EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT: Benefits and Discount Ideas

Employee discount

Everyone understands that businesses are founded with the goal of making a profit. However, it is also well recognized that significant expenditure is required to achieve this. Much of it is spent on staff in the form of wages and providing them with the tools they need to accomplish their jobs efficiently. So, why don’t more businesses take advantage of employee discount programs?
Given the benefits that this would offer, you’d think it would be a no-brainer. So it’s almost an issue of whether firms are aware of the existence of employee discount services and how they might make use of them.
The information provided here is intended to assist you in understanding this so that you can make the most of the data you collect for your employees. Sometimes it’s about giving basics, while other times it’s about improving the quality of life for your employees, which can boost their morale.

What is Employee Discount?

Employee discounts are discounts given by a firm to its employees on the original price of goods or services. One of the fringe benefits is usually an employee discount.

Reason For Employee Discounts

It is critical to understand that each member of your team is critical to the continued success of your company. Making a concerted effort to keep your employees happy will benefit your organization in both the short and long term. Employee discount programs are offered by some corporations, typically retailers.

#1. Employee Recruitment Benefits

A unique employee discount on items from the corporate store may be a bonus that firms provide when employing new employees. This benefit, when combined with other employee benefits, makes the employer’s recruiting efforts much more successful. Furthermore, unlike other edges, it does not require a financial layout from the leader.

#2. Increase your sales.

Employers also offer employee discount programs for employees in order to increase sales. Because an employee of the organization typically spends a lot of time searching and understanding the company’s merchandise and services, he may wind up becoming an avid client.

The employee discount encourages purchases that would not have happened otherwise for the company. For example, if a mercantile establishment employee needs to buy vacation gifts for his family, the large staff discount may persuade him to buy all of his gifts from his employer’s store rather than the competitors.

#3. Advertising at no cost

If the employee purchases and loves the goods or services, he may become a source of free publicity for the company. Even when he is not on duty, his consumption of the company’s products may encourage his friends and family to visit the store. As an example, if a cellular phone company employee picks up his employer’s service because of the employee discount and has a favorable experience, he may recommend a follower to the corporate.

#4. Employee morale and recognition

A big worker discount on items and repairs may boost morale within the ranks. Giving a significant staff discount on merchandise and service may make the recipient feel like a valued client to the firm as well as an appreciated employee.

Why Do Businesses Provide Employee Discounts?

#1. Compete with larger corporations

First and foremost, employee discounts are an excellent way for smaller businesses to compete with larger firms with larger expenditures. When you can’t match wages, offering a discount on merchandise or meals levels the playing field.
If you’re in the food sector, an associate degree employee discount is a great incentive for servers and chefs who have to work long hours.

#2. Simpler than a pay increase

Of course, one of the opposing reasons worker discounts square measure attractive in tiny organizations is that there isn’t any actual money involved. Giving staff a portion of your merchandise as a raise does not necessitate constant money juggling.

Then there’s employee engagement. Millennials and the coming back information Z’ers square measure looking for nothing more than a punch clock and a check. According to recent statistics, businesses that invest in employee knowledge square measure four times more profitable than those that do not.

#3. The very best of both worlds

Giving employees a discount on your products is also a kind of free publicity for your company. This works nicely if you offer a discount on shirts, hats, and other types of clothing. Something with your company logo on it should be considered for a discount if your employees will use it somewhere other than your workplace.

Ideas For Employee Discount Programs

Workers appreciate companies that care about their health and financial stability. As a result, investing in benefits successfully reduces turnover while simultaneously increasing employee loyalty and engagement. As a result, employees can get more out of their paychecks and invest in what is important to them. The following are some discount program ideas for your company.

#1. In-House Discounts

You do not need to enter into any special agreements with other organizations in order to meet the needs of your employees and business. A discount card for in-house goods and services could be an excellent choice. You may reward your employees while also increasing your bottom line by providing them with special discounts on corporate goods and services. If you extend the offer to your employees’ loved ones, you may see an increase in business.

#2. L&D Spending

A learning and development budget is an excellent approach to upskilling your personnel while also demonstrating your dedication to their personal growth. Investing in your employee’s education and experience has various advantages. A more skilled and capable workforce is advantageous to any company.

Furthermore, when a company invests in its employees’ professional development, employee job satisfaction and motivation increase. As a result, this choice has the potential to improve employee engagement.

Budgets for employee training and education are increasing, reflecting a shift in perspectives among businesses. Most divisions are no longer concerned about their L&D expenditures, according to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workplace Learning & Development Report. As a result, the L&D team should receive the same money and benefits as the rest of the organization. You can provide stipends or discounts to your employees to help them pay for a course or certification.

You may even be able to negotiate reduced course or tuition fees with learning platforms or educational institutions.

#3. Partner Discounts

As a valued customer, many of your vendors may provide discounts to your workers on items and services such as laptops, printers, and printing services. Some businesses may require a certain amount of transactions each quarter, six months, or year. In any event, this discount strategy strengthens your relationship with your employees and customers.

You can inquire with your business partners about any rebate or concession programs they may have. If any of your business partners are willing to make a concession, ask if they give discount cards or if your employees merely need to present ID or an employee number at the point of sale.

#4. Discount Stores

Consider working with a company that provides access to several discounts for items and services from a wide range of businesses if you cannot find a discount card option that meets your demands or want to provide multiple discounts to your employees.

BetterWorks, PerksCard, Next Jump, and Abenity are some popular employee discount websites. These companies, often known as discount dealers, may help you find, choose, and manage multiple discount programs for a fee. These organizations frequently offer a website where your employees can shop for discounts as well as a discount account number or card with a number that they can use at the point of sale, whether online or in-store.

#5. Retail Discount Coupons

Retail discount coupons to local establishments are an excellent method to demonstrate your concern for your employees’ needs and win their loyalty. You may have your employees create a list of their favorite discount categories and stores where they frequently shop. Standard savings include movie and event tickets, meals, spa and gym memberships, and cleaning and laundry services.

Furthermore, some groups organize discount programs in supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, and motels. You can negotiate price reductions and loyalty card programs with the stores on the list. To avoid haggling with a store, purchase gift cards in advance and have the recipient use them at their leisure.
One traditional method is to distribute coupon books to local merchants.

#6. Salary Sacrifice Plan

Workers are asked to trade a portion of their compensation for another benefit, such as money toward the leasing of a fuel-efficient automobile. Both the employee and the corporation benefit since their taxable income is reduced.

Employees also like salary sacrifice programs with private healthcare coverage. You can select from a variety of health cash plan options, ranging from moderately priced to prohibitively expensive. Salary sacrifice benefits both the employer and the employee by allowing them to save money and motivating them to care for themselves.

#7. Help with Mental Illness

The mental wellness of your employees is critical. There are various strategies to reduce the cost of mental health care, including having access to on-call therapy and counselors or using telemedicine.

An Employee Assistance Program is an ideal way to provide this discount program for employees. Employees can chat privately with a skilled professional about any difficulties that are causing them stress. EAPs allow businesses the flexibility to assist their employees in the most convenient way, in addition to giving workers access to confidential support around the clock.

Low-cost alternatives include group meditation and mindfulness classes. These solutions assist employees in tuning in to their emotions, which is an important first step toward mental well-being.

#8. Lunch Specials

Monthly lunches are a low-cost option for employee discount programs for small firms, depending on your preferences. For generations, the shared experience of lunch has brought people from all cultures closer together. The same is true in the business sector. This is an excellent way to show your appreciation, honor your employees, and promote camaraderie.

Furthermore, free or cheap lunches can boost company morale by allowing employees to socialize outside of their workstations and break up the monotony of working hours.

Because your employees are most likely already eating out, saving them money is a win-win situation. Discounts at local businesses are a great perk that can help employees make ends meet. Many discount programs offer discounts at local establishments such as restaurants and cafés. Employees may receive a free Uber Eats coupon as part of the program, for example.

If you don’t have an enormous budget, another discount alternative is free coffee. This choice is underappreciated, but outstanding coffee has a major impact on businesses all around the world. You are doing everyone a favor by giving coffee to your employees. Instead of the instant coffee in the break room, you can treat staff to a cup of coffee from their favorite cafe.

#9. Movie Tickets

Employees let off anger in a variety of ways. As a result, entertainment savings plans are excellent employee benefits. Free or reduced movie tickets, for example, are a fantastic option for your business discount program ideas.

Allowing employees to choose their own entertainment ensures that each member will discover something they enjoy and can share with their loved ones. This discount does not have to be extravagant, but it should make the employees feel valued and special. Not to add, this option will be popular with families looking for inexpensive methods to occupy their children.

#10. Providing Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages at No Cost.

On a Friday afternoon, when your crew is just finishing up, you may provide them with some refreshments. Employees will appreciate the opportunity to crack out a beer or soda and unwind. Offering refreshments, despite its modesty, encourages a positive business culture and a quiet yet productive workplace.

This is an example of a benefit that provides a lot of value while not costing a lot of money. You can give employee discounts by partnering with a drink delivery service such as Drizly or Minibar.

How to Put an Employee Discount Program in Place

Employee discount programs help to enhance the bonds between the company and its employees. Here are some things to consider when developing an employee discount program to ensure that the relationship is long-lasting and profitable to all parties involved.

#1. Examine the Adjacent Products and Services

The majority of organizations begin their activities by searching for products and services. First, determine which brands, products, or services will be included in the discount program and whether your employees will recognize these brands. Consider sticking with well-known, widely distributed brands like Samsung, LG, or Toyota. Even if your employee does not utilize these companies on a daily basis, well-known brands exhibit dependability.

#2. Select Local Options

Employee discount programs that spotlight local businesses have the potential to increase employee spending. Including indigenous options will help your discount program succeed while also benefitting local merchants.

If you’re having difficulties determining which incentives to add, consider pubs, restaurants, clothing stores, and movie theaters that employees frequent in their leisure time. These incentives are frequently more meaningful to the employee, boosting the likelihood that they will continue to use the company.

#3. Provide Exclusive Discounts

You should avoid making generally available offers exclusive. Discount schemes abound, and the alternatives include savings that are already readily available elsewhere online. Employee interest in common offers will decrease.

You should make certain that any employee discount programs you offer are not only available to employees but also to the general public. A superb discount program provides desirable and often used services and products at unique rates not available to the general public. These programs may even provide one-of-a-kind savings, but they must still be useful and familiar.

Giving employees exclusive discounts will enhance morale and pride in their work, as well as establish an insider culture.

#4. Consider the Relevance of the Discount

Whether you give private or public discounts, the value of your offers to your employees will be determined mostly by the depth of your values. Specifics, such as the typical price reduction for the goods, should be made abundantly clear. Furthermore, you can ask your staff which discounts they prefer. Medical procedure discounts and theft insurance are quite important. The underlying reality, however, is that consumers spend significantly less money in these areas.

The upper middle class spends a considerable amount of their money on flashy goods and services. This means you should provide discounts on luxury or leisure items. For example, the usefulness of items such as smartphone coupons and vacation packages will boost morale in your business.

#5. Consider the contract’s duration.

It is also critical that you have an agreement with the firm delivering the discount program. If you do not want to continue using the services, you should find out how long the contract is in place and what the notice period is. You should also find out if the contract will automatically renew at the end of its term. When making decisions, keep these principles in mind.


Because discounts are essential for rewarding and hiring top employees, an increasing number of businesses are turning to services that provide discounts through a variety of retailers.

Employee discount programs are sometimes perceived as a means for employees to save money or indulge themselves. Discounts on big-ticket items like electronics, autos, and even houses, on the other hand, may help offset the interest that workers would otherwise have to pay, and discounts on daily essentials can add up to significant savings over time.

The optimal plan is always straightforward to implement, takes minimal maintenance, and carries little risk. You may create top employee discount program ideas for employees that are targeted to their individual needs with the help of the right service provider. Which, if adopted, will undoubtedly help alleviate your company’s significant financial hardship.


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