Best Manufactured Home Lenders in 2023

Best Manufactured Home Lenders in 2023
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The best manufactured home lenders in 2023 will provide affordable rates and flexibility to meet your unique needs. They have low down payment requirements and lenient credit score requirements. Depending on whether you own or rent your land and whether you want to buy a newly built or used mobile home, these best manufactured home lenders in 2023 and manufactured home lenders for bad credit may offer a variety of loan types.

Best Manufactured Home Lenders 

We looked at more than 10 best manufactured home lenders in 2023 because most people who wish to buy a mobile home would need a loan. Based on the mobile homes they finance, their coverage area, the sorts of loans they offer, and the standing of the organization, the finest mobile home loans were selected:

#1. Homefinity 

best for online application and approval. The internet lending arm of Fairway Independent Mortgage, Homefinity, debuted in 2018. It provides a range of mortgage products, including conventional mortgages, mortgages from the Federal Housing Administration, mortgages from the Veterans Affairs Department, and refinancing of existing mortgages.

#2. Caliber Home Lenders

The best online service The Texas company Caliber Home lenders provides mortgage services to the entire US. There are conventional loans, adjustable-rate loans, jumbo loans, refinancing, and loans from the Federal Housing Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Since its founding in 2008, Caliber has only offered home financing products.

#3. Carrington Mortgage Services

For customers with poor credit, Carrington Mortgage Services is the best option.

Since it opened in 2007, Carrington Mortgage Services has offered a range of mortgage and refinancing options to people looking for conventional or government-backed loans. Its parent company, Carrington Holding Co., was founded in 2003 and is based in California. It offers a wide range of real estate services. Carrington Mortgage Services has its main office in California, but it also has offices in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, and Maryland.

#4. PenFed Credit Union

The best option for best manufactured home lenders in 2023. In addition to conventional, adjustable-rate, jumbo, and Department of Veterans Affairs mortgages, the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, also known as PenFed, provides borrowers with access to refinancing loans and home equity lines of credit. The financial firm was founded in 1935 and has its headquarters in McLean, Virginia. It serves 2.5 million members.

#5. United States Savings 

Bank Best for product alternatives North American Savings Bank, also known as NASB, is a Missouri-based bank and lender that was founded in 1927 and offers home mortgages across the country. NASB has a variety of mortgage options, such as conventional, Federal Housing Administration, and Department of Veterans Affairs loans, for people who might have trouble getting a mortgage otherwise.

#6. Truist Bank

Best for customer relations. Truist Bank, with its main office in Charlotte, North Carolina, was established in 2019 following the merger of SunTrust and BB&T banks. A range of mortgage solutions are available from Truist Bank, including refinancing and home equity lines of credit.

#7. Chase

also among the top best manufactured home lenders in 2023. Chase, one of the biggest banks in the world, was established in New York in 1799 and provides fixed-rate, refinancing, and other types of mortgage loans.

#8. Lowercom 

the best option for customers who favor online mortgage lending. LowerIt was one of the first places where people could get a digital mortgage experience away from the store. refinancing, insurance, or saving for a property. The lender in New Albany, Ohio, promises a speedy close and an all-digital experience for lending or refinancing.

#9. AmeriSave: 

Best for a range of mortgages. Online lender AmeriSave Mortgage Corp. has been operating since 2002. It was products,including to provide consumers with an off-site digital mortgage experience. Since it started doing business, the company claims to have financed more than 664,000 borrowers. Amerlookmanages loans in 49 states and the District of Columbia from its headquarters in Atlanta.

#10. Simmons Bank.

The best bank for prequalification online. In 1903, Simmons Bank was established in Arkansas, and today it operates in six states. It provides mortgage products, including conventional and jumbo loans, lenders sponsored by the federal government, and programs for down payment assistance that have received state approval. If you know where to search, there are several of possibilities for prefabricated home loans for people with terrible credit. See our selections for various loan types for various scenarios by reading on.

Pros and Cons of a Manufactured Home Lenders


  • Pay less in interest. Compared to personal loans or chattel loans, mobile home loans often have cheaper interest rates.
  • Your entire purchase is covered. In comparison to other loan alternatives, borrowers may be eligible for bigger loan amounts with a manufactured home loan, which may also include financing for the land.
  • Increase your time to pay. Loan lengths for mobile homes can range from 15 to 20 years for some loans and up to 30 years for others.
  • Be eligible for loans with federal backing. You can be eligible for government backed mortgage loans from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Agriculture, or FHA if your manufactured home satisfies specific requirements. Compared to personal or chattel loans, these loans typically allow for lower down payments and longer loan terms.


  • Finding financing could be challenging. To be eligible for a mobile home loan, you must fulfill a number of requirements. Loan eligibility may be impacted by elements including home size, whether the house has wheels, and whether you own the land it is built on.
  • You’ll probably pay extra. Loans for mobile homes typically have higher interest rates and costs than loans for standard homes.
  • A low DTI ratio may be necessary for some lenders. This indicates that, in comparison to a conventional house loan, less of your income may be used to pay off debt.

Manufactured Home Lenders for Bad Credit

In order to match you with lenders with whom you have a better chance of obtaining a loan from when you have bad credit, here is the list of top manufactured home lenders for bad credit loans.

#1. Money Mutual. 

Overall Best Bad Credit Manufactured Home Lenders is Money Mutual. It is a well-known internet marketplace that safely links lenders and borrowers. Because of the high caliber of their services, they have made a name for themselves in the field. The method, which offers both payday loan choices and bad credit installment loans, is hassle-free from beginning to end and has over 2 million consumers

#2. Bad Credit

Bad Credit Loans are the best manufactured home lenders for people with bad credit. As the name suggests, Bad Credit Loans was founded to assist people who have credit score problems. The website is really easy to use, safe, and straightforward. The location is easy to find, and you can tell as soon as you get there that it’s one of your greatest options for obtaining manufactured home lenders for people with bad credit or any other kind of personal loan. They provide you with a service where they put you in touch with lenders who will work with you and your present financial circumstances. You may receive offers from various lenders, but you are under no obligation to accept their terms. The terms must be carefully examined, and you should only accept them if they are acceptable to you.

#3. Red Cred

Rad Cred is the best lender for manufactured home lenders because it is easy to apply for a loan. Bad credit score loans are handled quickly and without stress by Rad Cred. As soon as you get to their page, you see a simple design and a call to action. This lets you start your application right away. The form is simple to fill out, asks for information, and can be finished in five minutes or less.

They only put you in touch with lenders who have been carefully screened and who follow tribal or state rules. The process is also rather quick, from the time of application to the time you receive your loan. The use of your program is totally free. In contrast, the lenders compensate them for introducing you to them.

#4. Personal Loans

Personal loans are the most dependable lender for bad credit loans. It is a practical internet tool that connects you with reliable personal loan providers. The loan can be used for anything you want, and with a maximum of $35,000, you’ll definitely find it useful for lenders on a manufactured home.

You can receive your personal loan funds in as little as one business day, and your typical payback term ranges from 90 days (three months) to 72 months (6 years). This makes it perfect for a manufactured home lenders that are either short-term or long-term.

#5. Cash USA 

Cash USA is a platform that has received overwhelmingly positive and healthy consumer feedback, many of which support the company’s commitment to assisting people regardless of their credit scores. Like the other companies on our list, they are a service provider that links you with the best lenders available. The method attempts to give you the best chance of receiving a loan offer, despite the fact that their lenders’ terms may change based on factors such as your credit score and other factors.

Additionally, the information you enter on their website is secure. They are a well-known company that has kept its good name by adhering to the necessary privacy and security standards. They use encrypted methods to send your information to lenders, ensuring that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Why Is It Harder to Get a Loan for a Manufactured Home? 

Some lenders are hesitant to finance these common buildings when it comes to manufactured homes. This is because some manufactured homes could age more quickly than their equivalents made on-site. Also, some lenders might not think that manufactured homes are as profitable as other ways of building homes. Thankfully, not all lenders don’t offer home financing for manufactured homes.

NLC Loans has a number of ways for buyers and owners of prefabricated homes to get the money they need. NLC Loans can help you get a loan for a manufactured home, whether you want to buy a new one or refinance one you already own.

Does USAA Lend on Manufactured Homes? 

Mobile or prefabricated homes are not eligible for USAA VA loans. For similar reasons, many of the bigger/national lenders do not either, however, there are numerous boutique lenders on the market that satisfy this need.

Can I Buy a Manufactured Home With a 580 Credit Score?

Most lenders need a credit score of at least 580 to 620 for someone to buy a mobile home. With a lesser score, you can still obtain credit. However, you might be required to make a greater down payment and pay a higher interest rate. Keep in mind that banks like to lend money! In light of this, there is probably a loan program out there for you even if you have bad credit. Your particular credit profile will determine the loan that is best for you. Along with your credit score, this also takes into account your income, assets, level of debt, and payment history.


When it comes to a mobile home financing, there are a few different choices to consider. The process for getting a loan for a mobile home is different from that for a regular house because mobile homes can be moved. Manufactured home lenders in 2023 may have more lenient standards, even though they sometimes have higher interest rates than conventional home loans. Overall, Manufactured Nationwide is our top recommendation for a mobile home financing.

If you satisfy the necessary criteria, you can get a mortgage to pay for a mobile, manufactured, or modular house. Mortgages are also accessible for many other non-traditional home types. For people and families who might not be able to afford a higher mortgage, these kinds of homes may make suitable first homes.

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