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When two people have chosen to be together, they find it surprising how much work they are to carry out to ensure the success of their wedding. Planning a wedding event is a strenuous endeavor. With lots of arrangements to make and a whole list of things to do—guests to invite, bands to use, etc.—it is often a handful. In the midst of all these, it is understandable how the bride, groom, or even the wedding planner might miss the need for wedding event insurance. For instance, you can help mitigate such losses by using state farm wedding insurance.

Wedding Event Insurance 

A wedding event insurance policy protects against the possibility of liability arising from the wedding. Sometimes called “special event insurance,” it is a kind of special event insurance that offers protection for financial-related losses during a celebration. In effect, it helps protect us against probable losses that would accrue to us in the event of a certain occurrence. 

Wedding event insurance could be in two forms: wedding liability insurance and wedding cancellation insurance. The former helps protect you against financial losses resulting from a wedding accident or mishap or sales incident. 

Wedding cancelation insurance, on the other hand, is an insurance policy that protects us if a wedding is called off. It enables reimbursement of financial losses or expenses already incurred when forced to cancel or postpone a wedding. The planners will need a valid reason for cancelation, however. Such reasons will include the venue’s unavailability or usability, the absence of a key person, such as the bride or groom’s immediate family, or vendors failing to complete the work. The emotional as well as social disarray this might cause is often too much to bear on your big day.

Best Wedding Insurance? 

The couple’s preferences will determine the ideal wedding insurance to use, but we have five reputable companies with special event insurance that might be the ideal fit

#1. Wedsure 

With a five-star appraisal from Forbes’ advisor, it earned its spot as one of the best because of its change-of-heart policy. Most wedding event insurance policies do not allow for a change of heart. With Wedsure, regardless of how much wedding event insurance costs, this may be worth it.

#2. Wedsafe

Wedsafe came into existence in 2011, and this company provides two main types of coverage: cancellation and liability coverage. Their wedding Event Insurance is distinguishable because of its bundle discount packages. Couples on a tight budget might consider choosing wedsafe. Pricing for Wedsure differs based on the type of plan and any add-on coverage of your choice. The wedding cancellation program price starts at $125 but provides reimbursement for covered wedding expenses.

#3. Event Helper

Event planner insurance is suitable for a large wedding. With wedding liability coverage of as much as $4 million, it offers one of the highest levels of coverage for jewelry not purchased or rented in connection with the wedding and a rather reasonable price compared to your regular insurance company. Pricing is relatively cheap, as insuring your wedding can cost as little as $66. Although it has limited property damage liability coverage, the amount varies based on the type of coverage purchased. It is well-known for providing excellent customer service and has received an average rating of 4.8 stars out of five reviews. 

#4. Travelers

Apart from wedding insurance, it is one of the largest property and casualty insurance providers. Its wedding scheme has six major components—cancellation and postponement, wedding video and photos, protection of wedding gifts, special attire and pieces of jewelry, lost deposits, and additional expenses—under its wedding protector plan. Pricing for wedding insurance varies depending on the coverage chosen. It is worthy of note that its core coverage and liability coverage come with no deductible. This means that any loss reimbursed will start at the first dollar.

#5. Ewed Insurance

Although it is less well-known than its competitors, ewed has a place in the insurance industry. It offers two types of wedding insurance plans: wedding cancellation and postponement insurance and liability coverage. It does not require a deductible for cancellation and postponement claims. Underwriting for its plans is swiftly done, as insurance can be taken up anytime, up to a day before your wedding.

A couple wishing for not just any but the best wedding event insurance will find any of the above-listed companies more than suitable. One can only begin to wonder how much to keep aside for wedding event insurance. With the large sums of money involved in hosting a wedding, you can only imagine how much wedding insurance will cost. The question, “How much do wedding event insurance cost?” follows naturally. 

How Much Is Wedding Event Insurance?

Generally, wedding event insurance costs an average of $100 – $500. Irrespective of the type of wedding event insurance taken up Starting at $125 as a minimum sum, wedding liability insurance does seem to be more expensive, however.

The actual cost depends on such factors as the location and size of the wedding, whether the insurance company used optional riders, and the coverage amount. It is smart to check around for multiple insurance policies to pick the best fit. The bride and groom must therefore decide how much wedding event insurance to purchase.

It is important to note that wedding events do not cover the full range of things that might go wrong. It does not cover an endless list of wedding mishaps. Depending on the agreement between the insurance company and the bride or groom, it can cover only certain incidents. However, typical wedding event insurance will not cover the following: 

  • Renegading on marriage commitment: When a partner decided not to tarry anymore the insurance company is typically not liable to pay the insurance cover
  • Wedding insurance does not cover cancellation and postponement costs except specifically taken. For example, suppose you choose a new date for your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances or you decide If you cut down on your expenses for the wedding by dropping out of some activities, the insurance company will not reimburse you for any loss arising from such decisions. 
  • Bad weather: An insurance company will only be obligated to reimburse for wedding cancellation from weather conditions where such weather hindrance is so severe.
  • Jewelry like engagement rings and other jewelry not purchased or rented in connection with the wedding.

Wedding Event Insurance Will Usually Cover the Following: 

  • A vendor not showing up or exiting the business
  • Extremely bad weather conditions
  • Venue short down
  • Hotel accommodations connected with the wedding.
  • Fees of professionals such as a florist, chefs, etc.

State Farm Wedding Event Insurance

The above-listed items are usually enclosed in a State Farm wedding insurance policy. Event insurance is a kind of insurance scheme taken up to protect future married couples against unexpected losses during their wedding. In effect, it protects their investment against things beyond their control and reimburses expenditures resulting from such events. If, for instance, an arranged chef suddenly opts out and you have to employ the services of another chef at twice the price, the state farm wedding event insurance covers such costs. What if the groom’s tuxedo is misplaced and he needs to purchase a new one just hours before the wedding? Alternatively, a fire destroys an already booked hotel or venue. These are the kinds of financial consequences that state farm wedding insurance can help protect against. State farm wedding insurance covers situations of bad weather conditions, event venue short down, etc.

What Does Wedding Insurance Do?

Wedding insurance helps protect you against unforeseen dangers as well as the many little things that could go wrong during a wedding. 

What Is Liability Insurance for a Wedding Venue?

Liability insurance for a wedding venue is an insurance policy designed to protect and reimburse wedding couples for any loss or damage resulting from a venue mishap. With couples choosing unconventional grounds for their wedding venue, the need for venue-based wedding insurance has seen a spike over the years. 

Is Wedding Insurance Worth Getting?

With all the stress that comes with hosting a wedding and the possibility of many things going wrong, getting wedding insurance is not only worth it but might be the wisest thing you could do in the whole wedding plan.

What Is One Benefit of Having Wedding Event Insurance?

A major benefit of having wedding event insurance is that financial liabilities can accrue from unforeseen circumstances beyond your control. Wedding insurance covers accidents that occur during the ceremony.

Can You Get Wedding Insurance After Booking?

Wedding insurance can be obtained at any time up until 24 hours before the wedding. A typical State Farm wedding insurance policy, on the other hand, should be purchased up to two years before the wedding.

 Is Wedding Insurance A One-Time Payment

Yes. Wedding insurance is done as a one-time payment to cover your whole event. There is usually no break in payment.

When Should You Book Wedding Insurance? 

Wedding insurance should be bought as early as possible. From the right side of the wedding, though. Wedding event insurance can’t generally be purchased two years in advance.


Wedding insurance helps protect you against unforeseen dangers as well as the many little things that could go wrong during a wedding. With all the stress that comes with hosting a wedding and the possibility of many things going wrong, getting wedding insurance is not only worth it but might be the wisest thing you could do in the whole wedding plan.

Wedding Event Insurance FAQs

What Is Wedding Event Insurance?

A wedding event insurance policy protects against the possibility of liability arising from the wedding

What Situations Does State Farm Wedding Insurance Cover?

State farm wedding insurance covers situations such as a vendor exiting the business or not showing up.

What Are The Best Wedding Insurance Companies?

  • Wedsafe
  • State Farm
  • USAA
  • Wedsure
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