Top Best Project and Portfolio Management Software in 2023 (Updated)


Project portfolio management software is a type of software that allows businesses to manage their project portfolios. Knowing which app to utilize might help you increase your profits. Companies work on more projects as they grow, with primary teams and sub-teams overseeing various projects. Organizations need a mechanism to unify these numerous programs across the company to keep everyone in sync and ensure they consistently produce quality projects. Project portfolio management software centralizes project management by assisting managers in determining which resources to allocate to a specific project. PPM software assists corporate leaders in aligning organizational goals with the efforts of teams, as well as providing a disciplined method to managing the total project portfolio, including resource allocation strategies, risk management, and performance monitoring. PPM assists managers in determining which projects are meeting the organization’s objectives in order to make data-driven decisions on which projects to break into smaller jobs.

Project Portfolio Management Software 

Project portfolio management (PPM) is an important part of project management that assists businesses in determining which resources to allocate to which projects. It assists managers in prioritizing initiatives among a long list of objectives. Portfolio management software assists managers in maintaining a high-level picture of which projects are best meeting the needs of the firm, as well as breaking those projects down into the various components required to succeed. The most effective project management software is simple to use and has a short learning curve. These technologies must be affordable and enable users to quickly discover obstacles in the project management schedule.

#1. ClickUp

ClickUp is a comprehensive productivity platform. It’s the central location for teams to plan, coordinate, and collaborate on projects utilizing tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, Whiteboards, and other tools. ClickUp, which is easily customizable with a few clicks, enables teams of all sizes to deliver work more effectively, driving productivity to new heights.

#2. Proggio

Proggio is an adaptive project portfolio management solution for corporations and mid-market businesses. Additionally, Proggio facilitates digital transformation in a segment that is predominantly reliant on spreadsheets and presentations by bringing clarity and simplicity to project portfolio management. Proggio provides dynamic high-level insights for executive managers, project managers, and other stakeholders with its unique, adaptive approach. With an unprecedented level of user interface simplicity, the solution was designed to easily adapt to a change-driven environment.

#3. SmartSheet

Smartsheet’s spreadsheet-style dashboard makes it simple to use for project teams and managers who are comfortable with spreadsheets. Users can use Smartsheet to build formulas, manage projects, track progress, automate manual operations, and modify workflows. Smartsheet’s project and portfolio reporting feature allows users to see and report on portfolio data using customisable widget-based interfaces (Figure B). Smartsheet adds data from new projects to the team’s portfolio reports and dashboards automatically. Project teams can also keep track of projects, finances, and resources to ensure they are in line with the goals of the organization.

Use of Project Portfolio Management Software

The primary advantage of PPM platforms is their capacity to manage portfolios of multiple projects while maintaining linkages between them. This allows businesses to plan and execute dozens or hundreds of projects at the same time. PPM software also has the following advantages:

#1. Collaboration Across Projects and Portfolios

Without effective tools, collaboration across many teams and external stakeholders is challenging. PPM solutions enable everyone participating in a project to communicate and share data without being overburdened with information.

#2. Analytics and Performance

Project portfolios are the primary source of revenue for many professional service providers, and their performance has a direct impact on profitability. Companies must consequently employ analytics to analyze portfolio performance, identify bottlenecks and hazards, and discover possibilities for improvement. PPM is more than just sophisticated project management. Its primary goal is to find business possibilities, connect them with projects and portfolios, and guarantee that the organization adapts its portfolios in response to market developments.

Best Project Portfolio Management Software 

The most significant projects are those that will promote the company’s overall goals and result in a higher return on investment. Leaders use PPM to track and evaluate numerous projects at the same time, based on priority. Projects with the greatest potential for impact receive the highest priority. Each project has its own set of resources, schedules, and materials.


This cloud-based software serves as an all-inclusive project management solution. The numerous templates enable you to quickly plug in and arrange project management. Choose from a work calendar, a single project template, and an advanced single project template. Team members will appreciate the various perspectives available for managing their workflows independently, including Kanban, Gantt, timeline, and calendar views. Managers can see specific projects at a glance or get a sense of the company’s overall project portfolio. All views are fully configurable to meet the exact precise requirements of each individual or team. The system includes time monitoring, allowing managers to fully grasp the cost of a project based on the resources available. This function is also available in the mobile app.

#2. Teamwork

Growing teams require the ability to readily see and communicate about upcoming responsibilities, which is why Teamwork takes the top rank for best for growing teams. It not only facilitates team communication, but it also provides project transparency to an unlimited number of free client users. A collaborative document editor brings everyone on the same page and helps everyone work toward the same goal. Organizations can use the Grow plan to configure fields, schedule resources, and perform utilization reports. The editable Gantt chart view is simple and comprehensive, providing an overview of project tasks and allowing managers to make modifications as needed. The ability to invoice and bill benefits teams who work with external clients.

#3. Wrike

Wrike may help any business with PPM needs, it provides a solution specifically intended for professional services teams, making it a no-brainer to streamline the project creation and editing process. Also to note that, Wrike is a cloud-based, desktop, and mobile app solution for organizations that require limitless users for task and subtask management. In the free version, the platform permits both internal and external collaborators, making it an excellent resource for businesses who need to keep clients updated on project progress. There includes an interactive board and spreadsheet views, and those who upgrade to the Professional plan can access shareable dashboards and interactive Gantt charts.

#4. Trello

Trello wins for greatest value because it’s free edition has most of the bells and whistles you may want. It is still one of the most user-friendly apps and a popular choice for both individuals and businesses. The free edition allows you to have an unlimited number of cards and ten boards per workspace. This is more than enough for a small business to manage projects from beginning to end. Users can give projects to other team members and prioritize due dates. 

Free Project Portfolio Management Software

View our free Project and Portfolio Management Software list. The products on this list are those that provide a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are restrictions, usually in the form of time or features.

#1. Scoro

Scoro is an award-winning end-to-end work management software that is popular among agencies and consultancies worldwide. Furthermore, Scoro allows you to manage your complete workflow, from the initial greeting to the final invoice, in one spot. Scoro enables you to streamline work, automate mundane processes, and ensure your business works as smoothly and efficiently as possible by combining a full array of project management, CRM, billing, and reporting tools all in one location. Scoro’s powerful connections connect it to dozens of apps you already know and love, such as Jira, QuickBooks, Xero, Google Calendar, Hubspot, Zapier, and others.

#2. Replicon

Replicon offers complete time management software and services to businesses of all sizes. Capture, evaluate, and optimize time, your most valuable asset, to boost profitability, productivity, and employee happiness. Salaried and hourly employees both enjoy using Replicon because it is straightforward to record their time, attendance, vacation, and expense information–via web browser or mobile app. Hiring managers utilize Replicon to optimize the types of workers to hire, what to budget for them, and what they should be working on. 

#3. Cloud Coach

With the ‘Cloud Coach Project Success Engine,’ Cloud Coach helps your firm operate projects more effectively. The user-friendly framework was created from the ground up to help you and your team complete tasks with fewer clicks and in less time.

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Software

The most comprehensive project management software is enterprise project portfolio management software. We’re talking about a dashboard that illustrates how various project clusters are progressing toward strategic goals, their impact on business outcomes, and how this affects other efforts in the pipeline. These projects are often high-value, sensitive firm information, and sophisticated in nature. So, when looking for software that can support this level of project management complexity, we need a dependable solution that can assist in reducing this complexity as much as feasible.

#1. Bubble PPM

Bubble PPM is a project portfolio management application that offers real-time insights as well as a comprehensive set of reporting features. This program gives you a real-time picture of your portfolios, allowing you to make informed decisions. Its built-in process governance and best practices provide you comprehensive control over your portfolios and the projects contained inside them. Bubble PPM’s interface is highly customisable and colorful, allowing you to quickly detect hazards, overdue tasks, and delayed projects. Finally, its reporting tool enables you to create custom reports, get one-click reports, and even automate them so you can focus on other duties.

#2. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project portfolio management software that businesses can use to plan and manage their projects. This solution provides a wide number of capabilities to assist with project management, particularly with the Enterprise plan’s portfolio dashboard, which allows users to manage portfolios successfully.

With Zoho Projects’ straightforward and user-friendly UI, enterprises can successfully manage their project portfolios. Remote portfolio management is also possible, and managers and staff can cooperate simply and efficiently, especially when considering the resource use chart. Using the Zoho Projects Enterprise plan provides businesses with the tools they need to efficiently manage project portfolios.

What Is a Project Portfolio Management Tool?

Project portfolio management tools (PPM tools) are frequently used to collect and analyze data to ensure that their project portfolio is aligned with the organization’s overall strategic planning and goals.

Can You Manage Your Portfolio With MS Project? 

Your Server’s Central Platform Solution. Microsoft Project Server is a versatile platform for managing multiple projects and portfolios. As a centralized system, Project Server offers tried-and-true capabilities for project planning, reporting, and team collaboration. It also helps with resource management.

Which PPM Is the Best?

The best project portfolio management software systems, like other forms of software, provide multiple degrees of protection. When selecting this type of software, look for security features such as two-factor authentication (2FA) or multifactor authentication (MFA), documentation demonstrating frequent security updates and patches, intrusion detection, user activity monitoring, data encryption, and privacy protection.

Is Jira a PPM Tool? 

Jira is a software development and project management platform. Jira is intended for use in agile software development and includes project management tools such as Scrum boards, Kanban boards, roadmaps, workflow management tools, and project reporting capabilities.

Is Sharepoint a PPM Tool?

SharePoint is an extremely effective project management tool. A SharePoint project site consolidates all project information, ties your team to the project, and greatly simplifies reporting.

Is Portfolio for Jira Free? 

A plan in Portfolio for Jira is a consolidated view of the issues, teams, and releases for your Jira Software projects. When making a plan, three major things must be considered: the work to be done, the people who will execute it, and the time required to finish it. Navigate to > > Find new add-ons in Jira. Type Portfolio for Jira into the add-ons search area, then when you find the add-on, select Free trial.

Can You Use Jira for Portfolio Management?

Portfolio for Jira assists you in developing a strategy, seeing the broad picture, tracking progress, and quickly sharing with stakeholders.

Final Word

When selecting project portfolio management software, look for features and capabilities that allow you to assign tasks to team members, establish and change timetables for those tasks that are shareable with team members, and share files with team members. This software should be available online, preferably with a mobile app as an alternative, and should be scalable as your business grows.

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