowboard brands that produce snowboards, is an inspiration, and they deserve all the help you can muster. Every nook and cranny has been purposefully created to foster a sense of fraternity. This snowboard company collaborates extensively with small, family-owned businesses to supply them. The snowboards they create come in a variety of price ranges. Arguing that affordable, high-quality items are available to all.

Despite the best snowboard brands consistently supplying the snowboarding market with top-notch boards, only a select few snowboard brands can claim this brand. Even though the snowboard’s name is appropriate, the word “cheap” shouldn’t be regarded negatively. Freestyle snowboarders can now choose a board that suits both their riding tastes and their budget. The board’s unabashed rocker gives you the capacity to endure in deep snow that other boards lack. Fans of riders, rejoice! You won’t have trouble keeping your own board’s nose buoyant anymore. The edges on one of the top snowboards for freestyle riding are twice as thick and powerful as those on other snowboards.

#3. Capita 

Capita snowboards are a robust and stylish snowboarding brand. The primary manufacturing facility of this snowboarding behemoth is not only the most advanced in the world, but it is also well situated as a result of the creative mindset of the personnel. They use almost only local vendors for their materials. More efficient gold is yet to come. The entire industrial complex is powered by clean energy. Few snowboard manufacturers that spring to mind are as committed to minimizing their carbon footprint. Capita not only makes some of the best snowboards, but it also cares about the environment.

This snowboard’s incredible graphics should not be your only consideration while purchasing it. The snowboard will flex somewhat when you ride through the park or resort because it has a flex rating of 5. All high-end companies should try to imitate the versatility and control that the camber Park V1 profile gives. It can be applied to many different things. The core board has been strengthened by reducing the extra weight that the 2020 model was carrying. Thankfully, the waist width has grown to accommodate more riders.

#4. Union

The two main product categories for Union are boots and bindings. Even without snowboards, snowboarding still requires bindings, and Union is the only company with a physical facility that makes classic snowboarding gear. And what a building “The Box,” as it is jokingly referred to, is. This uncomplicated but vibrant building may be found in Colico, Italy. Beautiful bindings, pleasant staff, and a great environment (including amazing pizza)!

Union Forces, the company’s signature brand, consistently beats competitors in terms of performance and price. This iteration has been manufactured consistently for more than ten years, which makes sense. Nothing else other than these bindings would have been appropriate when speaking to this snowboard equipment manufacturer. Excellent for snowboarders who freestyle and freeride, but all-mountain fans should use it the most.

Advanced riders will have the stability they require with a flex rating of seven and a price that won’t break the bank. The union force bindings come with a one-year warranty on everything but the base plate and heel cup, which are insured for life. These bindings are simply too incredible to pass up, so anyone looking to start snowboarding should get them immediately. Do you have concerns regarding snowboarding attire?

#5. Jones 

Jeremy Jones, a pioneer of freeriding, founded Jones Snowboards, one of the best brands you can get for yourself. The two major objectives of this brand-new snowboard manufacturer are preserving the environment and improving board performance. These are the people behind the creation of the 3D contour foundation I previously discussed. specifically designed to fulfill the needs of your body’s overall posture. Because you are the beginning and end of the performance, the best snowboard will help you improve your capacity to control your talents.

1% of each sale goes to Protect Our Winters and Community Carbon trees. The board incorporates Traction Tech 3.0 technology to boost acceleration while carving and turning, and it sports a nose and tail that mimic jets. It must handle like a jet based on that. Due to the previous curved base, no other boards on the market will provide a superior float. If the setback stance appeals to you, this speed demon has you covered. The usage of float pack inserts and the eco-plastic top sheet protects both you and the environment. They have an excellent hybrid camber design in a snowboard.

#6. Salomon

Long before snowboarding was acknowledged as a sport, the Salomon Group had an interest in winter sports. They would initially make plastic skis and saw blades. They made changes to ski bindings that fundamentally changed the activity and winter sports as a whole. In 1997, it began on the road to becoming one of the top brands of snowboards. No matter if you select splitboards or freeride snowboards. Salomon had completed it, and they did it carefully and meticulously. They consistently test their products to ensure high-quality construction.

That, however, would not be wise. The Assassin Pro is what you get when you set out to create an all-mountain snowboard that combines the best Salomon has to offer. Equipped with a Rock Out camber and the witty Ghost Green Core, both of which are intended to improve float and freestyle performance. Your ride would have been hindered if you had chosen a different board due to the core’s weight and drag. Be advised that experienced riders seeking a challenge would benefit more from this rigid board than beginners just getting their feet wet in the snow.

#7. Arbor

I love celebrating trees just as much as anyone else, but Arbor was already doing it years ago. Exact manufacturing processes and frequent use of sustainable materials show how dedicated these people are to sustainability. It now seems even more unusual to manufacture snowboards. Arbor has planted more than 350,000 trees in Hawaii, a stunning former independent nation. They offer you “The System,” which they refer to as their excellent rocker and camber profiles. This strategy aims to maximize the potential of each platform. And I’d say they’re moving in the right direction based on their noticeably improved Grip Tech. I don’t know how long this snowboard will be available, so you should buy it as soon as you can. With a medium flex level of 5, beginners can quickly become proficient on this board.

The slight lift in the nose and tail of this board indicates that parks and resorts are where it would work best. Sincerely, a cursory glance at it prevented me from determining this. I was compelled to read the synopsis. Both ends of the board are far broader than the contact points, and the design is one of the most exquisite I’ve ever seen.

#8. Lib Tech

Why is this company so highly regarded as one of the top snowboard brands overall? Well, you will surely get some attention if you collaborate with a well-known group of designers like Matt French and Mike Parillo. Magne-Traction and the original banana technology are two examples of cutting-edge technology created by this business. Banana technology might be of interest to you. According to the company, it “focuses edge pressure beneath your feet.” The original freestyle beauty has been revived by being modernized for the present. Do you still remember the incredible graphics I mentioned earlier?

This is simply one exceptional example of their excellence, though. The master of freestyle and the inventor of this weapon is Jamie Lynn. You can shred with the control you need thanks to tail curves, a smaller-radius tip, and radial side cuts. This is an amazing set that brings back wonderful memories of simpler times.

#9. Rossignol 

Existing long before snowboarding even got started, coming from the French Alps. 80 years after the company was formed, Rossignol eventually produced the first snowboard. The company has now compiled a list of some of the most noteworthy free riders in history. To Xavier de La Rue, the previously mentioned Jeremy Jones. The company’s reputation for quality and innovation is more important than its involvement in snowboarding. from the improved edge grip of their RadCut technology to the stress-relieving properties of the L.I.T.E frame. This characteristic has not changed throughout time.

The Airis, which is best suited for intermediate riders, has an AmpTech All-Mountain rocker that produces a balanced edge grip and steady float. The edges have also been refined to enable carving into even the smallest curves. Preconceptions are thankfully no longer relevant because of Rossignol, which was once thought to be a woman’s board. I don’t think this is a board for women, this is a weapon for people who want to turn the mountain into confetti. And to top it all off, this board was made entirely from wood that was harvested responsibly. It’s Earth Day every day.

#10. Rome SDS

One more company has been added to our list of the best snowboard brands, but it’s by no means a weak link. a Vermonter who likes to take the initiative and was invented by Burton alumni Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz. This rebellious attitude was evident in their work. displays a beautiful collection of rare rocker-camber hybrids. There is more at play than that. Hot rods are a ground-breaking invention that spans particular areas of the board and offers different prizes based on the location. Your intelligence will thus be put to the test by this piece of art, and its format invites experimentation. This item’s name is the ideal complement to it. Due to this board’s 6-flex rating and recommended rider level for intermediate riders, beginners should avoid using it. Bamboo hot rods are used to attach the inserts to the board’s nose and tail.

What Brand of Snowboard is The Best?

  • Burton
  • Nitro
  • Capita
  • Union
  • Jones Snowboards
  • Salomon
  • Arbor.
  • Lib Tech

What Brand Sells the Most Snowboards?

The most well-known snowboard company in the world is probably Burton Snowboards. The brand, which was established in Vermont in 1977 and whose goods are sold in more than 4,300 locations worldwide, offers snowboards and all snowboard-related gear, such as snowboard bindings, boots, and clothing.

Snowboard Brands Logos

The target market must be able to recognize a snowboard logos brand’s, which may be a wordmark, a symbol, a monogram, or a combination of these. It’s critical to forge this relationship as soon as possible because this may be a customer’s first interaction with a brand. Concepts like flow, strength, youth, revolt, counterculture, and edginess are widely used in snowboard logos. Along with more literal and abstract depictions of mountains, ski runs, snowboards, the outdoors, and other natural features, movement-related symbols like arrows, speed lines, and italicized text may also be included. Below are some list of snowboard brands with their different logos conveying what exactly the board is made for.

#1. Jones Snowboards

Jeremy Jones, one of the most well-known backcountry snowboarders, routinely traverses terrain that most people are unable to see, much less take into consideration. As a result, throughout the years, he has amassed a large reputation and fan base. Jeremy’s stunning footage has motivated an entire generation of backcountry riders to discover novel perspectives on the environment, push their physical boundaries, and believe in the impossibility.

The distinctive, angular, and edgy Jones Snowboards logos effectively encapsulate the values of the business. In terms of consistency, coherence, and branding, Jones Snowboards is among the best-known companies on this list. The arrangement is similar to Apple, with Jeremy Jones portraying Jones’ Steve Jobs. He is a leader and visionary in his field and embodies what the organization stands for. The logos for the company and product line, which includes some of the best split boards and backcountry gear on the market, make this very evident.

#2. Nitro Snowboards

Snowboarders started this amazing business, which has been promoting the sport for more than 25 years. Nitro is a well-known, well-liked band with a cult-like fanbase. Along with being edgy, the Jones Snowboards logos are also humorous and irreverent. Thus, the capital N and font used for the name have been changed to be angular and portray a lot of tension. The capital N is ideal for scaling and may be used on a range of products and in a variety of positions, much like the Burton arrow.

Nitro is also among the most well-known names. It moves quickly, and conjures up ideas of cold, speed, and explosions (liquid nitrogen). It carries a punch and has that cool aspect that appeals to people. Nitro uses a rainbow of brilliant hues, including gradients, to highlight its bold, rebellious edge.

#3. Never Summer Industries

This is one of my favorite snowboarding brands. Never Summer Industries has been creating innovative, beautifully made snowboards that perform well since 1991. One of the top brand names in the industry, taken from the Never Summer Mountains in the Colorado Rockies, which have snow patches all year round. This moniker perfectly captures what nearby snowboarders are feeling and thinking. No snowboarder wants the season to end since they all enjoy knee-high powder all year round. Because it perfectly embodies the psyche of snowboarders and has a movement that is centered on the fun and enjoyment of the sport, this brand has attracted a tribe of admirers that want to snowboard all the time.

The militaristic-looking emblem in the design might be worn by a rebel fighting for the end of the summer. I think the bird that is the target of sight is called the Phoenix. In this picture, summer is coming to an end.

#4. Arbor Snowboards

Since 1995, Arbor has been making environmentally friendly, long-lasting snowboards. The Arbors logos is one of the most potent and enduring, and it looks good in a range of sizes. The company’s logos, which is based on the term “Abor,” which means “grove of trees,” connects to the fact that it is an environmentally conscious snowboard maker. This fits in with the corporate concept, branding, and position once again. The logo’s typeface is spaced to conjure images of calmness, harmony, and movement.

#5. Ride Snowboards

Ride Snowboards is another company that produces snowboards “for real snowboarders by genuine snowboarders.” They cultivate a very direct, anti-brand environment that supports the non-brand position in the market since they are only interested in the experience. The reverse R in the circle appears to be making fun of corporations and the establishment by turning the copyright mark. When it comes to being clear and saying a lot with little, this provocative brand excels. It has expanded its fan base by positioning itself as the anti-brand on this list. That’s courageous and great for your brand.

#6. Burton Snowboards

The best place to start is with the consumer-favorite snowboard brand. Burton. Burton, a snowboarder! Their characteristic emblem (the arrow), which is visible on the underside of a board, boots, bindings, or clothing, is simple to identify. The Burton arrow logos can be applied in a number of places, including as a tag on a pair of gloves, on the side of a pair of boots, or on the bottom of a snowboard. It just functions, allowing the company to use a uniform, unified logos across all customer touch points.

#7. Roxy Snowboards

In 1990, Quicksilver launched Roxy as a surf brand specifically for women. Since that time, Roxy has enjoyed success and in 2003 unveiled a complete line of snowboards made just for women. For its intended audience, Roxy emphasizes femininity, independence, freedom, and strength in a well-balanced manner. The brand has a contemporary edge that is imaginative and inspiring because of the use of vivid colors, distinctive patterns, prints, and designs. The design, which was made by twisting together two Quicksilver emblems, is a lovely representation for those who adore anything related to the snow and surf.

#8. Capita Snowboards

Since 2001, Capita has employed its brand to advance snowboarding’s boundaries via defiance, creativity, and invention. Similar to how the Sex Pistols protested the establishment or how Nirvana stood in contrast to the 1980s hair metal bands, Capita was a response to the corporate nature of the snowboarding industry at the turn of the millennium. They are really creative and have a punk feel, but it isn’t the two-finger variety; it has style, uniqueness, and heart. To make snowboarding about fun, excitement, and creativity, the firm has and will keep reimagining what a snowboard brand is and can be. The moving, alteration of text size and style, and use of an abstract satellite symbol all give the impression that Capita is genuinely from another planet.

#9. Lib Tech Snowboards

Lib Technologies is the most radical innovator on our list; they continually push the boundaries and take risks that others wouldn’t. Board performance and hard core innovation are the focus of this company’s Banana and Magne-traction edges. Even the name of their company implies that they are creative thinkers—Dr. Emmet Brown from Back to the Future might be the boss. Einstein would select a snowboard like this. boards that emphasize innovation, meticulous planning, and performance.

#10. GNU Snowboards

When GNU first arrived in 1977, snowboarding was only a new hobby practiced by a few oddballs looking to party with friends while tearing it up. The GNU brand embodies the pioneering spirit that first characterized snowboarding. Because of its vivid colors, distinctive artwork, and rebellious attitude, GNU is one of the greatest snowboard brands ever. Nowadays, few businesses can claim any link to the origins of snowboarding, but GNU most definitely can. The logos is an uncommon geometric shape that is simple but instantly identifiable, much like the business itself.

What is The Fastest Snowboard Brand?

One of the quickest boards available, the Custom X camber is renowned for its all-around dependability and potent performance.

Why Do Snowboarders Go So Fast?

More surface area results in more evenly distributed weight, which increases speed. Another crucial fact is that greater speed results from spreading your weight across more than one edge.

How Much Does a Good-Quality Snowboard Cost?

A high-quality snowboard from a reputable, reputable snowboarding brand will cost between $400 and $1000.

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