Why Is Harvard Business School One Of The Best In The World?

HBS Popularity

You all have heard of Harvard Business School, and you are wondering why it is one of the best schools of this kind in the world. You are probably wondering how to be accepted here as well. This is a desire every single student has. This school was established in 1908 but became independent two years later. It is part of the prestigious Harvard University. There are over 2,000 students here. Anyway, let’s see why this school is so appealing.

Case Method

This school started using the interactive case method all the way back in 1925, and even today it is one of the best and most effective schools in this case scenario. This is one of the two best MGA programs of this kind in the United States. In the classroom, it is used 100%, and students must read over 500 cases in 2 years.

It is also common that students here must write on a regular basis. Some students have been using free essay samples in order to get more details and write better. Therefore, you can also use this method, and feel free to use essay examples about education as it will really help you in difficult situations. Yes, this is extremely important today, and here’s why. Students at the school have countless assignments and tasks that require a lot of time to be completed. Getting help when possible is more than just a desire for most students; it is also something that is extremely effective. This actually applies to students at all colleges in the US.

Famous People Who Graduated HBS

If you are wondering how to enter Harvard you need to know a few things. First of all, it is extremely difficult. Secondly, the school is reserved for the best. You need to be the best student to go here. But this also means that you have the best odds of becoming a successful businessman after school. Some of the most successful people who attended this school are Robert McNamara, Ann Sarnoff, Henry Paulson, Sheryl Sandberg, and many more. The list is extremely long, and we don’t have the time to mention a small percentage of successful people who have graduated from HBS.

Impact On Business

At this school, you will have to write a lot. But did you know that HBS publishes countless research and papers every single year related to business? In other words, the school here has a huge effect on business, and even people on Wall Street are using those papers to make important business decisions. This is precisely what students want and need; hence it is one of many reasons why HBS is simply the best.

Specific Curriculum

HBS has two years that are completely different from any other business school has. Yes, writing has a huge role in all of this, but it’s far from the only one. See, the first-year curriculum is predetermined, and a student doesn’t have a lot of freedom to choose what he likes or wants. You will need to study hard, and you will have to study all kinds of subjects.

The second year, on the other hand, is completely open, and as a student, you can choose what you like. Keep in mind that there are no majors here, so the goal is that a student learns as much as possible. This is a unique and very effective choice. Students will learn all the things they need for business, not just most of them.

Greatest Minds

Being able to work at HBS is considered an honor, and it is as difficult for teachers to get a job here as it is for students to get accepted. This also means that teachers are experts in their fields, and they must remain so. In other words, this also means that you will be taught by some of the best minds of the modern era. It is probably the most important reason here and the one that has a huge effect overall.

The Final Word

At HBS, you will have to write an essay, study hard, and focus your attention on numerous things. But, once you are done with this school, you are welcomed to the business world, and you can have anything you like. The possibilities are endless and probably something you all want and need these days.

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