TELEGRAM BOTS: 20+ Best Telegram Bots to Save You Time & Benefits

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Since Facebook is frequently in the headlines for its security issues, Telegram has become increasingly popular as an alternative messaging platform. There are currently 550 million users across the globe, and that number is steadily rising. Users can look up accounts, for example, by using the search bar in the “Discovery” tab. This facilitates the discovery of accounts, public communities, and channels. Not only is Telegram a convenient addition to the chat platform, but they also help ensure users’ privacy and security. Read on to learn how to create a telegram bot using Python. We also explained what telegram bots API is all about. Why not dive in to grab the full information?

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging service hosted in the cloud that supports the transfer of not just text but also media files like photos and videos. Telegram is mobile-friendly since its data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. The software is somewhat similar to WhatsApp but with some added capabilities. And with these additions, it has become the most formidable rival to WhatsApp.

What Are Telegram Bots?

Telegram bots are tiny, self-contained, server-side applications that can be added to existing Telegram channels or conversations to automate interactions between users. Bots are entertaining and useful because of how much they can accomplish. For instance, if you want to know what’s hot throughout the world right now, you may turn to a Telegram bot for that information. One of them will promptly provide you with cat memes. Unlike channels, bots on Telegram can be programmed to do a wide variety of automated tasks.

Best Telegram Bots

The following are some of the available telegram bots:

#1. GameBot

To locate the bot, type @gamebot into the search bar of your Telegram app. This is a basic Telegram bot that can be used to play games in the messaging app with your pals. The bot can be activated in the same way as before by selecting “Play With Friends” after it has been started. It will prompt you to select the desired contact to play with.

If you tap on a contact, you’ll be prompted to select a game. It’s impossible to be bored with Gamebot as your telegram bot companion. Holding out for a friend to log on? Get some games going and have some fun with your free time.

#2. Botfather 

When you use Telegram, you can access The Botfather, an official bot created by Telegram. Users can tailor-make their own Telegram bots with this tool. As a result, the Botfather serves as the exclusive starting point for the majority of platform-based bots.

#3. Feed Reader Bot

The Feed Reader Bot monitors user-specified URLs (including those of websites, blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, and Twitter accounts) and sends alerts whenever new content is posted. Telegram groups and channels are also supported by the bot. Using OPML files, you can import even your most recent RSS subscriptions. Every time one of the sites you’ve subscribed to updates, you’ll get a message in your Telegram inbox. 

#4. Airtrack

Once a daunting task, securing low-priced airline tickets is now a breeze. AirTrack is a convenient tool for frequent fliers who are interested in saving money by keeping tabs on the cost of their preferred airline and flight.

#5. Skeddy

This is for you if you tend to forget things frequently. Skeddy is an automated reminder service that sends you text messages. You may set up reminders by sending a text message to this straightforward bot. Automation is fantastic, isn’t it? We really like how this program can complete incredible jobs by itself.

It will let you know via Telegram when your reminder is due. In order to remind you of the exact time, the bot will first prompt you to set the Time Zone after you launch it. You can also set timers and send notifications to remind people.

#6. Eddy Travels Bot

When planning a trip, this bot can help customers get the best deals on lodging and transportation. The information is fetched in real-time by the bot, which is powered by Skyscanner. This can help you save time because you won’t have to enter your search terms manually. To use the bot, just press its onboard buttons.

If you type “/places” into the chat box, the bot will help you find the best places to visit. It can even use Google Maps to look for these places and take the user there.

#7. File to Bot

File to Bot is a cloud-based service that provides infinite space for consumers to save their files. Attachments sent during the conversation will be automatically organized into the appropriate folders. It allowed users to quickly and easily see and download any uploaded files. The Telegram bot accepts any and all file types without size restrictions.

It is also possible to share a file with others by providing a download link to it. Anyone in possession of the download link could do so from any location.

#8. Storebot

This Telegram bot will assist you in locating other bots. Top charts, searches, and categorizations of bots all provide useful information.

#9. IMDB Bot

The IMDb bot will access online movie databases and provide information about the film’s cast, crew, plot, trailers, reviews, and more. This is a great telegram bot for you if you enjoy learning about new television shows and films.

#10. IFTTT Bot

If this, then that; that’s what IFTTT stands for. This Telegram bot is an IFTTT API plugin that may be used to automate the transmission of messages, files, and media at certain times. If you’re looking for a telegram bot that can handle multiple tasks or automate a few processes, consider this one.

#11. Get Media Bot

Music, videos, audiobooks, and more can all be found and downloaded with the help of Get Media Bot. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, and many others are just some of the sites that work.

#12. Combot 

The bot has many uses, including moderation, analytics, and spam protection. It’s completely free for smaller Telegram groups and aids moderators much in their jobs.

Large-group moderators tend to favor Combot. A lot of the burden of moderating, explaining rules, eliminating spam, and other administrative tasks is lifted. Companies with more than 2,500 members can subscribe to the bot for a monthly fee.

#13. Sticker Download Bot

Sending stickers is a feature that’s been adopted by nearly every messaging app. Stickers are also available on Telegram, although they can only be used within the app. Stickers from Telegram could be utilized in other messaging apps with the help of the Sticker Download Bot. Simply email the sticker you want the bot to work with in PNG, JPEG, or WEBP format.

These formats could be implemented in the form of stickers in programs like WhatsApp. If you send a bundle of stickers, it will return the formats in a Zip file that can be imported into WhatsApp without any additional conversion.

#14. OpenMember Telegram Bot

The OpenMember bot makes it easy to collect subscription payments for Telegram channels and groups. OpenMember is a bot and web dashboard that allows you to charge users on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or one-time basis for access. To get started with OpenMember, just sign up for an account and read the brief introduction.

Some of OpenMember’s best qualities are as follows:

  • You may set your own prices and bill your customers whenever you want in any currency.
  • invitations are sent out automatically upon subscription and removed when payment is missed.
  • An online control panel through which you may monitor subscriber growth, income, and turnover.
  • Make as many paid channels or communities as you like, accessible via subscription.

#15. NewsBot

Yes, you guessed correctly; the freshest news from around the world is brought to you by the greatest telegram bots. Don’t worry; you won’t receive any additional updates. If a user specifies a preference for a certain category of news, the app will only show him or her stories from that category.

When you press the /start button, it updates itself with the most recent information available online. Clicking the Read More link will take you to the original news outlet for the complete story.

#16. New File Converter Telegram Bot

As its name suggests, this bot facilitates the conversion of files between various formats. This bot can handle several file formats, including pictures, music, and video. Images can be transformed from jpeg to png, text documents to pdf, and so forth.

#17. DropMail Bot

It is common practice for websites to request email addresses from frequent users. They are now openly spamming your inbox with advertisements. The problem can be solved quickly by getting a temporary email address for the service in question. The drop mail bot offers a free temporary email address without putting your primary account at risk. You may find the verification link for your email address within the bot if a service ever asks you to verify it.

#18. Babelgram Bot

Talking to someone whose native language is not your own? Using Babelgram, you wouldn’t have to manually copy and paste translated text fragments. Babelgram is a tool that can translate text messages in real-time as you type them to another person.

You can choose the target language and translate the text as you type with the inline feature. Your message will be sent in the target language after the system has completed the remaining steps.

#19. Spotify Downloader Bot

Do you want to save a playlist or album you found on Spotify? This Telegram bot gives you access to Spotify’s search, play, and download functions. After activating the bot and joining the developer’s channel, all you have to do to find the song you want is copy the URL or perform a search. In only a few seconds, the bot will give you the option to download the song for later, commercial-free listening.

#20.  GitHub Release Bot

Perfect for all you programmers out there, small Telegram bots. Once the bot is activated, you can use it to track any repository on GitHub. After that, you’ll receive updates whenever that source sees a new release.

More than one repository can be followed at the same time. The Owner/Repository name is all that is required for communication. Prepare to receive all the newest programming from that source.

How to Create a Telegram Bot Using Python

Thinking of how to create a telegram bot using Python? Worry not! The following are the steps to create a telegram bot using Python:

  1. Open the telegram app and search for BotFather
  2. Send start command to start and associate the account with yours
  3. Send help command to show the help
  4. Send newbot command and follow the instruction
  5. Send mybots command to list your bot, select the desired bot

Telegram Bots API

You can create your own unique Telegram client by using Telegram bots API. Any programmer who wants to develop a Telegram app can do so without any restrictions. You can learn a lot by looking at the source code of already existing Telegram apps. Don’t leave it until the last minute to submit your application!

The Telegram Bot API has many potential applications, including but not limited to video and image editing and notification management. Besides these examples, Telegram Bots API might be used to create interactive games or deliver customized news updates.

Telegram Bots API also facilitates the development of bots that can easily communicate with and be incorporated into third-party APIs. To be notified when a build has failed or succeeded, you may, for instance, implement a system that uses the Telegram Bot API to make a request to the GitHub Actions API.

How to Use the Telegram Bots API

The following are ways to use the Telegram bots API:

  1. Install the Python library.
  2. Get the Telegram bot API token.
  3. Build the Telegram bot.

How to Join the Best Telegram Bots?

There is a special username for each bot on Telegram that people can use to join. You can easily find the helpful bot by searching for any username within the app. You can initiate communication with the bot by tapping its icon. Furthermore, you can begin interacting by hitting the /start button. There are a wide variety of bots, each with its own set of capabilities and options. Click the button that best describes your situation and fill in the blanks as directed. Automated bots can do tasks like searching for music or converting media files automatically.

Why Must Businesses Opt For Telegram Bots?

The following are reasons why businesses should opt for telegram bots:

#1. It’s Completely Free

Since Telegram is a freely available open-source platform, its API and source code can be accessed and modified by anyone. As a result, there’s no cost associated with making a chatbot. Telegram provides free bot builders that may be used to make and launch bots. Using the platform’s free tools, Telegram bots can help you and your business reach a wider audience and attract new customers.

#2. Improved Participation

If a significant portion of your clientele already uses Telegram, a bot built specifically for the platform might be a fantastic tool for communication. Users of Telegram bots can have quite interesting conversations with the bots. Telegram bots can utilize animated emojis, stickers, and gifs. Some companies need customer help outside of normal business hours, so they set up a Telegram chatbot or hire extra people to answer client questions as fast as possible. This can help businesses keep their customers more invested in them.

 #3. Safety

 Many people feel uneasy when their personal information is being collected by a Telegram bot in order to provide the most relevant response. Telegram, on the other hand, is an exceptionally safe app because of its built-in data encryption, security features, and privacy protections. Telegram bots are no different; all communications between the user and the bot are encrypted end-to-end. When using the pair-to-pair security protocol, only the sender and the recipient have access to the messages. These include the user and the bot itself, in the case of a Telegram application.

 #4. Availability

The Telegram messaging app is cross-platform, with versions for Android, iOS, and Windows phones, as well as desktop versions for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. It also has a web-based version, so you can reach a wider audience of potential customers. Since the Telegram bot is not a living, breathing human being, it is unconstrained in any way by things like sleep schedules, human mistakes, message delays, etc. That means your business never stops running. Because of these advantages, using a Telegram bot can help you achieve a higher rate of conversion.

Where Do I Find Telegram Bots?

Click the Telegram Search button and enter the bot’s name to locate it quickly. Bot developers typically provide an overview of their software and explain how it operates.

Are Telegram Bots Safe?

Telegram stores its users’ encrypted messages and bot data in the cloud. Logged-in users may access all of their settings from any device, anywhere, therefore, an external backup of the Telegram data isn’t really necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Telegram Bots?

Automated customer support, notification, and information dissemination are just some of the many uses for Telegram Bots. There are several ways in which Telegram Bots might be useful to businesses. They can be employed in various customer service capacities, such as responding to inquiries and offering guidance.

Final Thoughts

The concept is quite similar to that of YouTube channels, where viewers can subscribe to receive updates on a regular basis. Similarly, anyone may start a Telegram channel and communicate with its members via a global broadcast.

Telegram bots are backend, written programs that may be used by any user to automate tasks. For instance, if you want instant access to the world’s most up-to-date trending news, you may use a Telegram bot to get it for you. Telegram bots are distinct from channels, and they perform a variety of automated tasks.


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