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New Kia Logo
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Kia Motors is now known as “Kia,” and the company’s former logo and tagline have been retired in favor of a simpler moniker. The new Kia logo starting in 2022 looks like a handwritten signature to show how committed the company is to its customers. It is part of Kia’s long-term plan, Plan S, which aims to make the brand a leader in the growing mobility market. Furthermore, the new Kia logo conveys the company’s dedication to fluid motion and the seamless integration of internal “stuffing” and outward design. The new Kia logo reassures buyers that their vehicles can handle any twists and turns they encounter on the road. In this article, we will be talking about the new Kia logo telluride.

New Kia Logo Overview

In 1951, Kia made history by producing the country’s first bicycle, establishing itself as a pioneer in the South Korean motor industry. Kia Motors Corporation is now one of Asia’s biggest automakers, with sales all around the world. 

Furthermore, despite its current focus on automobiles, the Kia name in South Korea is not new to the consumer goods industry. Kim Chul Ho, its founder, got his start in the industry by processing nuts. Later on, in 1944, he started a business manufacturing bicycle components. One of the company’s main focuses is now on the manufacturing of metal pipes. The company debuted its first bicycle in 1952 and changed its name to Kia Industries the following year. The facility started making the vehicle under Mazda’s license in 1960. The first generation of Kia Brisa passenger automobiles didn’t debut until 1974.

  • Originating on June 9, 1944
  • Established by Hyundai Motor Company
  • Seoul, South Korea; Main Office
  • Slogan: The car that cares.

Kia’s new vision, logo, and tagline may indicate the company’s aspiration to evolve into something more than merely an automaker. To further spread the word about the new logo, Kia also recently conducted an official unveiling ceremony.

What is Kia?

Kia is a South Korean automaker that has expanded to become a regional and global powerhouse since its founding in 1944. However, Kia has branches across all continents and produces both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

New Kia Logo Meaning and History

The original name for the company that would become KIA was Kyungsung Precision Industry, which was founded in 1944. Manufacturing bicycles and bicycle components, it was a modest plant in Seoul’s southern industrial district. Manufacturing items were another specialty of the firm. The company’s inaugural bicycle model was the Samcholli-ho, released in 1946. Since most bicycles seen in urban South Korea at the time were imported from overseas, this was a major step forward.

When it was time to rebrand in 1952, the company settled on KIA Industrial Company. It got its name because it resembled one of the bicycles the firm produced at the time. Furthermore, In 1955, KIA experienced a meteoric rise to fame, and its bicycles were widely purchased across the country. This resulted in the establishment of a new facility in Shaikhung, and further plans for the company’s expansion. After determining that manufacturing automobiles were possible, KIA released its first scooter in 1957 and its first three-wheeled motorbike, the C-100, in 1961.

The company went through a number of logo redesigns before realizing the potential of the automotive industry. When Kia purchased the symbol of the renowned letter inside the oval in 1994, a major shift occurred in the company’s visual identity. After a while, it went through a series of alterations and eventually vanished, giving place to a more simplified and abstract New Kia logo for the word.

Kia’s new logo represents the company’s commitment to being an industry leader by embracing change and breaking new ground through innovation. The new logo’s initial “spirit,” “Balance,” represents Kia’s assurance that buyers would be happy with their purchases. It will not only maintain its current client base as a carmaker but also attract new ones by offering cutting-edge mobility products and services.

New Kia Logo Evolution 1944- 1994

Once upon a time, KIA was mostly in the bicycle business, and that’s when the first New KIA logo was created. The gear-shaped centerpiece of the pattern of three diamonds. In the center of the gear, framed by two more diamonds, was the company’s name. For its day, it was a complex and powerful work. The all-black color scheme communicated a higher level of professionalism and seriousness.

Furthermore, it wasn’t until 1964 that the inscription was removed and the New Kia logo was given its current, more minimalist appearance. It was circular, green, and had an inverted Q-shaped ledge at its upper right. It looked like the stylized “K” logo found on cars marketed exclusively in South Korea.

They went back to making cars in 1986. After a long break caused by Chun Doo-prohibition hwan’s on passenger car manufacture in 1981, production resumed in 2012. Ford and Mazda commissioned Kia to produce the Pride as their first vehicle of the new age. Although Kia Motors was a very unknown and low-cost labor provider, it was granted the exclusive right to export Pride under the Kia Motors name. However, despite being a contractor, Kia adopted a new logo suggesting it was a steel pipe manufacturer. The “K” looked like a chimney from a factory, and the “ia” was accompanied by a blue wavy line that may be interpreted as smoke.

Brand Evolution Continues 1994- Till Date

In 1994, Kia added the Sportage SUV and the Mentor family vehicle to its portfolio. There was a brief appearance of the New Kia logo in the red oval’s center, but it was quickly replaced by the letters “KIA.” The “A” in particular was missing a crossbar, making it resemble a half-done delta. However, chrome was used for the lettering and frame surrounding the oval, while burgundy was used for the interior. In addition,  all firm paperwork and advertisements used a white backdrop with a red new Kia logo and outline.

Furthermore, Hyundai’s bailout prevented bankruptcy for Kia, prompting yet another logo redesign. In order to distinguish themselves, the Sorento 4×4 and Picanto models have had a dark gray backdrop added to the insignia. The official New Kia logo has not changed, however, the red has been made much more vibrant.

Kia has adopted a new logo designed by a German firm in preparation for its flagship electric vehicle in 2021. Late in 2019, it was made public that Kia has patented a logo consisting of the letters “K,” “I,” and “A” joined together. Back in the Spring of 2019, the Imagined concept car sported a logo very similar to this one.

Furthermore, in January 2021, the New Kia logo was unveiled in the sky over Incheon. This was marked by a huge party hosted by the corporation, during which a record number of drones were used in a fireworks display. A plethora of glowing orbs came together to spell out “KIA,” followed by the company’s new slogan, “Movement that inspires.”

The Brand’s Font type and Colour

The 2022 new Kia logo switch coincides with the company’s shift to a Plan S business plan. The core idea is that Kia will begin making electric automobiles in the near future. As a result, the brand’s (Kia) logo appears both forward-thinking and traditional, with its upward-sloping lines symbolizing expansion and its symmetrical design implying resolve. A wordmark’s rhythm is identifiable, taking the form of a heart rate graph or a wave to symbolize motion.

Furthermore, the designers chose a font that resembled a handwriting style and used that for the company name. There’s a link between all three letters, and the majority of the lines are parallel to one another. The letter “A” is italicized. She is still lacking a crossbar. The typeface was redesigned to look like NASA’s infamous worm from the 1980s. Whereas the former NASA logo used rounded shapes, the Kia brand’s emblem features sharp angles.

The design transformed the once-familiar red color into a more somber black. There is a possibility that the term “KIA” will be white on a black background, as suggested by the paperwork. In addition, a long with a flat, two-dimensional shape, and a narrow color palette is also characteristic of minimalist art.

When installed in vehicles, the new KIA logo is made of silver metal. The use of silver gives it depth and makes it appear more modern and vibrant. The minimalistic form and clean lines of the new KIA logo are both visually appealing and refreshing. To its right, where car models’ names are typically displayed, it pairs well with almost any typeface.

What Does the Kia Logo Stand For?

The name of the company, stylized, is incorporated into the Kia logo, which is rendered in a color scheme consisting of red and white. The color red is intended to convey the enthusiasm and vigor that are associated with the Kia brand, while the color white is intended to convey the company’s commitment to its customers. In addition, Kia is an international brand, as represented by the ellipsoid shape that surrounds the word “Kia” in the logo.

When Kia introduced its new logo in 2021, the company said it was meant to symbolize a clean slate and the company’s decision to no longer continue down its old path. The brand had noted in a news statement that the logo’s “rhythmical, the uninterrupted line” reflects Kia’s commitment to offering “moments of inspiration,” while the logo’s “symmetrical” displays confidence.

Furthermore, Kia is attempting to shed its reputation for producing low-quality automobiles. Since the year 2000, Kia has made significant improvements in the dependability of its automobiles. The first Kia cars had a bad reputation for reliability. Kias released in 2015 after having superior construction.

Interesting Facts About Kia

In just over 20 years, Kia Motors went from an obscure manufacturer to a worldwide powerhouse. Kia cars and trucks are well-liked all around the globe, and their extensive selection includes everything from compact hatchbacks and SUVs to minivans and sports sedans.

However, owners of Kias in the United States and all across the world rave about automobiles’ accessibility, reliability, and ease of use. That latter part isn’t meant to imply that Kia vehicles are boring and lacking in features; on the contrary, they’ve caught up to the competition in terms of technology and amenities in recent years. Fans of the brand claim that modern Kia is comparable to Japanese automakers in the 1990s and early 2000s: a provider of reasonably priced, dependable, and high-quality vehicles for the masses. Here are some fascinating facts about Kia

#1. Rapidly Attained Market Dominance in India

Kia’s introduction into the Indian market was well-planned, and the company’s focus on its customers has helped it quickly become the market leader. Furthermore,  Its products are popular among millennials since they are both dependable and high-quality, and they can be purchased for relatively little money. Kia’s first model to be on sale quickly became a best-seller, proving the brand’s rapid rise to prominence. In addition, your Kia has to be covered by auto insurance to keep you and your passengers safe.

#2. Developed Its First Diesel Engine in the 90s

Kia introduced the world to the first diesel engine DOHC in 1990. However, Kia Motors America was officially founded two years later. The Kia Sephia was the company’s debut model in the United States. Later on, the Kia Sportage crossover was introduced, quickly becoming the best-selling sport utility vehicle (SUV) in the United States.

#3. The Name Translates As “Rising From The East”

Kia insists that the company name is more than just a random string of letters. It is composed of two separate Sino-Korean characters: ki (meaning “to come forth” or “to rise”) and a (meaning “East” or “Asia”). Therefore, the name means “originating in Asia” or “emerging in the East.”

#4. As a result of a Military Coup in South Korea, They Were Forced to Close

When a military coup toppled South Korea’s government in 1979, a military ruler took control of the entire country. That’s why Kia, like all the other major industrial businesses, had to switch gears and start making stuff for the military. However, in order to focus on light trucks, the automaker had to halt the production of passenger vehicles.

#5. Ford Helped Kia Get Back Into Production

Due to its success in the military sector after the coup, Kia was seeking ways to return to the consumer automobile market. The company lacked the manpower and know-how to take on the project independently. Come, Ford! Kia will produce various Ford cars under license for the South Korean market thanks to an agreement between the two businesses.

#6. Accolades From Over 500 Organizations Worldwide

Over the years, Kia has amassed a slew of accolades from around the globe. Many awards have been given to it throughout the years due to its dependability, safety, quality, and designs. Furthermore, among the many countries where Kia has been honored is the United Arab Emirates. Earlier past weeks, the Kia Telluride was named the winner of the industry’s highest honor, the Triple Crown. That honor goes to the first SUV ever.

#7. Among Major Automakers, Kia Has the Third-Lowest Recall Rate

So much for Kia’s backstory; let’s move on to their accomplishments! There is a lot of truth to the widespread belief that Kia automobiles are among the most dependable on the market. iSeeCars reports that Kia has the third-lowest recall rate in the industry, behind only Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

Furthermore, the high prices of the two German manufacturers make Kia the most dependable mass-market automobile brand.

#8. Supports Athletes and Sports Organizations Worldwide

Kia is the primary sponsor of numerous professional and amateur sports competitions across the world. It also backs a wide variety of athletes at the individual level, including Rafael Nadal, LeBron James, Michele Wie, and many more. Many competitions and fans have benefited from Kia’s assistance.

#9. The Approval of Pope Francis

It is common practice for automobile manufacturers to use celebrities as ambassadors. However, few companies have been able to attract a celebrity like Pope Francis, but Kia has done it. The Pope traveled in a Kia Soul during his time in Abu Dhabi, according to The Drive. The Pope certainly understands the value of a minimalist approach.

#1o. The European Market Is Their Primary Target

Kia has a sizable presence in most parts of the world, but it appears that the European market has been a focus in recent years. For the tenth year in a row, sales increased in 2018, reaching an all-time high of 494,304 units. In addition,  Kia is making headway despite stiff competition from European local manufacturers.

Does Kia Have a New Logo for 2022?

Orders for vehicles with the Model Year 2022 designation will be the first to receive the updated Kia logo. After this point, the new Kia logo will be used as the badge on all Kia automobiles for the Model Year 2022 that are ordered after this point.

New Kia Logo 2022

You’ll start to notice a new 2022 Kia logo on popular models like the Seltos, Soul, and Sportage. However, you should see and hear it if you haven’t already. Similar to the previous design, the new 2022 Kia logo consists of the letters “KIA” written in an italicized typeface. The original Kia logo used bolded lettering enclosed within an oval, but the new 2022 Kia logo features a single, freestanding word that is meant to represent “symmetry,” “rhythm,” and “rising.” In addition,  the tagline “Movement that inspires” joins the updated Kia logo.

New Kia Logo Telluride

As part of the 2022 model-year refresh that was unveiled on Wednesday, the excellent Telluride will receive the new Kia logo. However, the new logo replaces the former Kia oval logo on the grille, the wheel center caps, and the steering wheel, and it is also put above the Telluride script on the tailgate. Furthermore, in addition to the new Kia Telluride logo, all of the models have a black finish in the middle of the grille. There is still the Nightfall Edition if you want the exterior to match the interior in a deep, glossy black.

Instead of an 8-inch screen, the 10.3-inch touchscreen display from the SX is now standard equipment on the LX and S. Previously only available on the SX and higher trims, automated climate control, and Kia’s Highway Driving Assist are now standard on the EX and SLE, while adaptive cruise control with curve assist is standard on all Tellurides.

The 2022 Telluride’s price increase is manageable, given the vehicle’s improved amenities. There was a $600 rise from the 2021 base model to the new base price of the LX, which is $34,015. However, this price includes the $1,225 destination charge. The base model, the S, is now $36,515, which is $700 more than the previous model. The EX, at $39,015, and the SX, at $43,915, are both $200 more than the previous model. The cost of adding all-wheel drive has remained constant at $2,000. The top-of-the-line SX Prestige model is equipped with all-wheel drive as default. In fact, at $48,115, it’s $100 less expensive than the 2021 SX Prestige. In addition, the 2022 new Kia Telluride and its logo are now available at U.S. Kia dealerships.

Kia’s new logo and slogan were unveiled at the start of 2021 (they were initially slated to make their debut on the Kia K5 itself), and the South Korean carmaker began using the new logo after the arrival of the All-New K8. However, having witnessed the Carnival, Stinger, Niro, and most recently the Rio, it appears that the K5 in its US-spec is next in line.

The “KIA” letters are still there in the 2021 logo, but they’re rendered in a new, more angular font with both horizontal and vertical symmetry. While we wait for the January 15th announcement, we’ll learn about Kia’s future intentions today. The new logo will soon replace the current Kia badge on all new automobiles.

Furthermore, by March 2021, production had begun on the third-generation K7 (formerly known as the GL3), dubbed the K8. As was to be expected, this vehicle was the first to sport the new logo. However, the Niro EV or e-Niro Model Year change will also begin during this month.

The recently refreshed Grandbird BUS will also be updated with the new logo, and manufacturing on the K3 facelift will begin in April, so we may anticipate a reveal between April and May. Around the beginning of May, the K9 flagship sedan will receive a facelift that includes a new family look and a new Kia logo. The Model Year for the K5 will also change in May.

Can I Put the New Kia Logo on My Car?

Because of the physical style and shape of the new Kia logo, it will not be able to replace the Kia badge that was previously on your car with the new one.

When Will the New Kia Logo Badge Arrive?

Orders for vehicles with the Model Year 2022 designation will be the first to receive the updated Kia emblem. After this point, the new Kia logo will be used as the badge on all Kia automobiles for the Model Year 2022 that are ordered after this point.

Why Does Kia Have Different Logos?

Kia has two separate logos that it uses to represent the corporation, one for the international market and one for the local market. However,  New  Kia has a badge that features the curvy letter “K” on it for use in the domestic market, although the South Korean business employs a logo that is more stylized for use in the foreign market.

Is Kia More Luxurious Than Hyundai?

There are many similarities between Hyundai and Kia. Both companies originate in South Korea and provide essentially the same product lines. Actually, Hyundai Motor Co. owns 34% of Kia Motors. Platforms, powertrains, and other mechanical and structural components are often shared throughout these vehicles. To be clear, Hyundai and Kia are two separate companies. Each company also has its own dedicated design studio, engineering team, sales force, marketing arm, and Logo.

However, while comparing the two brands, you will find more parallels than differences, which is to your advantage. Both make reliable vehicles that come with generous warranties and satisfied customers all around the world. Even so, it’s helpful to be aware of the distinctions so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Also, read KOREAN CAR BRANDS: Best 19+ North & South Korean Car Brands in the USA

Furthermore, It’s easy to see why Kia and Hyundai are often confused. But there are some Kia automobiles that you won’t get at Hyundai dealerships, and it’s worth mentioning that Hyundai has a luxury brand (Genesis) to cover the ground Kia leaves behind. 

The majority of Hyundai’s design cues are more muted and conventional, consisting of rounded and curving forms that aren’t particularly striking. Kia automobiles, on the other hand, have sportier designs that make them appear more robust and active than their Hyundai counterparts. Similarly, Kia sport utility vehicles (SUVs) have a more rugged, off-road influenced design than the Hyundai SUV they compete with. In addition, The design of a Kia is typically more angular and cutting edge, meant to stand out and make a statement, while the design of a Hyundai is more rounded and conservative.


The Kia logo has evolved throughout the years to reflect the company’s changing priorities and product lines. How long the company has maintained its position as an industry leader is demonstrated here. The elliptical form of the Kia logo is meant to evoke the company’s aspiration to expand its reach across the globe. Additionally, it highlights the company’s leadership in making environmentally friendly vehicles.

Their vehicles are reflections of the brand’s uncomplicated aesthetic, individuality, and charm. Comfort, luxury, and cutting-edge technology come standard in every Kia vehicle. When put all together, the bright red letters spelling out “Kia” are a fiery indication of the company’s bravery in facing the future head-on.

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