5 Must-Have Online Real Estate Tools for Agents

5 Must-Have Online Real Estate Tools for Agents

Working in real estate is easier if you have the right tools for the job, and today there are a whole host of services available online that can streamline the process of running a property business.

Sifting through all of the tools by hand and sorting the best from the rest is a chore, so this quick look at the top options will save you time and augment your professional abilities as an agent.

#1. A Good CRM Solution

Software designed for customer relationship management (CRM) is useful in all sorts of industries and is particularly potent in the world of real estate.

From generating leads to looking after loyal customers, CRM services can accelerate and automate lots of aspects of the job.

There are all sorts of well-respected, real estate-specific CRM packages out there, with brands like Zillow, HubSpot, and Wise Agent all doing a good job of catering to users in this industry.

#2. A Comprehensive Commission Calculator

Every agent needs a real estate commission calculator to determine exactly how much they will make from successfully completing a sale for their clients.

Since much of your earning potential will be reliant on your commissions, being able to calculate this upfront will help you to plan ahead.

You can even factor in things like the proportion of the commission which is payable to the brokerage, which is obviously important for agents.

#3. A Flexible Email Marketing Platform

When it comes to communicating with clients, email is still one of the most convenient options for realtors. It is also a channel that provides excellent marketing opportunities, with software tools working to automate and catalyze this.

Services like MailChimp and Campaigner are cleverly programmed to take the hassle out of managing complex email marketing campaigns. As well as revolutionizing your client communications, you can also rely on in-depth analytics to provide feedback on how well you are doing and where changes might be made.

#4. A Multifaceted Social Media Management Package

Social media is another vital channel for modern real estate agents to leverage, but keeping all of your accounts across different sites and services up to date is a burden.

Luckily there are dedicated management tools that work across all of the major social networks, allowing you to synchronize your posts, automate publishing and alert you to user interactions and brand mentions.

Providers like Hootsuite, Zoho, and Buffer can meet your needs, with a variety of packages to choose between. Many offer free trials, which give you a way to test out the features and functions before you go all-in.

#5. A Versatile Multimedia Editing Program

If you sell real estate, chances are that you will also be called upon to create multimedia content to showcase properties in the best possible way.

Photography comes with the territory and has done for some time, but the video is also increasingly relevant in this industry, especially with more buyers looking for online viewings as opposed to in-person ones.

From an image editing perspective, you have all sorts of choices available. You could go with a premium software solution like Adobe Photoshop, although this is clearly costly and comparatively complex, with a learning curve to take on board. You could also choose a free counterpart, like Pixlr, which has more limited functions but does not require users to pay to use it.

For video editing, a similar conundrum exists. Paid-for software like Adobe Premier is good for more high-profile projects, while free equivalents like Lightworks and Shortcut could win you over if you are on a budget.

Your own real estate business might need other tools to go along with these, but you should now have a good foundation in which software to procure as a priority.

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