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By using affiliate marketing, companies can pay other media outlets to advertise their products and services to their readers. Commissions paid to “affiliates,” or “third-party publications,” incentivize them to spread the word about the company. Affiliate marketing can be controlled or managed with the aid of affiliate management services and software. In this essay, we’ll review the functions of affiliate management services and agencies.

Affiliate Management Overview

Affiliate management refers to the process of overseeing the affiliates in a certain network in order to improve ROI, optimize campaigns for profitability, and spread brand awareness. This usually entails creating an in-internal affiliate team or hiring an agency to maximize the performance of your affiliate partnerships and referral marketing channel.

Affiliate management deals with taking care of every facet of your affiliate program, from establishing the right connections and managing recruitment, to generating traffic and putting in place a tracking system for your affiliate channel.

Affiliate Management Services

Managing marketing programs is difficult for most business owners. Therefore, affiliate management services assist brands in discovering affiliates. Companies can connect with affiliate partners through different affiliate management services that allow for growing their business.

Utilizing an affiliate marketing service makes more sense than hiring a marketing manager and a full marketing team, especially if your primary focus for digital marketing is affiliate marketing.

Choosing the best affiliates may be challenging, particularly for developing brands with tight budgets. Reputable affiliate management services can help you rapidly and effectively maximize your affiliate marketing revenue.

The best 5 affiliate management services are:

#1. Grovia

One of the best affiliate management services is Grovia. They are the perfect answer for brands wishing to sign up and activate new affiliates.

Grovia can assist you in scaling, whether you’re building a new partner channel or seeking more partners who boost sales. Through this service, brands may find and create partnerships that boost sales. In essence, it performs the duties of a marketing agency by assisting your company in locating pertinent bloggers, publications, and influencers in your niche.

#2. iAffiliate Management

iAffiliate Management is an affiliate marketing agency created to support business expansion. They have a very skilled affiliate management team and have collaborated with many well-known brands, such as myFICO and Home Chef.

iAffiliate is a great option if you require skilled support from a trustworthy affiliate marketing management company, whether you are in the process of setting up an affiliate marketing program or already have one in place.

#3. eBrandz

One of India’s biggest digital marketing agencies is eBrandz. They help companies connect with new partners and affiliates to strengthen their online marketing initiatives. eBrandz also specializes in paid search and performance marketing.

They provide a number of options to assist businesses in locating the best affiliates in their specific sectors. Also, they cover everything, from creating email copy to finding new affiliates to placing text links.


One of the best influencer and partnership automation solutions available is, formerly known as Impact Radius. Impact provides a whole range of services bundled into one, from helping you find new affiliates to assisting you in recruiting them.

Impact can assist you if you wish to eliminate traditional loyalty- or coupon-based affiliate programs and streamline your workflows to increase revenue.

#5. PartnerStack

One of the top partner platforms, PartnerStack, was created with SaaS companies in mind. It is an all-inclusive platform for partnerships created to assist businesses in automating and expanding their collaborations and reach.

Because they have their own Partner Program, which is effectively an affiliate network oriented for publishes and content providers, PartnerStack facilitates affiliates’ interactions with various brands and their access to new resources through the Program.

Affiliate Management Software 

To keep track of referrals, recommendations, or endorsements of purchasing goods and/or services from one party over another, affiliate software is utilized. To assess success, it observes the middleman’s activities.

E-commerce business owners and service providers with an online presence utilize affiliate management software to find affiliates as an alternative to affiliate management services.

With affiliate management software, you can view data in real-time, including links and purchases. You can learn which demographics are most drawn to your business using these tools.

The following are the top affiliate management software:

#1. Rewardful

The SSL-encrypted software exclusively develops affiliate programs using an online payment processing technology because it is a licensed Stripe partner.

Instead of using a marketplace database, its Affiliate Finder assists you in finding suitable affiliates online. It integrates with a number of providers, including Drip, MailerLite, ConvertKit, and others in addition to offering its own emailing solution.

Additionally, you can alter your affiliate dashboard to include the name and colors of your business.

#2. Kartra

As it covers campaign development, website design, email marketing, affiliate management, and more, this platform is really a one-stop shop for marketers.

The affiliate management module of Kartra enables you to create affiliate portals and landing pages, specify compensation rates and payment choices, and configure a sign-up questionnaire for vetting affiliates.

Additionally, you can follow each affiliate’s performance in real time.

#3. LinkMink

LinkMink is another affiliate management software targeted at SaaS companies.

This software can also track how customers arrive at your website, including the channel of your affiliate’s marketing they used to get there, how they got there, and the pages they visited before making a purchase.

#4. Tune

Tune provides real-time tracking and reporting of your affiliate and conversion data and is accessible on PC and mobile devices. You can specify the conditions for accepting or rejecting commissions as well as your payout terms.

When signing up for Tune, customers must have a valid credit card. A wire transfer or an ACH payment can be used afterward by retailers to send commissions.

#5. Voluum

Voluum is the software you need if you want to monitor the effectiveness of your paid and organic marketing campaigns across all of your social media channels. It provides pre-made templates for a variety of ad forms, including pop-ups, native advertisements, display banners, email ads, and video ads.

Then, you can use it to automatically run A/B testing to determine which set of components helps in achieving your conversion objectives.

Types of Affiliates Marketing

Below are the three main types of affiliate marketing:

#1. Unattached Affiliate Marketing:

In this advertising strategy, the affiliate is completely unrelated to the commodity or service being promoted.  They don’t pretend to be experts or have any knowledge in the field, and they don’t represent themselves as such. This kind of affiliate marketing is the easiest to use. They release the affiliate from any obligation to recommend or counsel because of their disassociation from the potential customer and product.

Related affiliate marketing, as its name suggests, entails the promotion of goods or services by an affiliate who has some sort of connection to the offering. The relationship typically exists between the affiliate’s niche and the good or service. The affiliate is a credible source since they possess the authority and knowledge necessary to drive traffic. However, the affiliate provides no guarantees on the effectiveness of the commodity or service.

#3. Involved Affiliate Marketing:

The affiliate and the good or service they’re advertising have a stronger bond thanks to this kind of marketing. They have used or are presently using the product, and they are sure that others will also have excellent experiences. Their personal accounts act as testimonials and reliable sources of knowledge. However, given that they are making recommendations, any issues related to the service could harm their image.

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Manager?

You must develop a plan before employing affiliate marketing as your main or secondary income-generating channel. Find a product or products that speak to you personally, something you would either buy for yourself or that you generally feel good about.

You’ll need to compose a lot of text creatives throughout your career as an affiliate marketer, as well as choose the best photos or videos for an ad. It suggests that in order to be effective; you need to be passionate about the product or products you’re helping to market.

For customers to click on and buy a product you’re selling, these advertising pieces must be appealing enough. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to promote something you don’t care about.

Joining an established affiliate network will be the most cost-effective method to get started in terms of cash commitments. You must exercise caution while selecting a network to operate with. Ensure that you can easily receive your earned commissions from that specific affiliate network. And they will help you anytime you need it from their end.

You must exercise caution while selecting a network to operate with. Ensure that you can easily receive your earned commissions from that specific affiliate network. And they will help you anytime you need it from their end.

What are the Responsibility of an Affiliate Manager?

Finding new affiliates, negotiating contracts, overseeing the production of advertising materials, and receiving fees are all typical duties of an Affiliate Manager.


Keeping track of your affiliates is important. If money isn’t an issue, you might think about whether you want to give people outside of your team access to your company and whether they will be committed to your affiliate program or “just do their job” for the hours they bill.

When weighing the pros and cons of hiring an affiliate agency, each company should make a list of its specific advantages and disadvantages.

Affiliate Management Service FAQs

What skills do you need for affiliate marketing?

An affiliate marketing manager is expected to have great management abilities, outstanding problem-solving skills, strong communication, and leadership skills, as well as in-depth technical knowledge of the field.

What do affiliate marketing managers do?

An affiliate marketing manager manages an online retailer’s commercial ties with its marketing affiliates. The responsibilities of an affiliate marketing manager include expanding the affiliate network, keeping track of sales from affiliate sites, and assisting affiliates with any issues or queries.

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