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Looking for an alternative to OneHub? See Which Content Sharing and Editing Programs Are Customers that used OneHub took it into account as well. Solutions are compared in terms of evaluation and contracting, integration and deployment, service and support, and individual product capabilities. Read this article to learn of notable Onehub competitors and how each of them work.

What is Onehub?

Onehub is an enterprise-grade cloud service for storing and sharing files safely. Users may stay on top of their game in terms of organization even as they have access to their files from any location thanks to safe online document sharing and collaboration.

Best Onehub Competitors

Examine the competitors’ options to OneHub that your company or organization has below. In 2023, SourceForge compiled a list of the top alternatives to Onehub. You may make a well-informed choice for your company by comparing Onehub to its competitors and alternatives in terms of their features, ratings, user reviews, pricing, and more.

#1. GreenOrbit

We have over 25 years of expertise and know how frustrating it is for leaders to deal with solutions that are both complex and costly. Our ready-to-use software simplifies and standardizes essential operations within your company.

  • Your employees will have access to all the social and collaborative tools they need, without having to waste time switching between different platforms, thanks to a GreenOrbit intranet.
  • Give your hybrid and remote staff a means of fostering unity and promoting company culture through the use of technology.
  • Provide a safe, scalable, and trustworthy cloud-based platform; however, GreenOrbit can also be used on-premise.
  • Save time and effort searching for and discovering useful information and resources by making them easily accessible in one place.

#2. Datasite Diligence

Datasite diligence among other Onehub competitors is the industry standard for sell-side due diligence. Here, uncompromised safety and effortless teamwork coexist. Take advantage of our expertise, insight, and tried-and-true methods.

Don’t be afraid to go headfirst into research and investigation. Our set of M&A tools was developed specifically for real-world problems, saving you precious weeks of time. Everything is straightforward, and you can rest assured that no part of the process will hold you up.

Enjoy safe and easy teamwork with the help of intelligent document management, in-built trackers, and fine-grained permissions. Use our mobile app to get Onehub work done on the go. A question-and-answer hub with real-time statistics can help keep a deal on track. Get deals done more quickly and move on to the next one.

#3. Axero

As an intranet and employee experience platform, Axero one of the major Onehub competitors has won numerous accolades. Hundreds of businesses worldwide rely on Axero for all their internal communications, teamwork, task management, content organization, and culture-building needs. Antiquated intranets and document dumping sites that are hard to upgrade should go. With our consolidated suite, it’s simpler than ever to introduce cutting-edge intranets, employee hubs, enterprise portals, and other similar platforms.

The service we provide to our customers is unparalleled. Your satisfaction is the driving force behind our daily efforts. We are exceeding our customers’ expectations by consistently delivering exceptional service. When it comes to intranets, digital workplaces, and customer service, Axero has been at the forefront of innovation ever since our inception.

#4. Ansarada

SaaS provider Ansarada offers cutting-edge Virtual Data Rooms and other dealmaking solutions powered by artificial intelligence. Workflows and procedures designed specifically for mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, corporate audits, tenders, and other high-stakes outcomes are included in these solutions.

Ansarada among other Onehub competitors stands out from other VDR services by providing a free trial, skilled local help around the clock, a built-in email Q&A feature, artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted deal prediction, simple drag-and-drop file uploading, and heightened document security. Ansarada is built on the successful methods of more than 35,000 deals and is intended to improve business results.

To help you make the most of your potential and maintain command, Ansarada offers comprehensive deal management beyond merely a virtual data room. Secure File exchange allows you to save and exchange your data in one convenient location, making it possible to maintain constant deal activity.

#5. Cerberus FTP Server

Any demanding IT professional can trust Cerberus FTP Server to transfer files safely and reliably. Cerberus is an easy-to-use manager for regulating user access to files and file operations; it supports SFTP/SCP, FTP/S, and HTTPS; it can authenticate against Active Directory and LDAP; it can run as a Windows service; it has native x64 support; it has a comprehensive set of integrity and security features; and it can run as a Windows service.

#6. Signiant Media Shuttle

You may quickly and easily share any size file with anyone with Signiant Media Shuttle. It provides enterprise-level features to track and manage all file transfers, and it’s easy to set up, manage, and utilize as a SaaS solution. More than 400,000 professionals throughout the world rely on Media Shuttle to transfer petabytes of data for businesses of all sizes.

  • Checkpoint Restart can resume any halted transfer instantly; patented file acceleration technology that can be up to 100 times faster than FTP
  • An infinite number of customizable file-sharing portals
  • Compatible with both local and remote servers
  • Simple in both implementation and management. Fast, one-day deployment; industry-leading 95% Net Promoter Score (NPS) for customer satisfaction.

#7. LogicalDOC 

All throughout the world, companies use LogicalDOC to take command of their document management. This top-tier DMS streamlines corporate processes and provides quick access to previously stored content all while facilitating the creation, collaboration, and management of massive document repositories. Documents can be uploaded with a simple drag and drop, and the system will perform various functions such as optical character recognition (OCR), duplicate document detection, barcode scanning, event recording, document archiving, and a unified document workflow.

#8. Midaxo

Corporate development teams can finally rest easy with Midaxo’s M&A deal management system. Midaxo+ allows frequent acquirers to handle all deals in a single platform, improving visibility, cooperation, and outcomes, as opposed to using various, disconnected solutions for deal sourcing, progress tracking, document management, and reporting.

Notable features of the product are:

  • Deal tracking database; pipeline visualization; contact, document, and communication tracking; pipeline management
  • Deal Sourcing Process Management: Creating Templates, Establishing Standards, and Monitoring Activity
  • Information requests and disclosures during due diligence between buyer and seller are managed, and documents are made available to stakeholders in post-merger integration using a virtual data room on the buy side.
  • Information Assurance ISO 27001:2013 Certification Worldwide

#9. Kahootz

Our cloud-based application makes it easy for your internal and external stakeholders to collaborate in a safe online setting at any time.

Kahootz offers customizable virtual offices that may be used for a variety of business tasks. Your staff may create new collaborative workspaces in minutes without extensive IT consulting or training.

Working together does not require the usage of numerous programs. Kahootz among other functions as major Onehub competitors allows you to save all of your files, surveys, and internet databases in one convenient location. Kahootz’s security credentials are independent of the stringent standards of businesses and government agencies like the UK Ministry of Defense, so you can rest certain that your data is in good hands.

#10. DealRoom

For professionals and teams undertaking an M&A, DealRoom combines the standard, secure VDR with project management features. Safe data storage, pipeline and integration management, and project management in general are all part of the platform’s offerings. Our mission is to assist groups in improving their M&A procedure by emphasizing teamwork, with the end result being the preservation and realization of the deal’s original goals of innovation and value creation. Customers who use us: Reduce the amount of time spent on due diligence by eliminating non-essential administrative tasks like maintaining a spreadsheet and using email or other programs to communicate with third parties.

Reduce the length of time spent on integration by involving integration teams early on so that they don’t have to redo any of their due diligence on the deal. Reduce or do away with communication barriers between due diligence and integration teams by having Onehub work together on a unified platform.

How Does Onehub Work

Onehub is an enterprise-grade cloud service for storing and sharing files safely. Users may stay on top of their game in terms of organization even as they have access to their files from any location thanks to safe online document sharing and collaboration.

Users may confidently exchange sensitive company files because of the system’s bank-level encryption and granular, role-based permission structure. Role-based permissions, audit trails, session timeouts, and two-factor authentication are just some of the security features included in Onehub work to help enterprises keep material secure.

Onehub provides a number of powerful business tools to improve and increase file sharing, including virtual data rooms, client portals, Google Docs integration, automatic watermarking, branded workspaces, and custom agreements.

Onehub Workspace has its own Client Portal, which may be modified to give content sharing a more polished, professional appearance. Files, including brand colors and logos, can be stored and shared with clients electronically. Each client has their own dedicated Workspace within Onehub’s white-labeled client portal.

Onehub’s data rooms enable the secure and private online sharing of important company documents and data. Stealth collaboration, non-disclosure agreements, document watermarking, automatic indexing, and comprehensive audit trails of all activity are just some of the crucial data room features that will help you close deals more quickly.

How do I move Files on Onehub?

You can quickly and easily relocate several things within the same Workspace or to a new Workspace. First, tick the box to the left of the folders or files you want to move or copy. Then, in the main menu, select the option to “Move / Copy.” Choose the target and then either Move or Copy. A Workspace can serve as a model for your next project. Make one with the documents and directories you intend to use initially. When making duplicate Workspaces, it’s helpful to return to the original and copy over the preexisting folder structure.

What are the Different Types of Users in Onehub?

One of the many advantages of using Onehub is that our pricing is simple and easy to understand. Check out this video to learn more about the user-based pricing structure of Onehub. Onehub caters to both paid and free consumers. If you’ve been invited to three or more workspaces, or if you’ve been given Collaborator, Moderator, or Administrator access to a workspace, you’re considered a premium user.

Any visitor, printer, downloader, or creator you invite to your workspaces will not be charged. Keep in mind that regardless of the user’s job, they will be considered a paying user if you invite them to three or more workspaces.

A predetermined quantity of premium users is built into each Onehub package. You can have up to three paid users* with the Onehub Team Plan. Five paying users* are included in the Business Plan. When in into your Onehub account, go to the Users tab to view a running tally of how many paid users you have. When you click on this, a list of everyone who has access to your shared Onehub material will appear. A green dollar symbol will indicate members who have made contributions.

Is Onehub HIPAA Compliant?

Onehub ensures that its clients’ enterprises continue to meet the requirements of HIPAA by maintaining their security processes.


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