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CardMatch is a tool that provides you with a list of special credit card offers that you qualify for so that you can start earning points. Sounds familiar? Here’s everything you need to know about the CardMatch tool.

What is CardMatch?

CardMatch is a credit card pre-qualification tool offered by The application asks you to fill out a simple form, does a soft credit inquiry, and then delivers you a list of customized credit card offers. Pre-qualifying is not a guarantee that you’ll be approved for a card or special offer, and you still have to complete the regular credit card application process to find out.

Many similar tools exist — for example, Experian offers one called CreditMatch, and some credit card issuers have their own pre-qualification tools available on their website.

Why Use The CardMatch Tool?

The most compelling reason is to find special pre-qualified offers that are more valuable than the standard signup bonus.

The exact offer will be determined by your creditworthiness and the maximum reward CardMatch currently offers.

The American Express Platinum Card®

For the American Express Platinum Card, CardMatch usually has an above-average introductory offer.

For example, you may get 150,000 additional Membership Rewards after spending $6,000 in the first six months using CardMatch.

However, if you apply straight through American Express, you can only get 80,000 points with the same spending restrictions. In this case, applying through CardMatch entitles you to an additional 70,000 points worth $700 in travel rewards. 

Amex Gold CardMatch Offer

Instead of the standard 60,000 Membership Rewards bonus after spending $4,000 in the first six months, CardMatch may qualify you for up to 90,000 bonus points.

Other offers, depending on the time of year, may only be 75,000 or 80,000 bonus rewards points.

How To Use The CardMatch Tool

The CardMatch tool is simple to use and can provide you with credit card offers in minutes. All you have to do is complete a simple form and wait for your offers to appear.

CardMatch will request your full name, address, the last four digits of your Social Security Number, and your email address. It will also request information about your employment, income, and monthly housing payments. All of this data assists the tool in generating more customized credit card offers for you.

Pros And Cons Of The CardMatch Tool

Here are the pros and cons of using the CardMatch tool.


  • Quick and simple: You can view offers from many of the best credit card issuers within minutes. The results also show a diverse range of cash and travel rewards cards.
  • There will be no hard credit check: You’re only pre-qualifying for credit cards which only require a soft inquiry. Once you submit a formal application, the card issuer will still conduct a hard inquiry.
  • Targeted offers: CardMatch Special Offers can assist you in receiving a greater signup bonus with comparable spending requirements for eligible cards. American Express-issued credit cards tend to deliver the finest offers.
  • There will be no spam mail: Typically, a credit card finder sends multiple emails trying to encourage you to apply for a card. That’s not the case with CardMatch which protects your privacy and inbox.
  • All credit scores are eligible: You might receive tailored credit score offerings. It doesn’t matter if you have excellent credit (740+) or fair credit (600+). 


  • Prequalification only: You are simply prequalifying for offers via a third-party service. Your application may be rejected by the credit card company for a variety of reasons.
  • Not every bank participates: Today’s best credit card offers from many issuers are available, but some institutions do not participate. 
  • More options for people with excellent credit: Applicants with a credit score of at least 740 are more likely to receive multiple offers. Additionally, they might prequalify for more special offers worth more than the regular incentive.
  • The majority of offers correspond to the issuer’s website: Only a few credit card offers are better than applying directly from the website. Fortunately, receiving your proposals should take less than three minutes. So you’re not wasting much time if CardMatch doesn’t provide a better deal.

Does Using The CardMatch Tool Affect Your Credit Score?

The CardMatch Tool, according to, has no effect on your credit score because it employs a soft credit card check. In case you didn’t know, credit checks are classified into two types: soft and hard. A soft credit check, also known as a soft inquiry or soft pull, has no effect on the credit score. Investopedia explains that it occurs when you check your credit report, give a potential employer the authority to check your credit report, financial organizations you are in business with check your credit report, and credit card firms that want to send you pre-approved offers, look into your credit.

Hard pulls, on the other hand, can harm your credit score and remain on your credit report for several years. They occur when you apply for credit as a borrower by applying for a mortgage, credit card, loan, or other financial commitments that require you to make credit decisions. The negative effect results from the fact that credit bureaus automatically assume that if you need additional credit, the risk of you not repaying your existing debts is high therefore unless you desperately need the credit, you should not apply for it.

How Does the CardMatch Tool Help You Find the Best Deals?

As with any other product you purchase, you want to receive the best value for your money, so when you apply for a credit card, you hope to discover one that has your best interests at heart. With so many options available, can you rely on CardMatch Tool to match you with the card that gives the greatest deals?

Amex Platinum 100K Offer

Well, according to UponArriving, there are three ways you can acquire the Amex Platinum 100K offer and the CardMatch link comes up first on the list. The standard welcome bonus for Amex Platinum is 60,000 membership reward points if you spend $5,000 in the first three months of opening your account. The best part about the card is that if you want the 100K points, you won’t have to spend any more money because the spending requirement remains the same: $5,000 within the first three months of account opening.

Other features that will make you wish you had the card include a $200 airline credit and a $200 Uber credit, as well as 5X on airfare and 5X on hotels booked through the Amex Travel portal; such incentives are quite useful for frequent travelers. You will also find the priority pass access, and centurion lounges access for you and two of your guests rather nice, not forgetting the SPG Gold preferred status and rental vehicle status too.

Unfortunately, as revealed by View from the Wing, some users have difficulties locating the offer; as a result, few individuals take advantage of it. The confusion stems from the fact that you will not see the offer the first time you visit the site; instead, the “pre-qualified offers” will be presented. To see if you can get the offer, click the tab on the left side of the screen that says “CardMatch Special Offers,” and it will appear.

What happens if you don’t receive any offers?

Sometimes luck isn’t on your side, and you don’t get any offers after several attempts. The good news is that you should not stop using the CardMatch tool because it is free and has no effect on your credit score regardless of how many times you use it; thus, you can keep checking in and maybe one day you will get that offer you crave. Alternatively, if you are bent on getting this offer, even if the search does not link you up with the card using the CardMatch tool, you can try your luck using other methods such as opting in for targeted offers and using leaked application links.

Million Mile Secrets also suggests visiting your local bank branch to see if there are any special offers. According to the Points Guy, some banks, such as Chase Bank, provide unique sign-up bonuses to consumers who apply in person. Before you dismiss these alternatives, keep in mind that some are superior to what you can find on the CardMatch tool. For example, there was a 100,000-point in-branch offer for the Ink Business Preferred that was 20,000 points higher than the public offer and worth $250 more in travel.

How do You Obtain Specific Credit Card Offers?

While utilizing the CardMatch tool is an easy method to get the perfect credit card, there are instances when you have no choice but to seek elsewhere. After all, if you aren’t getting a match but need a credit card with the best offer, you need to be proactive, and outlines the following few tips to help you get those offers:

Maintain contact with your bank.

Staying in contact with your bank does not always imply phoning every day to see if there is an offer that would be of interest to you. You can do it from home by entering your account and looking for pre-approved offers, or by visiting the bank’s website. You might be wondering why they ask for your email or mailing address when you sign up for a credit score check, but it is through these personal details that the bank will keep you updated on whatever they are offering. If your email address does not receive an offer, it is time to phone or visit the nearest local branch, where you may be lucky enough to obtain an offer that was not publicly announced.

Maintain your income status.

Money is the language of business, therefore whenever you see a pop-up asking you to update your income status, it is in your best advantage to do so. It is similar to determining your ability to pay, and the more money you have, the more likely you are to honor your debts. As a result, if a bank believes your income situation has improved, you become a candidate for their targeted offers in the hope that you will spend more money, which is good business for them. Furthermore, the information will not only be used by banks; other companies looking for customers for their targeted offers may find you a suitable candidate.

Remain anonymous

The usual Google search may not give you the best results while looking for offers; therefore, you can switch to incognito mode, and your chances of landing an offer will increase. If you like, you may also invest in a VPN to not only encrypt your data but also to gain access to places that are banned owing to your location. For example, if an offer is only available to customers in a specific area and you happen to be in a different location, you can configure your VPN to appear to be in the desired region and take advantage of the targeted offers.

Other methods for receiving targeted credit card offers

CardMatch is undoubtedly worth a try for finding customized credit card offers, but it is not the only option. Here are a few more ways to get a bigger welcome bonus.

  • Check individual card issuer websites for pre-qualified offers
  • Use a different browser or private mode to access credit card websites and pre-qualification tools.
  • Call credit card companies or visit a branch to see if they will match a targeted offer that other individuals are receiving.
  • Sign up for mailers and emails from your favorite credit card companies.
  • Keep your income and other details on banking websites up to date.
  • When shopping online, pay alert because targeted offers may appear while you’re checking out.
  • Whether you’re looking for hotel points or airline miles, try making a reservation with the hotel or airline of your choice and seeing whether an offer appears when you check out.

Finally, if a credit card is likely to provide you with long-term value, it’s worth applying even if you can’t receive a targeted offer. Of course, it never hurts to try!

Is Using The Cardmatch Tool Safe?

The quick answer is yes. CardMatch is provided by, a prominent and well-known credit card comparison site.

Which Card Is Easiest to Get Approved For?

Because there is no credit check for new applications, the OpenSky® Plus Secured Visa® Credit Card is the easiest credit card to get approved for. 

In Conclusion,

CardMatch may be worth a try to see whether you qualify for tailored offers quickly. American Express cards, in particular, are the most likely to offer increased spending bonuses.

Aside from the offers, you can easily compare many of the best rewards credit cards, the best airline credit cards, the best hotel credit cards, and the best no-annual-fee credit cards to find your ideal opportunity. However, it’s vital to understand that CardMatch offers suggest strong approval odds but don’t guarantee final acceptance.

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