Live or Pre-recorded? Which is best for your webcast or webinar?

Live or Pre-recorded

So you’re considering hosting a webinar or online event rather than arranging an in-person event or seminar. Still, you’ve now found yourself asking ‘should my next online event be live or pre-recorded?’

Perhaps a couple of years ago you would have never contemplated this decision, more likely, you’d have been considering venues for your next in-person event. However, due to the ghastly effects and restrictions of the pandemic that struck over 2 years ago, the world has been forced to use either a live webcast platform or webinar tool for their events, thus leaving us with this looming question.

Here is our guide to living and pre-recorded events, which you should choose, and which is best for your webcast or webinar.

Why You Should Livestream Your Event?

This is a more natural way of hosting your online event, and it allows your audience to more actively engage with you and any speakers since what they are seeing is life. Hence, you can respond both verbally and visibly.

When streaming your event live using a live webcast platform, you can recreate the ambiance and atmosphere of a conventional event by being able to speak live, see how many people are listening and engaging, and have the ability to communicate with your audience in real time.

In general, live events have much higher engagement and better opportunities for attendees to get involved, since live streaming allows the viewer to be an active participant in the event and any of its discussions. You could argue that in pre-recorded events participants are essentially just viewers who are watching a video, whereas in live events attendees are directly involved in the event.

This is evident in the case of all online video platforms, not just with webinars. For instance, when compared to typical video uploads, Facebook audiences were found to have spent more than three times as long watching live stream videos and commented ten times more throughout them.

Why You Should Pre-record Your Event?

If you pre-record your online event, you can deliver it in several different ways. Seeking to present your event and information live can be a risk, but pre-recording assures that your presentation is flawless.

By being able to take several shots at recording and presenting your virtual event, as well as the opportunity to edit your footage, you can make your session seem completely professional, leaving a lasting impression on the participants.

Pre-recording is also the safest alternative because you can assure you do not go beyond your allotted time frame, and you can retake or edit it if you aren’t happy with how the event and footage look. Additionally, while your session is being delivered and shown to your audience, you can concentrate on the chat feature and respond to queries as and when they come in.

What Distinguishes Live Performance From Pre-recorded Music?

Pre-recorded videos lack the authenticity of live ones. The connection is real-time, and there are no cuts or edits. Because of this, live streaming allows you to reach more people more quickly than any other type of video content.

Why Is Music Recorded Superior to Live Performance?

Recorded music has a certain intimacy because it’s just you and the sound. Live is, depending on the setting, much less direct, and distractions from the surroundings can occur. On the other hand, when the environment is just right, the music is that much better because of it.

What Are the Drawbacks of Live Streaming?

There are no second chances, which is live streaming’s biggest drawback. No space for error necessitates extra attention and preparation before starting your stream. It’s important to verify things like your company’s tech equipment and internet bandwidth.

Does Live Music Sound Better?

So, absolutely, music on records can sound better than at live performances. No matter what musical genre you enjoy, it’s crucial to occasionally listen to the original to ensure that your recreation is as authentic as possible.

Is Daily Streaming Acceptable?

Although daily streaming might seem like the best strategy for expansion, smaller channels shouldn’t follow this advice. It’s preferable to use that time for off-Twitch endeavors that can expand your channel (more on that below). Additionally, doing anything nonstop can only lead to burnout.

Which is best?

Both live and pre-recorded events have their benefits, but they also have some downsides too. For example, live events have more chances of something going wrong with speaking and technical difficulties, while pre-recorded events are a long process and lack interaction with your attendees. The decision is yours – but we hope we have helped you make some sort of a decision on which is best for you!

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