How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?
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Vaping is a relaxing activity, and no one wants their vapes to die out in the middle of an enjoyable session, and that gets even worse when you have to recharge and refill the vape, which is a bummer.

Vaping can be enjoyable for a long time, but some vapes do not last, which is okay.

A disposable vape has been a famous alternative to conventional cigarettes, which have been around for quite a while but gained traction in early 2020. A person can quickly get annoyed while changing the vapes now and then.

Disposable Vape

One needs to consider multiple factors to establish the total lifespan of disposable vapes. Those include the type of vape, its battery, and the E-liquid type. While some people gauge the lifespan of a vape by how many puffs they can get out of it, however, the number of puffs depends on the said factors, which may vary from person to person and device to device. The best trending and famous disposable vape brand is elf bar, IVG bar, and Aroma king,

How do the factors affect the life of disposable vapes? Let’s find out:

Disposable Vape Battery

A vape battery is one of the most critical factors that affect the volume of puffs you get from disposable devices.

As the battery is the only power resource of the vapes, in disposable vapes, you cannot recharge the battery. There is also a possibility of a vape battery running out before you get the chance to finish the device.

The E-liquid, in most cases, does not run out before the battery. The solution here is to get a rechargeable vaping device; however, for transitioning smokers or beginners, disposable vapes are the best option as they are inexpensive. Thus, they do not need a significant investment or commitment.


Temperature is another crucial factor that most people ignore, as tuning a device’s temperature too high always seems enticing. Plus, it is a preferred way to vape for some people. That said, it’s a rather unsuitable way in the long run. The temperature of your vaping device must always match the room or current temperature of your surroundings. Or else, the disposable vapes will not last you enough.

As with the higher settings, the vape coil will burn faster, and when the coil burns out before expected, your vape will be unusable.

Puff Frequency

Disposable vapes with a small or average capacity will last you for 3 to 5 days. Unlike frequent vapers, a similar device can last longer if you use it un-frequently. The frequent vapers typically finish off their vapes pretty fast.

Draw Length and Intensity

The length of the draw also significantly affects disposable vapes’ life. The prolonged draws mean that more e-liquid gets used with every puff you take, running out faster.          

Vape Storage

Storage is another factor that is overlooked. It does matter where you store your vapes. As a vaper, you must take proper steps for storing the vapes.

Store your devices at room temperature, as when the temperature is low, they will need more time and power to get to the desired heat level. If, for some reason, you cannot store your vape at room temperature, keep it in your hands for a bit before firing it up.


All of the above factors significantly contribute to the longevity of a disposable vape. As a beginner to vaping, you must pay attention to keep your vapes last longer. There are several ways you can do that effortlessly; pay heed to the above tips and tricks, and you are all set.

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