TEAM MANAGEMENT TOOLS: All You Need To Know, Types, and Free Team Management Tools

team management tools
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A wide array of tools for organizing and collaborating in groups are available on the market today. A key function of team management software is to boost your business’s productivity as a whole. Additionally, it improves the efficiency and output of the whole team. It’s not enough for a project manager to simply allocate time and create a to-do list; instead, they must also maintain order in the period between the project’s beginning and its conclusion. In this article, we will be looking at the best team management tools in sports, including Microsoft, remote, and free software.

Team Management Tools

Team management tools are designed specifically for managing groups of people, including tools for communication, collaboration, and other administrative tasks. There are features for organizing meetings, coordinating with coworkers, and generating comprehensive reports. Productivity and job quality will both increase as a result. Through the use of tools like instant messaging and file sharing, you and your team members may now easily communicate and collaborate. Let’s consider some of the most well-known project management applications.

#1. Notion

The knowledge management and collaboration tool Notion has a special office Wikis function to describe your company’s beliefs, cultures, and policies in addition to helping you organize your tasks and notes. It’s an excellent tool for new recruits to learn about organizational operations and contains information on vacations, paid time off, reimbursement, and healthcare.

#2. Simpplr

Names speak for themselves: Simpplr is an intranet and business management tool with an intuitive user interface. It functions as a digital newsroom where you and your coworkers may share updates on projects and happenings. Employee engagement is increased by giving users access to a people directory and feed for social interaction. You can handle it on your own with little to no IT assistance.

#3. Tettra

Tetra is a team management tool for an internal knowledge store. It enables you to centrally organize and document all of your key policies, protocols, and routines.

#4. ClickUp

One of the top team management apps for efficiency and project management is called ClickUp. It enables remote teams to manage workflow more effectively and cooperatively. It provides all the necessary tools to increase productivity, including task management, project/time monitoring, Gantt charts, collaboration, repeatable tasks, and more.

#5. Trello

One of the most well-known and well-liked free project management software options is Trello. It uses a kanban board and a “cards” system. As they transfer their “cards” to the appropriate parts, keep track of their progress after assigning assignments or “cards” to them. Trello gives you the option to define a step-by-step procedure for how a task should progress from conception to conclusion.

Your group is free to add as many columns as necessary and to be as thorough as they desire with the process. By specifying deadlines, attaching files, and adding tags, you may organize your projects and cards. Use it as a tool for collaboration, tracking your progress, and obtaining a thorough understanding of how the job is developing.

#6. Asana

Offering the best of both worlds is Asana. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a list view and a kanban board. Additionally, you can specify dependencies, assign dates, and label particular tasks as milestones. Asana provides a “Conversation” feature where you can submit updates and talk about the status of the tasks to further improve team communication. Additionally, it contains a “Files” section where you may keep any documents you add to tasks for convenient access.

Remote Team Management Tools

A remote team is a collection of management teams of experts from various time zones, diverse skill sets, and various cultures who collaborate on the same project with different tools. Each team member works remotely, from a different place while residing in a different city.

In fact, remote work is already standard practice in several businesses. This workplace trend has made it simpler for businesses to create remote teams, and hire and keep the best gig workers, freelancers, and salaried employees from all over the world. So let’s have a look at some of the top remote team management tools and productivity solutions that can make your business successful in a remote working environment.

#1. Trello

Trello needs to be in every remote team manager’s toolkit because it is one of the most adaptable and entertaining project management tools available online. This tool makes it easier for you and your remote team to keep organized and current on each project. It helps you to trace sales pipelines from a lead to a concluded contract and track content production from inception to publishing. It makes it simple to keep track of both short-term and long-term objectives. Trello allows you to add team members to various boards based on the requirements of the project, and each team member may keep you informed of their progress as it happens.

#2. Slack

Communication is essential when managing a remote team. When everyone is seated together, they may converse, clear up any confusion, and consult one another’s minds as needed. However, this communication must be conducted electronically when working remotely. A powerful team collaboration and communications solution like Slack will be necessary for your team. With Slack, which is accessible from anywhere, you can create a channel (or chat room) for any aspect of your organization and have private or team chats. File-sharing features are also included in Slack. Therefore, Slack is among the good remote team management tools.

#3. Zoom

For bigger remote team management tools that demand cutting-edge video conferencing capabilities, Zoom is a fantastic solution. Teams may collaborate using this feature-rich platform, which also enables users to conduct and attend video meetings, share several screens at once, and record sessions for later access. While attending conferences and seminars in person is now strongly discouraged, Zoom’s webinar solutions provide a fantastic remote option. Through video conversations, it allows numerous panelists to address more than a thousand participants at once with their most important ideas and opinions. It is simple to make sure that each session is dynamic and entertaining thanks to the webinar Q&A and chat features.

#4. Google Drive

By enabling easy file sharing between the remote team as one of the management tools, Google Drive eliminates productivity barriers. Users can instantly access shared or private files by downloading the app directly to their desktops (or mobile devices). Users can collaborate on projects and share files from any location in the world thanks to automatic device syncing. For remote teams that produce content, spreadsheets, or share calendars, Google Drive is a “must-have.”

#5. Dropbox 

Dropbox is a simpler file-sharing program that might be ideal for smaller teams. With Dropbox, you can make short edits and have your team members see them virtually instantly because of its block-syncing feature. For a remote team, one of the management tools like Dropbox attempts to collaborate on a single project simultaneously from many places, this makes collaboration a breeze.

Free Team Management Tools

Free software generally, including freemiums and samples, does not offer the same capability and usefulness as premium software. You’re probably leaving out important features by using free software tools, which will help in controlling your management tasks a lot less productively and successfully.

Try the following options for free project team management tools:

#1. MeisterTask

For you folks, MeisterTask is the way to go. The goal of this free project team management tool is to make Kanban boards more useful. Your tasks, comments, notes, due dates, etc. are all arranged in one location using kanban boards. It is a cloud-based project management application, it has a configurable project board.

What is included in MeisterTask’s free team management tools version:

  • Both projects and users are limitless.
  • incorporating two (Slack or Zendesk)
  • Features for task and time tracking, checklists, comments, and tags
  • pleasant user interface
  • Exchange of files and attachments (up to 20MB)

#2. Trello

Trello, a free project management tool, has gained popularity in recent years by popularizing the Kanban board method. And even if you don’t employ the Agile or Scrum project management approaches, you can still use them.

What is included in Trello’s free team management tools version:

  • Boards, task lists, cards, users, checklists, and attachments are all limitless.
  • per board, one integration
  • Files can be up to 10MB.

#3. ClickUp

Because ClickUp is aware of how work is truly completed, we are driven to design features that increase productivity with an obsession. Additionally, because ClickUp integrates with so many crucial team collaboration tools, your team will continue to operate as usual, although more quickly and effectively on numerous projects. Whether you’re a project manager or an individual user, ClickUp has you covered.

What is included in ClickUp’s free team management tools version:

  • Most businesses charge premium pricing for services that ClickUp provides without charge.
  • Workload Control
  • Dashboards
  • Locate Comments
  • Priorities
  • Reminders
  • Goals
  • Mind maps
  • Whiteboards
  • Individual Task Statuses

#4. Nifty

The goal of Nifty, a free project management tool, is to keep you concentrated on managing your job rather than the technology. With a variety of tools including chat, tasks, documents, and a calendar, you can work together with your team and clients in one app. Make a strategy for your initiatives, and automate the tracking of their progress. Establish schedules and goals, work together on projects, build a knowledge hub, produce documents and wikis, and balance workloads.

What is included in Nifty’s free team management tools version:

  • Clients, visitors, and team members are limitless.
  • 100 MB of storage
  • 2 projects 
  • Tasks, Goals, Documents, and Discussions
  • Automation of work processes and individual roles and permissions

#5. Wrike

Wrike is an easy-to-use project management program that benefits small teams. You can see who is working on what by using their activity stream dashboard, which is also available. Other development teams can benefit from their problem-tracking as well. Regrettably, no. The free edition of Wrike has many limitations. Until you switch to their premium plan, you’ll miss out on many of their best features.

What is included in Wrike’s free team management tools version:

  • Projects, files, and tasks
  • File exchange
  • View in table
  • Inbox
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • never-ending users
  • No time constraints

Done with the free team management tools, now let’s go over to Microsoft management tools.

Microsoft Team Management Tools

A lot of the functionality offered by Microsoft team management tools goes beyond promoting collaboration among coworkers. You’d be excused for not being aware of every feature that could improve your company if you’re new to Teams or busy administering the service. Processes and communication will improve more quickly when your firm adopts the essential Microsoft Team management tools. Here is the list of Microsoft team management tools.

#1. Shifts

Microsoft previously utilized an app called Microsoft StaffHub to control team scheduling. As of June 2020, this was retired. It was replaced by app tools called Microsoft Shifts, which is built for team time management.

Because Shifts was designed with mobile users in mind, alerts about changes are sent to users’ preferred devices. As needed, team members can offer shifts or request schedule swaps by viewing the other team members’ schedules. Everything is managed in real-time, including elements of scheduling like time-off requests because it is hosted on the cloud.

#2. Microsoft Stream

Tabs are located at the top of the team’s main panel. You can choose different Microsoft Teams tools from these tabs and add them to your Teams window. Another download-free Microsoft Teams product is Streams.

Town hall meetings and pre-recorded presentations are frequently used by businesses to keep staff members informed. With the help of this function, students may easily view the video content from the same location where they receive their assignments.

Many team communication apps, including Slack, offer search functionality, but Microsoft Teams stands out with expanded search features that are comparable to those offered by rivals like Google Chat. In contrast to some other options, you can also find the right program by using the same search box. From this search box, you can also take other activities like altering your presence status.

#4. File sharing

For team communications app tools, file sharing is a standard function, but Microsoft management teams take a few distinct approaches. Office file collaboration is also built-in. Anyone with the necessary rights can see or edit files without leaving the app if your team is using Excel, PowerPoint, Word, or Visio.

#5. Intune for Microsoft 365

Any app must include mobile data management because so much of today’s business is conducted on smartphones and tablets. According to some reports, at least 38% of businesses have workers that work remotely, and this leads to higher production.

Teams contain a product called Intune for Microsoft 365 that lets you control mobile capabilities for your company. With Intune, you can fine-tune features like conditional access to only allow certain parties access to certain sanctioned devices and set the level of mobile usage for your entire enterprise.

Best Team Management Tools

Leadership is ultimately what makes for excellent team management. There is certainly more than one option when it comes to selecting the best team management tools. Your team management tech stack will need to be carefully and purposefully constructed. Understanding your team’s dynamics and demands can help you as a leader develop tools and solutions that will best serve them.

#1. Asana

Offering the best of both worlds team management tools is Asana. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a list view and a kanban board. You can either assign tasks to your team members or place them on cards (kanban board) (list projects). You can add features like attachments, subtasks, labels, descriptions, and comments to your tasks no matter which option you select.

#2. Trello

One of the most well-known and well-liked tools for free team project management tool options is Trello. It uses a kanban board and a “cards” system. As they transfer their “cards” to the appropriate parts, they keep track of their progress after assigning assignments or “cards” to them. Trello gives you the option to define a step-by-step procedure for how a task should progress from conception to conclusion.

#3. Microsoft Teams

Fantastic team management and collaboration tools are Microsoft Teams. A genuine chat-based hub is offered for fluid teaming and collaboration. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool that requires little to no setup. From a single platform, you may conduct a real-time chat, a video call, and screen sharing.

#4. ClickUp

One of the top team management apps for efficiency and project management is called ClickUp. It enables remote teams to manage workflow more effectively and cooperatively. It provides all the necessary tools to increase productivity, including task management, project/time tracking, Gantt charts, collaboration, repeatable tasks, and more.

#5. Slack

You may transmit anything you need to effectively communicate, including notes, files, documents, movies, images, feedback, audio messages, and more, using the app. Important communications can be pinned for fast access by all of your coworkers.

Slack is a real-time mobile and desktop program that lets you streamline team communication. You may seamlessly plan and discuss your projects, transfer files, create private and public channels, and send direct messages.

Sport Team Management Software

The idea behind sports club management software is that running a league is not simple. From sign-ups through your end-of-season banquet, features like online registration, payment processing, scheduling, and analytics tools can keep you organized.

Software for managing sports teams fundamentally refers to any online resource that facilitates the organization of volunteers and league administrators. Depending on whether you manage a huge league with hundreds of teams, a regional or national tournament, a club with a few teams, or simply a single team, the features you’ll need may vary.

#1. TeamSnap

Millions of people worldwide use TeamSnap, a sports team management program, to organize their schedules and games. Parents, coaches, and players can always stay in touch thanks to TeamSnap’s mobile app. The TeamSnap mobile app allows you to control player attendance, volunteer responsibilities, and more.

#2. Group App

Teams and other social groups can create mobile apps using Team App to improve communication. You can choose colors, create your own app for your team, and invite other admins. Additionally, the app enables you to link to scores and standings, share images, manage your availability for activities, and chat with other team members.

#3. Tourney Machine

A piece of software called Tourney Machine was created exclusively for managing tournaments. The features are all mobile-friendly, allowing participants to follow the outcomes of tournaments while they’re out and about or right there at your event.

Additionally, Tournament Machine assists with online event promotion at Coaches can browse events by a variety of criteria, register for your event, and make payments.

#4. Sports Connect

A website platform designed for community sports is provided by Sports Connect. Players and parents can easily access the organization’s registration, scheduling, and reporting functions on the website. The system’s features are all user-friendly and designed with volunteers in mind. Sports Connect offers assistance for a wide range of sports, including basketball, baseball, softball, football, and soccer.

#5. MonClubSportif

Volunteers can administer their teams on MonClubSportif from a desktop or mobile device. Tools for scheduling, availability management, and results from monitoring expedite league operations and make it possible for all users—including coaches, athletes, parents, and sports organizations—to stay informed. A 30-day free trial of the app’s functionalities is also available.

#6. Amilia

Amilia is an online store and registration system designed for organizing leisure events. Organizations can promote events and other activities and register participants with ease thanks to the platform. Soccer, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, and skating are all common sports. You can search the Amilia database to discover hundreds of options.

#7. Wild Apricot

One of the most well-liked memberships management solutions is Wild Apricot. A member database, online payments, event management, and a contact database are among the features. On their website, Wild Apricot offers a free 30-day trial.

#8. Jersey Watch

Because of its quick setup and user-friendly features, Jersey Watch is a well-known sports team management application. Within a single system, you may build a website, sign up players, and exchange messages. You also receive a lot of strong tools to support the expansion of your business.

What is a team management tool?

Any program that improves collaboration, communication, and, ultimately, group management is referred to as team management software or tool. 

What tools do you use to manage your team effectively?

8 Managers’ Team Management Strategies That Work

  • Employ the Right People.
  • Set Realistic Expectations.
  • Make a team mission statement.
  • Effective Task Delegation.
  • Keep the lines of communication open.
  • Use Your Time Well
  • Discuss teamwork when reviewing performance.
  • Give more feedback frequently.

How do you organize a team management system?

The traits of a team with effective team management are as follows:

  • They emphasize objectives and outcomes.
  • They have an open feedback culture and practice.
  • They have an interest in education.
  • They make a reasonable contribution.
  • They assist one another.
  • They are structured.
  • They work in a cooperative setting.

What are 4 examples of tools that can help with time management?

The top time management resources for everyone who wants to master time management

  • Calendar.
  • A project manager or task manager.
  • Tracker for time.
  • App for capturing notes (with templates)
  • Tools for distraction avoidance, habit tracking, and other things

What is Jira used for?

Jira was initially intended to be a bug and issue tracker. Today, however, Jira has developed into a potent work management solution for a variety of use cases, including agile software development and the management of specifications and test cases.

How do you manage team data?

Here are seven best practices to think about for your company.

  • Establish reliable file naming and cataloging standards
  • Give data set metadata careful thought
  • Data Retention
  • Documentation
  • a dedication to data culture
  • Data quality confidence in privacy and security
  • Purchase high-quality data management tools.

What Causes Teams to Fail?

When team members are uneasy, the team as a whole fails. The foundations of a successful team might be weakened when individual members don’t feel safe enough to speak openly and honestly with their teammates.

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