4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Sales Funnel

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Sales Funnel

There are two possible eventualities with sales and marketing campaigns. Either the campaign does well and steers your brand, product, or service correctly or otherwise. Of course, the definition of success in this context is largely subjective. The whole point here is that running a successful marketing and sales campaign is very possible.

You just need to have everything planned out from the onset rather than leave room to chance. In other words, sales funnels that are bound to grant marketing and sales success are needed even before any moves are made. This is also why you need to be aware of common mistakes to avoid in your sales funnel.

Fortunately, you will not be left in the dark, provided you continue reading this piece. So, read on to stay informed.

Pitfalls to Steer Clear of with Your Sales Funnel Campaign

Some people make the huge mistake of leaving their marketing and sales to chance. This is every bit wrong and should be avoided. You see, you MAY not have a successful campaign if you plan – probability. On the other hand, you WILL not have a successful campaign if you do not plan – certainty.

It is more like the certainty of failing that comes from not planning. To this end, the need to have a clearly defined sales funnel blueprint – goals and objectives; cannot be overemphasized.

Having made that clear, it is also important that some common mistakes are avoided when coming up with this campaign. Some of the mistakes in question include the following:

1. Being Solely about Acquisition

You will always need quality traffic, highly prospective leads, and ultimately more customers. A lot depends on your ability to achieve success in these areas, which is why you need to do a good job at it.

Be that as it may, you should not only be about acquiring new customers as customer retention is also crucial. It might even interest you to know that your chances of successfully attracting new customers are largely dependent on how well you deal with existing ones.

This is why you also need strategies that ensure existing customers become loyal and lifetime customers. A part of your campaign should also be focused on up-selling your brand, product, or services to existing customers. Furthermore, there are proven recommendations to help you in this regard. Some of them include the following:

·        Proving an all-round impressive customer service

·        Customer personalization

·        Loyal programs

·        Solicit feedback

·        Post-service follow-up

·        Community building

·        Regular updates

It is worth mentioning that these campaigns are somewhat peculiar. As a result, you have to be proactive enough to retain customers after you have acquired them. Additionally, this is going to be a process. So, you should be ready and willing to play your part at every given moment.

2. Being Narrow-Minded

Running a successful sales funnel campaign is about adhering to certain principles. By the way, that includes many of the ones discussed here. However, this does not rule out the place of being open-minded.

Open-mindedness is needed because these campaigns come with their peculiarities. As a result, some alterations may have to be made in the spirit of achieving success at the very highest level.

This will only be possible if marketers and people behind the scenes are willing to be open-minded. For example, this can play out in the process of optimizing ads on digital marketing platforms.

By the way, being open-minded ensures that you are not lagging with changing trends. This way, you would be aware and willing to implement whatever is currently considered best practices in your niche.

3. Ignoring Analytics

The past may be pleasant or unpleasant for marketers. Regardless, there is how to deal with the past as a marketer. By and large, you should learn from it.

Learning from the past ensures that past mistakes are avoided and that past successes can be replicated and even improved upon. This is why analytics should never be taken for granted.

By the way, analytics is the technical term for gathering data about the campaign so far. For example, you can find out the age range and other demographic details of those who patronized your products or services the most.

Access to such reliable and pertinent information puts you at the top of the game. Analytics should never be ignored for this purpose. It should even inform many of the major and minor decisions that you make. For example, choosing sales funnel software that does not offer impressive analytic features is a terrible idea.

Another example would be identifying exit points. These are the points in your campaign’s prospect-to-customer journey where quality leads lose interest. A well-structured analytics feature would help you identify these points.

Whatever is revealed would then play a huge role in addressing the issue. In light of experiences, possible solutions could include:

·        Fine-tuning product/service description – You may have to make the description more appealing to your target audiences

·        Simplification of checkout processes

·        Optimization of landing pages

On the whole, making these decisions without being informed by analytics would be running around in circles. You do not want to do this because it can be very resource and time-wasting.

4. Not Making the Most of Technology

A reasonable part of technological advancement has gone into improving people’s chances when it comes to achieving sales and marketing objectives. For example, marketers stand a greater chance when they run ads on social media and digital platforms at large. The huge possibility of running very audience-targeted marketing campaigns is one of the major reasons for this.

This is besides the fact that analytics is a lot easier when technology is engaged for marketing and brand awareness purposes. So, technology should not be made light of.

To this end, you should also make the most of result-yielding sales funnel software tools. This will go a long way in helping you meet and even exceed your sales and marketing goals.


The world has long gone past that era when marketing was seen as a thing of luck. Proper planning with your sales funnel campaign is largely what is needed for fortune to smile at you. To this end, make sure that you avoid the common mistakes discussed here.

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