Top 11+ Best & Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores 2023

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Dropshipping has become an increasingly popular business model. With its low startup costs and minimal inventory management, it’s no wonder that many entrepreneurs are turning to Shopify as their platform of choice. This article has compiled a list of the top 11+ best and most successful Shopify dropshipping stores in 2023. Read on!

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an order fulfilment method in which a business does not keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, the seller purchases inventory as needed from a third party, usually a wholesaler or manufacturer, to fulfil orders. The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant does not stock or own inventory; they act as the middleman.

What Is a Dropshipping Store?

A dropshipping store is a retail business where the seller accepts customer orders without keeping stock. In this business model, the seller is responsible for marketing and selling the product but has limited control over product quality, storage, inventory management, or shipping.

Pre Built Dropshipping Stores

Pre built dropshipping stores are e-commerce sites that have already been set up and are ready to start selling goods. Additionally, buying a prebuilt dropshipping store will give you a fully functional website with content, pages, graphics, goods, a domain name, and hosting.

Prebuilt dropshipping stores are designed to save you the time as well as effort of building a store from scratch. Hence, they come with all the basic functionalities and features needed to start selling online instantly. 

Providers That Sell Pre-Built Dropshipping Stores

Some popular options for pre-built drop shipping stores  include:

  • Store Studio
  • Premade Stores
  • Dropbuild
  • Exchange Marketplace
  • Flippa
  • Empire Flippers. 

Each provider has different offerings and pricing, so it’s important to consider your budget and specific requirements when choosing where to buy from.

Dropshipping Stores for Sale

There are several dropshipping stores for sale; to find one, you can explore marketplaces and also platforms dedicated to buying and selling dropshipping stores. 

Where to Find Dropshipping Stores for Sale

  • Visit marketplaces like Flippa and Empire Flippers. These platforms offer a wide range of online businesses, including dropshipping stores, for sale. You can browse the listings and filter them based on your preferences, such as niche, profitability, and price.
  • Check out platforms like BeBiggy, which specialize in pre-built dropshipping stores. You can choose a store that aligns with your niche and preferences and customise it as needed.

Factors to consider while looking for dropshipping stores for sale:

  • Niche: Look for stores targeting a specific group of people with a unique brand. Generally, niche dropshipping stores often have less competition and a higher chance of converting customers.
  • Branding and customer service: Pay attention to stores with a fresh and clean look, unique product descriptions, and high-quality product images. This is because custom marketing images and social proof can help set your store apart.
  • Profitability: Analyze the financials of the stores you’re interested in. Look for stores already earning a profit and with a proven track record. 
  • Support and resources: Consider the marketplace’s level of support and resources. For example, BeBiggy offers lifetime after-sales support and access to marketing courses.

After the purchase, you can take ownership of the dropshipping store and start running it. Make sure to have a solid business plan and consider implementing effective marketing strategies to drive traffic and sales.

Dropshipping is a legitimate business model that requires careful planning and execution. Researching and choosing the right dropshipping store for sale that aligns with your goals and interests is important.

11 Best Dropshipping Stores

The best dropshipping stores include the following:

#1. Warmly Decor

Warmly Decor is a successful Shopify dropshipping store primarily selling high-end home decor items. They have over 27,000 Pinterest followers and drive a significant amount of traffic from Pinterest advertisements.

Their Shopify theme is elegant and aesthetically appealing, and they use sales pop-ups and trust badges to improve conversion rates. Also, they offer an automatic currency converter and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which helps build customer trust.

#2. MooShe Socks

MooShe Socks is a niche Shopify dropshipping store that sells high-quality and fashionable socks. Their website design is professional and visually appealing, and they pay attention to product quality and design, which has helped them build a base of loyal customers. They use Shopify apps like Recharge and PushOwl to boost sales and increase revenue.

#3. 18 Karat Store

A Shopify dropshipping store called 18 Karat Store specializes in nature-inspired modern home decor. Their website design is visually appealing, using warm fall hues to create a welcoming atmosphere. To increase sales, they offer user-friendly mobile designs. Also, they provide multiple payment options for customers, including American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

#4. Optimalax

Optimalax is a Shopify dropshipping store that sells body care products that promote wellness. They have a simplistic website design and smooth navigation. They use the popular Shopify theme “Debut” and offer order tracking through their website. Their two best-selling products are the Thermax Hat and Thermax Pad.

#5. The Gadget Snob

This store specializes in trendy gadgets and accessories. It offers various products, from smart home devices to tech gadgets. The Gadget Snob has succeeded through effective marketing strategies and a user-friendly Shopify store design.

#6. Biko

Biko is a jewelry brand that focuses on unique and handmade pieces. Their success is attributed to their visually appealing product photography, strong social media presence, and influencer collaborations.

#7. The Dapper Dog Box

This Shopify store offers monthly subscription boxes of high-quality dog products and accessories. The Dapper Dog Box has built a loyal customer base by curating unique and stylish dog items and providing excellent customer service.

#8. Hiut Denim

Hiut Denim is a sustainable denim brand that has gained popularity for its high-quality jeans. They have successfully leveraged their brand story and commitment to ethical manufacturing to attract customers who value sustainability.

#9. MVMT

MVMT is a well-known watch and accessory brand that started as a Shopify dropshipping store. They have achieved significant success by offering affordable yet stylish products, leveraging influencer marketing, and creating a strong brand identity.

#10. Pet boutique

This store has a charming layout design with a pinkish-white setting. They also use advantageous sale pop-ups to create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to purchase. 

#11. Wallplate Warehouse

The owner, Adam Greenspan, has been working on his store since 2003 and has succeeded. He followed the five hallmarks of a successful dropshipping store, including having a great social media following and putting the necessary time, money, and effort into the project.

#12. Gymshark

Gymshark is a well-known Shopify dropshipping store that has achieved significant success. They specialise in fitness apparel and have built a strong brand and community. They have leveraged influencer marketing and social media to grow their customer base. Gymshark demonstrates the importance of finding a niche and building a strong brand to stand out.

Other examples of successful Shopify dropshipping stores:

  • Sage & Sill. Niche: Home Decor Dropshipping Stores
  • Warmly. Niche: Home Decor Dropshipping Stores
  • How Do I Buy This: Niche: General Dropshipping Stores
  • Palo: Niche: General Dropshipping Stores
  • Notebook therapy:  Niche: Stationary
  • Nimalist : Niche: Fashion/ Apparel
  • Bohemians Mart: Niche: Fashion/ Apparel

Free Dropshipping Websites

Free dropshipping websites can be valuable for beginner and experienced drop shippers. These websites offer various tools and services to help with different aspects of dropshipping, such as product research, finding suppliers, building an e-commerce store, and more. Here is a list of free dropshipping websites that you can explore:

  • AliExpress: AliExpress is one of the most popular free websites for dropshipping. It offers a wide range of products at competitive prices, and many suppliers on AliExpress offer dropshipping services.
  • CJDropshipping: CJDropshipping is another website that offers free dropshipping services. It has a wide range of products in various niches, and it provides fulfilment services as well. CJ Dropshipping also integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify.
  • Modalyst: Modalyst is a free dropshipping website focusing on fashion and apparel products. It offers a curated selection of products from independent brands and designers.
  • Banggood: Banggood is an online retail platform that offers a wide range of products, including electronics, fashion, home goods, and more. It has a dropshipping program allows you to sell products directly from Banggood to your customers.
  • Chinabrands: Chinabrands is a wholesale and dropshipping platform that offers a large selection of products at competitive prices. It provides dropshipping services and integrates with popular e-commerce platforms.
  • DHgate: DHgate is a wholesale marketplace that offers a wide range of products, including electronics, apparel, accessories, and more. It has a dropshipping program that allows you to sell products directly from DHgate to your customers.
  • Made-in-China: Made-in-China is a B2B platform that connects buyers with suppliers from China. It offers a wide range of products across different categories. Made-in-China also provides dropshipping services.
  • Spocket: Spocket is a dropshipping platform focusing on high-quality products from suppliers based in the US and EU. It offers a curated selection of products and integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

When choosing a free dropshipping website, it’s important to consider factors such as the range of products available, the quality of suppliers, the integration with your e-commerce platform, and any additional features or services offered.

Which Store Is Good for Dropshipping? 

Several stores are good for dropshipping. Examples of good stores for dropshipping include Bohemians Mart, whose main dropshipping app is on Spocket, and MiracleSofa, which currently uses CJ dropshipping to fulfil their orders. 

Is Amazon a Dropshipping? 

Amazon does allow dropshipping on its platform, but sellers must adhere to specific guidelines and policies to avoid suspension or account deactivation. How to drop ship on Amazon:

  • Find a dropshipping supplier
  • Understand Amazon’s dropshipping policies
  • Set up an Amazon seller account
  • Choose the right products and suppliers

Drop shipping on Amazon gives you a large audience, as Amazon has a massive customer base and the largest market share among e-commerce marketplaces. However, there is cutthroat competition on Amazon, with many sellers trying to sell the same products. Thus, leading to a race to the bottom regarding pricing. Also, while drop shipping offers a relatively low-cost method to start a business, there are fees involved, including listing fees, referral fees on sales, and potential fulfilment fees if you utilise Amazon’s fulfilment services. It’s important to carefully evaluate the associated costs and understand how they will impact your profit margins.

Is Dropshipping for Beginners?

Dropshipping is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell products without having to handle the logistics of inventory management, manufacturing, and shipping. Instead, the entrepreneur partners with a third-party supplier to care for these aspects. The entrepreneur sets up an online store, chooses a niche, selects products from the supplier’s catalogue, then, markets those products to customers. It’s relatively easy to start a dropshipping business, even for beginners, because it doesn’t require a large upfront investment or the need to manage physical inventory. 

Can You Start Dropshipping With No Money?

Starting a dropshipping business with no money may require resourcefulness and careful planning. What you should know about the cost of drop shipping:

  • Inventory: With drop shipping, you don’t need to invest in inventory upfront. Instead, you partner with suppliers who handle the inventory and shipping. This allows you to focus on marketing and selling products without the risk of holding inventory that may not sell.
  • Platform: While you can start dropshipping for free on platforms like Amazon or eBay, it’s recommended to have your online store for better control and branding. Popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify offer free trials, but there may be monthly costs once the trial period ends.
  • Hosting: If you decide to host your dropshipping store, you may need to pay for hosting, which typically costs around $5-10 monthly. However, there are hosting options available that offer free plans or trial periods. 
  • Shopify Apps: Most apps needed for a dropshipping store have free versions or offer free trials. These apps can help with various aspects, such as product sourcing, order processing, and marketing.
  • Advertising: Paid advertising can effectively promote your dropshipping store but may require a budget. However, you can start with free traffic generation methods and learn more about paid advertising while saving up for a marketing budget.
  • Skills and Time Investment: Starting a dropshipping business with no money may require investing more time and effort. You’ll need to learn about dropshipping through free online resources and dedicate time to building as well as promoting your store. 

How Do I Get Products for Dropshipping?

You must follow a systematic approach and conduct thorough research to find the best-selling dropshipping products. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Identify a niche: Select a specific niche or market segment you want to target.
  • Research popular marketplaces: Look for popular online marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress, and Etsy. These platforms have a wide range of products and can give you an idea of what is currently trending and in demand.
  • Analyze the best-selling products: Look for the best-selling products within your chosen niche. Pay attention to the number of items sold and customer reviews.
  • Use Google Trends: Google Trends is a powerful tool that can help you identify the popularity of a particular product over time. Enter the keywords related to your niche and see if there is a consistent interest or a passing trend.
  • Consider unique products: Look for products that are difficult to find elsewhere. Selling unique products not readily available in other stores can give you a competitive advantage.
  • Research social media trends: Monitor social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see what products are gaining traction. Look for influencers and popular accounts within your niche to get insights into what products are popular among your target audience.
  • Use product research tools: Several can help you find winning dropshipping products. These tools provide product performance, profit margins, and customer interest data. Some popular tools include Jungle Scout, Product Mafia, and Product Research Lab.
  • Test and iterate: Once you have identified potential products, testing them before committing to a large inventory is important. Start with a small order and see how well the product sells. Monitor customer feedback and make adjustments as needed.

How Much Money Is Needed to Start a Dropshipping Business?

The cost of starting a dropshipping business can vary depending on several factors, such as the platform you choose, the features you want, and the services you use. Costs involved in starting a dropshipping business:

  • Getting a domain name typically costs around $10 for the first year. 
  • The cost of hosting varies, but a basic hosting plan can cost around $48 for the first year.
  • The monthly subscription fee for an E-commerce platform, which usually varies based on the platform,
  • The membership fee for a supplier directory varies but is about $29. However, this is optional.
  • Additional costs include marketing expenses, product sampling, and adding functionality to your website. These costs can vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. 


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