BEST RETIREMENT CITIES: Best Retirement Cities Us, Florida, & Around the World in 2023

Best Retirement Cities 
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Retirement is a time to say goodbye to the life of 9-5 of the working world and find a dreamy location where you can relax, at least for those in the global north. Some people see it as a deckchair, while others see it as an entire nation. Where to dwell is the only concern for the latter fortunate group. This article will help you make a choice of the best retirement cities

Best Retirement Cities 

The top retirement cities according to the Global Retirement Index are listed below.

#1. Venezuela

With 3.5 million Spanish-speaking citizens and sunny summers and moderate winters, Uruguay is a Spanish-speaking country sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina. Ranches and farms in the inland grasslands, tree-lined cities like Montevideo, and coastal villages scattered around the coastline are just a few of the lifestyles and cost options available.

#2. Spain

Spain is more than just its well-known warm beaches, affordable way of life, and laid-back attitude. The nation, which shares a border with both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is also home to stunning rural landscapes, thriving medieval cities, and snow-covered mountains.

#3. Malta

The tiny island of Malta, which is surrounded by the warm waters of the southern Mediterranean Sea and has five islands altogether, although only two of them are inhabited, is a blend of Western European lifestyle with a trace of Arabic language and culture.

#4. Ecuador

For Europeans and Americans, Ecuador is among the top retirement destinations because of its favorable climate, environmental diversity, and abundance of cultural offerings at a reasonable cost.

#5. Colombia

Colombia, which is across the border, is more developed than Ecuador yet shares many characteristics with its neighbor. They include a variety of climates and landscapes, including the coast, the Andes Mountains, and the Amazon Rainforest.

#6. Portuguese

Portugal has long been a popular retirement destination, with the old-world elegance of towns like Lisbon and Porto and the sun-drenched beaches of the Algarve. It is a safe, pleasurable, and economical area to live in because of the nice people, low cost of living, first-rate healthcare system, and low crime rates.

#7. Mexico 

Mexico is a well-liked destination for North Americans seeking an economical place to vacation in the sun because it is close to the US’s southern border. Expats can select from a variety of climatic conditions and lifestyles, such as crowded beach resorts, urban living, and secluded rural or desert hideaways.

#8. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become a popular destination for retirees thanks to its tropical climate, low cost of living and healthcare, active outdoor culture, hospitable natives, and sun-drenched natural beauty. A stable democracy with high literacy rates and a relaxed way of life, this Central American country is sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama. 

#9. Panama

Not for the first time, Panama is at the top of the list of the greatest destinations in the world to retire. Due to its location outside of Central America’s hurricane zone, its tropical climate is warm and moderated by winds from the Caribbean Sea on one coast and the Pacific Ocean on the other.

Best Retirement Cities Us 

These are the best retirement cities in Us:

#1. North Carolina’s Wilmington

A 2020 analysis found that living near the coast improves happiness, health, and overall well-being. Wilmington puts water vistas in the foreground thanks to its location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River and its almost two-mile Riverwalk in the city’s historic center, which is lined with restaurants and shops.

#2. Lewes/Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

According to United Van Lines research, Delaware and Montana will share the top spot for retirement destinations in 2020. (South Carolina and Florida came in at Nos. 2 and 3). The sand, charm, parks, and laid-back way of life in Sussex County appeal to many East Coast transplants. 

#3. Texas’ Fredericksburg

Some people are happiest in small towns and rural settings. A half-hour west of Austin, amid the historical Hill Country, this charming town of 11,000 people has more attractions than most cities twice its size. Tourists and retirees alike—one-third of the population is over 65—enjoy wine-tasting rooms, art galleries, a lovely Main Street, and a wealth of history.

#4 Ogden, Utah

In a WalletHub study for 2022, Utah was ranked as the fourth-happiest state (after Hawaii, Maryland, and Minnesota). Ogden, with a population of 87,000, boasts that it has the advantages of both a small city and a mountain town without the typically high costs of either. It is located a little under an hour north of Salt Lake City. Fishing, hiking, and snow sports are all literally right outside the front door, yet houses are not too pricey.

#5. Charlottesville, Virginia

This is an easy and fantastic spot to retire because of the facilities of a college town and the adjacent Shenandoah National Park. Cultural events, eateries, shopping, festivals, and other attractions draw visitors to the University of Virginia.

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Florida Best Retirement Cities 

The tax climate in Florida is among the best in the nation for retirees. If you can prove your Florida residency, there is no state income tax to pay. Additionally, Florida residents who are in the state permanently are also entitled to a homestead exemption of up to $50,000, which decreases their real estate taxes. An additional exemption may be available to seniors. Here are the best cities to retire in Florida:

#1. Sarasota

Compared to Tampa-St. Petersburg, which is 50 minutes to the north, life here moves a little more slowly. However, Sarasota, which shares a history with Tampa of Spanish colonial rule, provides a wealth of amenities. 

On keys along the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota offers kilometers of beaches with white sand. 

#2. Gainesville

Gainesville is situated 75 miles from the coasts in the heart of the state. However, that’s not a bad place to live in Florida during hurricane season. Retirement residents seeking to avoid the chilly winds and higher cost of living up north can profit greatly from residing near the University of Florida. 

#3. Naples

Numerous retirees drawn by the miles of beaches, opulent homes, and enormous banyan trees have fueled Naples’ explosive growth, which has earned it a perfect score from the American Lung Association for air quality. The fact that you don’t have to be retired to enjoy living here is driving up housing costs. 

#4. St. Petersburg

Here, the cost of a home can range from $165,000 to $1 million or more. Bungalows, Craftsman-style cottages, big ranchers, and enough Spanish-influenced architecture to make you think you’re in Pasadena or Santa Monica may all be found in historic neighborhoods on the northeast side of St. Petersburg, away from the water. 

#5. Punta Gorda

Given that the majority of its residents are 65 or older, Punta Gorda understands how to appeal to retirees. 55 miles of canal-front houses and a plethora of 55+ retirement communities are the centers of this community’s daily life. There is lots of golfing available, as well as a waterfront Fishermen’s Village complex with 30 stores and restaurants.

#6. Saint Augustine

Beyond surf and sand wedges, St. Augustine and the surrounding St. John’s County have other attractions. However, retirees seeking sun-filled recreation will discover plenty of it here, in addition to a wealth of cultural and historical activities, opulent living at a reasonable cost, and easy access to top-notch medical care.

#7. Venice

You’ll observe two things when you stroll around Venice’s old districts: You’re never too far from the water, and a park is probably only a few blocks away. White sand beaches and vast water views may be seen as you travel west along the broad, palm tree-lined pathways. Although it moves slowly, Venice has many amenities. 

Best Places to Retire Around the World

You’ve arrived at the ideal location if you’re searching for the best retirement cities around the world in 2023.

Retirement is undoubtedly a significant life milestone, and everyone should make plans for it.

Below is a list of worthwhile places around the world where you can enjoy your retirement. 

#1. Vietnamese

Vietnam is one of the best possibilities for individuals looking for a low cost of living with a high standard of living. It is a country with breathtaking, world-class beaches, chilly mountain retreats, and energetic cities.

#2. Singapore

With some of the most stunning beaches and aquatic life in the world, Indonesia has a breathtaking natural landscape. The people there are welcoming, and places like Bali have thriving ex-pat communities filled with interesting people from all over the world.

#3. France

The good life is epitomized in France. The cuisine, wine, artwork, shopping, history, and culture. This nation is home to the most stunning and romantic city on the planet, as well as the best in rural living and breathtaking Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. 

#4. Mexico

Mexico is a popular destination for retirees. It’s easy to get to from the United States and Canada, it has pleasant weather all year round, it has two coastlines dotted with gorgeous beaches, and it has a low cost of living for retirees trying to stretch their retirement budgets. 

#5. Spain

Spain will be a nice surprise for North Americans who believe Western Europe to be excessively expensive. Here, everything is more affordable, including renting a place to live and eating out. Following Switzerland in terms of mountainousness in Europe is Spain.

#6. Belize

Belize is a safe, friendly, and unassuming little nation where the populace appreciates freedom, autonomy, and one’s right to privacy. Also, Belize, which was once the center of the Maya Empire, is now renowned for its white-sand Caribbean beaches and clean, unpolluted waterways.

#7. Northern Cyprus

With year-round sunlight, immaculate beaches, and crystal-clear waters, this island getaway offers everything you might desire in a wonderful getaway.  It’s simple to conduct business here because English is widely spoken. 

#8. Colombia

One of the top foreign havens in the world is unassumingly evolving into Colombia. Expats are lured to Colombia by the dynamic culture, low cost of living, and high standard of living, whether they are residing in the capital Bogotá, the Euro-chic Medelln, or colonial Cartagena on the Caribbean.

#9. Panama

Panama has a wealth of coastlines, stunning beaches, hideaway islands, mountain retreats, and colonial towns. largely because of its location at a crossroads, but also because of its reputation as a top retirement, offshore, and banking haven on a global scale.

What Is the #1 Retirement Town in THE US? 

Because of its good quality of life, affordable cost of living, and accessibility to medical facilities, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is ranked as one of the finest places in the country to retire. READ The Best Beach Towns in the US to Retire.

Which State Has the Best Retirement? 

The finest state to retire in is no longer Florida; it has a new rival. WalletHub, a personal financial website, released research titled “2023’s Best States to Retire” that found that Virginia has surpassed Sunshine Place as the best retirement cities in 2023.

What City Has the Most Retirees? 

N. Port, FL, has the most retirees. There are 22,931 people in the city, or 32.4% of all residents, who are 65 years of age or older. 19.7% of the overall retiree population are people aged 65 to 74. 11.6% of the total number of retirees are in the 75-84 age group. 1.1% of the overall population of retirees are people aged 85 and beyond. 70,722 people live in the city overall.

Where Can I Live on $1,500 a Month in THE US?

Grand Forks, N.D., Lynchburg, Va., Lawton, Okla., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Lorain, Ohio, and Grand Forks are the best cities to retire in on a $1,500 monthly budget. 


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