IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Definitions, Best and Free Identity & Access Tools

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Authentication checks at the beginning of each session are conducted by identity and access management software, which plays a crucial role in the security infrastructure of a business. Enterprises can better govern who has access to what is on their networks with the help of IAM solutions. Choosing the appropriate IAM tool is a crucial first step for businesses looking to restrict access to applications, especially those housing sensitive data. By using IAM, firms can track who has access to sensitive information. To avoid penalties and demonstrate compliance with rules, businesses must often demonstrate that they know who has access to what data. In this article, we will talk about the best identity access management tools for Gartner AWS IAM users.

Identity & Access Management Tools

Who has access to what digital resources are defined and maintained by a set of policies, tools, and apps known as identity and access management (IAM)? This also includes the ability to access the company’s code repositories, continuous integration, and delivery pipelines, internal and external wikis, PaaS, internal networks, logging, and even Slack, as part of DevSecOps. Almost all of the resources you and your business utilize must be accessible to those who truly need them.

IAM seeks to guarantee that the appropriate set of credentials is utilized and that the appropriate individuals are doing so. You can no longer be assured of who accessed what if credentials are stolen or even just casually distributed. You should feel certain that only the designated access persons have access thanks to your IAM strategy and execution. And for that, you require the proper equipment.

Identity Access Management Tools List

Here are the few mentioned list of identity access management tools.

  • Auto
  • SpectralOps
  • AWS Identity & Access Management
  • OneLogin
  • Okta

Best Identity Access Management Tools

We’ve identified the top 11 industry leaders in the identity and access management sector to help you focus your search for the best IAM solution for your needs.

#1. Auth0

One of the top cloud authentication services in the globe is Auth0. It offers developers working on your web application a simple out-of-the-box experience for setting up authentication. For managing users, SSO integration, multi-factor authentication, other security measures, and applications, Auth0 also provides a feature-rich dashboard.

#2. SpectralOps 

We believe that Spectral complements IAM in a very important way, even though it is not exactly an IAM solution. Either manually or electronically can be allowed entry. Typically, programmatic access is granted using “Secrets” and “Keys,” which can be improperly maintained. Despite your company’s excellent security culture, mistakes are still made by people. When it comes to cybersecurity, even the smallest error could expose an apparently harmless secret and eventually lead to full access.

#3. AWS Identity & Access Management

AWS is the industry leader in everything cloud-related, and they also rank well in the security and IAM fields. Organizations frequently select AWS because doing so gives them the security of working with a market leader. AWS has cloud solutions for every requirement, but they are complicated and have a long learning curve. To utilize AWS to its maximum potential, your security staff will need to be well-versed in the field of policy administration.


You obviously already know that IBM is a champion in ai technologies, but they utilize it for more than just teaching chess computers. Excellent addition to an IAM is IBM Security MaaS360® with WatsonTM, a ground-breaking AI solution for endpoint security management. But IBM does more than that.

When you choose IBM for your IAM solution, you also benefit from their experience with complex computing initiatives. Large complex organizations tend to have a variety of potential difficulties, many of which are addressed by IBM. IBM can assist you in identifying and resolving issues if you are aware that your company has a problem but are unsure of what it is.

#5. OneLogin

A system called OneLogin enables SSO (Single Sign-On) when using external SaaS and interfaces with any applications you may have using an accessible and well-documented API. With AWS, SalesForce, and many other platforms and services, it can be integrated quickly. Although this tool is more user-friendly, it might not have all the features that more all-inclusive IAM applications provide.

#6. Okta

Okta is a workforce management solution and a tool for developing applications that require authenticating users on the back end. This adaptable system also seeks to serve as a one-stop shop for all IAM requirements. At the moment, Okta’s lack of passwordless options forces users to frequently change their passwords. Users have also reported some technical difficulties with logins.

Identity Access Management Tools Gartner

Below is the list of the identity access management tools by Gartner:

#1. Okta

Okta is an identity and access management (IAM) technology built for enterprises of all sizes to ensure safe remote work, facilitate cloud migration, and facilitate cooperation with external partners. The 2021 Magic Quadrant tools for Access and Identity Management by Gartner positioned Okta as a Leader. The authentication process is also streamlined with Okta’s single sign-on. After signing in, users can access any corporate software connected to Okta from the tool’s dashboard without needing to sign into each individual app individually.

#2. OneLogin

Access to both cloud and on-premises apps is possible with OneLogin’s unified access control platform, eliminating the need for multiple directory solutions. In the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant tools for Access and Identity Management, OneLogin was placed as a Leader.

By granting and revoking permissions based on user roles and departments, automated user provisioning lowers the need for manual management. If a company wants to try out potential configuration changes before committing to them, they can use the OneLogin Sandbox.

#3. Ping Identity 

Ping Identity provides single sign-on (SSO), identity verification (ID), and risk management (RM) for enterprises and their clients. This Identity is a Leader in the Access & Identity Management Magic Quadrant tools published by Gartner in 2021. Ping is compatible with a wide range of business software, such as Slack, Zoom, Atlassian, and Google Workspace.

#4. Auth0

Okta owns the Auth0 secure access platform. Although both systems are developed and sold by the same company, they serve different purposes. In the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management, Auth0 was recognized as a Leader (entered separately from Okta). Access management, authentication, security, extensibility, and user management are just some of the items available to enterprises on the platform.

User Access Management Tools

Identity and access management (IAM) is a user collection tools of administrative procedures, legal guidelines, and technological solutions that provide users access to only the information they require to perform their jobs. By verifying the user’s credentials, such as a username and password together with a text or email response or a fingerprint, the IAM framework ensures the user has permission to access confidential corporate information and internal resources.

The finest Identity Access Management tools must be able to assist with user identification, authentication, and authorization. An authorized user needs access to computers, software programs, and corporate IT resources in order to carry out a specific set of duties that are determined by their access level. Here are a few of the best Identity Access Management tools solutions for managing and keeping an eye on the authentication procedure in order to allow authorized access to network resources and data.

#1. Auth0

As hinted by the name, Auth0 authorizes users to access requested IT resources or data by verifying their identity. For companies with a large number of clients needing extranet access, Auth0 offers a customer identity and access management (CIAM) capability. With a simple MFA and seamless customer login, the CIAM product safeguards both customer identities and the extranet against illegal access.

#2. Entrust

Entrust is a cloud-based identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) IAM that offers safe access to the hardware, software, and other resources required by various enterprises in specialized industries. On the Entrust website, persons and computers are also advertised as having solid identities, safe payments are made using verified financial information, and trusted infrastructure is created utilizing encryption, PKI, and security management technology. Point-and-click provisioning with out-of-the-box integration that can be used with on-premises or cloud applications is available with the vendor’s solution. It takes less than an hour to deploy Entrust IDaaS and get it up and running.

#3. PAM Heimdal

The PAM solution promoted by Heimdal offers system administrators total control and insight into users’ access permissions. Administrators, for instance, can actively reject escalation requests in near real-time or evaluate user requests, verify history requests, block account elevations, and so on. Additionally, Heimdal offers a PAM solution with zero-trust execution that, in the event of threat detection, can automatically de-escalate user rights and eliminate any potential insider danger.

#4. Ping Identity

Ping Identity is a user access management tools that offer them a streamlined experience while assisting businesses in safeguarding their users and every digital connection. With the use of ping’s identity solutions or a third-party service, the vendor’s product delivers a PingOne cloud platform that quickly and securely connects users to any IT system. Also, Ping Identity uses a trust-but-verify strategy to assist enterprise organizations in achieving a zero-trust identity. Additionally, it uses biometrics like fingerprints or facial recognition for password-free authentication.

#5. Solarwinds Access Rights Manager

Administrators may easily provision, de-provision, manage, and audit users’ access rights to the IT network with Solarwinds Access Rights Manager. The main capabilities of Solarwinds management are the identification of high-risk access and taking action to reduce any possible harm, the reduction of insider threat, the speedy identification of user access rights, and the assurance that compliance is valid after detecting modifications. It swiftly produces reports that demonstrate compliance with all necessary criteria and adheres to established security policies by using role-specific templates.

#6. SecureOne

A just-in-time system is used to accurately allocate, continuously monitor, and inventory privileged access in Remediant’s SecureONE. SecureONE also emphasizes privileged access management, which is constantly watched to disable always-on privilege account access when privilege accounts are not required and to enable those rights again when necessary. As among the best access management tools, SecureONE is a good user recommendation.

#7. Twingate

Twingate promotes a zero-trust solution designed for usage by developers, DevOps, IT teams, and end users that continuously verifies network access for users, data, and IT resources. This significantly reduces remote cybersecurity dangers, replacing commercial VPNs and enhancing the idea of remote work. Also, Twingate can be set up on local servers or in the cloud.

AWS Iam Tools

You may securely manage access to AWS resources with the aid of the web service known as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM allows you to manage who has access to resources and who is authenticated (signed in) and authorized (has permissions). When you open an AWS account, you start with a single sign-in identity that has full access to all the account’s resources and AWS services. However, using the email address and password you used to create the account, you can log in as the AWS account root user to access this identity. We highly advise against using the root user for routine operations. Use your root user credentials responsibly and only for things that only the root user is capable of performing.

#1. Microsoft Azure Active Directory

A wide range of non-Microsoft SaaS applications as well as Microsoft online services like Office 365 may be accessed securely with the help of Azure Active Directory, a comprehensive identity, and access management cloud solution.

#2. Oracle Identity Management

Oracle Identity Management gives businesses the ability to efficiently manage user identities from creation to termination across all enterprise resources, inside and outside of the firewall, and in the cloud. Scalable solutions for identity governance, access management, and directory services are provided by the Oracle Identity Management platform.

#3. JumpCloud

The directory is reenvisioned by the JumpCloud Directory Platform as a full-featured platform for managing identities, access, and devices.

#4. Auth0

To provide single sign-on and user management for any application, API, or IoT device, Auth0 is a cloud service that offers a collection of unified APIs and tools. It supports connections to any identity provider, including social, enterprise, and bespoke username/password databases.

#5. ForgeRock

Users can use online identities to increase revenue, expand their reach, and introduce new business models, and ForgeRock offers an identity platform to assist international brands, enterprises, and governmental organizations in developing secure, customer-facing relationships across any app, device, or thing.

#6. Google Cloud Identity & Access Management (IAM)

With built-in auditing to simplify compliance procedures, Google Cloud Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a software that enables administrators to control who has access to what resources. It gives administrators full control and visibility to manage cloud resources centrally. It was developed for enterprises with complex organizational structures, hundreds of workgroups, and potentially many more projects.

What is an identity and access management tool?

IAM, or identity and access management, is a framework of business procedures, laws, and technological advancements that makes it easier to manage digital or electronic identities.

Which tools can be used to manage identities in IAM?

Best identity management and identity access management tools:

  • Centrify.
  • CyberArk Privileged Account Security.
  • Okta.
  • OneLogin
  • RSA SEcurID
  • SailPoint.

What is an access management tool?

Managing users’ identities and the resources to which they have access is the primary goal of Identity and Access Management (IAM) software (authentication and authorization). The purpose of identity and access management tools is to simplify the process of managing user accounts and permissions. An IAM solution will often allow you to define a policy.

What are the four components of an identity and access management system?

Identity and Access Management’s Four Fundamentals:

  • Privileged Account Management (PAM)
  • Identity Administration.
  • User Activity Monitoring (UAM)
  • Access Governance.

What is the best IAM tool?

We have compiled a list of the top IAM tools, which includes:

  • SolarWinds Access Rights Manager
  • ManageEngine ADManager Plus 
  • ManageEngine ADAudit Plus
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Oracle Identity Cloud Service
  • SailPoint IdentityIQ
  • IBM Security Identity and Access Assurance
  • Ping Identity

Is CyberArk an IAM tool?

CyberArk is an IT firm that offers identity and access management (IAM), personal and device (PAM), and security products and services. These tools safeguard critical infrastructure against intrusion, centralize password management, and monitor the handling of secret information.

What Is Iam and Pam Tools?

Both identity access management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM) are widely used to keep sensitive data safe while still allowing users to log in from any computer or mobile device.

What Is Access Management Tool?

To prevent sensitive information from being lost or compromised, businesses can implement an access management system to control who has access to what parts of the network and what services are available to employees.

Is Cyberark a PIM or PAM?

The PIM Suite from Cyber-Ark is a full life cycle solution for managing privileged accounts, users, sessions, and embedded passwords in programs and scripts for an enterprise.

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