The Best Time Management Apps In 2023

Time management apps

The secret to working smarter is time management. While it may seem counter-intuitive to spend time learning about time management, it is critical for the future because it holds the key to working smarter.
High achievers and effective multitaskers manage their time extraordinarily effectively. Focus and dedication are the keys to effective time management. We’ve collected a list of the best time management apps to help you better manage your time and work smarter.

Benefits of Time Management Apps

You can undoubtedly be productive without a dedicated time management program, and many business owners begin with only educated guesses. But, without a time tracking program, you will have certain difficulties when businesses expand and hire personnel.

A specialist time management program allows you to track work from a distance and increases general contact with staff. Here are some important ways it can assist you in running a productive internet business:

  • Time and output should be measured: You can gain insight into how your team works and remove time wasters with tools like time tracking, built-in automation, extensive reporting, and more. It also aids in the removal of bottlenecks, allowing teams to be more productive.
  • Improve your team’s collaboration: Tools for time management help you prioritize chores and work more efficiently. Kanban-style workflows, for example, make it simple to manage projects and teams. Everyone is aware of what tasks are in process, what has been completed, and what has to be completed next.
  • Improved project cost estimations: You can determine the true cost of a project by keeping track of your time. You may view everyone’s billable hours for a project and identify areas for improvement. This also allows you to make better estimations for future projects and save money.
  • Recognize your capacity: Your teams are most likely working on multiple projects at the same time. As you progress, you’ll need to grasp capacity and how long it takes to do particular activities. It identifies who is overworking and where managers may balance team effort for future work.

When you have multiple workers working on different projects or simply want to better manage your own time, a time management application is the way to go.

The Best Time Management Apps

We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 time management apps and software to assist you in your search. We include a variety of tools because there are numerous techniques and methods for managing time. These range from simple timers to all-in-one productivity suites.

Best Free Time Management Apps

#1. Evernote

Notes, memos, photos, checklists… you name it, Evernote will not only save it but also make it searchable with optical character recognition (OCR). Still, prefer pencil and paper? Take a picture of your handwritten note and store it in Evernote for easy access and dissemination.

#2. Grammarly

If you’re anything like me, you read your emails three to four times before pushing “Send,” and then you don’t check them again for fear of missing a typo. Grammarly alleviates this concern by acting as a second set of eyes on your work. This free tool does all the grammatical policing for you, pointing out everything from misused to overused terms, so you can focus on the important task.

#3. RescueTime

We spend a lot of time on the internet. This free time management tool shows you exactly where you’re wasting time and how much you’re squandering, allowing you to strike a good balance of production and relaxation. Get detailed information on time spent on specific websites, track accomplishments, and completed tasks, and learn how much time you spend in meetings and on email to better organize your workday.

#4. Pocket

How often do you take a break from your work to read an intriguing article or watch a hilarious video that someone sent you? If this is restricting your work, try Pocket. This productivity management program maintains momentum by allowing you to bookmark content for subsequent viewing. Then, once you’ve completed all of your tasks, there will be no shortage of interesting information to read.

5 Best Android Time Management Apps

Do ten-minute breaks add up to a half-hour? Establish a time restriction for yourself. The Tomato Timer allows you to set the length of your work sprints and breaks, allowing you to move through your tasks without being stuck on one.

#5. Pushbullet

Sometimes we just need to put our phones away in order to concentrate on our work. Pushbullet ($4.99/month) allows you to receive all of your alerts directly on your desktop, preventing you from going down the rabbit hole when you glance at your phone. Bridge the gap between your phone and computer, monitor exactly what you want and don’t want to receive notifications for, and get back to work.

#6. TickTick

Say goodbye to your old day planner! Manage your daily to-dos, tasks, appointments, and so on with this simple and easy-to-use Android time management software (from free to $27.99 per year). Create custom widgets, create notifications, and integrate your calendar with your to-do list to ensure you never miss a deadline.

#7. FocusMe

Download FocusMe, which is free for Android users, to stick to your productivity resolutions and break negative internet habits. This program monitors how much time you spend on distracting websites and allows you to block them for maximum concentration. Additional tools like the Pomodoro timer, planner, and break reminders help you stay focused and productive.

#8. Forest

What if I told you that every time you use your phone, a tree dies? Gamification is the key to good time management with Forest ($1.99). The program functions as a game, urging you to stay away from your phone by growing a tree. Once you use your phone, the tree dies. It keeps track of how much time you’ve gone without using your phone and motivates you to go even longer the next time. Users can also spend their virtual cash to grow actual trees as an extra bonus.

10 Best iPhone Time Management Apps

#10. Fantastical 2

If handling several calendars and schedules is your biggest time waste, this tool is for you. Fantastical 2 ($4.99) is a time management calendar tool that imports your calendar appointments and meetings and displays them in a summary list beneath either a monthly or weekly view. You may easily switch between perspectives by swiping. You can also configure Fantastical 2 to open links within your events in your preferred program, such as Safari, Google Chrome, Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and so on.

#11. HabitMinder

We’ve all heard that it takes about three weeks to form or break a habit. Although the veracity of this notion is debatable, habits are definitely difficult to change. By tracking new routines, this software assists you in breaking negative habits and developing positive ones. HabitMinder (from free to $5.99) encourages you to stay on track, making it simple to log and measure your progress over time, whether it’s writing for 30 minutes or drinking a gallon of water every day.

#12. Todoist

Todoist (from free to $29/year) can help you declutter your mind. This app organizes and distributes household responsibilities and grocery lists for you, so you can focus on getting things done. This program understands natural language, so if you type “make cupcakes tomorrow at 6 p.m.,” it will add the item to your calendar automatically. Graphs and charts to assess your productivity progress are among the premium features.

#13. Clear

Are you looking for a basic, uncomplicated checklist? Try Clear ($4.99). Its rainbow-colored to-do lists are based on the simple satisfaction of marking something as accomplished. This visual time management tool is ideal for anyone wishing to replace their pen and legal pad for keeping track of their daily responsibilities.

#14. Workflow

Make more with less. Workflow integrates the best aspects of your apps so you can access numerous apps without having to tap all the time. All of your iPhone’s applications can be managed here. You may play music, exchange messages, and hail a ride. Spend less time switching between apps and more time on your day.

#15. Toggl Track

This time tracking software (free for up to five people, $18 per user for bigger organizations) allows you to log time across your existing tools and devices. The software also has a reporting tool to monitor where you spend the most time, as well as a calendar to help you plan your days. Bigger teams can use it to see what everyone is working on and how much time is left on projects and tasks.


We investigated a dozen time management apps that are available on numerous devices in order to compile a list of the best solutions. In addition to the date each app was developed, factors such as pricing, features, and accessibility were considered. We read user evaluations and customer support responses to see how (and if) feature requests are addressed by the team. Because the demand for time management apps differs by the user, we included apps that serve as to-do lists, calendars, time trackers, and more, providing a variety of options based on personal and professional requirements.

Ultimately, we wanted these time management apps to be useful for both individuals and businesses, so we considered numerous uses and configurable functionality when creating this list.

What is a Time Management App?

There are many different types and sizes of time management apps, but they all share one feature. They keep track of the time you spend on the activities you want to track.

This is important for organizations tracking the hours worked by remote employees, as well as for freelancers who need to know how many hours they have worked on a specific project.
Beyond tracking hours, sometimes tracking apps may produce invoices for you, give you ideas on how to work more efficiently, and even warn you if you’re losing focus.

Criteria For Selection of Time Management Apps for Better Work

If personal productivity or having a productive week is your thing, you should think about adopting a daily checklist tool or a focus app to help you enhance productivity and better manage your time.
Here are some considerations to make when selecting a time management tool to help you work smarter:

  • Does it lessen distraction?
  • Does it make it simpler to work smarter?
  • Does it increase your output?
  • Do you like the user interface?
  • Is it compatible with the devices you use?
  • Can it integrate all of your other productivity apps?
  • Does it fit into your price range?

To determine which time management tool is best for you, make sure to test out all of the possibilities, especially the free ones.

Effectiveness of Time Management Apps

Time management apps may be useful, however, this is dependent on the individual and their preferences. According to research, time management is related to improved levels of life satisfaction and overall well-being, which may have a favorable impact on work, home, and school life. It is also linked to lower stress levels.

Can My Whole Family Utilize a Time Management App?

Most time management apps feature capabilities that may be used by the entire family. Search for apps that support numerous calendars or task lists and have sharing capabilities.

Last Thoughts

The above list includes what we believe to be the best time management apps and solutions available. And the good news is that many of them are entirely free! So, what are you holding out for? Choose the ones that will be most beneficial to you and start increasing your productivity right away!


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