Best High Paying Fitness Affiliate Programs In 2022

Best high paying fitness affiliate programs
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Are you in the fitness industry and looking for the best fitness affiliate programs to promote as an affiliate in 2022? The fitness industry is a billion-dollar industry. Did you know that the global health club and gym industry is worth more than $80 billion for each program? In this article, we will be discussing everything that has to do with the best high-paying fitness affiliate programs in 2022, including women’s fitness programs, and who the number one(1) fitness affiliate in the world is. With that in mind, here are the best high-paying fitness affiliate programs to promote to earn lucrative commissions on every sale you generate. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details

Fitness Affiliate Programs

If you like affiliate marketing, don’t ignore the importance of promoting fitness-related products as it will give you the highest conversion commissions per sale. With that said, here are the best high-paying fitness affiliate programs you can promote to earn lucrative commissions on every sale you generate. Without further delay, let’s dive into the details.

Best Fitness Affiliate Programs

#1. Fanfuel Fitness Affiliate Program

They are the associates of Wolfson, a brand in the UK that is a supplier of nourishing supplements operating in the health and fitness niche.

The Wolfson brand supplements appeal to several different markets ranging from bodybuilding to life extension and hair loss. FanFuel also makes use of health and fitness influencers and athletes in promoting its products.

Check out how fitness enthusiasts get a visual representation of how effective their products can be: Social Proof Sells.

As an Affiliate, you should receive a minimum of 40% commission on whatever product you sell as an affiliate on your fitness blog or channel with the ability to earn recurring commissions. This makes Fanfuel one of the highest paying fitness affiliate programs, the best supplement affiliate program, and one of the best affiliate programs out there. Fanfuel Is one of the best high-paying fitness affiliate program

#2. American Council on Exercise ‘Fitness Affiliate Program

This best-high-paying fitness affiliate program is a nonprofit organization that certifies health and fitness professionals. Their goal and objective is to “get people moving” and be aggressive in treating ailments connected to physical inaction, such as corpulence, heart disorder, type 2 diabetes, convulsions, and cancer.

Your Fitness Affiliate Program is supervised by Impact and pays a 7% commission for each prospective fitness coach you refer. An ACE Personal coach credential costs between $849 and $1,499, enabling you to earn over $100 per successful referral

#3. Aaptiv Fitness Affiliate Program

Aaptiv fitness app offers lots of exercises combined with awesome music playlists. It is a suitable companion for individuals who prefer to run or drill in the comfort of their own homes. Earn up to $30 for each new registration. Asptiv is also the best high-paying fitness program out there

#4. Beachbody Fitness Affiliate Program

Beachbody operates one of the most popular fitness affiliate programs. Mental ailments,  P90x and Piyo, are a couple of the most popular courses that people can take to their residence. They offer a 15% commission on Beachbody programs or a flat $10 fee for subscribing to their on-demand service. This is one of the best high-paying fitness affiliate programs.

Health and Fitness Affiliate Program

#1. Garmin

The sports watches from Garmin may not look as pretty as Fitbit’s, but their affiliate program is much more generous.

They offer an 8% commission on sales and double the EPC, so you’re likely to earn more by working with them. Garmin is another best high-paying fitness affiliate program you should consider joining.

#2. GNC

The GNCogram is one of the best fitness supplement affiliate programs thanks to its wide range of quality products. GNC is one of the best high-paying affiliate programs in 2022.

They offer a 5% commission and have an incredible $57 EPC, so you can count on conversions. GNC is a global brand, which means bloggers from all over the world are likely to be featured on their show.

#3. International Sports Science Association (ISSA)

ISSA offers distance learning courses that enable people to qualify as personal trainers. If your audience would be interested in a fitness career, you can earn $50 per sale.

Also, unlike the other fitness affiliate programs on this list, they pay $10 for every lead regardless of whether they convert to a sale!

ISSA also has a solid EPC – affiliates typically make over $170 per 100 clicks they generate. This is another example of the best high-paying fitness affiliate program in 2022.

High-Ticket Fitness Affiliate Programs

High-priced affiliate marketing is the procedure of endorsing a commodity or service that has increased value. Entrepreneurs use it to make a profit with fewer sales.

High-priced platforms can bring you more profit with commissions that can be as high as 4 or 5 digits depending on the products you are promoting. High-priced items typically offer commissions that range from $500 to $1,000 or more. Some of the best high-paying fitness affiliate program includes:

#1. Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker is one of the best high-priced affiliate programs for advertisers and marketers, paying a likely commission of up to $990 per sale. This means that a single sale through Authority Hacker can net you huge profits.

High-cost affiliates can track traffic to their ads and payments using a custom dashboard. Payments are rendered once each calendar month to PayPal via ThriveChart.

#2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a pretty well-known brand among marketers as it provides affiliates with a number of ways to earn a reasonable commission. It is definitely one of the best-paying, high-priced affiliate platforms available in 2022.

It is adequate for any sort of enterprise owner from blogging to copywriting to website advancement. Fit for any business need, Fiverr’s high-priced affiliate program allows you to earn up to $1,000 for a single conversion.

Participation in two commission plans with a flat fee of $15 to $150 plus a 10% revenue share for 12 months is free. Fiverr supports many different payment instruments such as PayPal, Payoneer, and bank accounts; the payment sequence commences at the onset of the ensuing month. Also, there is no threshold on referrals and affiliates have a committed director to help them.

#3. Kinsta

The high-priced affiliate marketing platform Kinsta is another great option for earning big commissions for your referrals. It’s prominent with eCommerce websites and provides an alternative to earn up to $500 per referral, plus 10% monthly commissions.

Registering with Kinsta is straightforward, and you have access to an affiliate dashboard/panel where you can establish and promote endless affiliate programs. Kinsta earnings are paid out via PayPal in a 60-day conversion window. It has a cookie span of 60 days.

#4. WP Engine

WP Engine is a great option for sellers looking to make a good amount of money from their high-priced items. This forum is unquestionably the best web hosting affiliate program that can earn you an income from $200 to $8,000 depending on the commodities you trade.

Affiliates should also reap for every five prospective clients brought in and second-level signups in addition to substantial hosting deals/sales. The WP Engine furthermore offers some premium WordPress themes for bloggers, businesses, and other businesses.

Affiliates can earn commissions by selling WordPress hosting plans and themes. In addition, you can earn from other affiliate merchants through the referral program and earn $50 for each new link. The forum subsidizes monthly payments via PayPal and ACH and has a cookie span of 180 days for WP Engine recommendations and 60 days for topic-based suggestions.

Women’s fitness Affiliate programs

Women’s fitness is a popular topic with so many tremendous commodities and services to promote and some commissions to receive. By enthralling yourself in the enterprise and working with these women’s fitness affiliate programs, you will learn for yourself as well.

We Would Be Looking at 5 Women’s Fitness Affiliate Programs

#1. Mighty Buns

Mighty Buns trades in fitness accessories for women who are enthusiastic about strength training and weightlifting. Commodities comprise gadgets such as wrist wraps, knee wraps, resistance bands, ankle wraps, exercise gloves, and clothing.

Every order is ferried free of charge. The commission percentage commences at 5% and can go up to 10%. Each Affiliate receive trading materials and the affiliate program is operated through Affiliatly. The corporation also offers a 10% discount code.

#2. Evolve Fit Wear

This is a label concentrated on enabling women to evolve and prevail in their quest for health, wellness, and fitness. They do this with an extraordinary and comprehensive range of trendy sportswear including leggings, sports bras, tank tops, hoodies, and more.

These are all things that encourage women to look and feel their best. They also have a minor line for men, but their priority is on women and what they require.

The average commission rate for this label’s health and fitness affiliate program is 10%, and the average order is $125.

#3. Life Extension

Life Extension has spent 40 years researching and improving its products. Their objective is to encourage their clients to live an extended and happy life while frequently improving their prescriptions.

Life Extension provides nourishing supplements formulated to lengthen your life by keeping you fit and robust for longer periods. In order to do this in the best logical way, they give available health cues. The affiliate program delivers a commission rate between 8 and 12% and a long tracking cookie of 120 days.

#4. Seeking Health

Seeking Health is another premier provider of quality nutritional supplements dedicated to supporting women in their quest for a fit and healthy lifestyle. They provide everything ranging from probiotics and multivitamins to electrolytes and gene-specific supplements. This is a recent and developing theory that people are looking forward to learning about.

As an affiliate, you can earn 10–20% commission depending on the number of sales you make. This women’s fitness affiliate program includes a 60-day tracking cookie. It’s one of the best high-paying fitness affiliate programs in 2022.

#5. AMPD

AMPD was launched by women to aid and endow other women to lead healthier lifestyles. Their food supplements are completely natural and of plant origin.  They also own a blog that is focused on women’s health, fitness, recipes, and more.

Health and fitness affiliates earn 10-20% commission on their sales, with your precise rate relying on the volume of sales you make each month. Banking on accomplishment, affiliates may also be eligible for free commodities.


So that’s it, guys, on the best high-paying fitness affiliate programs in 2022. Women were not left out in this article as we also talked about the women’s fitness affiliate programs available with high-paying commissions.

Best High Paying Fitness Affiliate Programs In 2022 FAQs

What are Some Examples of Health and Fitness Affiliate Program?

Garmin, GNC, and the International Sports Science Association (ISSA), to mention a few.

What is High-Ticket Fitness Affiliate Programs?

High-priced affiliate marketing is the procedure of endorsing a commodity or service that has increased value. Entrepreneurs use it to make a profit with fewer sales.

What are the Best Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2022?

Best High Paying Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2022 include Fanfuel Fitness Affiliate Program, Aaptiv Fitness Affiliate Program, Beachbody Fitness Affiliate Program, etc.

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