SALES COMMISSION SOFTWARE: The 2023 Best Options With Reviews

Sales commission software

Commissions have long been a tool used by sales teams to motivate employees and increase revenue for their organizations. To make sure transactions are accurate at all times, sales commission software was introduced. It reduces errors during transactions and increases accuracy and speed. We will explain in this post the benefits and features of sales commission software.

What Is a Sales Commission?

A sales commission is the amount of cash paid to an individual based on the volume of sales produced. In addition to a base wage, this is frequently compensated as a percentage of sales. It is intended that a high ratio of base pay to sales commissions will forcibly emphasize the necessity for sales to the sales team.

A sales commission may be paid when a transaction is made or when the consumer gives you money in exchange for your services. The latter payment method is the smarter choice since it compels salespeople to consider consumers’ creditworthiness.

What Is Sales Commission Software?

Sales commission software automates the accounting and management of commissions and incentive programs depending on a number of programmable criteria, such as employee role, tenure, or sale type.

Additionally, the platform offers salespeople an in-depth view of historical earnings and projected revenue. Salespeople may prepare for various compensation scenarios because of it. It also gives compensation projections based on prospective closed agreements. Sales commission software has the ability to identify genuine earning potential, which also helps to encourage and drive salespeople.

Sales, accounting, and administrative personnel all make use of sales compensation software. These solutions support less time-consuming and error-prone accounting methods because sales compensation arrangements frequently diverge from those of a business’s other departments. Usually, a larger compensating software infrastructure includes this software in its implementation. In this case, payroll, accounting, or billing software are also included.

The Benefits of Using Sales Commission Software

The majority of businesses spend hours, if not days, figuring out, checking, and refiguring commission checks for their sales representatives. Particularly if the SDR has one spiff and the B2B sales team has another. Keeping everything straight might become very difficult. The procedure can be streamlined to just a few minutes each month or quarter by using software to automate commissions.

What You Should Look For in a Sales Commission Software

#1. Flexibility

Manually tracking and analyzing numerous sets of financial data can be taxing. It is also challenging to contrast and modify the displays of preexisting data sets. Excel can be used to compare and track various datasets, but for huge datasets, you need a more versatile and reliable commission tracking program. Reputable sales commission software can monitor and compare several data sources simultaneously.

#2. Usability

The functionality of commission tracking software determines its value at a fundamental level. A corporation may track a wide range of figures, data, and funds with the aid of sales commission software. The program improves the accuracy and effectiveness of the payment calculation procedure. In addition to assembling information from numerous sources and assisting in complex decisions, the program enables a more convenient way to see such information.

#3. Convenient

Software for sales commission can only be successful if it is easy to use. Your teams shouldn’t spend a lot of time attempting to figure out how to utilize the software’s key capabilities to the fullest. Invest in a user-friendly piece of software that might be able to improve output quality without too much trouble. The computation and production of commission plans ought to be sped up by good software.

Additionally, the program must include enough documentation for training new employees, instructing first-time users, and giving your team refresher courses. The program must also provide dependable support services to avoid downtime if your workers experience technical difficulties.

#4. Cost Evaluation

You should evaluate how much the sales commission software costs. It should be justifiable, beneficial, and reasonable. Choose software that will provide you with good value for your money rather than going with the cheapest provider on the market.

Features of Sales Commission Software

  • Ability to monitor and input specific sales data
  • Direct payments or data exports to accounting systems are used for the accounting and distribution of incentive-based payments.
  • Role type, location, company tenure, and sale type can all be customized.
  • Analytics and reporting to enhance results

Examples of Sales Commission Software

#1. CaptiveIQ

A company’s largest sales expense can become a revenue generator with the use of the commission monitoring software CaptivateIQ. With the help of the agile commission solution CaptivateIQ, businesses can consistently match their revenue teams’ objectives with the changing demands of their business.

It allows for the creation of any compensation plan, speeds up payout processing, and encourages sales representatives through real-time visibility for top businesses like Gong.
With a customizable, automated solution created to save teams numerous hours and expensive blunders, CaptiveIQ clarifies and accurately calculates commissions.

Because commission processing can make or break team morale and business performance, CaptivateIQ thinks that incentives are what inspire people. With the help of the company’s solution, organizations may create and evaluate the best incentive programs to maintain the alignment and motivation of their workforce.

#2. XoXoday compass

Xoxoday Compass is an incentive and commission automation software. It aids Revenue Operations teams in the design, publication, automation, and streamlining of intricate incentive and commission structures.

It operates in numerous industries and uses cases, including banking, financial services, insurance, tech, software as a service, and logistics, to mention a few. In order to effectively engage distributors, retailers, channel partners, sales agents, and the so-called “gig workforce,” Compass helps digitize and gamify sales commissions and incentives.

Compass helps reduce manual errors and delays by automating payouts. Xoxoday Compass assists firms in managing incentive programs from beginning to end by providing entertaining and interactive game templates, tools for program design, target-setting, communications, incentive selection, fulfillment, and program analytics.

#3. Spiff

Spiff is a reliable source for information on commissions. You can connect Spiff to any other system you presently use for commission management, such as your CRM, ERP, HCM, payroll platform, or HR management system.

Within Spiff, changing data sources is simple. On just one platform, Spiff provides all you require to manage commissions. This improves communication, streamlines processes, and fosters a high degree of confidence among all parties involved. With Spiff, you can watch your teams achieve their objectives and your commission programs prosper.

#4. Everstage

Everstage is a no-code commission automation tool that relieves your operations and finance teams of repetitive busywork and offers your customer-facing employees a clear and gamified incentive experience. The majority of commission management tools are created exclusively for operations.

The sales reps’ experience on these platforms is typically subpar, despite the admins’ (but only to a certain level) empowerment. The market’s already-available solutions were likewise outmoded and laborious. A seamless and intelligent commission experience for the sales and operations teams. Automate commission processing and provide sales teams instant access to accurate performance data.

#5. Qobra

You may use Qobra to automatically calculate, share, and validate your commissions. Stop wasting time with Excel; real-time visibility will decrease errors and boost sales motivation. CRO, Head of Sales, Sales Ops, Qobra is the tool that will motivate & improve your sales performance for your saleFor businesses with a sales staff of more than 15 workers who use a CRM, our solution is appropriate.

World-class Sales teams have world-class Sales compensation plans, as demonstrated by the clients we have persuaded, like Doctolib, Spendesk, and Ankorstore, and we aim to persuade you as well. It is a new generation of sales commission software that automates commission calculation, changes, and approvals. Save time, foster trust, and promote development.

#6. SAP commission

For companies of all sizes, SAP Commissions is a cloud-based incentive and pay administration system. It enables businesses to create, alter, and administer unique pay schemes that will increase employee engagement, loyalty, income, and sales.

Using custom functions, roles, sales hierarchy, and relationships, the crediting engine in SAP Commissions enables businesses to handle hiring, onboarding, terminations, and bulk changes. A self-service portal, drag-and-drop functionality, compensation statements, AI-enabled optimization ideas, a sales leaderboard, one-click traceability, and other features are among the many features it offers. Employees can also file complaints with supporting materials, see past disputes, and search past conflicts by requesting ID or name.

Managers can monitor current period payout, recent transactions, quota fulfillment, new bookings, revenue, and more using analytics, charts, and graphs on SAP Commissions’ interactive dashboard. Pricing information is accessible upon request, and assistance is offered online and via phone, email, and FAQs.

In the fields of corporate software and sales performance management, Sales Cookie is a pioneering innovation. They offer user-friendly and reasonably priced cloud-based solutions. From participant registration to incentive plan creation, Sales Cookie’s solutions automate every step of sales commissions.

Sales cookie assists businesses in maximizing profits, enhancing operational effectiveness, boosting sales efficiency, and managing risks, but most importantly. It helps restore faith in sales incentive programs. Customers of Sales Cookie include experts in sales operations, corporate finance and accounting departments, and forward-thinking business owners.

#8. Iconixx

Iconixx maximizes commission and incentive systems to boost sales productivity and overall profitability.

An effective strategy to maintain staff engagement and motivation is to recognize and reward success. Giving your employees praise promotes effective sales practices. People enjoy receiving praise for a job well done, and receiving it in front of their peers can be even more inspiring. Sales management can utilize sales commission software and its dashboards to identify whether public recognition is merited based on recorded KPIs in the program because they can view commission payouts at the rep level.

The sales commission software from Iconixx enables managers to monitor staff development. Employees can also monitor their personal development and pinpoint their strong and weak points. The Iconixx system enables managers and staff to collaborate on goal-setting and the selection of the most effective strategies for achieving them.

How Do You Keep Track of Sales Commissions?

There are various ways to keep track of your sales commission

  • You can track manually
  • Using a spreadsheet and
  • Sales commission software

The most common method of tracking your sales commissions is through sales commission tracking spreadsheets like Excel or Google Sheets. This works great when compensation plans get more complex and you can’t do the mental math as quickly.

Can Quickbooks Calculate Sales Commissions?

Sales commission calculations are not yet possible in QuickBooks Online. But you may use its two monitoring features—Class Tracking and Location Tracking—to keep tabs on your sales by workers, sales representatives, etc.

What App Do You Use For Commissions?

PayPal is widely accepted and popular because it makes paying for products and services online safe and secure. This is the most popular payment system online that you can use to receive payment for your commissions. Other apps include

  • Stripe Invoice
  • Square
  • Marketplace Checkout
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Cash App

Should I Use PayPal for Commissions?

PayPal is regarded as the best payment solution for both digital and physical goods. It simply makes sense to integrate PayPal into your commission business given that the payment platform accepts payments from 200 countries and 25 different currencies.

Every transaction with PayPal carries a modest commission fee. Depending on the kind of account and the size of the transaction, the actual amount varies. Check the commission rate before using PayPal if this worries you.

How Do You Take Payments on Commissions?

The commission Processing page displays all accounts that use the specified bank for payment processing or that have a currency code that matches the bank’s currency code if you choose

  • Commissions>Payment Processing>By Account and then choose the bank account you want to use to process payments.
  • The Commission Processing screen displays the travel agent or source you choose if you choose strong>Commissions>Payment Processing>By Agent/strong> and the agent or source to process payments.
    The Commission Processing screen for the current travel agency or source displays when you choose the “Commission” option from the Profile screen Options menu.


Based on unique corporate policies, sales commission software automatically calculates and pays the commission. However, calculating your sales compensation manually or using a spreadsheet considerably increases the risk of error. Moreover, error reduction is one of the key selling factors of sales commission software.


What is a good commission rate for sales?

The standard sales commission rate begins at around 5%, which often applies to sales teams with a high base salary. However, the typical sales average ranges from 20 to 30%. Some businesses provide up to a 40%–50% commission.

What's the formula for commission?

The commission is the profit you gain from a sale. Companies typically pay out a percentage based on overall sales revenue. You can calculate commission by multiplying total sales revenue by the commission rate.

How do commissions work?

A sales commission is a payment made to an employee after they successfully complete a task, typically selling a predetermined volume of goods or services. Sales commissions are a common incentive used by employers to boost employee productivity. A commission may be paid instead of or in addition to a wage.


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