Many businesses lack the time or expertise to manage their social media marketing initiatives. Instead, they prefer to work with social media marketing organizations to help them convey their story on social media. In some circumstances, this may entail managing corporate social accounts; in others, it may entail PPC social advertising.
Given the expansion of social networks in recent years, it should come as no surprise that numerous agencies sell social media management services. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top social media management agencies and the services they offer.

Whether they are already seeking social media services or you need to persuade them that they do, you may aid them by offering a choice of services. If you’re wondering which SEO services to give your clients, start by analyzing the numerous prospects in this guide.

Top Social Media Management Services

#1. Social media services based on channels

When you decide what kind of social media services your agency should provide, think about whether social media networks are worth your time. You must understand which sites and apps generate traffic, as well as which are most popular with your clients or future clients.

Each social media channel can be very different from the next, yet they also have many similarities. With over a billion users, Facebook is frequently the center of social media efforts, making it the most popular network. Depending on your audience, other key networks include Pinterest and Instagram, as well as Google+, LinkedIn, and even Snapchat.

Consider your average client when determining which social media networks your services should focus on. A B2B business is more likely to benefit from LinkedIn than a consumer brand aimed towards millennials.
You must understand which networks your clients are interested in using. Prepare a list of suggestions if they don’t yet know what they’re looking for.

#2. Strategy formulation

A robust social media strategy is essential for any brand. Many smaller firms begin to use social media without giving much thought to their aims or reasons for selecting a particular network.
Developing a content strategy for brands guarantees that your clients have a plan in place and a strong sense of what will work for them. If you opt to design content strategy for your clients, you may invest time researching their audience and social keywords, as well as testing and analyzing various networks and content formats.

You should be ready to provide your customer with a clear strategy that includes features such as an editorial calendar that they can use to achieve their objectives. Of course, you may go further and assist them in carrying out their strategy.

#3. Account/profile creation and branding

Getting clients set up on social media for the first time is a great approach to introducing them to your social media services and then encouraging them to make use of the other services you provide.

Many small business owners take the initiative to learn as much as they can about social media and digital marketing, but it can still be a mystery to them. It’s frequently tough to know where to begin, and even if they know what they want, they may find it difficult to find the time to set up on social media.

They may be looking for recommendations on which social networks to utilize, as well as assistance in getting started with creating profiles and accounts. Your services can guarantee that social profiles work for the company, are SEO-friendly, and have some scheduled material to get them started in the first few weeks.

#4. Content Generation

Many of your clients will be looking for social media material. Although some content can be used across various channels, some must be produced expressly for social media use.
For example, particular dimensions must be satisfied for photographs on various networks, as well as guidelines and best practices. There are also numerous sorts of text formatting to consider. Although Twitter’s character limit has been doubled, crafting an effective tweet still requires careful preparation.

To help brands promote their message, social media content must be interesting and inspire sharing. Using this “food pyramid example,” creating content for customers can entail creating visuals or videos, writing social media posts or blog articles, and collecting shareable material from other brands and sources.

It must provide value and initiate conversations. If your agency already uses creative abilities in conjunction with analytics and data, you may have everything you need to begin developing social media content.

#5. Content Publication

Helping your clients schedule their content can be a huge help to them. Many small businesses struggle to find time to create content, especially across several media.
Choosing the best time to post can be tough, and it may be even more difficult when working with a worldwide audience. It’s not the most difficult job, but scheduling material makes things much easier for your clients.

Your clients will appreciate whatever you can do to make social media management simpler. It is sometimes preferable to provide real-time social media monitoring so that brands may avoid unpleasant situations created by scheduled posts conflicting with current occurrences.
A content calendar is typically the best method to guide clients on when to post what while also providing flexibility if necessary.

#6. Research and Analysis

The key to obtaining your clients’ business is to provide research and meaningful insight into their businesses. They want to know everything they can about their audience and clients, including their interests, behavior, and identity.

Second, you should incorporate a thorough examination of competitors, including what and how they are doing on social media. This will assist your clients in identifying their strengths and limitations, which they can then apply to their approach.
Then you should show them the influencers they should be working with, as well as other relevant industry knowledge.

There are various insights that brands want to know both before and after social media initiatives to assist them to measure their success. A social listening tool can assist them to track their efforts as well as find hot subjects, hashtags, and the most important areas of debate.
Salesforce marketing cloud also offers to provide a relevancy assessment service. This informs a client about their market and community relevance.
It examines the material they share closely to assess whether it is of high relevance and whether it is resonating with the individuals that see it.

A relevance audit can also look into specifics such as the language a business employs to interact with its online followers. It could also entail research on which social media networks the brand’s audience uses the most and which companies in the industry have the most influence.

#7. Consulting and education

Many business owners are still unfamiliar with social media. Although they may utilize it in their personal lives, it is not the same as using it for commercial objectives. As an independent consultant or agency, provide services that will assist your clients in navigating the complex world of social media marketing.

Your services could involve teaching your clients about proper social media behavior. Many people must learn the proper vocabulary to employ while communicating with their audience as a brand on various networks.

Your services can assist your clients in avoiding corporate jargon and communicating with customers in a more conversational and welcoming manner. You may help develop a social media policy, empower staff to use social media, and even form a social media team.

#8. Campaign and community management

While it is beneficial to assist them in getting started with social media, many brands want more extensive support for their ongoing social media initiatives. Your agency should examine how you may serve as an extension of your client’s marketing department.

One of the services you may provide to assist clients to make the most of their social media strategy is real-time campaign management. You can notice what the client’s audience is talking about and look for opportunities for content production by having your finger on the pulse.

Top Social Media Management Companies For Your Business

There are numerous social media management services available. It might be difficult to decide which ones are best for you, your team, and your company.
To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of seven social media management services firms that can boost your approach. Continue reading to learn about the sectors they specialize in and the social media management services they offer.

#1. Drop and Hook

  • Social Media Management, Paid Social, Consulting/Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and Recruitment Marketing are some of the company’s standout services.
  • Marketing & Advertising, Nonprofits, and Transportation
  • Maplewood, New Jersey, USA is the location of the company’s headquarters.

#2. Full Blast Creative

  • Social Media Management, Branding, Consulting/Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Paid Social, PPC/SEM, SEO, and Site Design are some of the services that stand out.
  • Computer Software, Consumer Products, and Services, Education, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Government Administration, Hospital, Health & Wellness, Marketing & Advertising, Professional Services, Real Estate, Sports, Travel & Hospitality
  • Canada serves as the company’s headquarters.

#3. Hoyden Creative Group

  • Social Media Management, Paid Social, Branding, Consulting/Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, PPC/SEM, PR, SEO, Video Production, and Site Design are some of the company’s standout services.
  • Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Government Administration, Hospital, Health & Wellness, Internet, Information Technology, Nonprofits, Professional Services, Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality
  • Adrian, Michigan, USA is the location of the company’s headquarters.

#4. Digital Interlac

  • Social Media Management, Paid Social, Consulting/Strategy, Lead Generation, PPC/SEM, and Site Design are some of the company’s standout services.
  • Consumer Products & Services, Food & Beverage, Hospital, Health & Wellness, Marketing & Advertising, Professional Services, Travel & Hospitality
  • Location of the company’s headquarters: Manhattan Beach, California, USA

#5. Kelly Bateson Media

  • Social Media Management, Paid Social, and Content Marketing are some of the services that stand out.
  • Automotive, Computer Software, Consumer Goods & Services, Education, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Government Administration, Hospital, Health & Wellness, Internat, Information Technology, Marketing & Advertising, Nonprofits, Professional Services, Publish Relations, Real Estate, Sports, Transportation, and Travel & Hospitality
  • Nelson, British Columbia, Canada is the location of the company’s headquarters.

#6. Pinckney Marketing

  • Branding, Consulting/Strategy, Social Media Management, Paid Social, Content Marketing, Video Production, Web Design, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, PPC/SEM, PR, SEO, and Recruitment Marketing are some of the services that stand out.
  • Marketing and advertising are among the industries served.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina, USA is the company’s headquarters.

#7. Quaker City Mercantile

  • Social Media Management, Branding, Consulting/Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Video Production are some of the services that stand out.
  • Food and beverage, marketing, and advertising are among the industries served.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


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