HOA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Reviews of Best Options In 2023

HOA management software
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Managing an HOA is no easy task. Your hands are always full, from collecting online payments and ensuring that accounts are in order, to scheduling board meetings, managing the community website and residents’ databases, communicating with those people, managing architectural reviews, service requests, or enforcing CC&R rules, and tens of other tasks in between.
And it appears that there is no end in sight to all of this effort.
That’s not totally correct. To be sure, running an HOA will always keep you busy. However, you may save time by simplifying and streamlining most of your chores by utilizing HOA management software.

This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about it. We’ll go over all of the advantages of using HOA software and show you what solutions are currently available to your association on the market.

What is an HOA Management Software?

An HOA software is a program or platform that assists homeowners organizations in managing many elements of their operations.

Typically, HOA software concentrates on one area of the HOA’s activities – accounts, scheduling, payments, CC&R enforcement, and so on. However, the software can also include a variety of different modules that assist with various HOA processes. These software solutions are referred to as all-in-one HOA management software.

Why Do You Need an HOA Management Software?

Of course, the basic response is that it can relieve you of a lot of effort. But it isn’t all. So, below, we’ve outlined some of the additional advantages of utilizing software solutions to help administer your HOA.

Almost all of your processes may be streamlined with HOA software. Various self-managed HOA software programs can assist you with managing all documentation, issuing CC&R infractions reports and violation letters, accepting payments, managing the books, and much more. Because the software handles many of these tasks automatically, it frees up your time to concentrate on other elements of the HOA.

You can manage your homeowners or community association from anywhere with HOA software. Almost all solutions on the market today are web-based, which means you can access the data from any computer or even your mobile phone via a specialized app.

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Having dedicated HOA software means that all of your association’s documentation and data is now in one location. All major stakeholders will have access to it, often via a mobile app, implying improved accountability for all parties involved.

Your data is also safer when saved in a cloud-based system rather than on a single machine or in a jumble of folders.

The software has the potential to greatly improve both internal and external communications. Part of this is due to the fact that all of the data is in one location. When everyone gets access to all of the knowledge on a subject, it is much easier to make judgments and reach a consensus on various issues. Similarly, better and more effective communication with residents will result from streamlined communications software. People in your neighborhood may rapidly receive news and learn about what’s going on in their community.

Finally, software and the data it can provide enable better means to report on the activities of the association and use that knowledge to organize and plan for the future of the neighborhood.

What To Look Out For in an HOA Management Software

Not all HOA software is created equal. Some provide modules that others do not, while others specialize in a certain type of service (i.e. website building). It is critical to select the correct software for your HOA, which frequently means going with an all-in-one platform.

The following are the key features of HOA software:

#1. Financial Reporting and Accounting

Accounting skills in good HOA software should allow you to keep track of your finances. It should also give you accurate reports and allow you to reconcile your bank statements.

#2. Communication Tools

A sophisticated communication system will allow you to keep residents informed through a variety of channels (emails, push notifications, alerts, etc.). Good software should be able to transmit messages both in bulk and individually.

#3. Event Management

Look for HOA software that includes an excellent event management system. You can use this to schedule events on your calendar and to keep an online calendar for locals. It should also assist you with the event itself by allowing guests to register and pay for tickets online.

#4. Online Payment System

One strategy to keep members pleased is to make it easy for them to pay their dues online. Great software includes a variety of payment options, including credit/debit cards and ACH drafts. Members should be able to directly link their bank information to their accounts.

An online payment system can also help you reduce overdue payments, which your software should allow you to track.

#5. Online Residential Portal

Choose software that includes a portal that residents may access online from any location. With a few simple clicks, members should be able to update their profile, pay dues, check the events calendar, react to communications, and access HOA data.

#6. Residential Database

Your software should allow you to preserve a master list of your members’ information and search with filters. This contains their names, contact information, profiles, and so on. Updating their information should be simple as well.

#7. Violations Tracker

Residents will occasionally break the regulations, so your software should have a mechanism for tracking that information. This is especially useful in larger communities because multiple violations can occur at the same time or overlap. You can simply keep track of members’ transgressions, access their violation history, and send notices with this module.

Top 10 Excellent HOA Management Software Alternatives

#1. AppFolio Property Manager

  • Price: Beginning at $1.40 per unit Per month
  • Demo/Trial: A demonstration is available upon request.

AppFolio is a comprehensive HOA management software that allows for architectural evaluations, dues and assessment collection, infraction tracking, board member approvals, bank connectors, and more. All of these functions are available via a web or mobile application.

Highlights include:

  • Communication via text message
  • Email design templates
  • Portal for residents
  • Requests for online maintenance
  • Insights on performance

#2. OrganizationVoice

  • Starting at $50 per month
  • Trial/Demo: A free demo is provided.

AssociationVoice is a user-friendly, web-based HOA software program that lets you collect dues by web, phone, and text. Another feature is the ability to organize board meetings and community rules, disseminate community news, and create custom forms to handle HOA activity.

Highlights include:

  • Portal for residents
  • Library of Documents
  • Local maps that are interactive
  • Group discussions
  • Reservations for Amenities

#3. Bitrix24

  • Price: Free restricted version, $19/month premium alternatives
  • Demo/Trial: A demonstration is available upon request.

You may use Bitrix24 to develop an HOA member portal with polls, email notifications, IM and group chat, and a photo gallery. You can also manage dues, send emails to your members, and submit online job requests.

Highlights include:

  • App for mobile devices
  • The HOA directory
  • Private social network for homeowners
  • Groups of interest
  • Videoconferencing

#4. Buildium

  • Starting at $50 per month
  • Demo/Trial: 14-day free trial; demo available upon request.

Buildium is a comprehensive software solution for small to medium-sized homeowner associations, with online member payments, maintenance request tracking, rental listing management, and full accounting capability.

Highlights include:

  • Cash payments in retail
  • eFiling of Form 1099
  • Inspections of real estate
  • Insurance for renters
  • Screening of tenants

#5. The CINC Systems

  • Pricing is available upon request.
  • Demo/Trial: A demonstration is available upon request.

According to reports, CINC is the industry’s only software firm that offers property management, integrated banking, and cloud accounts all in one package. You can use CINC to manage online payments, keep your member directory and schedule up to date, submit and track work orders, and communicate important HOA papers.

Highlights include:

  • App for mobile devices
  • Management of Violations
  • Management of architectural review requests
  • Financial reporting on time


  • Pricing is available upon request.
  • Demo/Trial: There is a free trial available, and a demo is available upon request.

It’s simple to create an HOA-branded community website with FRONTSTEPS. Tracking violations, dues, online payments, work orders, and maintenance requests are among the features.

Highlights include:

  • Parking and visitor management
  • Tracking of packages
  • Newsletters and digital bulletins that can be customized
  • Communication via text message

#7. The HOA Express

  • Price: Free limited version, $25/month premium version
  • Demo/Trial: A free trial is provided, as is a demo website.

You can create an appealing, cheap, mobile-friendly website for your HOA using HOA Express. You’ll be able to swiftly and easily update your website, send email blasts, and moderate forum discussions. Your members can pay their dues online as well.

Highlights include:

  • Letter mailing automation
  • Surveys made to order
  • Directory of residents
  • Tracking of visitors

#8. TOPS [ONE]

  • Price: Beginning at $0.75 per unit Per month
  • Demo/Trial: A demonstration is available.

TOPS [ONE] is ideal for self-governed communities. Their software features an accounting and dues payment system developed for the Condo/HOA management business, tools to enforce covenants and track infractions, facility administration tools, and communication choices for homeowners.

Highlights include:

  • Self-service site for owners
  • Online file storage is limitless.
  • General Ledger Customizable
  • Inspections on the move

#9. Neigbrs Vinteum

  • Starting at $25 per month
  • Demo/Trial: 14-day free trial; demo available upon request.

You may create a website and a mobile application with Vinteum Neigbrs, connect with residents via text messages and emails, manage amenity bookings, and register users to access community papers.

Highlights include:

  • System for reporting incidents
  • Calls made automatically
  • Email history
  • App for mobile devices

#10. Yardi Voyager

  • Pricing is available upon request.
  • N/A for demonstration/trial

Yardi Voyager is a web-based management system for homeowner associations. Their solution has a single integrated database that includes tools for tracking ownership and HOA costs, calculating fees, collecting payments, monitoring upkeep, enforcing bylaws, and more.

Highlights include:

  • Workflow automation
  • Calculator for Fees
  • System for maintenance, inspection, and tracking violations
  • Management mechanism for board members

Community Association Management Software Software and Services

#1. Property Management

Property management software automates property managers’ operational, financial, and leasing tasks. The software is designed to make real estate business operations more efficient by simplifying and streamlining duties such as lease administration, property management, accounting, and tenant/landlord communication. Living communities are made up of properties, and even homeowners associations (HOAs) can benefit from reduced front-office operations.

#2. Facility Management

Building managers use facility management software to manage and maintain physical properties. The two most significant advantages of facility management software are the optimization of requests for building and unit maintenance and the simple scheduling and management of employees and resources. Apartment, condo, and co-op residents and managers benefit from community association management software with built-in functionality or simple connections with facilities management tools.

#3. Rental Payment

With rental payment software, both property managers and tenants may look forward to simplified, automated rent collecting. Bills and invoices are generated and distributed automatically, payments can be collected and processed online, and even collaborations with banks are simplified.


Running an HOA is a difficult task, and your hands are always full. Fortunately, you may use specific software tools to automate and streamline many elements of administering the association. Some of them help with specialized aspects of the HOA, while others help with nearly everything.

You’ve identified the top HOA management software solutions on the market today thanks to this post.

Hopefully, the list will assist you in selecting the package that will assist you in managing your association.

HOA Management Software FAQs

Can you use QuickBooks for an HOA?

Yes, QuickBooks provides a tool that tracks the income and expenses of the association. This might assist you in maintaining accurate revenue and expense statements. You’ll be able to examine the HOA’s expenses and determine whether they are over budget or less than what you expected to pay for the month.

What makes a good HOA website?

A dedicated domain, an online portal for residents, online payment choices, a community calendar, communication channels, polling capabilities, and amenity reservation tools are all aspects of the top HOA websites. They’re also mobile-friendly, simple to use and manage, and highlight the local community.

How do I set up Hoa in QuickBooks?

  1. Go to the Lists menu, then select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Right-click anywhere, then click New.
  3. Select Other Account Types, then select the right account type for your loan: …
  4. Choose Continue.
  5. Enter the name and number for the account.
  6. Click Save & Close.


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