20 Free Social Media Management Tools To Try Out In 2023

Free Social Media Managements Tools

Many social media management tools can help you manage all of your social accounts in one place, and they are often inexpensive. If you have relatively minimal demands, many of these have free plans and even those that don’t provide free trials so you may evaluate their value. Here we’ve compiled a list of the best free social media management tools in 2023. You can check them out…

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the practice of managing online interactions and information on social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter. Its purpose is to develop a company’s internet presence, market, and sell products.

A social media manager is in charge of managing social media activities, which include several jobs such as content creation, scheduling, data analysis, and audience engagement.
As a result, social media management entails more than just posting to your company’s social media profiles. It all begins with deciding who you want your firm to represent on social media. Then you’ll need to generate appropriate content, engage with the audience, and explore new methods to boost visibility and reach out to more people.

The Best Free Social Media Management Tools In 2023

#1. Hootsuite

The list of free social media management tools continues, and we must not overlook Hootsuite. It is a free social media management platform for small businesses that allows them to plan updates, monitor social media activity, and keep track of conversations.

By providing a place for you to schedule, publish, and repost, the platform assists you in managing your company’s social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube are just a few of the networks that Hootsuite supports. The free plan of Hootsuite includes two social accounts, one user, and five scheduled messages.

#2. Buffer

Buffer is one of the best free social media management tools available. It is a free social media management tool that makes it simple to increase your online presence with minimal time investment.

Saving time while posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms is almost trivial using Buffer. Buffer provides several features, including the ability to schedule posts at your preferred time of day, add trendy hashtags to increase exposure, check analytics, manage your campaigns, and much more. Three social accounts and ten scheduled posts per channel are included in Buffer’s free plan.

#3. Missinglettr

Our next recommendation for free social media management tools is Missinglettr. It is a cutting-edge, free social media management application that enables users to manage material across many social media networks swiftly and easily. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Business Profile may all be effortlessly synced. Missinglettr handles everything from content planning to scheduling. The free plan includes one workspace, one social profile, and 50 scheduled posts.

#4. Viralpep

Viralpep is one of the many free social media management tools available. The product is designed specifically for small businesses. It is speedy and feature-rich, giving you a single location for generating and posting your content. The application integrates with several social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Viralpep provides three social profiles and ten monthly postings.

#5. Social Oomph

Our series of free social media management tools continues with Social Oomph. You don’t have to worry about scheduling various social media accounts because the program has several flexible capabilities, such as setting up RSS streams, scheduling articles, and planning, scheduling, and publishing tools. The tool includes one social profile and unlimited post scheduling (a maximum of three posts per hour).

#6. Canva

What makes your dull posts shine? Of course, there are visuals. Then take advantage of Canva’s free plan. Make your posts more interactive by including glitter. Using Canva, you can effortlessly create, tweak, design, and edit your social media posts. It offers a plethora of free templates for infographics, posters, presentations, and much more. With just a few clicks, share your magnificent image. Canva’s free plan includes 250,000+ free templates, 100+ designs, and
Invites team members to collaborate and remark in real-time on one hundred free stock photos.

#7. Tailwind

Following on our list of social media management tools is Tailwind. It is a free online scheduling tool that helps you generate and post high-quality content across your social media networks, including Pinterest and Instagram. It has numerous functions such as content management, social media monitoring, trend analysis, and much more. Tailwind provides a free plan that includes one Facebook page, one Instagram profile, one Pinterest profile, 20 scheduled posts, and one user.

#8. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is our next choice for free social media management tools. It is one of Twitter’s most effective social media networks. You can manage your Twitter account, schedule and share your favorite tweets with your intended audience, track the outcomes of your posts, plan your campaign, and much more from a single location.

#9. Kapwing

Video editing takes a long time, especially when you’re switching between tabs. Make the most of your free time by using the free video editing application Kapwing. It has a clear and straightforward dashboard that distinguishes it from the competition.

Kapwing is a fantastic video editing application with a plethora of capabilities such as editing videos, creating memes, resizing and altering timings, and much more. Its free plan includes no watermarks on photographs, a 250 MB file upload limit, and the ability to modify and keep content for up to two days.

#10. Later

We can’t overlook Later when talking about free social media management tools. Later makes it simple to plan posts and track your reach. It is a free online scheduling application that controls your social media across many accounts from a single dashboard. Track your reach, easily develop and post content, and more.
It helps you streamline your social media marketing, save time, and communicate with your audience more effectively. Later’s free plan includes one social set, one user, and ten posts per social profile.

#11. Friends+Me

Friends+Me is a free scheduling tool that allows users to share Google+ material across many social media sites. Plan your social posts and content based on the best times to post to your networks and see immediate results. Friends+Me’s free plan provides two Queues (such as a Facebook page or a Twitter profile), five scheduled posts per queue, and one extra team member.

#12. SocialBu

Another free social media management tool is SocialBu. It is simple to use and intended to assist you in maintaining a strong social media presence. Social Bu manages all of your social media accounts in one location. It’s the free online scheduling tool and the most powerful way to successfully manage your social media, with features including scheduling, publishing, monitoring analytics, and much more. Two social accounts, 40 monthly published posts, and post insights are included in SocialBu’s free plan.

#13. CrowdFire

Crowdfire is a free social media management application that makes monitoring and managing your social media accounts simple. It is a program that allows you to rapidly manage various social profiles. Pages can be added, removed, scheduled, and edited in seconds. Build profiles, update information, and simply monitor your brand on a single platform. Three social accounts, 10 scheduled posts, and a browser plugin are included with CrowdFire’s free plan.

#14. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is our next recommendation for social media management tools. Anyone may easily plan and automate social media difficulties. CoSchedule is a one-stop shop for all of your social media needs, from posts to scheduling to analytics. It assists you in managing, tracking, and publishing your social media calendar, as well as automating your material. It’s similar to having a digital assistant at work. Plan your material and follow interesting people so you may spend as much time as possible where you want to be.

#15. Planoly

Planoly is on our list as we near the finale. It is a free scheduling tool that helps you plan, manage, publish, and schedule content across several social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Planoly organizes your social media accounts to keep your feed clutter-free. Managing your social media account is simple and pleasant by giving a one-stop tool for planning, managing, and scheduling content.

#16. Zoho Social

By boosting your branding on social media channels, Zoho Social may help you develop your business or even your agency. The application has a well-organized feature set that enables you to easily track the success of your social channels.

Individuals, corporations, and agencies can sign up for Zoho Social’s $15 to $400 monthly services. Each plan includes a comparable feature set to meet the needs of the market. You can try these plans for free in advance and pay once the trial ends.

#17. Poster FS

By automatically sharing your WordPress posts, FS Poster, a WordPress Social Media Scheduler, boosts your online community and engagement. Using FS Poster, you can post to 15+ social networks directly from your WordPress dashboard.

When it comes to social media management, the central question is always: Lite or Premium? The answer is usually determined by the size and needs of your company. If you’re a tiny business with modest social media needs, FS Poster Lite could be the ideal solution. If you’re a larger company with more complex social media demands, FS Poster Premium is probably a better option. Try it right now.

#18. Ubercircle

Ubercircle will assist you in streamlining your social media procedures and effectively delivering content to your audience. With social media networks, you can save hours of planning, scheduling, analyzing, and reporting. It simply takes 10-20 minutes per day to get all duties completed and ready to go live.

Ubercircle allows you to work directly from the web without having to download or install any software. That makes things more convenient!

#19. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another all-in-one social media management solution. It offers tools for all elements of social media management, from scheduling, authoring, and publishing to monitoring and reporting.

Sprout Social, in particular, includes social CRM tools that help you understand your consumers, service them better, and build a strong relationship with them.
This tool’s reporting capabilities are outstanding. All reports for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn are designed so precisely and tastefully that you may use them without editing anything.

#20. ScheduGram

Everyone is always checking photographs on Instagram. Using a scheduling tool that assists you in creating a continual flow of material posting on this trendy platform allows your company to enhance brand visibility. ScheduGram is unquestionably a fantastic option.
You can easily manage several profiles and bulk upload your scheduled posts with ScheduGram. You will receive email notifications when new posts are made.

How To Choose the Best Free Social Media Management Tools

Without a doubt, social media has become a significant aspect of our lives. To reach investors, markets, and customers, businesses today use social media marketing. Social media isn’t just used to keep in touch with friends, family, and coworkers anymore. Social media marketing will continue to exist. It’s a new approach to reaching billions of people on a worldwide scale while promoting your business.

So, to get to the point, does your new company or product require a social media presence? Right? If so, you’ll require a social media management solution. But, with so many free scheduling tools available today, how can you ever discover the appropriate one?
List the four most important questions you should ask your clients before purchasing a free social media management solution.

  • What must-have’ features do you require for your social media?
  • How many people use this tool, and remember to read reviews before submitting their credit card information?
  • Most importantly, does the tool provide you with customer service?
  • Is the tool simple to use?

Don’t forget to test the tool’s efficacy.
After the tool you’ve picked meets all of your needs, it’s time to add free social media management tools to your bucket list.

Which Tools Enable Social Listening?

AgoraPulse, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social are all worth checking out. Sprout Social and AgoraPulse are quite professional, yet their smallest plans cost $99 each month. While Hootsuite’s core app focuses on social publishing, if you need social listing features, you can purchase a second software (Hootsuite Insight).

Is There a Free Content Curation Tool?

Social Pilot is a good place to start. Both small and large firms are encouraged to participate in Social Pilot. While they do not provide a free plan, they do provide ShareIt, a free content curation platform. You can discover, curate, and share the most recent information right on your social media accounts with ShareIt. This free tool can also help you find influencers. That is a fantastic substitute for Quuu.

Is There a Free Tool Available to Assist You in Managing Your Social Media Marketing?

Check out Buffer, Socialoomph, and Later. These are the top three social media management tools with a free plan. Buffer’s free plan allows you to schedule up to ten posts across three social accounts. The free plan of Socialoomph allows a single user to schedule unlimited posts to one social profile. Later’s free program is also limited to one user, but you can publish up to 30 times per month on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and 50 times per month on Twitter.


That’s all there is to it! Without a question, the social media management sector is broad, and there are numerous tools available on the market. It all depends on your objectives and requirements. The best option is to use a free social media management tool to simplify your work. It’s the best moment to improve your social media efforts.
We believe these tools will help you improve your social media game.


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