LEAD GENERATION TOOLS: Best 20+ Tools for B2B, & Lead Generation

LEAD GENERATION TOOLS best free B2B in digital marketing

A lead generation tool is a piece of software designed to find, collect, and organize potential customers. They are often referred to as lead generators and produce a pool of potential clients who can later become paying ones through retargeting. We listed out the best free B2B lead generation tools in this article and we do hope it’ll be helpful for your business. We also added a list of some lead generation tools in digital marketing so as to make the digital world a stress-free one for you. Let’s dive in!

What Are Lead Generation Tools?

The goal of lead generation tools is to get people in your target demographic interested in sharing their contact details with you. Anyway, let’s get back to the tools. While lead generation tools can be helpful for bringing in quality leads, investing in automated lead generation software is necessary for doing so on a large scale. Depending on the situation, lead generation tools might be either inbound or outbound. 

#1. HubSpot

When it comes to marketing software for SaaS businesses and agencies, HubSpot is a major player. Features of the integrated marketing and customer relationship management solution include contact management, blog publishing, landing page creation, lead generation, and more. HubSpot has three main platforms: HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Sales, and HubSpot Marketing, and the pricing varies greatly depending on which one you require. All three B2B lead creation tools, however, offer free options.

Pricing: HubSpot offers a free plan for those just getting started, as well as paid plans that range in price from $45 to $3,600 a month for larger enterprises.

#2. Woorise

Woorise is an integrated marketing and lead generation platform that lets you build landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes, viral giveaways & contests, handle payments, and more, all in one place. Among its many features are a cutting-edge landing page and form builder; more than 40 field kinds; thousands of social actions; 100+ interactive templates; conditional logic; real-time email notifications; multilingual support; support for several languages; in-built analytics; and much more.

With the help of Woorise’s integrations with well-known marketing platforms like Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Facebook, Google Analytics, Bitly, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, and many more, you can easily send fresh leads to the applications you already work with.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $29 per month for the Basic tier and up to $99+ per month for the Pro tier.

#3. SeedProd

SeedProd is the best landing page builder for WordPress, hence it deserves a spot on the list of lead generation tools. With SeedProd’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor, even a novice can design stunning landing pages that convert visitors into leads. SeedProd has your back for all of your marketing needs, including sales, maintenance, webinars, and option campaigns. You can forget about making your landing pages responsive and mobile-friendly; there are more than 150 templates to choose from. Everything that could be difficult has already been done.

SeedProd gives you an upper hand in the conversion game by securing your pages against spam, bots, and other forms of online fraud and integrating with a wide variety of email service providers.

Pricing: SeedProd’s yearly pricing starts at $39.50 for the Basic package, $89.55 for the Plus package, and $159.60 for the Pro package.

#4. Intercom

Intercom is another multifaceted product with a wide range of features and applications. Their site has a built-in chat and messaging system that you can use to communicate with and learn more about site visitors. Once a user is logged into the system, you can use that information to tailor onboarding, support, and retention efforts based on their specific actions within the app or website. They also provide an integrated knowledge base and help desk to serve current clients.

#5. Hunter.io

Hunter is a tool that allows you to locate emails by simply entering a name and an organization. You can also perform a company-wide search for all email messages. The tool is free to use for up to 25 email searches and 50 email verifications each month. Subsequently, 500 searches and 1000 verifications are included in the $49/month starter package. If you’re looking for a B2B lead creation platform, you should look no further than Hunter.

Pricing: Free to find up to 25 requests/mo; plans start at $49/month

#6. Overloop

Overloop is a customer relationship management system that specializes in email-based lead generation, communication, and automation processes. You can quickly see all of your pipelines with the aid of a drag-and-drop dashboard, which provides you with a thorough understanding of your organization.

You can set your sales prospecting on autopilot with Overloop because its automation is based on a visual dashboard. The best part is that it can sync with other apps to acquire user details automatically.

Pricing: Overloop is free to start as a CRM. Starting with email automation and tracking is $70/month. Email finder credits start at $39/month for 250 credits, ranging to $299/month for 10,000 credits.

#7. Pardot

You may manage and qualify sales leads with the help of Pardot, a popular lead creation platform. Lead qualification ensures that you are always communicating with the most promising prospects. Pardot’s marketing automation and detailed segmentation capabilities can help you connect with your target audience more effectively. Landing page creation, form embedding, and email management are all made easier with Pardot’s included features.

Pricing: Pardot’s pricing ranges from $1,250/month for their Growth plan, $2,500 for their Plus plan, and $4,000 for their Advanced package.

#8. Paperform

When it comes to online questionnaires, polls, and surveys for gathering customer information, Paperform is like a Swiss Army knife. Paperform doesn’t force you to choose between creating a Harry Potter quiz to increase engagement and creating a popup form to encourage email signups. The robust editor is a code-free alternative to traditional text editors, with a Word-like layout in place of cumbersome menu bars. Paperform lets you import brand materials like logos, colors, and photos from Adobe’s Cloud libraries.

Paperform is unlike other form builders since it includes both aesthetics and robust conditional logic. If you want to modernize your company with sophisticated forms and cut down on routine tasks, this is the way to go. They have in-house analytics that can provide you with even deeper information if you supplement them with intricate computations and personalized success pages. The flexible SaaS platform offered by Paperform permits the development of highly adaptable solutions that meet the exact needs of any individual client.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $24 per month for the Essentials tier and up to $159 per month for the Agency tier.

#9. MobileMonkey

With MobileMonkey’s chatbots, you can streamline the lead collection, qualifying, and nurturing across multiple chat channels, including website live chat, SMS texting, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, and more. OmniChat by MobileMonkey is a chatbot creator and automation platform that allows you to generate chat campaign content once and utilize it across all of the aforementioned channels while consolidating customer support conversation into a single, easy-to-navigate inbox.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $119 per month for the Startup tier. For the Growth tier, contact for a quote.

#10. Salesforce

One of the best sales and lead management programs available, Salesforce follows the “work smarter, not harder” tenet. Salesforce is one of the best sales lead generation tools since it can be used to create leads, manage customers and sales teams, and much more. And it works with a wide variety of sales and marketing apps, so your company may increase revenue and improve service to customers.

Pricing: Salesforce’s pricing for Small Business Solutions ranges from $25/month per user to $1,250/month for up to 10,000 contacts, with a few options in between depending on your company’s needs.

#11. Turnstile by Wistia

It’s clear that marketers are putting a lot of effort into video, and I expect that trend to continue. Therefore, the video should be considered not only as a brand-building but also as a direct lead-generation tool. Wistia’s Turnstile is a fantastic solution that lets you restrict access to videos after a given amount of time has passed. Visitors are prompted to submit their email addresses before proceeding with the video.

Pricing: While Wistia has a free basic tier, in order to get Turnstile, you’ll need to upgrade to the Plus tier which starts at $19 per month.

#12. Pointerpro

You can maintain your sales machine humming along with the help of Pointerpro, formerly known as Survey Anyplace, an advanced survey tool with all the capabilities you need. Prospective consumers’ time is often wasted when forms and surveys are utilized to acquire information without providing anything of value in return. As soon as respondents finish the survey, they will receive a customized PDF report based on their responses. This could be a comprehensive description of the offer, a recommendation for the most relevant service or product based on their responses, or any other piece of crucial information. In a few clicks, you can transform them from a frigid prospect to a warmed-up lead.

They work seamlessly with the rest of your marketing toolset, allowing you to quickly and effectively import leads into your CRM or email marketing platform and begin nurturing campaigns.  

Pricing: Pricing starts at $49 per month for Pointerpro’s Essential tier while you’ll need to contact them for a quote on the Enterprise tier.

Types of Lead Generation Tools

The following are the types of lead generation tools:

  • On-page Lead Generation: generates leads through online opt-in forms and promotional efforts
  • Email Marketing: Keep those potential customers interested in your brand by running nurturing initiatives.
  • Email Address Finders: Reach out to folks who aren’t subscribed to your newsletter.
  • Prospecting and Outreach: Gather information from anonymous site users and follow up with leads.
  • Customer Relationship Management Tools: Link up your sales pipeline and monitor your leads
  • Sales Tools: Convert prospects into buyers while maintaining relationships with current clients.
  • Communication Tools: People enjoy talking to one another. Make use of it to your company’s advantage to increase lead generation.
  • Advertising Tools: Get people to your site using means such as social media and paid advertising.

B2B Lead Generation Tools

A defined plan for reaching out to potential clients is an absolute must for any lead generation effort. And the means to track progress and put your plan into action. B2B lead generation tools are pieces of software that make it easier to gather leads. It’s automated, so you won’t have to waste time entering lead info by hand and can instead focus on making campaigns. Here are some B2B lead generation tools:

#1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is the perfect tool for those who use LinkedIn to communicate with B2B clients and customers. You may find your ideal clientele, follow up with leads, and connect with potential customers all with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

Furthermore, it includes sophisticated lead and corporate searches to help you identify the most pertinent customers. The system will even provide you with personalized lead recommendations. Finding the relevant connections inside the target accounts is made easy by doing this. It’s also compatible with your existing customer relationship management software. 

#2. Everwebinar

Webinar production has become increasingly popular as a means of expanding a company’s reach and attracting new customers. Everwebinar is a tool for organizing and automating webinar recording and lead collection. You may also schedule items to play at specific times to simulate a live performance.  The purpose of these countdowns is to increase interest and attendance. This is, of course, user-activated, so that nobody is left out. It has high-definition resolution and is compatible with all devices. 

#3. Hootsuite

Creating a social media presence is essential for any brand today. People today want to feel connected to the brands they patronize, which is why social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become so popular. However, you already have a lot going on in your role as a business-to-business marketer. Posting on social media may add further time constraints. 

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that can help you combat this by allowing you to monitor all of your accounts from a single location. When you sign up for this service, it will connect to your social media accounts and let you schedule posts in advance. Time spent preparing a single month’s worth of content is all that’s required before you can set and forget your blog (at least until the next month). 

#4. SlideShare

Building visibility in the B2B community requires producing visually compelling, educational content. This is why B2B marketers should consider using SlideShare. You have no doubt viewed several SlideShares on your own.  It also helps you showcase your knowledge and experience in the field to great effect on this site. You can use it to teach people about a specific issue, topic, or answer. It can also serve as supplementary material for a video presentation, blog article, or webinar. 

#5. Quora

It’s possible to find leads in unexpected places at times. You can increase your brand’s profile and your website’s traffic by participating in Quora. Quora is helpful since it allows users to pose and receive answers to questions. Participants who have expressed an interest in the topic will get an email including these questions and answers. The person who provides the best response will gain followers, and including links in that response will increase clicks to those sites. 

The objective is to ask and answer questions that are relevant to those who are your target audience.

Best Free Lead Generation Tools

The good news is that you can get some lead-generation tools for free! The following are the free lead generation tools:

#1. Leadfeeder Lite

Leadfeeder is a piece of lead creation software that tracks down individuals who visit a website anonymously.  You can use the tool to see which businesses are visiting your landing pages. It also sheds light on the practices of such businesses. This will allow you to reach out to businesses that have shown an interest in your brand and capitalize on your knowledge of their habits.

#2. Snov.io

If you need a suite of lead creation tools, Snov.io is an excellent option. Email marketing, drip marketing, and sales CRM are all included in the package. It aids in the cultivation of leads and the eventual realization of sales. You can only get so many leads from the free tool. 

#3. Flowlu

Flowlu is a system for handling projects, customer relations, and teamwork. You may manage numerous pipelines and cultivate prospects with the help of marketing management software. The free version provides unlimited contacts. It has a dual-user capacity. The platform has both live chat support and written guides.

Lead Generation Tools in Digital Marketing

Thinking of the choice of lead generation tools in digital marketing to make? Worry not! Here are some lead generation tools in digital marketing to you can go for so as to boost your business:

#1. Facebook Ads

Facebook has made it quite simple to generate leads on the platform. The new Lead Generation goal allows you to collect information from clients and potential customers without them leaving Facebook.

#2. Twitter Ads

If you’re looking to generate leads using Twitter ads, you have a number of content promotion choices to pick from. You can choose from a variety of advertising formats, tailoring your campaign to your intended audience and the products or services you wish to advertise. You can choose between Promoted Accounts, Promoted Trends, and Promoted Tweets.

#3. Data.com

Data.com provides access to the most comprehensive database of business contacts and accounts, right in your office. When you have the correct information stored in the proper places, you may revolutionize your interactions with customers and see unprecedented expansion.

#4. MailChimp

With MailChimp, you can easily create and deliver marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns thanks to the software’s features and integrations. Its drag-and-drop email creator is one of its most appealing features. MailChimp also has email automation features. You can use the service without paying anything and save up to 2,000 contacts in your inbox as well as send 12,000 emails every month.

#5. Instapage

Your landing page will be live in no time at all when you use Instapage. Salesforce, Hubspot, and MailChimp are well-known CRM and email marketing solutions. The application provides useful features like lead capture forms and heat maps in addition to a landing page builder that can be customized with a few clicks.

Why You Need Lead Generation Tools

Obtaining contact information from people who are interested in the goods or services offered by your business is made simple with the aid of lead generation tools and software. These potential customers are referred to as “leads” and they typically originate from your website.

The most important aspect of lead generation tools is that it gathers leads with minimal continuous effort on your part. These technologies essentially automate the process so that you have more time to devote to other aspects of your company. Lead magnets are an increasingly popular method of gaining email addresses from interested parties.

Email addresses are also gathered by lead generation tools so that you can continue communicating with potential customers.

What to Look for in a Lead Generation Tool

Here are the things to look out for when choosing any of the lead generation tools:

#1. Easy To Use 

The lead generation tool should be intuitive enough that every member of your team can utilize it effectively. If not, it’s just another piece of software that isn’t being used.

#2. Accessibility

The most effective lead-generation solutions are web-based, allowing you to manage your lead-generating campaigns and data from anywhere with an internet connection. This facilitates participation in lead generation across the board.

#3. Affordability

 Nobody likes to invest money in something they’re unsure will be effective for them. You should also avoid spending too much on a solution that doesn’t furnish you with sufficient lead-generation tools.

#4. Consistent Backing

See that any problems you encounter are resolved promptly and competently. It’s frustrating to invest in a tool just to have it sit unused because users have nowhere to turn when they have questions.

#5. Targets Your Ideal Audience

 Before launching a lead generation campaign, make sure your software will allow you to link up with the target audience.

What Are Lead Generation Tools in Digital Marketing?

Online channels such as websites, blogs, social media, email, etc. are used to generate leads for digital marketing. Using tactics like paid ads, email campaigns, gated content, referral coupons, landing sites, etc., these digital channels create leads.

What Are the 4 LS of Lead Generation Tools?

Lead capture, landing pages, lead magnets, and lead scoring are the four cornerstones of a comprehensive plan for lead generation.

What Are the 3 Ways to Generate Leads?

The following are ways to generate leads:

  • Ask for referrals.
  • Conduct regular customer care calls.
  • Lead nurturing: Keep in contact with past referrals.
  • Be a trusted source of information.
  • Use the internet to highlight your expertise.
  • Network online.
  • Be social.
  • Do some good, old-fashioned networking

Is Lead Generation a KPI?

Key performance indicators for lead generation are measures that will aid in the improvement of your sales staff and marketing efforts. It has the potential to raise client lifetime value, monthly recurring revenue, and the value of generated qualified leads.

Final Thoughts

Please don’t utilize every single piece of lead generation tool out there; each of them has unique requirements and makes use of unique channels for generating leads. Choose the best lead generation tools for your stack based on your company’s objectives. These options for generating leads might be either technical or artistic, or both, and they cover both inbound and outbound channels. Make sure you choose the lead generation tool that fits your field.


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