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Fox News has used the same logo since 1990, even before the cable news channel was created. Throughout its existence, the logo has only undergone minor revisions, retaining the original version’s idea and geometry through angle and color scheme changes. Let’s find out how all of these have played out over the years.

Fox News Logo: Overview

Fox News has many supporters and detractors, but they all agree on one thing: it is the most popular media outlet in the United States, with over 1.2 million daily viewers. From its inception in 1996 to the present, all programming has been produced by the Fox Broadcasting Company, a subsidiary of the Fox Corporation multimedia group.

Fox News Logo: Evolution

Fox News has frequently been chastised for being a conservative news outlet. The criticism appears to be fair in part since all of the channel’s logo variations appear to be nearly identical. The designers modified the color scheme several times but only once changed the font of the “channel” name.


The logo for Fox News was made in 1990, which was six years before the cable news channel was founded. The first version was a black-and-white logo that was used as a model for all future visual signs of the brand.

The lettering “Fox News” was written in capital letters and put on a large black square. From the bottom left corner of the picture, there were two stripes that looked like long spotlight beams. Each stripe had a sharp end. Several arched lines crossed the background on the left side of the square, depicting the image of the globe.

The term “channel” was placed in black lowercase characters in a tiny white rectangle beneath the “Fox News” branding.


Fox News was the first broadcast in 1996, the same year its first logo was redesigned. The prior structure was retained, but the black square was given a dark blue tint.

In addition, a thin red rectangle replaced the previous white rectangle in the Fox News logo, and the word “channel” was now written in white.

The new color scheme gave the Fox News logo a more confident and professional appearance, emphasizing authority and quality.


The Fox News logo had another minor change in 2017 when the font and color scheme was changed. The dark blue color scheme lightened, but the tiny red rectangle at the bottom darkened.

In the background, a thin arched line reappeared in white, along with the word “channel” printed in white lowercase, bold letters.


Since 2017, Fox News has utilized the same logo, although the blue and red color schemes in the upper square and bottom rectangle have become lighter.

Fox News Logo: Colors and Font

The logo of the channel blends geometric patterns and text elements to reflect its business identity. Two extending stripes – spotlight beams – take a particular place among them, reminding us that Fox News is connected to the media realm and covers events from various perspectives.

The typeface chosen for the labels is quite close to FF Good OT Black and slightly less so to Wendelin-Fett Font, which is available for free. Designers have made minor adjustments to the typeface so that the name stands out.

The Fox News logo is tricolored. The colors in the palette are red (# c20017), white (#ffffff), and blue (# 003366). The chosen colors do not clash with the overall look of the TV channel.

The primary portion of the logo is no longer animated, with the exception of when it returns from commercial breaks. However, the word “Channel,” the current time in a number of different time zones, and the “live” bug are all displayed in the red bar that is located below the main portion of the logo. During the programming process, these components will “slide” up and down in a never-ending cycle.

Why is it called Fox News?

Fox is named after the film studio that was formerly known as 20th Century Fox and (indirectly) after the producer William Fox, who had founded one of the film studio’s predecessors, Fox Film, prior to its merger with another company in 1935. The film studio was formerly known as 20th Century Fox.

What font is Fox News?

Fox News Channel, the RAI (the Italian public broadcasting agency), and the Italian railway system all make use of Futura for their respective logotypes. Futura is also utilized for the signage of the Italian railway system. The typeface Futura has seen a lot of action in the movie and video industries.

The Evolution of Fox News

The Fox News Channel (FNC), sometimes known as Fox News, is a conservative cable news television channel based in New York. Fox News Media, which owns Fox News, is owned by the Fox Corporation.

Fox News mostly transmits from Midtown Manhattan studios. It broadcasts to 86 countries and territories worldwide, with Fox Extra programs featured during commercial breaks.

Rupert Murdoch, an Australian-born American media mogul, founded Fox News in October 1996 to cater to a conservative population, hiring ex-CNBC executive and Republican media consultant Roger Ailes as the company’s first CEO.

Fox News began operations with 17 million cable network subscribers. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the channel grew to become the #1 cable news subscription channel in the United States.

By September 2018, Fox News was being seen by 90.8% of American TV subscribers (about 87,118,000 households).

With an average of 2.5 million viewers, Fox News became the number one cable news network in the United States. Rupert Murdoch has been the executive chairman of Fox News since 2016, a position he will hold until April 2022. Suzzane Scott has led the network as CEO since 2018.


In May 1985, American publisher Rupert Murdoch and US industrialist Marvin Davis revealed plans to develop a network of independent television stations to compete directly with major television networks such as ABC, NBC, and CBS. The duo intended to accomplish this goal by acquiring six TV Metromedia-owned television stations.

Rupert Murdoch completed his 50% takeover of Fox Filmed Entertainment through 20th Century Fox in July 1985. Murdoch’s company, 20th Century Fox, made $5.6 million in sales in its third fiscal period, which ended on May 31, 1986. The corporation lost $55.8 million in the third fiscal period of the prior year.

Murdoch had considerable experience with the 24-hour news market before creating Fox News Corporation when Sky News became Europe’s first 24/7 news station in Great Britain in 1989. Following the successful launch of Fox News as an American television network, Murdoch stated in January 1996 that Sky News’ parent firm News Corporation will launch a 24-hour news cable and satellite TV network in the United States.

Roger Ailes, a former NBC executive, and Republican Party strategist had departed the cable TV station MSNBC by February 1996. Following that, Rupert asked him to develop Fox News Channel, which he did in October 1996.

Fox News was launched with 17 million American households subscribing. The TV network, however, was initially inaccessible in the two most major American media markets, Los Angeles and New York.

Throughout the day, Fox provided 20-minute one-topic presentations, such as Fox on politics or Fox on crime, mixed with news items. Facts about the guest or topic were displayed at the bottom of the screen during Fox News interviews.

The prime broadcast was known as the Schneider Report at the time of its introduction, and it was delivered fast by Mike Schneider. Evening broadcasts on Fox included the O’Reilly Factor, Hannity & Colmes, and the Crier Report.

Fox News has always placed a premium on visual presentation. The station used eye-catching graphics to assist viewers to comprehend the substance of whatever was being discussed even if they couldn’t hear the host speak. For example, on-screen text explained the interviewer’s or speaker’s point of view, while bullet points summarized the host’s remark. In addition, Fox News launched “Fox News Alert” to interrupt its regular programming in the event of a breaking news report.

Fox paid networks up to $11 per subscriber to have the channel distributed in order to quickly sign up cable providers. This was contrary to customary practice, in which cable companies paid TV networks carriage fees for programs.

During the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Fox News was the first news network to broadcast a news ticker at the bottom of the screen to keep viewers up to current on the information flow on that day. That ticker has remained in place, providing viewers with additional news that reporters may not have stated on-screen and repeating news items read throughout a program.

The news ticker feature has since grown in popularity among most viewers. Fox News surpassed CNN in popularity for the first time in January 2002, and it has maintained that advantage throughout the decade.

International Distribution

The Fox News stream is available globally via a variety of providers, and Fox Extra parts provide alternative programming. Fox News is broadcast in over 80 countries and territories worldwide.

The United Kingdom and Ireland

Sky broadcasts Fox News Channel and operates its domestic news network Sky News in the United Kingdom. It dropped Fox News in August 2017, claiming that it was no longer commercially sustainable to do so because fewer than 2,000 people watched Fox News every day.

Sky stated that their decision was unrelated to 21st Century Fox’s proposed takeover of the rest of Sky plc. This potential takeover sparked a bidding war, which Comcast finally won.


Fox News is broadcast on the top-rated pay-TV provider Foxtel in Australia, which is owned 65% by News Corporation Australia. News Corp Australia is Fox Corporation’s sibling company and News Corp’s Australian arm.

Sky News Australia, a local cable news network, is completely owned by News Corp Australia. So, technically, Sky News Australia is Fox News’ sister network, despite it having formal business arrangements with Fox News’ competitor CNN, as well as CBS News and ABC News.


Initially, Fox News intended to launch a joint venture with Global Television Network called Fox News Canada. This endeavor would have broadcast a mix of Canadian and American news. As a result, the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission refused Fox News Canada a license in 2003.

However, in March 2004, a Fox executive confirmed that the initiative had been canceled. The Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission announced in November of the same year that Fox News was one of the international networks that local TV companies could carry.

New Zealand’s

The Fox News Channel is available on channel 088 of pay satellite provider SKY Network TV’s digital platform. It used to air overnight on SKY’s free-to-air UHF TV channel Prime in New Zealand. Due to an expired license, this was halted in January 2010. Until 2014, News Corp, the former owner of Fox News, owned stakes in both Prime and SKY.


In Holland, cable companies CASEMA and UPC Nederland, as well as satellite operator Canaldigitaal, aired Fox News. In recent years, the three providers have dropped Fox News. Fox News is currently only offered through one cable operator, Caiway (which broadcasts in a few towns in central Holland). Fox News was also available through KNIPPR, T-IPTV Mobile’s service.


Fox News is available on cable through the French internet service provider Free. Fox News had been removed from Free’s Orange lineup by the spring of 2017.


In Italy, Fox News is broadcast on SKY Italia. The station first aired in Italy on Stream TV in 2001, before switching to SKY Italia two years later.

Yes, Satellite TV in Israel carries Fox News on channel 105. Fox News can also be found on Partner TV and Cellcom TV. It’s also available on channel 200 of the cable service HOT.


From 2003 to 2006, Fox News programming was shown 16 hours per day on TV8 in Scandinavian nations such as Sweden and others. Fox News Extra programming took the place of American advertisements. TV8 ditched Fox News in favor of the German news network Deutsche Welle TV in September 2006.


Fox News’ international feed is available in Mexico via cable TV operator Izzi Telecom.


Fox News has been broadcasting in Brazil since 2002. However, Fox Extra portions take the place of American commercials. Fox News is also included in Vivo TV bundles.

Fox News programming is offered on Sky Cable TV channels 510 (Regional), 138 (Metro Manila), channel 50 (G Sat), and Cablelink Channel 224 in the Philippines.


Despite the fact that Fox News stopped transmitting to Japan in the summer of 2003, it is still available on Pan Global TV Japan, Mediatti, and Americable (which broadcasts to American bases).


Fox News is available in India via the streaming service Disney+ Hotstar (previously owned by 21st Century Fox).


According to a New York Times article, Fox looks to have a predominantly elderly demographic based on Nielsen data. Fox News had an average of 557,000 viewers in the 25-54 age bracket in 2008, but this declined to 379,000 in 2013 while growing its overall audience from 1.89 million in 2010 to 2.02 million in 2013.

In 2015, the median age of a prime-time viewer was 68. According to a 2019 Pew Research Center survey, 69% of individuals who chose Fox News as their primary source for political news are 50 or older.

According to a 2019 Pew survey, 93% of those who chose Fox News as their primary source for political and election news are Republicans. The results reveal Fox News and MSNBC as the two news channels with the most partisan audiences among the top eight political news sources recognized by at least 2% of American adults.


Fox News Channel began with the tagline “Fair and Balanced,” which was coined by network co-founder Roger Ailes during the network’s early days. According to the New York Times, the tagline was a “clear signal that Fox News intended to offset what Mr. Ailes and many others saw as a liberal slant engrained in television coverage by mainstream news networks.” Rupert Murdoch defended the company’s “Fair and Balanced” branding in a 2013 interview with Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution, saying, “In fact, you’ll find exactly as many Democrats as Republicans on and so on.”

Fox News sued comedian Al Franken in August 2003 for using the tagline as a subtitle for his book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, which was critical of Fox News Channel.

Three days later, the action was dismissed after Judge Denny Chin denied its request for an injunction. Chin found in his conclusion that the complaint was “wholly without substance, both factually and legally.” He then suggested that Fox News’ trademark on the phrase “fair and balanced” might be invalid.

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FNC won a legal battle over the term in December 2003, when AlterNet filed a cancellation petition with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to have FNC’s trademark revoked as erroneous. AlterNet used the documentary film Outfoxed (2004) by Robert Greenwald as supporting evidence in its case. AlterNet abandoned its petition after losing early motions, and the USPTO dismissed the matter. In 2008, FNC utilized the tagline “We Report, You Decide,” a reference to “You Decide 2008,” FNC’s initial motto for election coverage.

When Gabriel Sherman (a writer who has written a book on Ailes) disclosed these adjustments in June 2017, a network executive maintained the shift “had nothing to do with programming or editorial decisions.” Media outlets claimed that Fox News Channel wanted to disassociate itself from Ailes’ tenure at the network. The network launched a new advertising campaign, Real News, in March 2018. Genuinely Honest Opinion. The ad campaign aims to promote the network’s opinion-based programming and dispel myths about “fake news.”

Following the election, Fox News began to market its primetime program with the slogan “Standing Up For What’s Right” in mid-November 2020.

In Conclusion

The Fox News Channel (FNC), owned by parent company 21st Century Fox, is a 24-hour cable news network created in October 1996 by Australian-born American billionaire Rupert Murdoch. The news channel initially focused on breaking news as well as business and political news.

Fox News transmits news 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including breaking news, economic and political news, and issue-focused programs. The Fox News website covers a wide range of topics, including technology, science, travel, health, lifestyle, weather, sports, and video.

Fox News has 15 bureaus across the world, including their headquarters in New York, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, Miami, Washington D.C., Seattle, Rome, London, Paris, and Jerusalem.

According to the Pew Research Center, Fox News got approximately 17 million views, compared to CNN’s 500,000 and MSNBC’s 600,000. According to Fox News, by 2012, the cable news network has more than 90 million members.


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