Integrated Marketing Communications: The Complete Guide (Simplified)

Integrated marketing communication

The media (TV and radio) used to be the main source of entertainment for people. Now, most people spend a lot of time on their phone navigating different online platforms. So, has this posed a problem to marketing? Yes. Because businesses shouldn’t be saying different things on different platforms. Hence, the integrated marketing communication helps businesses to be consistent and coherent in getting their message to their target market segment in all platforms.


Integrated marketing communication is a comprehensive approach; businesses use to maintain clarity and consistency of message to their consumers. Hence, maximizing the impact of their message on their customers.


Basically, integrated marketing communication tools are components of promotion mix which can have a great impact on the market segment when melded together. Examples of these tools are below.

This tool enables businesses to get their message across to potential customers on another platform. The party that owns this platform will get paid by the advert sponsor. The method involves mass communication. So, a company’s message should speak to everybody within its target market segment.

Public relations:

By doing this companies try to maintain a positive public image. There are ways to do this. And one of them is via authority recommendation. This means an influencer gives a positive review of them.

Sales promotion:

This way companies try to increase sales by offering incentives to the customers. Through coupons, flash sales, etc. Furthermore integrating this with an advertisement will not be so hard. In fact, businesses can create ads just for their sales promotion.

Personal selling:

This involves a closer interaction with customers through the company’s sales personnel. However, a great deal of time is invested during the process. Hence, it might be less efficient than others.

Direct marketing:

Through this, customers can be persuaded to action via a call to action buttons on newsletters and websites. Hence, the instant result of this method makes the impact measurable.


A well-integrated marketing communication process synchronizes its message across all channels. And also, the message across the channels augment one another to achieve the marketing goal. In other to achieve a goal; the list below will help in your integrated marketing communication process.

Know your customers:

You need to acquire every available detail of your customers. Know the platforms you can reach them, their psychographics, their financial buoyancy. Hence, this will help you in choosing the right tool to achieve your marketing aim.

Choose the right communication channels:

Doing this is dependent on knowing your customers. If you understand your customers well and know the right channel to best reach out to them. Your message will have more impact than advertisements done blindly. For example, a business can choose a YouTube ad to promote its product meant for a given geography. But if a negligible amount of the consumers accesses this platform. Then, the ad will be a waste of resources. Also, another thing you can consider in this step is the additive effect of different platforms. For instance, 50% of your consumers might prefer cable channels only and 30% might prefer Facebook only for their entertainment. So, to achieve this additive effect both should top the list of channels you should use to reach out to them.

Design your message and launch it:

Once you are done selecting the different channels for integrated marketing communication. Then design the message based on the peculiarity of that platform. For example, people that spend most of their time on YouTube like motion pictures. While Facebook users may not be fans of videos, just pictures will do. So, adjust based on what they might welcome.

Analyze the result and make adjustments:

Sometimes even the best go ahead strategy for every marketing campaign doesn’t yield as much as required. Hence, you need to collect data to know how much of your goal you have achieved.


A major aim of all marketing campaigns is goal achievement and integrated marketing communication helps achieve that and even more. Below is some importance of integrated marketing communication.


Consistency and repetition of your message on all channels; enables easy recognition of your company. And also associates you with that message. Hence, integrated marketing communication fosters the branding of a company.

Aligning with customers’ choice:

Another importance of a properly done integrated marketing communication is a nice alignment with customers’ choice. Because you already know what the turn-on, and turn-offs of your customers. So, when you hit; they resonate at your frequency, or let’s say you resonated with theirs first and they just reciprocated.

Wider customer reach:

Integrated marketing communication helps reach out to a larger number of people. And also does that while maintaining consistency and clarity in all channels chosen by the company.

Fosters market valuation of a company:

Beliefs and notions about a company in its market affect its valuation. Also, integrated marketing communication helps foster a positive notion about a company.

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