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In the world today, we have so many competitive markets with different and unique products. Having just a website without a good conversion rate is a total waste of time. Finding a way to develop conversions on your site is just never enough and a total waste of time. You need to be the best among others by standing out. If you are not happy with the current number you are getting then you need to improve to earn a better percentage of conversions on your website. There are so many website conversion goals you must note down to grow your site beyond just having a visitor without making many sales. In this piece, I shall be giving you every single detail about website conversions. Now, let us explore what website conversion means, examples, strategy, rate, and optimization.

What is Website Conversions?

A  website conversion is an action properly carried out on a website for you by a user. Every website is built to generate conversions. It is created for sharing a blog post and signing up for a newsletter. A website conversion is basically a specific and desired outcome carried out on a website by a user to generate a percentage and profit for the website owner.

Website Conversion Examples

Product managers, marketers, investors, etc all have one thing in common, a common goal and that’s conversion. There are different types and examples of website conversion based on a specific goal and we shall be talking about their functions: 

  • Downloading an App
  • Opting to push notifications 
  • Signing through a web form for a service
  • Subscribing on a blog for an email newsletter
  • Starting a free trial after giving details about yourself

Website Conversion Optimization

Now, your question should be, how do I get my website visitors to take the desired step and actions you want them to take? I am going to give you amazing tips and steps for website conversion optimization. Let us go.

#1.  Strategy:

in website conversion optimization you need a long-term or overall aim, a plan of action that will guild your tasks and help you utilize a good strategy. Website conversion optimization requires different rules and steps so, you need smart tactics that will help you get more hits. With good tactics you will get the relevant information about your visitors, what and when they do the things they do on your website.

#2. Make landing pages:

A good and comprehensive landing page must be mobile-responsive, with No navigation bar. It must have a simple page design and use images or videos with clear messages. Having this characteristic about a landing page in mind will make a great impact on your visitors using website conversion optimization.

Social proof:

in website conversion optimization adding social proof to your work reduces a whole lot of stress in persuading your visitors. There are easy ways to use social proof in website conversion optimization and there are:

  • Number of goods purchased.
  • The total number of goods remaining.
  • Online ratings.
  • Online review.

Best practices for website conversion optimization

These are the best practices for website conversion optimization and it also serves as a good strategy for getting a good rate on your website, there are:

  • Use a strong and good color for all CTA.
  • Make sure to display testimonials.
  • Make sure to also place CTAs above the fold.

Website Conversion Rate

Website conversion rate is the total percentage of your visitors that take a specific or desired action on your site. It is also the percentage earned when a visitor completes a task or buys something on the site. Calculating Website conversion rates is easy and simple so long as you know the conversion of your site.

A website conversion rate can be calculated by dividing the number of conversions of website sessions to get your own Website conversion rate. The number of people that carries out the expected action is the rate of the conversion of your website.

How to Calculate Website Conversion Rate

To calculate your website conversion rate, divide the total number of your conversions by the total number of potential customers, then multiply by hundreds to a percentage.

Website Conversion Strategy

Your site is the first point of contact between you and a customer, therefore, make sure it is easy to navigate. There are smart and wise strategies you must have in mind. A good strategy for your conversion will enable you to build your website. I shall be taking them one after the other for a better understanding.

Make sure your website is properly optimized for conversions, this serves as a good strategy. Your copy must be concise and clear to enhance usability. How fast and quickly do pages load? Make sure to personalize the user experience for every potential customer on your site.

Make sure to segment your email list. A website conversion strategy will enable you to send relevant messages that will lead to important conversions. Segmenting your email list also helps your customers not get tired of whatever message you are passing to them and helps to target useful messages.

Website Conversion Strategy For Small Businesses

to increase and expand your small business then you must make good use of this website conversion strategy and there are:

  • increase your product sales.
  • Track user activities, this will enable you to send future ads to your visitors based on how they interact with your website.
  • Increase customers lead.

How to get Website Conversion?

There are several ways to get a website conversion but the most crucial ones are:

  • You must get a Google Ads account. Sign up and then get started in other to promote your website online with Google Ads. Find out how to get visitors and clients that are more interested and Important. Use Google Ads and pay only for the clicks you receive. You must ensure to do more with your Ads and discover more additional tools. 
  • Get Traffic on your website. Make sure you target the correct keywords and keyword phrases, and make sure to expand beyond single or ordinary words.

What are the Examples of Conversion for a Media Website

There are different unique and magnificent examples of website conversion. But, I shall be talking about just two of them. 

#1.Mobile Apps;

These are software applications installed on mobile phones. This application helps you in carving out your day-to-day activities. It also enables you to meet people from different locations and around the world.

#2. Digital Photos:

Digital photography is one of the examples of conversion for a media website. It is the use of cameras to produce images. These images are stored as a computer file for further digital processing, printing, electronic publishing, and digital viewing. 

What is Website Conversion vs Traffic

Website conversion is a task or a desired action carried out by a user on your website. While website traffic is the total number of visitors to your site. No one is more important than the other, you can make use of both of them depending on what you want and how far you can go with both. It is a smart strategy to use both

Sometimes you want to know which one develops or generates more revenue and income, this is what every business personnel put into consideration. Both are crucial and very important. Now, we shall be looking at how and why website traffic is important, although not all traffic is good.

  • Website traffic helps you in increasing the rate or percentage of your conversion.
  • It helps you sell more products or services to not just visitors but to potential customers. Although, your business doesn’t only need website traffic to be well established. It plays a very big role in your pathway to success that’s why you need to improve the quality of your traffic. Focus more energy on creating a more refined and strong bond with your customers and not visitors who make no sales.
  • It helps you have a comprehensive understanding of if your business strategy is a success or a big failure.

What are the 4 Types of Conversion? 

#1.Direct conversion:

This is when a company or business personnel stops using the old system and adapts to using the new system for a specified period of time. Using these new systems can be stressful and draining sometimes because the fact that they are new doesn’t determine whether you won’t face challenges or not.

#2. Phase in conversion

 This helps to ensure that the whole process is not disturbed, and it also reduces the risk of direct is used when a company implements a system of different sizes. 

#3. Pilot conversion

Helps the company to comprehend the problem or issues that are applicable or may occur with a new system.

It is using a system in a test environment for a particular period of time to on all the bugs.

#4. Parallel conversions

It is an approach that is less risky than other approaches. It relies on both the old and the new system of conversion. Parallel conversion is when a step or process is run on the old and the new system for a particular period of time. Different companies use this type of conversion because It gives access to both the new and the old system thereby making work easy and faster. 

How do I Start Conversion?

Conversion is a process with guidelines. There are so many ways of starting a conversion, however, there are the most important and desired ones:

  • Awareness: First and foremost you must start by letting your customers know about your product, and what they do. Be specific with what your products do. Giving a description of the product you sell creates in the minds of your customers what content to expect from you.
  • Introduce yourself: Introducing yourself is the best way to show your visitors how interested you are in meeting them, the feedback to expect, and what not to expect from you.
  • Show genuine interest. Passion for what you do as a person will get people not just talking about you but will also help you learn new ideals. 

What is Website Conversion Tool

A website conversion tool is used for data collection and for relevant information about a website, and visitors, and it also gives vivid details to the owners of the website of how many customers visited their site, their potential customers, and changes to increase conversion percentage. 

What makes your Website high Converting 

Make a proper investigation into how people interact with your site: It is impossible to track the growth and improvement of the percentage of your conversion if you don’t have an idea of how people interact on your site. Overall, you should be able to have an idea of when and why people are not converting to your site. There are so many factors that make your website highly converting and interesting and there are:

#1. Engaging content

You need highly engaging content to increase your conversion rate and keep your visitors always coming to your site. The best way to engage with your potential visitors is to give them authentic content. Give them life or personal stories, especially when it gives a better explanation of how your service or your product helped someone get better or changed their lives.

To engage your audience with more enlightening content then you must have to make your message and the functions you want them to carry out clear. It helps you optimize your business goal effectively. Helps you gain more frequent and potential visitors, make them more loyal to visiting your website, share your content, and do even more. 

To engage your audience with your content, you must get the knowledge and the understanding of which format fits per time. Make sure your headings indicate what you are going to write about. To catch the attention of your audience, you must have an interesting headline about what you are going to talk about. Basically, asking questions in your headline is good but, hitting the main point is one of the best ways to grow. Having an effective headline will significantly increase your conversion percentage. 

#2. Visuals that actually build trust

Using people’s photos and images helps you earn more trust and loyalty from your visitors easily.

#3. Live chat 

Having a live chat is such a huge advantage and a very crucial element of any website. It’s literally a big necessity because it actually helps your site grow. Overall, having a person who can attend to customers’ messages or bots that are always there to answer customer questions is what you need if you must progress with this element because a lot of people will be so curious about your working hours, or really want to know more about a specific product.

Also, being there whenever your customer needs you is a plus that will make your site grow faster because you are always there to guild them and give a more comprehensive answer to their questions.

 #4.  An image of the product you sell and good descriptions;

Imagine your visitors visited your website to buy a car and then saw something that is not in any way related to a car, maybe you saw shoes or something different, believe me, they will take you for granted or say you don’t know what you are doing, the next thing they will do is to look for a website where they can get what they want. 

To get a high-converting website, you must be very specific about the product you sell, what it does, and a good description of it. Also, ensure you give a quality image or photo of your product to enable your customers to get a clearer view of what they are buying.


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