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When it comes to the top timeshare resorts, there are numerous alternatives to explore and destinations to pick from. Are you planning your next family vacation or debating how to spend your vacation club points? In hopes of helping you find one of the finest timeshare companies you love, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best timeshares owners love and also the worst 10 you should avoid at all costs. In no particular order, of course. Let’s proceed!

What does a Timeshare Company do?

Timeshare companies are always dedicated to ensuring that you pay for annual holidays at the same resort or set of resorts. You must pay some money before returning, in addition to the annual subscription price. If you wish to pay for another property held by the same corporation, you may be asked to pay an additional price. Timeshare was a noble concept introduced to address holiday housing issues.

Types of Timeshare Companies

#1. Specified Time-Block or Week Companies

These timeshare companies rent out units to different owners who use them throughout the year. These timeshare companies split units among multiple owners who occupy the unit throughout the year.

#2. Timeshare Exchange Companies

These firms make it simple to locate a resort timeshare that appeals to an owner if they are unable or unable to spend their traditional timeshare week.

#3. Timeshare companies with Points Programs

Timeshare programs with points programs allow owners to accumulate points by buying into properties or purchasing points. Access to destinations varies based on the number of points accumulated.

#4. Right-to-use Companies

Firms give clients the right to use a specific timeshare unit for a set period of time each year. This means that timeshare owners do not officially own the property, but rather have the right to utilize it.

Why Should You Use a Timeshare?

Here are some of the reasons why a timeshare may be required:

#1. Large Families

Timeshares specify a specific period of time when family members from all around will gather in one location for a vacation.

#2. People who want a Luxury Vacation Property

Individuals looking for a luxury holiday property: Resort timeshares allow customers to pay only for the time they use the vacation property, not for the time it sits vacant.

#3. Travelers who have a Favorite Vacation Spot

A timeshare allows vacationers to return to the same location year after year, often for less than it would cost to book a hotel every time.

#4. Young Professionals with some Disposable Income

They are an excellent option for someone who has some extra money but not enough to invest in real estate.

#1. WorldMark The Club 

This pure points program functions more like a travel club than a timeshare program. WorldMark is one of the most popular top 10 timeshare companies in our system, with over 51,000 offers to buy WorldMark points through our platform. WorldMark is also part of Wyndham Destinations; therefore, it is technically owned by Wyndham, or more precisely, the Travel + Leisure corporation that owns all of Wyndham’s brands.

#2. Hilton Grand Vacations Sedona Summit

Arizona is well-known for its stunning red rock mountains and ultimate desert getaways. The Hilton Grand Vacations Sedona Summit is a sanctuary in the Arizona desert. This resort provides stunning vistas as well as a breathtaking stay. Indoor and outdoor amenities are available to fulfill every whim. We must not overlook the resort’s six hot tubs, which are ideal for maximum relaxation. Look no further for the ideal desert getaway!

#3. Sheraton Vacation Club 

Sheraton timeshare resorts remain popular, with Sheraton Vistana Resort in Orlando and Sheraton Broadway Plantation in Myrtle Beach at the top of the list. The Sheraton resorts have been part of the Vistana Signature Experiences portfolio (previously Starwood) for a few years now, and although being nominally under Marriott ownership, the Sheraton properties have kept their own design and capacity to exceed their owners’ expectations.

#4. Club Wyndham 

The Wyndham timeshare conglomerate owns 230 properties and serves almost 90,000 owners worldwide through five brands. Club Wyndham is also one of the most popular best 10 timeshare companies and the fleet’s flagship, with 100 properties in the United States and the Caribbean.
Wyndham can provide just about any vacation experience imaginable, from the jewel that is Orlando’s Wyndham Bonnet Creek resort to outstanding ski, beach, historic, family-friendly, and urban places.

#5. Marriott Vacation Club 

Marriott, a timeshare industry pioneer, has been involved in vacation ownership for nearly four decades. This timeshare resort is one of the top 10 most popular timeshare companies in the world, with over 60 resorts in the United States, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Marriott’s Grande Vista, Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas, and Marriott Aruba resorts continue to be popular.

#6. Grand Colorado On Peak 8

Luxurious skiing in the Rocky Rockies, rustic and cozy accommodations, and historic attractions—Grand Colorado on Peak 8 has it all. This is not only one of the nicest timeshares in the country, but it is also in a premier ski resort town. Breckenridge, Colorado, is also one of the top 10 most popular timeshare vacation companies. It is well-known for its snow-covered mountain peaks and as a wonderful outdoor activity destination.

#7. Somerpointe Resorts (Tahiti Village) 

Somerpointe is on the list mostly because of the Tahiti Village resort, which is located in Las Vegas rather than Tahiti. The resort is roughly two miles from The Strip and provides a fantastic escape from the activity, with pools, a restaurant, a bar, and the Mahana Spa to completely relax. Somerpointe Resorts operates 12 resorts, the majority of which are in Hawaii and Las Vegas.

#8. Capital Vacations 

Capital Vacations is a relative newcomer to the timeshare trade, having only been active since 2018, but the company is packed with experienced timeshare industry veterans that know how to produce a superb vacation experience. Having timeshare management experience dating back to 1979, the majority of the resorts in its system are former Defender Resorts and SPM Resorts, which were recently acquired by Capital.

#9. Vacation Village Resorts 

This is mostly due to the success of the fantastic Grandview at Las Vegas resort, but Vacation Village also manages resorts in Williamsburg, Orlando, the mountains of Virginia, and western Massachusetts. It is occasionally overlooked, yet it has over 40 resorts in its network and has been in operation for 40 years.

#10. Welk Resorts 

This becomes more important now that Marriott has acquired Welk. Lawrence Welk, the famed bandleader, founded the Welk hospitality business in 1964 with a motel and a nine-hole golf course in San Diego. Since then, the firm has been in the Welk family, with Welk turning his attention to timeshare in 1985 with the Welk Resorts name. The resorts are well-known for their high-quality accommodations and concentration on onsite activities like golf courses, spas, multiple swimming pools, recreation centers, restaurants, and live theater entertainment.

10 Worst Timeshare Companies in the World in 2023

#1. Timeshares By Owner

Timeshares by Owner is one of the top 10 worst timeshare companies. Reviews frequently point out that they utilize unethical tactics to defraud investors. They are well-known for assuring consumers that they will frequently have the opportunity to rent out the house, but few, if any, offers ever occur.

#2. VRBO

VRBO is said to have done many of the same things as Timeshares By Owner. They have a bad tendency of breaking commitments. Another common complaint made by VRBO is rude and unprofessional staff. Many allege that they overbook destinations and do not notify clients until it is too late to modify arrangements.

#3. Anantara Vacation Club

Anantara Vacation Club is Asia’s leading homeownership company. They deceive customers by failing to disclose that their initial access point will not allow them to explore certain vocational areas. They have a webpage that you can’t access unless they give you an email intentionally delaying communication with you. Several of the specifics they provide throughout their presentation will very certainly differ from the true ones.

#4. Disney Vacation Club

It has frequently been accused of being careless. Mrs. Klinger sued it in 2019 for creating slick sandcastle water slides at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. A comparable suit was just released in 2022. A woman claims she tripped over decaying wooden beams placed unevenly on a Disney Boardwalk pathway. Furthermore, the corporation became embroiled in a dispute with one of its timeshare owners, Validus, over fire code violations.

#5. Diamond Resorts

Diamond Resorts’ headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite hosting celebrities such as Brittany Lincicome, Brian Gay, and Reggie Jackson, the company has severe challenges with its client relationships. Diamond Resorts has been charged for breaking the Consumer Protection Act. The Arizona Attorney General sued it in 2016 and identified many concerns with its fillings.

#6. Shell Vacation Club

Shell Vacation Club offers over 24 desirable places in North America. When you sign a contract with them, there’s a good possibility they won’t tell you that you can cancel at any moment and still receive your money back. They impose a high annual renewal fee, which might be more expensive than purchasing a property. It has built its contracts such that even if you pass your timeshare on to future generations, they will still be obligated financially. Customers who want to reach them take their time in answering.

#7. Vida Vacations

Vida Vacations is a member-only timeshare that provides cutting-edge entertainment, the best leisure spots, and specialist travel services. If you meet one of their salespeople, don’t hurry into a deal without first researching the relevant customer experience. If you don’t, you’re about to make one of the worst financial decisions of your life. Consumers have complained that what they say in their presentation does not match what they say in the written agreement. Their salespeople have been labeled as con artists who will say anything to get you to buy from them.

#8. Bluegreen Corporation

The Bluegreen Corporation is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. The company has received numerous client complaints. If consumer complaints are to be believed, this is one of the most deceptive businesses ever. Customers have first accused it of imposing fixed prices and not allowing for price bargaining. Furthermore, to win customers in its schemes, the corporation employs high-pressure selling tactics. Bluegreen Corporation is so astute that it does not mention potential cost increases in the opening section. Yet, it clings to feeble foundations in order to present them at later levels of involvement.

#9. Westgate Resorts

Employees and timeshare owners have been accused of being mistreated by the corporation. Furthermore, it has been in constant conflict with the federal government. It has the distinction of being the most sued timeshare corporation. Dawn Myers, a former employee, accused the company’s founder, David Sigel, of beating her. The corporation was found guilty and fined $600,000 in punitive and general damages to the employee.

#10. Holiday Inn Club Vacations

If a comprehensive examination of customer feedback is to be believed, the corporation has been accused of lacking operational ethics. It is said that the majority of its staff do not have sufficient background screening. According to one user, the organization has engaged in all of the improper actions in the business world; the company begins with a positive image only to modify its methods in the future. Its timeshare owners have accused it of having a sloppy recruitment process in which applicants are hired on the spot. Holiday Inn Club has also been accused of providing incorrect training information and neglecting to notify its clients of changes in a timely manner.

Are Timeshares ever a Good Investment?

Timeshares are an excellent option for folks who like to vacation in the same location every year. Thus, ideally, this is a location you want to visit.

How much do Timeshares Usually Cost?

The average cost of a timeshare period, according to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), was $24,140.

What are Timeshares Called now?

Modern arrangements are rarely referred to as “timeshares,” but rather fractionals, condo hotels, condotels, private home clubs, destination clubs, or other similar names.

What is the Disadvantage of Timeshare?

The one disadvantage of a timeshare is cash flow. Timeshares do not appreciate value. It can be tough to resell. Special assessments and maintenance expenses.

To summarize

The list above is a true all-star lineup of the top 10 outstanding timeshares and bad timeshare companies to avoid. Someone can have memorable holidays with each of these groups while also having poor and regretful trips. As a result, it is advisable to conduct your own study before selecting one.

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