Affiliate Marketing Platforms In Nigeria: Best Options of 2023

affiliate marketing platforms in nigeria
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Affiliate marketing is without a doubt one of the most successful ways to monetize your blog and generate money online in Nigeria, especially if you don’t sell products or services. Joining an affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria and other parts of the world may give you exclusive access to new content and promotions for your audience while also allowing you to earn money. Affiliate programs in Nigeria range from online courses to online storefronts, software-as-a-service (SaaS) firms, and other business affiliates. Here, we’ll take a look at a list of the best affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria with the highest earning potential, so you may profit from their content.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing entails having your own website and directing traffic to someone else’s website to purchase their products or services. You receive a percentage—an affiliate sales commission—for each sale initiated by a link from your site.

Top Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in Nigeria in 2023

#1. Jumia Affiliate

This is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners in Nigeria. Jumia Partner is Nigeria’s most popular affiliate marketing network because of its dependability and consistency in paying partners. If you are serious about developing a profitable internet market in Nigeria, this curriculum is highly recommended.

You make money as a Jumia affiliate when you bring users to their website who convert (purchase on Jumia). To survive in this business, you’ll need an active website and a commitment to expanding your firm. You can earn up to 10% commission on each item sold within 30 days.

Jumia pays a minimum of N2500 by bank transfer in the first week of the following month. This means they’ll pay you for your January profits in the first week of February. They let you sell their products alongside those of other businesses on the same website. Finally, Jumia does not charge affiliates for registration or banner advertising; both are free.

#2. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to start an internet business that pays you money? Begin making money as an Amazon affiliate right now. Amazon is a multinational corporation that focuses on eCommerce, cloud computing, and AI. It is one of the top five American technology corporations, along with Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

How to Get Started with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  • Sign up to join thousands of other creators, publishers, and bloggers.
  • Make millions of product suggestions to your target audience.
  • Earn up to 10% in associate commissions on eligible purchases and programs.

#3. PiggyVest Referral Program

This is one of Nigeria’s most successful financial affiliate networks. PiggyVest (formerly PiggyBank) is a web-based platform that makes saving and investing simple. You can save money for a specific purpose on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or you can put it away for a set period of time.

In order to attract more members to the network, they launched the PiggyVest affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. Also, to help you and me earn more money online with our telephones.  This method has the added benefit of compensating both you and the individual you refer.

#4. Travelstart Affiliate Marketing

Travelstart is a low-cost online travel service founded on the principles of simplicity and low rates. They established the business in 1999 and currently have offices in other countries. You can make up to N400,000 each month as a Travelstart affiliate in Nigeria.

What is the process of Travelstart Affiliate Marketing?

  • Register for free and expect a response from staff within 48 hours.
  • You can earn 70% of the airline commission or profit on each paid booking using your affiliate tool.
  • Additionally, any flights that do not originate in Nigeria incur a fixed fee.
  • Your commission will be paid to you two to three weeks after the end of the month.
  • You have the option of displaying the program to your readers in an iFrame or via a text-link solution.

#5. CowryWise Referral Program

Cowrywise believes that all of its customers deserve to be recognized. As a result, they devised a referral program that allows affiliates to earn money by recommending visitors to the website.

Cowrywise, like PiggyVest, is a platform for stress-free saving and investing, made easy by their automated platform.

How Does CowryWise Work?

  • CowryWise compensates you when someone registers using your link and deposits funds into their account.
  • For starters, you receive N250 for each valid suggestion, and the recipient receives the same amount regardless of your own rank.
  • As a campus ambassador, you earn N350 for each suggestion. As a business ambassador, you can also earn N500 for each recommendation.

#6. Qservers Affiliate Program

There has never been a better time to monetize the visitors to your website by advertising Qservers. They named Qservers as one of Nigeria’s best hosting businesses.

In addition to hosting, they offer domain registration, website design, digital marketing services, and more. As a Qservers affiliate, you get access to all of the digital marketing tools you need to transform your existing audience into earnings.

They supply you with a range of distinct affiliate identification numbers as well as distinct banners and textual links to display on your website.

When users click on your links, their application registers their actions. You can check your dashboard in the next 24 hours to see how your banners and links are functioning. Qservers gives you N500 only for signing up.  On each referral, you might earn up to a 20% one-time commission!

#7. Affiliate Marketing for Bet9ja

Bet9ja bills itself as Nigeria’s greatest betting site with the best odds. It includes both major athletic events and other significant entertainment events.

Bet9ja has an in-house design team that can assist you in selling more easily. To engage your audience, you can create custom banners and landing pages. They are eager to cooperate with some of the city’s big partners if you want to collaborate.

How to become a Bet9ja affiliate marketer in Nigeria

  • Create an account with the Nigerian affiliate marketing website bet9ja.
  • Document everything they need and wait for their approval.
  • Bet9ja levies a monthly net profit commission of 20%.

#8. Wakanow Affiliate Marketing

If you wish to collaborate with Nigeria’s first online travel service, go with Wakanow. They gained even more traction at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Their objective is to reduce the gap and eliminate inefficiencies in the travel business. Affiliates are the company’s sales reps, according to Wakanow.

How to Make Use of the Wakanow Affiliate Marketing Website

  • Sign up as an affiliate and check your mailbox for a confirmation email.
  • You get rewarded through your referral link when your user pays the registration fee.
  • Increase Wakanow product prices to increase earnings.
  • There are discounts on airline, hotels, airport pickup services, and Visa processing.

#9. WhogoHost Affiliate Program

WhogoHost is Africa’s largest and most well-known web hosting provider. They have been serving people, small businesses, and huge enterprises for over 12 years.

You can promote Whogohost’s services on your website by using your referral link. You are compensated when a client you refer purchases one of their items.

More details about Whogohost’s Nigeria Affiliate Program.

  • For each referral, you could earn up to 15% commission.
  • You may use HTML code to display WhoGoHost banners on your website.
  • You can request a withdrawal whenever your balance reaches $3,000 USD.
  • The dashboard also shows the number of visitors and signups you’ve had.

#10. 1XBet Affiliate Marketing

1XBET, a 2011 online betting organization, is now recognized as one of the best. Being a partner may give you more money. Simply promote their products on your website, social media platforms, and other traffic sources.

After your referral registers and deposits, you will be paid a commission. With 1XBet, a legal internet company, you can earn up to N300,000 every month.

How The 1XBet Affiliate Marketing Works In Nigeria

  • Create a personal affiliate account.
  • Introduce new users to 1xbet.
  • You could earn up to 40% commission on advised customers.
  • Withdraw your money once a week via bank transfer.


The Konga Affiliate Program has a lot of promise in Nigeria’s online economy. Konga, a Jumia competitor, offers low costs and has a high level of trust among Nigerian consumers. Affiliates can profit from Konga’s strong brand recognition by recommending products and earning commissions. Affiliates can make a lot of money because to the regular clearance sales, which include the hugely profitable Black Friday event. Signing up for the Konga Affiliate Network allows Nigerian affiliates to earn up to 10% commission on each sale, with a monthly earning potential of up to 20,000., a booming online marketplace that sells a wide range of goods, attracts a diverse clientele. Affiliates can sign up and then create intriguing content with embedded affiliate links to improve sales and earnings. To join the Konga affiliate program, simply do the following:

  • Sign up for the Konga affiliate program.
  • Access your Konga affiliate account.
  • Decide whatever product you want to advertise.
  • Copy the affiliate link for the product or products that you want to promote. e. Create product-related material for your website, blog, and social media profiles.
  • Add the product link to the material you created.

How Can I Join Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria?

  • Determine an Affiliate Platform. 
  • Participate in an Affiliate Program. 
  • Choose a Lucrative Niche. 
  • Make Affiliate Product Links. 

Does Nigerian Affiliate Marketing Pay?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria. It all comes down to introducing individuals to products or services and earning a reward when they buy through your affiliate links.

How Many Affiliate Marketing Platforms Are There in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, there are 14 companies that offer Affiliate Marketing Services! Nigeria’s ICT sector was expected to be valued at $5.48 billion in 2017, representing a 31.7% increase over 2016. At roughly $3.2 billion, the telecommunications category accounts for the vast majority of this.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing?

There is no ideal number of followers for affiliate marketing; nevertheless, 5,000 to 15,000 followers is sufficient to become an affiliate marketer. In addition, your engagement rate for every article should be at least 100 likes. Remember that marketers are also monitoring your performance and organic engagement!

How Many People Fail in Affiliate Marketing?

Sadly, almost 95% of affiliate marketers fail. However, if you take the appropriate steps, you will have a far better chance of success.

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face?

There are several ways to participate in affiliate marketing without revealing your identity. From blogging, video content creation, and podcast hosting to social networking, email marketing, and paid advertising, each channel provides distinct chances for promoting affiliate products while remaining anonymous.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms In Nigeria: Conclusion

Affiliate marketing isn’t tough, but it does necessitate knowledge, planning, and consistent effort in order to produce significant cash.  The chances of making money with an affiliate program are identical to those of any other internet-based business. The success of your affiliate business plan is dependent on how well you execute it.

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